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Free electricity


The Holy Royal Wedding

Steve Log: June 13, 2013

Wishful thinking (in French) July 31, 2013: Click to view the e-mail exchange between Steve and the "Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC)".

Click on image to view "The Anti-Cancer Vinegar Tea Treat" VIDEO CLIP VERSION 2.2.3 [52:03 Minutes]:
The Anti-Cancer Vinegar Treat

Jacques Cartier's Preemptive Strike

Steve Log: April 7th 2013.

Click on the image to Discover how Mother Nature makes her Choice: Baby Girl or Baby Boy? [Video Clip 3:38 Minutes]:
The Choice is all yours

Steve's Down Syndrome, Bipolarity & Autism Spectrum natural and permanent solutions Birthday Gift!

Steve Log: January 24th, 2013: My iTunes Playlist has been updated.

Click on the image to view the New Horizons for all of us! Version 3.1 [36:29 Minutes]
(Gravity decoded, Irak under fire, Asteroid shield, Spacecraft propulsion, the Sphinx and Drone detector UPGRADE additions):
Controlling Our Destiny

Human Immunodeficiency Virus source Found!

Steve Log: November 20, 2012.

Click on image to view the World's most Hideous Plague Eliminated! (Updated on Dec 9th - 4:37 Minutes):
Luc Revelation

The Wind of Rain!

Steve Log: August 18, 2012.

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Operation Desert Rain

Assia, The Love of my Life!

The Love of My Life

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The "Couture" & "Rodrigue" Counter-Strike on Alzheimer!

Steve Log: June 22, 2012.

Click on the image to Fight Alzheimer with us! [Video clip 18:11 Minutes]:
The Battle on Alzheimer

The War is now over!

Steve Log: June 1, 2012.

Click on the image to Enjoy the Won Battle of the Truth! [video clip - 8:23 minutes]:
Third World War Has Just Ended

Grandpa Rise Up!

Steve Log: May 13, 2012.

Click on the image to Save Grandpa for all to Enjoy [7:23 Minutes]:
Parkinson, Paraplegic and Epilepsy
Steve Log: May 3, 2012.

Major Injustice in Québec

René Lévesque

Message from our Angel René to Québec workers: Hypocrites! Those that vote for a Major Rise of the Access to go to the University are the same that have profited for years of the Generosity of the Québec Government System while their were studying for Almost Free for Good Paying Jobs: Yes! I am speaking about you Québec workers with the No Dignity!! Your "Yes" to aggressively increase the price tag for education is in Direct Conflict with all that haves been given to you by the honorable Québec government to ensure you of a financial freedom at the end of your studying term so you can enjoy working in our glorious Canadian Québec province!!

Think for the Future of our Children NOT for your bran new 52 inches 3D LCD television set!!!

Free Flower Power Education
Steve Log: May 1, 2012.

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YouTube "TINAVIE - Letter from space": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoSOycYkaLM

Cleaning Fukushima!

Steve Log: April 22, 2012.

Click on the image to Hunt Down Fukushima's Radiation [5:15 Minutes]:
Cleaning Radiation

Steve Log: April 23, 2012.

I will not Tolerate this!!

I will not Tolerate this!

Read the Valorous China Daily that have hunted down these Rotten Guangxi Zhuang Chefs!!

Wake up my Love!

Steve Log: April 18, 2012.

My next Electronic Scrolls will be Shorter, more Numerous and as Sweet as my Previous Ones!

Click on the image to Wake Up Sleeping Beauty! [3:10 Minutes]:
No more coma

Christmas In April with Santa-Berlin!

Steve Log: April 10, 2012.

Click on the image to view the STELLAR gifts from Berlin [23:51 mins]:
Christmas In April

The MBW Rescue Task Force & Fresh Air for All of us!

Steve Log: March 27, 2012.

Click on the image to view the Saint Teresa and Princess Louise Precious Gifts for Mexico city, Tokyo and Seoul:
( 5:44 mins):

Saint Mother Teresa & Saint Louise-Caroline

Jupiter's Pioneers

Steve Log: March 19, 2012.

