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The Mexican Anti-Crime Fund - The Canusa Operation

Steve Log: October 21, 2011.

The Canusa on the offensive

We have a lot of violence in Mexico due to extreme poverty crawling on the streets and that is turning young adults to pass to the dark side of society: Crime. The drug dealers, kidnappers and the gold thieves are becoming more and more numerous. Mexico needs good wages jobs to get out of this crime path. Even with average wages, international investments in Mexico are scarce due to lack of security on the streets: Its the far west era hunting down Mexico!

Before Canadian and American wealthy companies return significantly to Mexico with good intentions of creating jobs, we need Top Security to be implemented; Mexico does not need more police force but they need more motivated to fight crime incorruptible policemen. Doubling the Mexican police force is useless if 65% of them are corruptible by those drug cartel life thieves. How can we achieve this level of purity from the Mexican law enforcers?

The Canadian and USA government will directly pay for three things to achieve security in diamond Mexico:
  1. Pay bonuses to officers that remain honest and that are motivated to fight crime so their children be safe from hatred;
  2. Train the police force by giving them efficient strategies and tactics to keep crime at bay;
  3. Purchase good equipment for the police so they use high technology devices that can overpower the drug lords pawns.
Lets use our Canadian and USA (The Canusa) purchasing power to acquire all the gold we need to create a special Mexican Anti-Crime FundFor a 6 year period, lets higher the tax slightly for the ladies on all their beauty products so it be them that carry the frontal assault on Mexican criminal intents. Tax temporary the lipstick, face powder, mascara, nail polish and more that are sold to the ladies by 3.5% to create the well needed Mexican Anti-Crime Fund to help our south neighbour hirer competent incorruptible policemen with top skills and to equipment them adequately.
Canusa Operation

First goal: Anti-corruption measures

The first battle to win is the war against police being corrupted by the dark forces all around them. They need good salariesgood social advantages and a good pension funds for their gold age financial security. These benefits will be paid by the American ladies overwhelming beauty products purchasing power. The American ladies spend 20$ for beauty products each month; Equation: (300 million US citizens / 4 family members) x 20$ x 3.5% cents x 12 months = 630 000 000$ each year!

The Mexican policemen accepts brides to higher their monthly income that is far too low to motivate them to do a good cleaning crime job. Here in Canada, our police force are strong, motivated and incorruptible and that is all due to their good wages and their social advantages that they fought for and that for more than three decades now. And on the US side, their crime units are without pardon for the society system cheaters due to their pride in their country to create Eden for their children and due to their tough training at their World recognized police academies. Together, Canada and the USA, will enlightening the warm Mexican skies with our knowledge to trap liberty thieves and we will acquire the gold and distribute it to the Mexican police force to help them conquer crime so they fulfil their duty to secure Mexico in that in less than 6 years with our help.

The first expense of the Mexican Anti-Crime Fund will be to pay a weekly supplement of 150$ to each policemen patrolling on the dangerous streets in particularly in the north of Mexico where the drug cartels are the most active. With this new income, accepting a bribe on the streets will seem like pennies to them and this will calm down their need to let free the guilty trying to corrupt them. The Mexican Anti-Crime Fund will pay by checks this supplement salary to the Mexican police. We will not give this gold directly to the Mexican government since we suspect an infiltration of corruption on a large scale in this entity.

Also, each Mexican policeman will get a reward of two weeks of bonus (300$) at each 6 weeks if his unit reaches its goals to secure adequately its designated sector. It is easy to know if a sector is getting better or worst: The complaints of the citizens filed-in at the police office will be our gage to give to the Mexican policeman the right amount of gold and it is the Canusa officers in the field in Mexico that will decide if everything is in order to give them their rewards. We are the gold providers so we set the standards!

The policemen will also get from the Mexican Anti-Crime Fund a pension fund that increases with seniority and they will have free dental care assurancefree health care and free optometrist services for them and for all their family members. There is no weekly fee on the Mexican police paychecks for these social advantages. We are paying for them. To avoid cheating on the Mexican Anti-Crime Fund, the Canusa officers will certify the identity of each Mexican policeman at each six weeks so that our gold bonuses be given to real law enforcers not to an invisible man that corruption have created to steal from us all.    

If a policeman is caught in a corruption situation by a brave Mexican citizen taking discreetly a clear iPhone picture of him accepting a dirty gift from an unwise citizens, the police officer will haft to take the heat of his unworthy gesture. On a country wide highly protected web site, the informer will upload its pictures of the corruption taken place and he will enter the time and the location of the bribe. On this special web site, the honest citizen gives his name and his address so the Canusa anti-corruption unit do their investigations on Mexican soil. After acknowledging a policeman's fault from at least two informers photos and validating that it was him that was on duty at those two precise times and locations, the charges on this unworthy soul are immediate!

The two informers will get a 175$ gold check each payed by the Mexican Anti-Crime Fund for their help; This way, each city street corner will be scrutinize by "honesty must prevail". The police officer caught with a bribe offense will first get a warning from his honest but severe Mexican commanding officer. The faulty policeman will not get his Canusa bonuses for 4 weeks (600$); This will make a large hole in his family budget and his wife will slap him twice in the face and yell at him: "What were you thinking jeopardising your good paying job like that?!" And if the policeman is caught a second time on a successful bribe situation, he will be expelled from the police force. After three years, he can reapply to reintegrate the police force but he will have lost his seniority and all his accumulated pension fund savings. That is punishment enough for them. Severity is the key to maintain honesty.

The commanding officer has the same advantages of his team but instead he gets 50% more on bonuses and rewards for his good work of managing his team: 225$ weekly bonus + 900$ each 6 weeks; For the commanding officer, there is no fault allowed; If he is caught in a corruption situation clearly proven by Canusa investigators, he is gone from the police force for good! No prison necessary; Shame will eat him up for the next 12 years and that is punishment enough for him.

Second goal: Outsmart the opponents

The criminals are smart and agile. With time, they will always find a fault in a police tactic but we must always be two steps ahead of them; We find out by an informer that they have a specific trick to evade a specific check point, we change immediately the rules of engagement and fight back with a mutated new tactic! Its a constant tactic vs. tactic battleground; Its a game; The Canusa anti-crime bright minds will provide the strategies and tactics to outsmart the drug gangsters.

Tactic Alpha: Hamper crime traffic = Less profits

The drugs coming from the airports, harbours and train stations all need to be carried away by trucks to go to a new dark location. Set numerous strong police control checkpoints near these key zones to verify randomly the content of 25% of these transportation vehicles going in and out. The trick is to delay greatly the suspicious cargoes even if the police force well trained dogs can not find drugs of any kind; This will lower down the profitability of organized crime since time is everyone ally when doing business even if its not legal; Drug dealers are impatient businessmen!

When a suspicious truck is at a police check point, enter his plate number on the police web site database and when the driver is giving his transportation driver license to the guard, behind the truck driver's back, let the police squad drug checkers discreetly hide a low cost small GPS tracking device emitting a signal for 14 days and put it in a hard to find location on the truck; The police force need to be alert because criminal eyes are maybe watching in the vicinity; Be quick and discreet; The criminals are kings in hiding drugs and we are aces in hiding that small GPS device!; The drivers are not fools and they know that their cargo is maybe being tracked; But this way, the driver can not go directly to his hideout warehouse to transfer his white unworthy packages; He will haft to make a transfer to another truck; Do this repeatedly on each checkpoint; Check - Delay - Check - Delay - Check - Delay; Delay = Less profits

Tactic Beta: Remove crime carrying tools = Less profits again

Elaborate a GPS tracking system that stops emitting if it is removed from the suspicious truck to avoid the criminals to simply moving it from one truck to another to scramble their tracks; If the GPS device detects that its magnet is not touching steel anymore = abort tracking operations = it has been moved! And this means that this truck is officially a crime tool; We have its plate number so when we cross that truck again on another check point and verify on the computer police database that its the plate of the neutralized GPS device, we can seize that 90 000$ truck and imprison the driver; If the truck's plate is a forgery, we do the same: seize and arrest. Set the driver away for 4 years in prison to hammer in his head that he played with fire and got burnt badly; By removing those expensive drug carrying trucks, crime loses big time profits; You drive crime, your out of circulation!

Tactic Gamma: Seize crime sympathisers landlords assets = Profitability greatly in decline

With the GPS system tracking a suspicious truck, the police force can find out with their computer eagle eye street map software if that Fruit and Vegetable truck is going to the grocery store or it makes a pit stop at a possible "Crime" warehouse hideout. Set discreet observers with binoculars near that suspicious warehouse and when there is no one around, force the lock and enter with the special trained police dogs and if they smell traces of drugs on the floor and start licking it, that means that you have found a crime scene. Call the scientific police squad and confirm that its a drug transfer location. Find out who is the building owner and press charges. If he is found guilty of having ties with crime, seize all his assets throughout the city; Losing all of his precious buildings is punishment enough to flirt with crime; No prison necessary; Render drug transfers very difficult by eliminating the landlord sympathisers. You sympathise with crime, your hard earned assets will vanish in thin air!