Click on the image to reach the Final Anti-Gravity Frontier (7:53 mins):
Jupiter Pioneers


John Carter

Limitless Energy Equation Revealed

Steve Log: March 13, 2012.

Click on the image to view the LIMITLESS GREEN ENERGY EQUATION (4 mins)
Limitless Energy

I will not stop loving You!

Steve Log: March 10, 2012.

Behave Loncoln Freedom Lovers

The Rebel Freedom Fighters

Steve Log: March 3, 2012.

November 11th is Remembrance Day and Great Courage is contagious!.

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National Security Agency (NSA): More than meets the eye!

Steve Log: January 5th, 2014: Taking the illegal data acquiring subject seriously.

New intel

Steve Log: January 8th, 2014:

Follow Jacques Cartier's wise advice: From now on, scramble all sensitive communications with you HOMEMADE encryption encoder! Change the encryption key each three days to mystified the Spies.

Steve Log: January 12th, 2014:

Maple Leaf Warning: If the Bright Stars and Blue Stripes irreverent "National Security Agency" does not layoff 55% of its personnel, this only means that they are still listening to our PRIVATE conversations!!


With the Lord on my side, Persepolis Royal Flush is revealed

Steve Log: February 25, 2012.

Click on the image to uncover the truth behind the Prince of Persia real intentions (2 mins):
Persepolis Royal Flush Reveled

A had a dream...

Steve Log: February 20, 2012.

Click on the image to walk through the Garden of Gethsemane (2:40 mins):
The Garden

A Gift for the Prince of Persia

Steve Log: February 13, 2012.

Click on the image to view my Valentines gift to the Persian hearts (1:30 mins):
My answer to my California thief

Thieves are among us!

Steve Log: February 7, 2012


They took my invention "Bowl-Dome" with no inventor's royalty agreement! Their concept is identical to my "Bowl-Dome" directly stolen from my 2006 web pages!! Click on the upper image to see thieves with no honor!!!

My dear Barack, set the record strait so California remains without sin!
Otherwise I will not disclose anymore very promising inventions on Stella.

No one takes my ideas without a call to 1.418.261.7740!!

Steve Log: Febuary 6, 2012.

I have made my choice!

Cultural Invaders

Jedï Mind Trick: Travelling first class, my first destinations to discover the beauties of Blue Pearl will be to see the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate bridge, the golden beaches near the crocodiles, the museums near that big White House and to see the courageous Bruins battle with the agile Black Hawks ;-)
The Diamond Link

HIV and Lucifer's Powerful Army

Steve Log: January 24, 2012.

Where did the HIV virus came from and why did Nature created it?

The original HIV virus lives in the intestine and the rectum and its role is to break down the unneeded food elements consumed by our body. HIV facilitates the decomposition of matter by wiping out the natural defenses of all exceeding food entering the intestine and this is why HIV is a formidable soldier resisting all our medical counter-attacks coming from our antibiotics. The intestine and the rectum contains the original HIV virus and they are designed to not let it escape from their premises but a new generation of HIV has mutated to become blood-born. Our wild sexual habits are the cause of this HIV breakout coming directly from the exchange of blood and the feces containing very high quantities of the HIV weapon of destruction.

The new generation of HIV still fallows its original orders to destroys all battery cell defenders in the region so that other body-safe viruses can do their job of getting ride of organic matter as for beef, chicken and pork. But the problem is that the blood-born HIV does not know he is outside his homeland, the intestine and the rectum, and this leaves other lethal viruses take over our body until death brings us to the Lord's heaven doors. We must plan and execute an HIV counter-attack that can pinpoint this mighty HIV opponent and destroy it before irreversible damage makes its appearance in a form of a simple cold that can rotten our body to the cold soil.

First battle to win: Precocious HIV infection detection and wipe out action

First step in fighting HIV is detecting as soon as possible that we are infected with it. After a week has passed after an non-protected sexual intercourse on a one night stand, the first time HIV is detected in our organism, our body reacts quickly and higher its temperature giving us virulent fever to avoid HIV to entrench in the body tissues. The anti-bodies fights HIV vigorously and wins the first round. But HIV is not beaten and it retreated in the kidneys where he is protected from further attacks. We have a problem: the kidneys do not filter enough the blood to flush HIV completely out of our system; HIV will set residence there for several months before it is strong enough for its second round fight and this time, it will not retreat but fight until our death!

If you have high doubts that your last fever can be an HIV infection battle, you must help your kidneys clean up HIV completely out of your organism; Studies suggest that 15 glasses of water each day can help greatly the kidneys filter 65% of all impurities in the blood. For the last 35% resilient enemies that must be flushed out by urine and feces, lets use our first mighty warrior, the Beetroot; Drink for several days this celestial vegetable juice to wash away unwanted contaminants as for last HIV standing soldiers; When your urine is tinted purple, this means our Beetroots are doing a good job of blood purification. The second and final round to get ride of HIV can be ours to win if we are alert on our body signs as for the bad fever after a wild sexual and satisfying night.

Fighting the second major battleLucifer's Powerful Army

We have another main battle to engage if HIV has taken ground advantage in our body; We will then do the Acid Blitzkrieg strategy!

The HIV soldiers haves a great advantage on their side that agile medical researchers have discovered: They have the Stealth feature that mask their identity and this is why the body battery cell defenders are firing blank ammunition; They do not have a target to acquire and kill their assailant; HIV hits and destroys the immune defenses and hides into the living tissue trenches after each attack; Its a battle of attrition that takes many years to win for HIV; He is patient and resilient.

The mosquitoes transmit many virulent viruses but they do not transmit HIV. So lets push further our studies on our mosquitoes. It is the mosquito's saliva that neutralize HIV. Their saliva contains 20 proteins but our researches have pinpointed only half of them. It would take too much studies and medical trials to figure out the exact combination of proteins to neutralize HIV; Time is not on our side; The different human species as Occidentals, Asians, Africans, First Natives of America and First Natives of Australia all have the same saliva composition. So insects must have at least half of the saliva proteins that they share between them; This is not a wild guess; So how do we retrieve insect saliva to help us counter-attack HIV? We have one precious insect that we already consume its product that is saturated with HIV fighting saliva proteins: The Honey bee is our second mighty warrior!

First we must fight an equal terms: HIV must be visible to our task force

We will do the World War 2 Russian "Scorched Earth" strategy so that the enemy has no house nor building to hide in. As for the first round that our body won over HIV, we must this time create artificial fever because our body has been weaken by HIV for many months and to achieve this same strategy at organic level, we will use our diamond Chili Peppers, our third warriorto fight on our sides.

First step: Our initial offensive is to eat Chili Peppers and this will artificially higher our body temperature. When mucus makes it appearance in our nose, this is the sign that the body is in full alert; This way, we force HIV to come out of the living tissue and he will be vulnerable in open land so we can attack him with our first wave of Honey products that can knock him out partially; Honey will take out 50% of HIV warriors; Eat plenty of this mighty duo of Chili Peppers coated with Honey up until your breath says: "Enough my love! Take a break!! I need to breathe!!!"

Second step: After the wave of intense heat and insect saliva HIV neutralizer is in motion, we then send our 5 antimicrobial ACID stormtroopers:

1) General Beetroot (I just love this holy vegetable). Beetroots are part of a healthy iron rich diet and iron carries oxygen and oxygen wipes out HIV!
4) Colonel Vinegar
5) Major Grapefruit
6) Captain Apple
7) Lieutenant Lemon

These five elements will constitute our army to fight back at the HIV soldier killers: For maximum firepower, lets send them all five at the same time in one massive attackCreate a special drinking cocktail that you take in one shot after eating the Chili Peppers coated with Honey product. This will create an enormous Blitzkrieg effect in the body and HIV will perish step by step until complete annihilation. You must take this two step offensive for many days to be sure the HIV is purged completely out of your system.