To maintain the usual crime timed profitability, the drug prices will go higher and the average Canadian and American teenagers and young adults will not be able to offer these high drug prices anymore and this is a start of the drug dealer decline that are killing our angel's futures. Tobacco is a very addictive but with the high prices of a pack of cigarettes here in Canada, many simply stop smoking so drugs will fallow the same path. As soon as drugs are found on a crime scene by the police force, count the quantity seized, take pictures of it and destroy it immediately by putting this white powder into gasoline and fill the police car's gas tank with it to get ride of it with ease while returning to the police quarters. The goal is not to put in jail all the drug pawns but to lower down by 70% their profits on illicit products so that crime moves on to a more lucrative business as for non-cheating gambling activities that is less harmful for all of us, normal citizens. Contain gambling activities in the country but do not investigate on it; Leave this income to the rebel boys.

Third goal: Over gun the opponents

It is Canada's role to provide the high-tech devices and protective hardware needed to stop the crime wave in Mexico. Canadians will provide the gold coming from our ladies beauty products tax income so the Mexican police force feel safe. The Canadian ladies also spend 20$ on beauty products each month; Equation: (34 million Canadian citizens / 4 family members) x 20$ x 3.5% cents x 12 months = 71 400 000$ each year!

60% of the Mexican police cars will be armored against gangster's heavy gun weaponry. All these police cars will be occupied by three policemen at full time: One senior officer, one rookie officer and one from the police academy sitting in the back. All police cars travel in pairs giving a 6 policemen force to deal with if gangsters nearby decide to assault them. Each police car will carry a remote controlled small helicopter that they can deploy rapidly when entering a dangerous sector of the city. This small quiet-fly aircraft has a camera looking down on the police car's itinerary. This remote controlled helicopter is piloted by the police officer sitting in the back seat of the car viewing on his iPad screen to look out for gangster activities. 

If a suspicious drug transfer is unwrapping in front of a police eagle eyes, a call is immediately sent to the police central dispatcher that calls on the nearest police car pair to team up with the already on the scene pair; That gives us a 12 policemen intervention force to deal with these ruthless drug dealers. We do not wish for a wild far west shootout between the police and the gangsters but we implement fear in criminal eyes so they run on the quick intervention of the police armada.

We will also provide light bullet proof jackets to each policemen and we will purchase the heavy weaponry needed to the police force to over gun the drug gangsters; The gangsters have 6 submachine guns to clash with us, we have 12 guns firing armored piercing bullets to respond to the aggressors; Fear is the key to make them run or surrender!; The ultimate police's goal is to capture the gangsters carrying the drugs to make them pay for their unwise activities; The other gangsters have little value so let them flee if capturing them is to difficult; We can then secure the crime scene, destroy quickly all the illicit merchandise left behind and render the drug business less and less lucrative due to heavy losses in their star products. When Quebec Canada policemen raid our gangster hideouts, we overwhelm them 3 to 1 with men and heavy artillery without firing a single shot!

After the 6 year Mexican Anti-Crime pact

It is to the Mexican government to take over the management of the salaries and to keep on providing adequate hardware support to the police force once the Mexican Anti-Crime Fund has finished its 6 year mission to secure Mexico. With security reimplemented all through the country, the foreign wealthy companies will come over and invest in the Mexican future and tourism in the north of the country will rebirth bringing fresh dollars to the communities near the USA border. Less and less Mexican will illegally flee the country to the USA because their quality of life is now decent for all the family members due to new jobs and to Canadians and Americans coming over to eat and danse with joy in Mexican high tourism season. This is big time border surveillance savings for diamond California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas states. All this new jobs and tourism income will help the Mexican government pay for its high standard security measures. The Canusa ladies war has come to an end.

Click on image to view the videoclip "I am standing by your side until victory is ours!" (Remasted on April 21st, 2013 - 266 MB - 14 mins):
I will be at your side


Creating power with sound

Lets create electricity by bypassing the ancient method of making an electromagnet turbine spin as in our water dams, nuclear facilities, solar tower heat panels and wind tower mills.

Electricity is micro-vibrations going through steel cables bringing us the power to light up our cities. Everything that vibrates air can create electricity. It is an already known fact that we can easily create electric power with a micro-wave antenna hooked on to an electronic circuit converting micro-waves into regular electric waves. So we can create even a more powerful source of energy by naturally amplifying the sound waves and then converting them to power for our daily usage.

Here is my Sound Wave Electricity Generator (The Sweg):
The Sweg

It takes electricity to vibrate the drum of a sound speaker so the reverse is also possible: Creating electricity from a sound wave. All windy regions of the World can create sound by a simple whistle directed into a wind path and that amplified sound can in return be converted to an electric heart beat with the help of a special already existing electronic circuit and there we have electricity production with no turbine spinning hardware.

We have enormous potential of wind on the highways. Those cars travelling at 120 km/h / 74.57 miles per hour create plenty of wind that can feed the "Sound Wave Electricity Generator" set on the light posts on multiple heights. The enormous traffic in the evening produce enough wind to feed the Sweg until 2am, The Sweg is hooked up to a battery in the day to store the energy needed in the dark night between 2am and 6am when there are less cars are on the highway producing the wind flow. To avoid the sound produced by the Swegs to annoy the neighborhood, lets enclosed it in a box and lets use the same sound suppressor material as in the music recording studios: Tadam!, silent as a car muffler.

In our Canadian far North windy towns, there is also enormous wind potential for the Swegs to function and produce clean energy for our diamond Inuits. This would save a large quantity of fuel that we need to ship to the North in the summer season. Instead of sailing twice a year with black ore to Iqaluit, we still sail twice a year but the second transporter is fulled with construction materials so more housing can be built for a more comfortable life for our North Canadian citizens.
The Sweg lights

The Quiet Greek Fall Revolution - Loan Interests, Black Market and Corruption - Paper, News and our Children - Make a Wish! - Flirting with Erin

Steve Log: October 6, 2011.

The Quiet Greek Fall Revolution

For more than two thousand six hundred years, the World listens to the awesome Greek philosophers full of wisdom; We got a major design boost to plan our city layouts; By sharing their fine Greek agriculture knowledge, we can now feed all our country citizens with dignity; With the Greek engineering ingeniosity, we constructed temples that lasted 2 milleniums; Our Glowing Democratic System is still among us because of these bright minds of Greece ancient times; We would not be at our current state as an evolved civilization without them; It is time for us to return the favors that have been given to us; And in this present scroll of electronic words is Canada's offerings for the Quiet Greek Fall Revolution.

All the countries in the World have three goals to have a healthy balanced government budget: Pay the Interest on our Loans, wipe out internal Corruption and hunt killer economy Black Market. We, Canadians, will give all the tools to the Greeks to fight on these three fronts in one crushing 5 year offensive.

First Offensive: Loan Interests

All Western countries use toilet paper for our intestinal activities. We will higher by 4 cents all rolls of toilet paper used by our Canadian families to help the Greeks. This is not a matter to laugh about when you see the numbers punched out. We use two of those paper rolls per person each week; Equation: two rolls x 4 cents x 52 weeks x 34 million Canadians = 141 440 000$ a year!

Canadians also consume plenty of paper towels in the house to clean up the crumbs and the beer spills of the last Hockey night television friend gathering in the living room. We will higher by 8 cents each paper towel rolls to bring a new income ally to relieve Athens; Equation: 2 paper towel rolls each week x 8 cents x 52 weeks x (34 million Canadians / 4 family members) = 70 720 000$ a year!

This combined 212 160 000$ gold amount will be used to pay for the Greek Loan Interests only. The Canadian government perceiving this special toilet paper and paper towels well appreciated temporary tax will go directly to the French and German banks to remove the heat on Athens, Berlin and Paris. 

Martin my dear friend, do you mind a weekly 8 cents extra for your toilet paper needs to help golden Greece? And Nancy my tender sister, do you mind an extra 16 cents for weekly family Scott towels to provide good working conditions for the Greeks? Of course we do not mind! We are Canadians!! And giving with our heart is part of our First Natives culture!!!

Second Offensive: Black Market

We, Canadians, are very well informed on all that is going right and wrong on our Blue Pearl; We just love reading all kinds of things so that we have fruitful conversations on the morning mist. We will higher all our Quebecor local Newspapers and Canwest national Newspapers by 3 cents and our Magazines by 5 cents to get closer to the Greek Black Market that is steeling well needed taxes for their government. 

Newspaper Equation
: 1 newspaper for each 4 citizens x 3 cents x 365 days x 34 million Canadians = 93 075 000$ a year! Magazine Equation: 1 magazine for each 10 citizens x 5 cents x 52 weeks x 34 million Canadians = 8 840 000$ a year!

This is a combined force of 101 915 000$ for the offensive on the Greek Black Market.

The restaurants and dancing clubs are very bad boys serving the Black Market lord. The cash register is hacked to give under sales readings. With the help of our Canadian inspectors in the field on Greek soil, we will pay for our own salaries and allow the Greeks to hire agile inspectors so that we work hand in hand to squash this hacker software bug. We discovered in Eden that our restaurants and dancing clubs software cash machines have been misleading us for years. We are working hard to correct the situation in all our provinces as we speak. Eden is not perfect you know.

Also, the Greek home purchasers are being robbed big time by their construction home companies; They charge the Greek sales tax but they satanically forget to give it to their government; On a 250 000$ house, that is a fraud of 37 500$ for each home sale; Ouch! Those accountants are big time crooks; The Royal Canadian Mounted Police with its trap the skunk tactics will help the Greeks new wise payed by Ottawa inspectors to catch them all for future, present and past crimes"Croyez-nous, ça va barder!!"

On all our Newspapers and Magazines, we will print on the top right corner for what usage is this temporary Canadian 3 cents Newspaper tax and 5 cents Magazine tax: Free Gracious Greece from unworthy BM!

Third  offensive: Corruption

Now it is the Canadian children that are taking the initiative. We have 330 000 newborns each year in Eden. We will higher temporary by 4 dollars our monthly expenses for the consumption of diapers to create the first baby attack wave. Equation: 4$ extra a month for diapers x 2 years diaper usage for each child x 12 months x 330 000 newborns = 31 680 000$!

The babies need 20$ of wipes each month and we need them four at least five years. I take my daughter's needs as an example. We will higher temporary by 1$ our monthly purchases of children wipes. Equation: 1$ extra a month for wipes x 5 years usage x 12 months x 330 000 newborns = 19 800 000$. That's good enough for the second baby attack wave.

We have now 51 480 000$ saved up each year and this will help fight this Corruption Greek plague. But we must be cautious, we will not give a blank check to the Greek government otherwise corruption is there to get our gift. We will instead send gold checks to the newsrooms in Athens so that their brave reporters and journalists take their bows and pens so that they have support to unveil rotten politicians and unwise industrial influential people pulling bread away from the needy. We do the same thing here in Canada and gosh!, the rotten souls are starting to sweat and the prison four walls will hopefully be their residence in the next upcoming season. We will also send gold gifts to all Greek citizens having solid proof of suspicious money transitions taken place in the town hall dark rooms that steel the future of the Greek children.

The Canadians are committed to the Quiet Greek Fall Revolution; It will take 2½ years to balance the Greek government budget but without paying the loan interests and the loan payback amounts and another 2½ years to the Greeks to generate enough fresh revenues to pay on their own the constant battle of Corruption and Black Market and for the first payments of a large chunk of the European loans. We, Canadians and Greeks, have a 5 year contract and nothing will break our bond apart for the Greece Renaissance to be born!

All for Greece

Many are wondering what is the Canadian gain in all this one way giving pact? We will receive twenty times more in good faith and we will go in the history books with this written at the bottom of our Maple Red Leaf Flag: "Eden is for all of us!"

We very well know that when a Canadian family will visit Athens and sit comfortably down in their restaurant at the footstep of the Acropolis, the Greek server will brings us one free refreshing beer for the men, one free glass of wine full of flavor for the ladies, one free exquisite parfumed slice of cheese for the teenagers and one free tasty desert for the children; We know that the host's diner plates have been prepared for us with tender thoughts of filling our evening with candle lights of goodness and that's enough for us to enjoy life and to know that they have appreciate our modest but meaningful gold and services offering.

"Make a Wish Athena" (3MB videoclip - 1:12 min):
Make a Wish

It is now the turn of our children to say to us, parents, that Santa Claus is not a child's fantasy but he really exist for all that need a hug so that we all remember that we are family united on this Blue Pearl! Athena, put on your sparkling jewelery, shine your shoes and put on your coat, we are taking you out tonight for our 5 year special wedding!

Identifying a Canadian made easy: You must look and listen:

We have pure white skin and we were t-shirts at 16º Celsius/60.8º Fahrenheit (we have blue crystals in our blood stream that gives us natural Ecstasy when the smiling Sun warms up our epidermis; The Russians, Scandinavians, Icelandics and Danish also have this natural dance with the Sun feature). The Canadian English speaking citizens say "Hey" at the end of their sentences when asking questions, they are highly cultivated and they laugh with joy all through the late night. The French Canadians mix plenty of English words when speaking French, they are fine artists and top cooking chefs and the ladies dress like Parisian goddesses.

Being Canadian

Syria - The Evolution of Democracy - North American First Natives Initiative - Democratic Equal Ethnic Parties

Steve Log: September 6, 2011.

Democratic Equal Ethnic Parties

The population of Syria is 74% Sunni Muslim, with a 12% Shia and Alawite Muslim population, 10% Christian and 3% Druze.

Bashar is Alawite and their are in minority in Syria. So if he loses power, all the gains that the Alawite have made under his father reign and under Bashar's time in power will be lost and his people will suffer greatly as for the infinite Iraq Ethnic clan wars. This must not happen to Syria to create another Iraq-kind battlefield. If we fallow the usual democratic system, the more population that you have in your province, the more representatives in the House of Representatives you will gain; If all your province citizens votes for the same democratic Party and your people are in majority in the country, you will control the land. Since the Sunni are in vast majority (74%), the remaining Ethnic groups will suffer greatly. We must assure that Bashar's Alawite people will be safe and they will keep on flourishing in the new democratic Syria. The Universal Democratic system must be adapted to the Arab realities!

The new democratic Arab countries votes with the hearts: Their Ethnic groups; The new Syrian democratic government must be composed equally of these 5 ethnic groups; 1- Druze 2- Christian 3- Alawite Muslim 4- Shia Muslim 5- Sunni Muslim; No one is left behind! Five democratic parties that vote on equal basis on all important decisions in Damascus; 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5. Set a impenetrable law that will enforce this Equal Ethnic Parties democratic system suggested by our North American First Natives new wave of thinking. This Equal Ethnic Parties law must not be adopted by vote in the current Syrian government since their are too much Ethnic inequality as we speak. Just pass the law without vote so Syria moves on to a new bright future with us: Countries of free speech and will; This action is strongly suggested by Canadians for long lasting peace for the next two thousands years; Bashar, I know that deep inside, this is what you want!
Equal Ethnic Parties

Bashar, you have too much hatred around you; The people will never forget the lost of the 2200 souls fighting for a dictator-free Syria; Your people and your army generals are very confused by the recent calls of democracy covered with blood on each evenings; Do you really think that the soldiers like to kill their brothers on the streets on each night? They do not and deep sadness fills their souls at each dark Moonless night after their deadly clash with the brave demonstrators; They are shameful of their army uniforms and they feel like cowards hiding their faces when pulling that trigger aiming on the people wanting change in the country. Bashar, you must bail out in security! You are not safe in Syria anymore; The United Nations under Canadian supervision will assure you that you and your family will remain secured for the trip to the country that will open their doors to you; Make a call to your country leader friends and you will be pleased; A sanctuary land will be available for you and all your al-Assad family members; It is out of question that you suffer the same fate as the Moubarak family! That is our Canadian promise!

The Algerians are the Emperors of Generosity; Their government is controlled by the army junta; The terrorist attacks on their land have stopped with them in power and the streets remained relatively calm on this Arab spring revolution; Your call for sanctuary will be heard in warm hearted Algeria. You are a proud man Bashar and you and your father, Hafez al Assad, haves erected a grandiose Syria but democracy is upon us and the Arab revolution can not be stopped. 
Hafez al Assad

As soon as the Equal Ethnic Parties democratic system is in place, there is no need for an expensive nationwide elections. All Ethnic clan citizens in age to vote are called to mark their preference for their leader of choice each three years; If he does not perform, he is replaced; Set the election dates on different months from Party to Party; This way, there is no violent clash between different Ethnic communities near the voting polls. It is the own Ethnic party reserves of gold that are used to promote on equal basis their candidates to their community; Propose only a maximum of 4 Party leader candidates to limit the election promotional costs.

A strong country leader

The one chosen to represent the country would part of the elite class of the country; An intellectual with a passion for human rights, a fine art and nature lover, a family person, a fine economist, a believer in the Lord no matter what his Ethnic group and a great inspiration for the army; Do as the Vatican in Rome do when they need to elect the new Pope: Let the Party leaders vote for the best independent candidate that will not be part of any Ethnic Party; Choose him well! Each 3 years, the Ethnic Party leaders vote if they should keep the actual President in place or replace him if he does not perform as expected. The President mandates are infinite: He performs - He stays; We want competent incorruptible politicians that give no privileges to their families nor to different industrial influential people; Remain Pure! The proud Americans had a great leaders once; His name was Sir Bill Clinton; If they did not have this outdated law that a president can not remain in office for more than two mandates (8 years), Bill would have created Eden in USA! Barack is a great man and he also can achieve Eden in USA soil; I have great faith in Barack; Barack, may your last year in power before the election be fruitful "mon amour".

The sanctions on Syria to remove Bashar are putting an unnecessary pressure not only on the government providing essential services to the community but also on the people wanting fresh vegetables and clear water to drink. Remove them all today and Bashar will open his mind and heart to the call of the divine words of the crowd: Democratic Equal Ethnic Parties now!

Impose with a no vote law this Democratic Equal Ethnic Parties system in Iraq (1- Shia Islam, 2- Arab Sunni Islam, 3- Kurdish Sunnis, 4- Turkmen Sunnis and 5- Christians) and in Afghanistan (1- Pashtun, 2- Tajik, 3- Hazara, 4- Taliban 5- Uzbek, 6- Aimak, 7- Turkmen and 8- Baloch) ; These wars will end sooner with Equal Ethnic Rights than with American and British gun powder!