Third and last step: After the major ChiliPepper-Honey-Acid Blitzkrieg, drink plenty of Water and drink often Beetroot juice in the upcoming days so it hunts down HIV pockets of resistance all throughout the body. Test your blood stream for the HIV virus at the hospital and if traces are still found in the body, do repeately the 3 steps total war offensive until complete victory! There will be short side effects as for stomach burns (that means that a total war has been engaged) but if we keep all the ingredients natural, our body will recover very fast!

There is not a bellicose creature in the Universe that can withstand such a formidable Blitzkrieg by the Fantastic Seven attack. And this Fantastic Seven combined force can be used to hunt down all kinds of lethal viruses.

Click on the image to view the Ultimate Battle against HIV (Remasted on April 21st, 2013 - 7:18 mins):
HIV and Lucifer Mighty Army

Lucifer's name has been mistreated for too many centuries; Lucifer is might and strength not madness. Mental illness is the real demon!!
Noble Lucifer

Wapiti Space Propulsion

Steve Log: January 14, 2012.

Click on the image to see our new homes (video clip)!
Wapiti Space Propulsion

Message from the Holy Father: This cool invention will stay in Steve Lucien Rodrigue hands so he can fulfill all of his dreams!!

Iran and the atom - Shouting for the silents - Balance - Compassion of Persuasion - For Peace, Canadians give you Space

Steve Log: January 9, 2012.

Atomic Iran

USA and Europe fear more than Lucifer's burning hell that Iran gets its hands on the secrets in creating the atomic bomb. We must ask yourselves this question: Would this Iran military nuclear capable country destabilize the Middle East OR would it be the reverse: stabilize the region? One country in the Middle East region is not playing fair on the battlefield: Israel!; The American generals have cheated; They have given their knowledge to create the atomic bomb to Israel and both of their military are setting fear in their enemies eyes and this creates mush hatred against Israeli Jews all around the Blue Pearl.

In the last century, did the USSR confront directly the USA on their land knowing that their mutual destruction was guarantied with the doomsday nuclear weapon? Nope, the balance of power was always maintained so neither Lincoln nor Lenin cross the thin red bloody line. The hatred that the Arabs and Persians have for Israel will keep on growing for centuries if we do not achieve this balance of power in the Middle East. Lets play fair in that case! If we wish for Iran to not pursue its course of military use of the atom, Israel should do the same and scrap all military atomic installations in the upcoming three years. As I read the valorous Tel Aviv Haaretz newspaper, 77.7% of Israel citizens think that their government is playing with fire with the management of the Palestinian cause; Is Israel more wiser than Iran? No they are not because the "chosen people" would not treat their neighbours that way!

Sir Ahmadinejad will accept our Canadian proposition: Keep the atom for Powering your houses at night but do not use it to implement Fear. All countries that have civilian nuclear facilities can produce the atomic bomb. Canada certainly can build it but we chosen to leave this ultimate hatred weapon out of our land as for Japan and many other wise countries in the World. We think that words and ideas are much more stronger than fire and destruction. We promote harmony and have an open heart on the suffering of our neighbours near and far away from us. Canada has no known enemies; I do not fear sewing on my backpack the Canadian flag to start my journey to travel and see the World; Harmony vs. Fear; In the long run, the White Bear always wins his battles!
Influence and Power

Mahmoud, we have the key to your safety needs: Israel military must get ride of its nuclear words of threat or its they that will suffer World economic sanctions not military nuclear free Iran. I once thought that Benyamin Netanyahou was a brave man that can change things around and achieve long lasting peace on the Holy land but by reading the truthful words of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem journalists, I was mistaking; Corrupted by military thoughts of vengeance, this person has an empty heart full of old dusty thoughts as for the "Eye for Eye" reaction to resolve a critical problem as for the Palestinian call for liberty and Iranian's race to reach balance of power by discovering the power of the atom. Benyamin is my biggest disappointment!

The Solution to the Middle East crisis is that Iran and Israel must simultaneously open their land to competent nuclear disarmament investigators. European investigators acknowledge that Iranian military is actively in the process of dismantling all installations to create the nuclear bomb (if they have ever existed) and on the other side, the Russian investigators set flight to Israel so they acknowledge a nuclear free military future for King David. Israel and Iran have both a strong defensive military and this is all that is needed to set the balance of power in the Middle East: Protect your land vigorously against invaders with infantry, armors, artillery, aircrafts and Allies and leave the Milky Way forbidden weapon that is the atomic bomb OUT of the Cradle of Life! Fighting with your fists to protect your land and your people is accepted in the eyes of God but killing is forbidden by the Lord as for nuking your opponents. Keep that in mind Atomic free World!

In exchange of acknowledging Canadian compassion of persuasion, we give to the World these 5 precious gifts:
Listen Carefully

The water propelled rockets

It takes enormous energy for our rockets to take it up to speed in the atmosphere. Lets give them a major push so they can reach the atmosphere so Space will be the next big thing to brag about for all countries that wish to expand their knowledge of the Universe. The advantage of the current oxygen-hydrogen propulsion is that it pushes the rocket more than its own weight. In that case, lets not carry our rocket fuel for the first minute take off procedure so we can carry more heavy cargo or go much faster. We will use water to make the initial push out of gravity's hands.
Rocket take off

On a high tower set on the highest country's cliff, install an enormous water tower with the rocket set below. At ignition, the water tower will feed the rocket's boosters for the first minute take off push. We must use a propellant fuel that does not catch fire if it is leaking from the hoses to the rocket. Lets use water for the safety of our astronauts. We push 1 ton of water out the rocket, we get in return a push of 1 ton but by not carrying the weight of this water, we are then much lighter to reach the skies. When the rocket boosted by water reaches the foot of the tower, the feeding cable detaches and then the rocket ignite its regular oxygen-hydrogen rockets to make the trip to Space; "Vol vers le ciel étoilé ma beauté céleste!"The higher the cliff, the better it is! Once the rocket has its major water push momentum, far less conventional fuel is needed to reach the stars and Space is ours! More heavy cargo can be brought in Space and more speed can be obtained to reach our Solar System neighbours in half the time. All countries of the World are allowed to use the Water Propelled Intercontinental Rockets to set the Balance of Power on our reborn Blue Pearl aiming at the tyrant below the Maple Red flag: The Black Eagle will learn to behave with honorably thoughts to create Eden all around us in the upcoming future!
I am in love

Deep Space cylinder turbine propulsion

Space is full of emptiness and that is what we need for this second propulsion system for deep Space. When spinning an open cylinder it creates inertia and pushes everything inside (even emptiness) to its metal sides as for our cloth dryer appliance. Its a simple concept and it is very interesting to create a constant push for our spacecrafts and this way we need only electricity to move in deep Space and conventional oxygen-hydrogen fuel can be saved for landing operations on the Moon, Mars and Europa.
Cylinder propuslion

The open cylinder spins quickly and all forces are equal on each sides and if we open a window at a fix location to let go in Space the forces from one side, we get a push on the opposite side that haves his window closed! We use flaps as those on airplanes to achieve the open window effect. The faster the open cylinder spins, the stronger the push and the faster we go! And again, there is more!

The creation of the Moon

Among astronomers, it is an established fact that the Moon was created by a major hit by an asteroid on Earth 4 billion years ago. This is true4.1 billion years ago, the Earth's crust has formed and water was the main component on its surface. There was no continents and the oceans were very deep. Earth was an aquatic World. Then came the big asteroid hit; The massive ejection of mater in Space was mainly made of water and this created the Moon that escaped from Earth gravity pull. The asteroid hit did not destroy Earth because it is the oceans that took all the impact energy. We have land because the Moon removed one fifth of the Earth's deep oceans. When we look at the glowing Moon at night, we are seeing a 4 billion year old floating ocean in the blue skies. The Moon has liquid water inside it near its hot magma core; It is not because we don't see active volcanoes on the Moon's surface that its core is a cold heavy magnetized rock. Life escaped from Earth when occurred the ocean big splash phenomenon creating the Moon: There is microbial life inside the Moon! We must dig deep down under the Moon's surface in the upcoming three decades to make our first contact with extra-terrestrial life. The Moon's hot core spins the same way as Earth's hot core but since it is surrounded by liquid water, its outer rocky shell does not spin and this is why we always see the same face of the Moon from Earth.
Moon creation
Jupiter was hit by massive asteroids at least 45 times resulting in more than 60 satellites. A few of them were flying asteroids caught by Jupiter gravity but three quarters of the satellites come from Jupiter. So if we make an analysis of Jupiter's satellites compositions, we have many ores that were not believed to be on this huge planet as for Water that part of it escaped onto Europa! 