Click on the image to hear My Master's voice (2.5MB videoclip - 1 minute):
My Masters Wishes


Play PuzzQuiz Russian Leaders

The King and the Prince's Middle East peace proposition - Stephen, Jean and the King David Sanctuary - The call of the Sirens

Steve Log: August 30, 2011.

Defusing the bomb.

The King of Canada prime minister Sir Stephen Harper and the prime minister of the province of Quebec and Prince Sir Jean Charest, have a solution for a long lasting peace in the Middle EastThe North American King David Sanctuaries.

Israel is overcrowded and the land is too dry to flourish any further. The Colonization of the Palestine land is awfully wrong for the peace project to succeed and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv apartment rents are too high depriving the Jewish citizens of a decent life in Israel; They do not have enough land to expand! They are squeezed by their surrounding enemies!! This is a very volatile explosive situation for all of us. They need a second Sanctuary home relieving the booming demography pressure on the Cradle of Life; the Middle East.

Message from the Canadian hearts to the Israel pure minds and souls:

Is it not said in the Ten Commandments: "You will not steel the property of your neighbors?" We want you to remain pure and stand by that very important commandment; Canada haves plenty of room for you! It is cold in winter but our springs, summers and falls our divine; No tornadoes, No droughts and no hurricanes. Only a few snow storms from time to time and a few manageable floods in spring; French Canadians remain in the province of Quebec for its very fertile and beautiful land and its weather is regulated by the Angels; "Venez auprès de nous!"; We, French Canadians, have resisted 400 years to the English invasion coming wave after wave and we are still standing! We did not beat the English with gun powder but with the love for all that is French culture and our First Natives were standing by our sides comforting us in these past hard times of oppression; We survived and now we are strong and healthy! The English are now our allies and we cherish them dearly and they fight bravery with us each day so we build a strong Canada; King David descendants will be safe with us here in Eden!! No rockets and bombs will reach you here. Let us show you the tremendous power of love coming from our hearts, us, the proud and colorful Canadians.

Our First Natives have what we call protected reserve territories for their well being. It is their land and no tax is charged for the residents. We will give you the same opportunity for all Jews and we will call these protected lands the King David's Sanctuaries. These parts of  lands are not occupied by anyone and they are your property to purchase; No one will take them from you; Only Jews can purchase these specific parts of land that are set near our sweet rivers and in our fields of flowers. Build your cities in groups: One Capital and the Burroughs. The government of Canada will assure that no land will be sold to non-Jews for the next thousands years in this King Davids' Sanctuary. To encourage your people to set foot in this Sanctuary, no federal and no provincial tax will be charged on the purchase of these "only for you" beauty lands and all the construction materials and labor for your houses and commerces will have the same no tax benefit; Your cities will be 100% Jewish; No outsiders. The Hebrew language will be the official spoken language in these protected towns and cities. The nearby French Canadian towns that are already in the Sanctuary protected area do not have this no tax benefit for French Canadian citizens and if Jews purchase houses on those already existing towns, no privilege will be given to them. These cities are ours and for lasting peace this rule must prevail: Build your towns and cities brick by brick with our help but do not overtake our French speaking towns

At two steps from Montreal and Ottawa, your King David Sanctuary and first Jewish towns and cities would be set here:
King David Sanctuary

Name your Jerusalem Canadian Capital city Jeruca. This Capital city and its Burroughs are near the train station in Rigaud city so you have a direct access to nearby Montreal 3.5 million citizens so you can bring fresh income to build your future. In your towns and cities, the citizens will pay only half the tax (7%) to the Canadian and Quebec government on the presentation of your Jewish Canadian citizenship ID card in all of your shops in King David Sanctuary. With this 7% tax perceived by the Canadian-Quebec government, we will have enough to provide you with the basic services. These cities are yours so you will set the housing, school, commerce and industry yearly taxes. This will be your 100% income for your cities to blossom. Also, by setting yours towns and cities near the highway, it will allow you to go to bilingual Ottawa to celebrate with us Canada day on the 1st of July. There is only one condition to set foot on our land: In King David's Sanctuary schools, you must learn the history of Canada and Quebec and your children must speak, write and read Hebrew, French and English with a B grade. If your children cant reach that grade after three years of teaching, the half tax advantage will be suspended for your family until your children obtains that minimal B grade; We want you to integrate our community with harmony; You must be trilingual

In this Sanctuary, you will set your own police force to maintain order and construct a minimal security prison so your wild boys remain near their families while calming down from this racism wild WorldWith your own Hebrew local newspaper, television and radio stations set in Jeruca, you will feel at home; Twice a year, tax free airfare tickets for all the family members are granted by Ottawa to all Jews living in the King David Sanctuary so you can visit your families in Israel. Ottawa will set a direct air flight from Montreal's Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International airport to Ben Gurion International airport near Tel Aviv. For each dollar that you invest in cultural activities in the warm Canadian summers in Jeruca, Ottawa will equal the amount so your Musicians, Comedians and Acrobats will light up the evening skies; Canadians will travel all through the country to come see your cultural events with great enthusiasm and joy.

We have here in Canada a great program to help our new immigrants find a good paying job: We pay half of the immigrant worker's salary to the employer for a complete year so the doors are wide open for all kinds of jobs and new futures. Another of our fine programs is our generous grants to the families having newborns: 7$ daycare centers and 1 year of unemployment for the mothers and 6 weeks for the fathers for each newborn; As for all Canadian citizens, you will have these same advantages.

When a critical mass of citizens will be reached in King David's Sanctuary, you will not need anymore lobbyists in Ottawa; You will have your bright and proud politicians fighting for your rights and freedom at the House of Representatives in our diamond city Ottawa. You are currently 325 000 Jew citizens here in Canada; With all the benefits that we offer you to settle down with us in Eden, you can quadruple your Canadian Jewish population in 16 years and you anger in Isreal against your Palestinian neighbour will hopefully fade away so that at last, the Palestine flag will fly high in New York city's United Nations blue skies.

Click on the image to listen to the Sirens call (5MB videoclip - 1:42 min):

Africa suffering - Donations to whom? - The Mosque, the Priest and the Tribe leaders - Gold Gift Direct Link

Steve Log: August 24, 2011.

Donations between the Twin Sisters

We all worry that 85% of our donations invested in those large billionaires charity organization go directly in their pockets to pay for their expenses as for their high salaries and for the maintenance of their expensive administrative buildings leaving only 15% to the needy. So how can we get to the children suffering far away by helping them either with a money and material donation? We must maximize each dollar donation to its full potential; Answer: Give the dollar and gift to the Priest and to the Imam that then gives it to the village Tribe leader and he in return enriches his village citizens in Africa.

The community Church and Mosque is the place to set a first contact with the Tribe leaders in the localities that are suffering. The Priest, the Imam and the Tribe leaders work together in tight bonds. Trust is the key. We must contact our local congregation and work with them to establish the Gold Gift Direct Link; From Montreal Mosque bank account to Mogadishu Mosque bank account; From Boston Church postal office box to Addis Ababa Church postal office box.

The deal is to finance a complete village in coordination with the honorable Tribe leaders. They know the needs of their community. They are the persons to deal with and they will fulfill our well being objectives with great concern. If Amina needs a loan for her micro-business of colorful rugs, chief tribe Mounir will help her with our Canadian golden donations sent directly to the village Church and Mosque. If we wish to send gifts to the children, lets send it directly to the village post office addressed to the nearest Mosque. It is the Imam that then gives to the Tribe leader Mounir and he will distribute to the kids fairly. We must give our gold and gifts without intermediates: No salaries to pay, no monthly building rent to pay: Minimal expenses!

The sending Church keeps 8.5% of the donation to pay for the bank transfer fee and for its installation renovations and the receiving Church keeps another 6.5% to buy a new bell for their house of prayers; That leaves the village citizens with a nice appreciated 85% for each gold coin donation; A 25 000$ donation gives 2125$ to the sender, 1625$ to the receiver leaving a nice 21250$ to the diamond village citizens in need; We win on all fronts!

Each Mosque sponsors a specific town in Africa. The bigger the city, the bigger is the sister village; Milford Connecticut USA 52000 citizens sponsors Baraawe Somalia 625 villagers; Twin sisters. In each Mosque there is a box for donations to the Mosque and another one for the sponsoring of the Twin sister village. Each month, the specific donations are sent to the Twin sister Mosque bank account and from there, the African Imam and Tribe leader coordinate their efforts. There is no fix monthly donation required from us; We give when our hearts feels the need to give joy to his next on each Friday mornings. The Tribe leader knows that each month the donations are not always in equal in amounts; He works with the gold he is given; The Tribe leaders are very wise men and they will invest the gold with great care in his community.
The Gold Gift Link

As donors, we trust the Church. Each month, the Church shows pictures on the bulletin Board near the door entrance of all that is going on in the sponsored Twin sister village; The pictures shows all the improvement in the community as that new barn for the sheep and for the wheat harvest of the summer, the renovated roof of the town hall, the enlargement of the school receiving an extra 15 children and the purchase of that Green Deere tractor for the golden farmers. The African twin sister village also haves its bulletin Board on their side; All the donors that have given their family photos in the donation box are shown so the receiving congregation haves a smiling face from their live improvers.