Moon crater base "Unity"

Thanks to the Indian Space Research Organisation that has discovered ice on the Moon's south pole near Shackleton crater with its Space robot Chandrayaan-1. It took only one shot for the gracious Indians to make this major discovery so we can estimate that plenty of water is present on the Moon. All liquid similar elements in the Universe are attracted by each other; The same flesh sticks together. The hot magma core of the Moon is attracted by Earth's hot core but the Moon does not crash on our Blue Pearl because its rocky envelop is made of material having reverse polarity and that keeps the Moon in orbit around the Earth: Pull and Push.

The first phase in implementing a permanent Moon base is to send human or machine ore drillers to reach for those numerous pockets of liquid water so we can pump it out by a derrick to provide our fuel for the rockets, hydrogen for the electricity generators and oxygen & clean drinking water for the Moon base "Unity" settlers, the forests, the insects, the birds and the cattle. Near the water derricks, set in the closest crater the Moon base. Since the rocks in the bed of craters are highly compacted it will contain our oxygen with no leaking and it will be used for our Moon base walls. Construct on top of the crater a very strong roof that resists to medium size asteroids hits and Tadam! Moon base "Unity" is erected!! Inside the reverse crater dome, construct the city, pour water to create a lake and with Earth dirt, grow the forest on the crater's cliffs and set outside the utilities for the Moon base.
Moon base Unity

Click to view the ultimate gift from our First Natives of United Americas (4 MB video clip): 
Voyage Voyage


My iTunes Playlist:
My iTunes Playlist

United Front against child porn - World Internet Police Agency - The Women fight back! - Full of love

Steve Log: November 30, 2011.

Reading the Boston Globe "Utah professor pleads not guilty on child porn charges" article and Fox News: "'Sesame Street' composer arrested on child porn charges" article:

Those persons that view child porn will not be discouraged by more justice punishment as for being fired from their jobs or by community disgrace. They think they will not get caught so they keep on viewing our innocent naked angels. Lets not aim our anger on the child porn viewers but on the Internet provider that allows child porn Internet websites services and child porn file sharing altogether. Since the child porn websites content producers are hard to corner since they keep changing Internet addresses at each month, we must fight on another level. All these web sites are hosted by a legal Internet provider that can easily be identify by the World Internet Police Agency and its the Internet providers that must be punished for not being in control of their clients website content and file sharing activities. When entering magazine stores, do we have child porn magazines for sale? No we do not! If so, this kind of store will be rapidly denounced and they will be shutdown at the speed of anger; The same must be applied for Internet providers; The Internet providers must have a constant eagle eye on their clients that have twisted minds on making gold by all means. It takes only one full time employee to check for all daily images and videos traffic uploadings on the Internet provider servers. If the Internet provider haves the lame excuse that it cost too much to police their own clients, they will have this fallowing violation that they will be fired upon them on the discovery of child porn on their servers:

Close all the unwise Internet provider activities for 4 days. In their offices, set policemen in their server room so they check if all servers are shutdown for that 4 day violation period; We need three policemen guarding the server room; The first policeman does the 8AM to 4PM shift, the second one the 4PM to Midnight shift and the third one the Midnight to 8AM shift. All the Internet provider clients will be very frustrated from this temporary shutdown and they will start going elsewhere for hosting services. The Internet provider will lose income and its then that they will learn to check their images and videos uploading traffic the next time! After the 4 day shutdown, the servers are restarted and a police geek deletes all child porn images and videos files with the help of an Internet provider employee and together, they simply cancel the yearly subscription of the client providing this children porn content. No criminal charges necessary for the unwise child porn website client since he always gives a false name and false address when subscribing; Lets waste no time to track him down; It is not them that must be punished but those that provide the support for such disgracefully activities. 