Giving is an exchange. For each donation of more than 5$ for the ladies, she takes a tulip in the Church thank you vase; For a donation of 8$ for the men, they take a tasty apple from the Church lunch basket; And for the children giving their 1$ gift, the Church gives them a cool Superhero and Princess stickers.

Not only money can be donated but gifts of all kinds. The women can send slightly old jewelry, the men can send cigars and the children can send used Star Wars action figures and small used Dora dolls and all that in good condition. The gifts must be compact and light weighted so the cost of the long distance package air flight remains reasonable. These limited postal office expenses are payed equally between the twin sister Churches donation savings. If the village haves 125 women, the sending Church waits until 125 gold necklace are donated and then they send it by Fedex mail service to the twin sister village postal office addressed to the Church; Us to God; God to God; God to Tribe leader; Tribe leader to the ladies; Minimum intermediates!

The African twin sister villages also likes to give gifts to their oversea donors: Their African heart; Their Art; Their paintings, their bronze jewelry and their wood statues of their ancestors spirits. They send us joy in return; No obligation for them; Let their love for us decide. The African Church village Priest packs all these light weighted gifts and send them to our Church in Boston. The congregation then gives these art objects full of passionate love to the donors that wish to have a bit of Africa in their homes.
Twin Sisters


A message from Jesus flirting with my dreams: We did not give Denarius coins to the Prostitute but gifts as Fruits, Perfume and Jewelry that had high value for them. This is how we, men, won the hearts of these special appreciated ladies for the favors ;-)
Maria Magdalena

Gifts for Barack from the North border! - Operation "Green factory" - The Credit Card Lust Tax

Steve Log: August 16, 2011.

Gifts for Barack's 50th anniversary from its Canadian ally:

Enigma: How to make America work again?
Answer: Nature friendly tax free new factories

They are thousands of American companies that wish to upgrade their existing factories or construct new factories to replace their old ones on the USA soil to become more productive. But with the weak USA economy, they rather keep their savings for possible harsh times ahead. So lets give them an incentive so they start their improvement investment as we speak; And here is Canada's innovating idea for our diamond USA neighbor: No federal tax on the carpenter salaries for the construction period of the new factory or for the upgrade, no federal tax on the wood, concrete and steel construction materials and no federal tax on the new equipment that the company needs for their new expansion to reach their goal for maximum profitability.

There are conditions; First White House condition: This new factory or upgrade must be 90% nature friendly with minimal waste spit out in the air and spilled out in the rivers; Pure air and fresh water is the imperative to get this new government tax deduction for the company's two year factory construction. These companies pay only 70% of the regular salary to the construction workers so they have the same salary has if the federal tax was in place. With the expansion tax free new machinery, the companies will higher their profits on each produced article so they can share their extra income with its employees and shareholders. And with the construction material at a bargain price, huge new projects can be fulfilled and lumber mills and copper mines will be working fulltime to deliver the goods. This will bring hundred of thousands construction workers back to work and it is their tax free salaries that will restart the economy with their fresh income. The company makes savings on their future installations and higher their productivity, Americans works with a good wage and consume high quantities of taxable goods, the rivers will have more nutritious fish, the land becomes greener for the children to play and the skies sings again!

The Second White House condition is that the old high polluting factories must be close down when the new one is fully operational; Remember, this new operation code named "Green Factory" is only for replacing polluters with "my grass is greener than yours!" factories.

The Third and last White House condition: The company jobs must remain the same or increase in the new nature friendly high output factories. Otherwise the company pays a penalty for each job lost to the government: 135 000$ for each job lost. This way the jobs will be maintained in the company or if not, this 135 000$ penalty government income will help pay for its career reorientation program for the workers that lost their family income. Companies can benefit from operation "Green Factory" but they will not be admissible for government grants; The companies will haft to choose the best deal for them; Grant or Green. Operation "Green Factory" must cost no gold to the USA government so a maximum of companies can profit from Canada's idea gift to Barack. Washington's Environment Service will be working full time so that all companies that received nature's green card gift respects the zero-pollution agreement for the next 75 years. No playing around with the White House!
Operation Green Factory

We, Canadians, have a hidden agenda: Canada will also gain in this USA operation "Green Factory" job creator: Less Acid Rain pouring on our golden Maples and more clean oceans to grow our diamond sea flesh!


Enigma: How to balance the White House yearly budget?
Answer: Tax that Gold Credit Card by 2.5% on each purchase

For all those that have a higher credit card limit than 20 000$, set a luxury 2.5% tax on all purchase. It is the wealthy that uses these high ceiling credit card to for pay for their 1000$ Rolex watch, their 8000$ hotel suite in Manhattan and for their 25 000$ diamond ring for their wives. This new lust tax will help the government balance its yearly budget; That is only a small 25$, 200$ and 625$ to pay to Capital city. The wealthy must participate in the debt reduction as for the millions of workers that sweat each day to meet their ends. If the wealthy do not want to pay this 2.5% White House lust tax, they simply take 4 credit cards with a ceiling of 20 000$ each Or pay by check their desire to show their success to others. They are not trapped in any way!

Washington gave 1200 billion dollars for the bailout plan to the USA banks in 2008 and its time for the banks to pay back the favor. Three solutions are available to manage the 2.5% credit card lust tax that the banks will implement: The banks pay the 2.5% tax for their clients (unlikely), the Beverly Hills stores pays the 2.5% tax for their clients or just simply let the wealthy pay for this lust tax (KaChing!). This credit card lust tax does not concern company credit cards but only personal credit cards and to not by fouled by the wealthy, Captial city will check all company credit card purchases to see if these articles are business approriate otherwise KaChing!

Barack, to pass this new lust tax law do it the Canadian way, by National Referendum not by the Senate. Half of the USA senators are worth more than a million dollars; The Senate are the wealthy and they are the target so there is conflict of interest; Let the people decide if this lust tax is a good thing to help Washington meet his balanced yearly budget goal.
Fall In Line

When wealthy clients come shopping and purchase that nice red sports car and that hot sexy expensive dress and pay with their Lust Credit Card, the sales person must say: "Thank you my sweet gentleman" and the cashier must add: "Thank you my dear lady".



The power of the Church - The Welfare key - The Homeless are the Free Men

Steve Log: August 10, 2011.

Serving the FreeMen's cause

Our governments have a motto that is not worthy of our bright flag when it comes to choose those that can benefit from Welfare: No address, no Welfare. For the sakes of the Home-less that are also know as the Free-Men: "Lets give them an address right away in that case!". All cities have Churches; Use God's address to give to the poor. By giving the Church's accepted address to the government Welfare controllers, the FreeMen will be able to enjoy a Welfare life like never before. In these Churches, set a post office for the FreeMen so they can receive their bi-weekly Welfare checks. Their Welfare checks are always given to them in small amounts so they don't get robbed or so they wont spend it too quickly on alcohol and drugs. Give these Welfare checks in the day rise until 2 pm. After that, they simply wait until the next day to retrieve their God's green gift. Implement a 250 maximum FreeMen clients for each Church so that God's servants don't get too exhausted. In the Church post office, use a finger print digital scanner with a computer linked to the government Welfare database to make the identity checks. No need for plastic id, flesh and the FreeMan's name are enough for the Welfare identity checker software to validate each client. Since the Welfare checks comes from the Capital city, the banks know that these transactions are safe and it is the government that will pay for the transaction fees. Easy government arrangements can be made so this can be effective.
Church Post Office

This system does not replace already implemented government golden services to the FreeMen as for shelter for the night and a delicious free meal, This special Church post office is there to shorten their begging days on the corner streets. The city will be less wild for everyone. Each month there is a Welfare transaction fee of 40$ for each FreeMan client that they give to the Church so it covers their post office expenses and gives them a fresh income to maintain God's house: 40$ x 250 clients = 10 000$ each month! That leaves the FreeMan with 610$ each month; 20$ each day to eat, wash their clothing and take a refreshing beer when the night comes. On our Thursday paycheck days, we can do whatever we wish with our weekly income; So can they!

This Church post office is more than a Welfare check giver; They give twice a week an envelope, a pen, a sheet of paper and a stamp so the Freeman can write to his lost family members and keep contact with his closest friends; The Church's postal office will track all these members for them; The Church also gives restaurant coupons and 4 public transportation tickets each day so the FreeMan can leave the downtown and preach God's words of wisdom elsewhere or keep on begging on a another city street corner while he eats his tasty McDonald's McMuffin breakfast. Often times the downtown is overcrowded by FreeMen begging for gold and that is a major annoyance for many local shops. But by disperse them all around the city by giving them mobility, each FreeMan will get more highly profitable begging street corners and their working day will be shorter and we are all winners with less poor souls on the streets extending their hands for compassion.

Twice a week in a dedicated office in each Church, they will be a special guest payed by the government for the FreeMen, a competent Doctor. After the FreeMan's clean shower at the nearby shelter, the doctor will analyse he's physical and mental health and redirects him to the nearest hospital or to the drug store so they get all the attention from the nurses and pharmacists loving hearts. It is the Church post office that will print temporary Medicare paper documents for them so that not a single dollar comes out of their pockets when going in the hospitals for their broken arm or when going to the drug stores for their daily medication.

By identifying that the Church is the address for a Welfare client, we know his a FreeMan. No need for them to fill out their yearly tax documents. Do the paper work with a government computer at the speed of light and do not harass the FreeMen with useless Capital city bureaucracy. Don't you dare say that this will cost too much for the government for all these new Welfare cases that will be given to the FreeMen!; They are our country citizens as the same title as the Prime Minister!! We are all equals!!! (Sir Bill Gates)

Also, before giving any gold to a FreeMan on the streets, look him in the eyes and see if he is sincere when begging. If he makes eye contact with you that means he is sincere; Then give him your 5$ and your two high quality cigarettes otherwise keep your offering for another brave smiling FreeMan. Giving is an exchange; I give, you acknowledge my offering. Also, after your feast in a downtown restaurant, if a third of your dish remains uneaten, ask for a doggy bag and take the food with you and give it to a FreeMan resting on the park bench. The FreeMen highly appreciate food other than hamburgers and pizzas coming from grease joints. Gratitude will fill their hearts and a good spirit will fallow you for the rest of the week. You will see astonishing new things happening in your upcoming days. Yep! Give once a week and receive 7 times more ;-) . If hard times fills your mind with despair, think of the FreeMan's smile at your offering and your day will get easier and problems will seem more manageable.

To subscribe to Welfare, the FreeMan needs to give to the Church's post office worker their city of birth and their parent's names so that we validate that he is a country citizen and that is all that we need to give to the Welfare savior government machine. It is the government that will acquire the birth certificate for them so they stop hurting all year long. We need motivated government employees to help the FreeMen get out of their precarious situations; The government employees that have already been on Welfare in the past are the best candidates for this new initiative; They understand very well the grace of their new work assignment.

Give to the FreeMen their chance to shine again by first respecting them as if they were your own family flesh. With no doubt in my mind, the valorous politician that will set this idea into motion will win big time his next 7 elections! Always remember, less hungry and mentally sick FreeMen on the streets, less police force is needed to assure security and this will help pay for the new Welfare clients; Perfect balanced budget!

Click on the image to view the videoclip (Remasted on April 21st, 2013 - 12 MB - 38 secs):
The FreeMan call


Somalia and the three Kings - The Allies - Operation Green desert - The 18% bargain - Starve no more

Steve Log: August 2, 2011.

Transforming Somalian deserts into Eden

We need the three key Genesis components to create Eden in Somalia: Compost - Algae - Potatoes: The three Kings.

The Somalian soil is deprived of nutriments for crops to grow and their skies do not cry enough tears. The Somalians need to restart the Genesis process to feed their citizens with minimal long term assistance from the wealthy countries that are also having a hard time feeding all their citizens adequately these days.

All cities have restaurants and grocery stores that have enormous quantity of rotten food that we can compost for the benefit of diamond Africa operation "Green desert". The compost is the first Genesis product that we need to grow healthy crops in Somalia. The United States have an enormous restaurant and grocery store networks. All volunteer USA restaurants and grocery stores willing to put aside their rotten products will have an extra garbage steel container exclusively for the compost and they will receive in return the fallowing; For all shops that fill up their compost container twice a week will get in exchange a 35% discount on their yearly garbage collection from their city. And to fill the city's garbage financial shortfalls, Canada will give to the cities an 18% discount on all public transportation vehicles purchases coming from Quebec's Prévost city buses and Bombardier subway wagon companies so all USA citizens can reach their work office more quickly with top security in mind. Canada will increase their British Columbia fresh water output by 18% for all Californian cities that wish to take part in this compost initiative. The American compost truck collectors then go to the downtown train yards to dump their golden compost cargo. The great province of Alberta Canada will slash 18% of its regular diesel fuel price for all diesel train transporting compost making the trip to the Great Lakes and the USA East coast. Our Canadian heavy cargo ships are waiting in the seaports of Boston and Chicago to make the trip to Somalia. While the Canadian captain maneuvers with high agility in the Atlantic ocean waves to reach Africa, the compost will keep on fermenting and it will have the right maturity once arrived at the Somali Republic. The Somalians now have their top quality soil for Genesis to start.


It is the color green that draws the clouds so that they poor down their diamond tears on our gardens. Create a very large green landscape in the burn deserts with algaes to drives the clouds underneath the soil. There is plenty of unwanted green algae in the French Bretagne province that is saturated with high quality chemicals coming from nearby farming activities. Instead of throwing this away, ship these enormous quantities of algae to Somalia; This is the perfect algae that we are searching for: Bright Green with fertilizer! The British navy picks up this enormous quantity of high quality algae dropped off in the French seaports and bring it to Mogadishu. In exchange, Canada' superb Ontario province will provide to France and England their most best quality paper for their newspapers at a 18% discount and the province of Newfoundland will help the Canadian transportation vehicles subtract another 18% on the cargo fuel transit fee for the paper to reach the European cost. The Somalians now have their top quality source of moisture for their crops for the Genesis second step to be fulfilled.

Plow the land and spread six inches of compost on the burned soil and set the algae on top of it to draw the clouds attention in these desert zones. Clouds love green. At the start, they will still be no rain but the few clouds will create shade and lower down the temperature and create humidity so the insects living in the compost will multiply. A lot a small animals as the birds and mice feed on all kinds of insects. They will come from other nearby regions of Africa in these compost algae green zones to satisfy their hunger. Then the animal's feces will be more abundant and it is this feces that will give constant nutriments to the soil for the plants to grow. It is imperative to not hunt these small animals for meat because you will lose your main natural plant fertilizer resource. We now have the nutritious soil: Compost and Animal Feces; The cloud trapper and the high density moisture: Algae; That is all we need for the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas most precious child: The gracious Potatoes.


Potatoes are warriors that can survive in very harsh conditions. No need for water. Just keep on feeding the compost soil with Bretagne's algae that is already full of moisture and farming nutritious chemicals and that is good enough for the potatoes to flourish. The potatoes is the diamond vegetable that was sent from Heaven so all can thrive in Eden. The potato is also know as "The Golden child" and China and Russia are the perfect allies with their enormous golden potato fields blooming nearby Beijing and Saint-Petersbourg. Only three Chinese and three Russian heavy cargo ships loaded at full capacity with potato seeds is needed to secure the third and last key to the Genesis effect for the Somalian green landscape birth that will feed once again their diamond citizens. It is Canada' colorful province of Quebec that will slash their price by 18% on all the aluminum sold to China and Russia for their precious help so that their naval construction yards and airspace factories produce only the most best ships and fast aircrafts.

Golden Potato

The more and more land that will be transformed by green agriculture, the more moisture it creates and this will create more and more clouds and finally refreshing rain on Somalia will makes us all cry of joy. Only two season is necessary to accomplish this phenomenon.

It is important to use all resources when cooking the Golden child. When boiling the water for mashed potatoes, keep the water in the cauldron and take all family mugs. add a few perfumed leaves in them and create Potato tea to stop the thirst and hunger in Somalia. You know have your high calorie dinner and your energy drinking beverages and that with minimal investments in time and financial global resources.

What is nice with the Three kings is that they are immune from the local army tribe thieves. These armies are lazy and they steel stuff already transformed for rapid consumption. So compost, algae and potato seeds have no interest for them since they take time to fulfill their mission and the army wants goods right away to do their unworthy wars with their neighbours. The heavy trucks transporting the Three kings to the highly populated areas where Genesis is needed are secured. They have the impenetrable shield: No value for you but gold for us! Perfect shield!!



With my cigarette in my right hand and my wisdom in the left, I fight for the Boys!

Steve Log: July 27, 2011

Honoring our ancestors and fighting for the right causes

Each time we speak with good intentions towards our ancestors, we gain their knowledge; their memories fuses with ours. Be aware, some ancestors have bad reputations but by extracting their goodness from the ugly we discover many thoughts that are very precious. And here we go:

Those who smoke, retrieve knowledge from the tobacco flower that conserves spiritual energy; the thoughts; the spirit catcher. Why do you all non-smokers wonder why we smokers enjoy this habit? Here is the answer: Tobacco is a thought focuser so our mind can travel deep in our memories to make wise decisions for the upcoming days. Our heart beat goes faster when smoking, thus giving us more blood to our brain to work with. The doctors should start studying the effects of Tobacco on the brain and stop hammering smokers with the negative effects on the smokers body; We know its not physically healthy! Give up and choose another battle doctor Perfect!! 10 years ago at age 31, the age of maturity, I started writing when I started smoking; This is no random phenomenon; My ancestors whispered in my ears; Do as your father does; Take his weapon of wisdom; Smoke Steve!

And here is my Tobacco wisdom:

Why do we put all these criminals with other criminals in a 10 feet cell and in a playground of concrete? Are these boys going to get better after getting out of prison? For those that say it is the prison suffering fear that keeps people from doing harm to others. That is correct for 50% of us. But what do we do for the remaining 50% that do not fear suffering? When men are in emotion burst, they do not think strait and the fear of prison is overridden by rage. The boys that are in prison for a long term need to purify their anger against our society. With no honest job ahead and no bright future after getting out, the boys get depressed and frustration builds up for years; They will explode again; 50% chance! Simple low cost improvements can be deployed for the future recycled to honest life past criminals as the fallowing:

1) Many men do not like reading so books have a very limited scope. Give them a low cost 15$ MP3 player with comfortable headphones and give them selected music so their minds relax when despair hunts their souls. If they break the MP3 player or loses it, give them another one; Maximum a three per month. No commercial music junk that speaks a lot but does not mean nothing. Often times, the boys have a bad collection of low quality music that they learned to listen; They do not have any reference from a good refreshing DJ. We are not talking about Christian music but spiritual modern music with a beat. There is plenty of that on iTunes and I listen plenty of it and it is awesome! Give them each week a limited selection that they can choose from so they will listen repeatedly to the lyrics. Prisons are the society' domain and we choose the music! It is a smooth brainwash that will reprogram them so their mind says: Courage my friend, keep away from anger and restart a new chapter of your life; you have a second chance; take it and harm no more. All the boys have feelings even the tough ones but they have a hard time decompressing and good music is the perfect meditation ally.

2) The boys inside need to get in touch with nature. All this prison concrete is driving them mad. Paint those sad walls with Art that is a reflection of nature; When the boys look at these walls, their minds will communicate to them a message of near freedom and say to them: Get away from the madness of the cities to rejuvenate yourselves far away from your unworthy friends that drove you to act widely! They were living in concrete cities and by removing this gray in their minds it can only have a positive effect. Also, set a fountain in each yard with the steel seats and tables around it. The boys will highly appreciate the water vapor cleaning their overheated summer thoughts. I lived for 8 years in downtown Montreal Canada and on hot summer days, your mind is craving for green refreshing nature but I had the liberty to exile from the skyscrapers shadows; Simulate the nature messages of tenderness with paintings on those gray ugly walls and refresh the boys summers with a relaxing fountain.
Prison WallsFountain

3) What frustrates most the boys inside, is that they have the impression of losing their time doing nothing but wait for the bad 6 o'clock news. Its important to be well informed on the World but there is more to TV than rotten local news. Each prison haves a chapel; While the messenger from God, the priest, does not uses his chapel, transform this room to view documentaries on a large HD TV screen. Create a program schedule of all documentaries to be shown in the week pinned down in the cafeteria; one in the morning, two in the afternoon and another two in the evening. The boys that want to learn fun facts are always welcome to sit down quietly and enjoy the hot BBC dinosaurs documentaries. Always show new recent content from day to day. You can repeat twice a documentary in the month but never more. Also, with the schedule of each documentaries, add a section of complementary readings available at the prison library that the boys can print out so all can read at the same time. And on the next morning, conversations will be more interesting between the prison pensioners; Add a spark in their day so time flies at the speed of sound and light.

4) Twice a month on Fridays, give a special meal to the boys: French cuisine prepared by the nearby French caterer. Let them enjoy food that is light years away from fast food restaurants. Give them twice the quantity of a regular french serving to satisfy their hunger. The new flavors will create special new thoughts of relaxation on each byte and this will lower down their depression level for two days before and two days after enjoying France. The prison will be surprisingly calm after these special suppers. Let them appreciate something else besides alcohol and drugs for a change. And after the French exquisite 5 o'clock meal, give them two cigarettes each on their 15 minutes supper break before starting their special HD TV presentation in the chapel showing the most recent Blue Ray of our most hilarious comedians and cartoons so that laughter be their nice desert.
Comic French Cuisine

5) The boys need support after the prison door closes behind them after their time is done. Let them know that our society is one of compassion not of denial for those that missed a step. Even before the bus or a family member comes to take them back to civilization, implement financial security to start them up; Give them 8 month of welfare if they survived between 3 to 5 years in Alcatraz and give them 16 months of welfare for those that suffered a 6 year or more jail zoo madness. Let the government open them a bank account for their welfare deposits and give them a debit card so they can at least eat while searching for a job and an apartment. No address is needed for this special and perhaps first bank account for them. For their time on welfare, they will be no passport delivered to them; They must remain in the country and its their chance to start travelling and go see their country' sunny mountains away from the city soul killer.

While on this special short term welfare, the boys are encourage to find a normal declared job. Their welfare revenues will not diminish by their job revenues: Its an extra if they remain strait and honest. Give them a chance to break free and the hell with those that think we give them to much! They suffered years in concrete hell and its time for them to end this infernal never ending criminal path. Remember that they have families and these families only want to find back their charming human being member that stumbled on crime in the fall of hatred and distress. Many of the boys will fall back into crime; Its unfortunate; That is their decision; They are not stupid; They very well know where that leads them in the long term; Back in the four wall prison zoo madness. Equation: The goal is to save 50% of them = Remove 50% of police forces in our cities + 50% less on house insurance and house security + 50% more room in prisons ;-) + 50% more freedom for everyone in the bright night bringing good income to your glowing downtown = We are all winners!

6) In Canada, we have a special government assistance for our new immigrants: We pay haft their salaries for a year in our companies that hire them so that we learn Spanish humor at the cafeteria ;-) . Do the same for our flesh; the boys that want to work on a better salary than the minimal wage. On their resume, the boys clearly state that they have been reinserted in the society and the government will pay haft of their salaries for a year for the company owner who will let the boys prove they have courage to turn their lives around. Without a master degree in astronautics, they wont get the 130 000$ paying job but at least they can take a hammer and climb that ladder and repair the roof that is leaking and that with a honest salary.

For those that are wondering how the government is going to pay for all this, I say the fallowing: It cost 33 000$ each years for one prisoner; Subtract one year to their jail sentence and there you have your savings to provide for all these benefits for our country boys caught acting unworthily. Are you frighten to let them off after all that will be given to them? Do not fear: It is a very good bargain!

Boys, you have an ally in the open free World that is working overtime for you guys!
Working Overtime
And my name is Steve!!

Creating wealth - The First Natives way - Barter - Buy Home Made - Capitalism flirting Communism - Warm up those printers - Art to the rescue

Steve Log: July 13, 2011.

Creating wealth

The World economy is in slow motion because all countries are lacking cash so we are trapped in an infinite paralysis. The actual economy is made for a model of 2 billion people but we are stretching it to 7 billion Earth citizens; Wall street... we have a problem! What is needed is to make the citizens work and that by avoiding them putting their hard earn savings into the exhausted economy to restart it; Savings are peace of mind for upcoming personal hard times. So if we cant rely on the citizens savings to restart the World economy, are we doomed? The rich will keep their gold and they are not going to do anything for us: the Banks do not know the meaning of the word "compassion" . The only thing on their mind is to make even more money by every means necessary and the remaining people suffering in the streets does not create a tear in their eyes. One day they will makes us even pay for a deposit; They are rats holding our gold. But there is an exemption: The French and German banks are working hard to liberate Greece from its precarious situation and I salute that: "Merci belle Paris et élégant Berlin".

We need to create new wealth by bypassing the banks; We must work for something more valuable besides that green paper monster that we rely too much on; Money. We need to restart Barter between each other as our first ancestors did and as our father does with its neighbours exchanging services between each other to avoid paying five times more in the World of green paper monster; You need something I can spare and I need something you have in extra; Exchange and bypass green paper monster. This is not black market since green paper monster is never involved; You have purchased your TV and you already payed your tax on it so exchanging your TV set for a neighbour' plumber services is legal and welcome. We call this kind of neighbourhood barter, the goodness calls. We can save thousands of dollars by connecting people together and exchange services and hardware. Do not lend hardware to your friends, give this half-useful stuff you have in exchange for a service that your wife needs for her white and steel kitchen garden. This is less trouble and your good intentions towards smiling neighbourhood will be heard by others and you will receive 20 times more in good faith and much more.

That is my father way of living and he is highly respected in his community far more than that narrow minded corner street banker that can only dream of my father' popularity. My father bypasses green paper monster and so can we. The First Natives worked with barter for ten thousand years and they are still with us and are very healthy I can say. We only need to get out of our 9 to 5 work routine and go help others in the glowing evenings and on the precious weekends. Get out of the deathtrap of work routine and you life will glow for everyone to enjoy. By saving dollars by giving our energy to others, we have gold to purchase our necessities in the mad World on consumption and this is our personal way to help our country' economy by not losing our t-shirt by over-using our credit cards when purchasing that bran new 3D TV.

Since the beginning of times, it is Gold that drives the economy even in our modern days. Oil is just temporary two century wealth and it is nothing in front of gold that is eternal. Gold allows us to print more green bills so our government can create wealth for every citizens by creating many useful things as free education, construct bridges, free health care and pay for cultural events. So lets create something as valuable as gold! Create an inner green dollar only available in the country. You have a regular weekly salary of 850$ but you get an extra 85$ Maple Rubles bonus on your pay check. With that Canadian Maple Ruble you can pay up to half the taxes on things produced entirely in Canada; So all raw material to produce Canadian wheat cereals that Quebec citizens needs comes from Canada. This way, there is minimal fluctuation of the Maple Ruble since it is out of reach of external speculators and we can control our country' first necessities economy. If we need to import things, we just use our conventional increasing gold savings to purchase it. Analogy: You have land to grow a small garden and this way you have fresh vegetables that cost you dimes to grow and that allows your tight budget to breath and go out downtown and enjoy dinner in a nice French restaurant served with excellent California wine. The first goal in life is to feed your family and then go to others and share your extra harvest. Countries must do the same; Promote your home products with nice tax bargains.

We can create enormous wealth this way and the important thing is to bypass banks that will get in the way as the always do by imposing their profit Scrooge way of living. The Maple Ruble market is there to create and maintain jobs in the country; In the Maple Ruble inner market, their is no profit done on transactions, absolutely no loans and there is only half of the tax to highly encourage citizens to buy "Made at home" products. Do the 1 for 2 bargain: The government cuts 50% of the home made sales tax for his country citizens but he receives in return thousand of tax dollars each week on "Made at home" company employees that have good paying salaries. We have very competent government accountants that will find the right balance to double the return. The government will choose what is Home Made valuable products and make a 50% bargain for all the citizens. Beer, chocolate, cigarettes don't have this tax bargain since we can very live without these; First necessities only. Also, paper dollars are not necessary for transactions; Use a government controlled tax debit card holding your bonus savings; Easy to implement in all stores, less expensive to produce and highly practical for all day use. Yep! That is communism with a new modern twist. Communism worked very fine for the USSR that feeded each citizen conveniently for almost a century. The Russian citizens did not live in luxury but everyone had bread, butter and milk on their table for breakfast; No one was starving! We do not need to go communist all the way but only for important things as feeding our country citizens and providing the first necessities to enjoy life in this half-half communist-capitalist new World; China is the perfect example of success of communism working hand in hand with capitalism; We only need to do the reverse; Capitalism with a pinch of communism; Encourage citizens to buy more home made products.

By functioning this way, we massively encourage our countries land benefits and we stop giving away our precious gold to under-importer/over-exporter countries that do not play fare in this global market economy. Let the free of corruption government take care of its Maple Rubles; Get away stinking bank rats! Its one thing to think World free markets but as we all can see, it does not work that well! It is a major failure for three quarters of the planet!!
Maple Ruble

The more new citizens entering your country by immigration or by your citizens giving birth to children, the more gold you need each year to maintain your actual quality of life. You need to print out more green dollar currency. To avoid out of control inflation you need to back up all this flow of new cash; Do not use gold to achieve this but Art. All countries in the World have tremendous creative minds that can assure your booming demography stability. Your yearly created master pieces need to be secure from thieves and must be promoted to higher their value. Do it the Canadian way: Create coins reflecting all the beauty of your geniuses art creators wanting to free your country from depression. Sell these limited edition coins to cover one fifth of the fresh printed dollars and the real art works are kept in your museums well secured for all to appreciate. All this art needs to be unique with a powerful message on your culture. We are not talking about a one week to create serial art but five month worth of hard work to create these master pieces so when we look at them, we say "WoW! I need to sit down, this is to awesome!!" This is your gold to assure that if a foreign country wants your government to pay back your loan interest, sell this art at a nice price tag into the very lucrative Art network to cover for your extra new green bills that have been injected in your country' economy. Do not over-flood your art on the market; Sell a few precious art assets to assure your economy stability. You pay your group of highly talented artists a good wage of 1 million dollars and you get 30 millions in return. You inject 300 millions new fresh dollars in your economy, you create 250 master pieces worth 1.2 million each on the market and do not sell them for less! Wait and you will get the right price. Your paintings and sculptures need to last at least 500 years so make them with high quality materials to attract only the very serious art buyers; Create them to last so your culture lives with us and astonish us for the next millennium. Art was the money currency for the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas and they were very wealthy!

Ethiopian Fine Art:
Art on the Offensive


Standing by Heracles

Steve Log: June 22, 2011.

Canada to Greece

Europeans are wondering if they should kick out Greece out of the Euro zone because they don't have a clue on how to resolve the Greek government over-sized and over-spending dilemma. Should they slash government good paying jobs OR make the honest citizen pay big time for this out of control government entity? In Canada, we are 10 provinces and 3 territories and it is out of the question to leave the less fortunate provinces behind: Stick by our family Europe!

Lets size down this problem to a person view that is covered with debts. What would we do to overcome our financial misfortune? First thing that come to our mind is to sell out stuff at good price. Athens wants to sell their precious government assets as their television network to the private sector for a total 32 billion Euros. That's good in short term to cover part of their debt interest but if those assets brought continued yearly profits to the government, they will lose fresh income in the upcoming future; Not so good after all for the Greek economy nor for the Greek pride.


When a friend is having a hard financial time, we buy his stuff at a friends price without taking away his new kitchen appliances. The entire World should stop having pity for the Greeks and should act now and start buying more "Made in Greece" products to increase their government tax revenues. This is a team effort that is needed. The European Union should grant to the Greek exporters, good quality and very low cost fuel for their cargo ships, heavy transportation trucks and merchandise diesel trains. That would lower down the Greek product price tags on our markets and attract customers to buy great Greek quality at a bargain price: Solution Alpha.

Next step, the indebted friend retrieves all loans from his friends by pressing hard to get his cash back. The Black market is the next target: Work and sold merchandise hidden from tax collectors. Take a team of highly competent incorruptible government investigators and go get those millions that have been stolen to the government for too many years now. Yep! Search in the past to retrieve hidden gold stashed in the crooks safe that has a house made of gold with a declared 25 000$ yearly income; Suspicious! In Canada, for a 60 000$ investigator salary, we get a 1 for 5 gain: 300 000$ black market recovered gold coins! Solution Beta.

The indebted friend works more to increase his income to pay quickly his debt. The Greek government should subsidizes salaries for new foreign factories to be constructed on their land. They give 6$ an hour subsidize to all Greek workers and the foreign German companies implemented in Thessaloniki pays the remaining salary balance to maintain a good income for the Greek workers. This way, new salaries will be available to the community and taxes will be retrieve on all purchase and services throughout the country. Balance the grant to double the government return; 1 for 2 bargain ;-) That's the Canadian way to encourage our companies to hire our diamond immigrants so they can have a chance to prove their skills for a year: Solution Gamma.

Another thing we do for the benefit of our friend in a precarious financial situation, we lend him money with no strings attached: no interest for as long as he wishes. The European banks are profiting from the crippled. That is a sad picture. The first country bank that would do that no interest gesture, would triple its benefits in two years only by the great publicity that would bring to their company. People will pass the word and say this: "Wow! Great France banks plays fair with their customer that are less fortunate, they give them a break in hard times. I'm switching to Great France banks and the hell with dawn dark force Berlin banks!" Solution Delta.

Message to all World national air transporters: Make your customers fly on vacation to Greece at your cost price plus 6%. This way, more tourists will bring good income to the Acropolis and the Greeks will start dancing once again until the late night for all to enjoy. Tourism Phoenix! Solution Epsilon.

Fight corruption not with professional investigators but with freedom of speech journalists as we do here in Canada. Plenty of gold is diverted into bank accounts in foreign countries by rotten high official government souls. We are loosing millions by inaction to catch those dark thieves. Greece is like Canada, Italy and... well... all the countries of the World! ; we are surrounded with corruption that is eating up our citizens gold to pay for our government expenses. Hunt corruption in the government with newspapers and retake those precious gold coins: Solution Zeta.

Increase tax by 4% on unhealthy stuff as cigarettes, beer, coca-cola, french fries, chocolate and potato chips. If people consume less junk, their good health will keep them away from hospitals and it will just cost less for the health care system and they will be more in shape and productive at work. Imagine all the junk sold in a corner street convenient store: $$$. In Quebec Canada, we pay almost 10$ our pack of cigarettes and that is a major income for the government and they are right to tax this heavily. Solution Eta.

It will be virtually impossible to downsize the Greek government workforce. The worker's unions are too strong and they are aggressive; Avoid confrontation. The trick is for the government workers to be more productive to completely abolish paying expensive overtime. In all government sectors, they are plenty of workers that work only at 60% of their capacity due to poor management. Delegate a slice of the workload of the highly solicited employees to those 40% on coffee break workers to higher their productive output by 17%. It may mean waiting a bit longer for the unemployed pay check to come into the mail but that is a small sacrifice; Patience is gold. This way, there is no job lost, no overtime payed and no new hiring for a while; Big time savings. Keep feeding the government beast but make him work more for his generous vacation advantages: Solution Theta.

The Greek industries exporting need to be more competitive by producing more with the same revenues. Make a special price for your neighbour Greek golden pal when they come shopping for raw materials as steel, coal, paper and glass. Canada haves plenty of wood, natural gas and aluminum waiting at our docks in Halifax with a special discount for ships crossing the Atlantic with the Blue and White Cross emblem. Athens, Call us! Solution Iota.

Standing by Hercules


The End of my new era