If the Internet provider is caught again for hosting for more than a week child porn, the shutdown procedure will tripple: 12 days for the second offense. On the third and fallowing offenses, the World Internet Police Agency will seize one third of the Internet provider servers, delete all content on them and they will send them to Africa that are in great need for cutting edge technology. The remaining Internet provider's servers will be wiped out of all of their content to be sure that no child porn remains available. The Internet providers will not go further than the second offense because it will cost them big time! Also, the guilty Internet provider will provide all their hosted websites addresses to the World Internet Police Agency so that they randomly check if  the targeted websites are unavailable as they should for this 4 day offense to avoid the Internet provider to use mirror servers elsewhere to keep active their client's websites.

For encouraging the remote region of a country to comply to this directives, the World Internet Police Agency will send to the local police a bonus of two weeks of salaries for the commander and for the three police officers taking charge of controlling the Internet companies having low values on providing decent Internet content; If a particular city does not use its police force to acknowledge the World Internet Police Agency punishment wishes, USA based ICANN will suspend all website addresses from that locality until our wishes are fulfilled; That's punishment enough. Also, an 85$ reward is given by the World Internet Police Agency by PayPal services to the first Internet surfer that has discovered a child porn website or massive child porn file sharing activity; This way, the rotten soul child porn content producers are hunted down all over the known World and they have no where to host their content for the men who have their majo not well balanced.

Lets higher prices for the 4.2 million adult porn websites content producers by 8$ a month (they can afford a 96$ yearly price raise believe me!) and this will be our very lucrative World Internet Police Agency income payed by the Internet providersEquation: 4.2 million adult porn websites x 8$ x 12 months = 403 million dollars each year to fight for the protection of our angels! If the Internet provider does not pay this "Protecting our children" fee, ICANN will suspend all of the Internet providers websites addresses until the payment is made on a quarterly basis. It cost far less gold to remove the viewing platform of child porn than putting in prison all the picture and video child porn producers. So lets move on people and slap those Internet providers corrupting our angels dignity and our valorous men that have a moment of weakness on viewing those websites and pictures of adultery!
United Front


Reading Al Jazeera "Ignoring sexual violence in Nicaragua" article:

The Beer Label Reminder

It is alcohol clouding men's good judgment that drive them to rape women. We must hammer in the men's heads repeatedly that assaulting sexually a women is a major crime! Do as we do here in Canada to discourage smokers to avoid excessive tobacco consumption: Print on 1/3 of all beer label bottles that a justice recognized rapist gets a firm 5 years in prison sentence; Half a decade his enough for a man to repent on his crime done on our goddesses; If he is caught raping repeatedly after the completion of his sentence, the punishment doubles each time after proving with no doubt that he learned nothing while he was in his four concrete wall jail house: 10 years, 20 years, 40 years inside the penitentiary!; His criminal mind will learn that too much beer drinking and home parties are a bad mix! He will avoid these kind of gatherings and go to hockey match with his pals at the home team arena to liberate his testosterone to decompress from his lack of romance towards the ladies.

The 18 Months Pay Cut

After the convicted gets out of prison, the government will seize 28% of the man's salary that will be given to the "Enough is enough" fund for an 18 month period; If the sexual offender has not declared tax returns for the last four years, there is big chance that he flirts with crime to earn a living; In those cases, the gold penalty goes as fallows: Equation: 28% * 42 000$ yearly income x 1.5 years = 17 640$ will be seized from his belongings; It can be his motorcycle, his car, all of his living room furniture and more. This rape government tax is not deducted from the men's weekly salary but from his yearly tax return. This way, we avoid the new employer to discover that his employee is a past rapist; The guilty has done is time for his crime and it is his secret to keep; Men are very annoyed by pay cuts and this will be a constant reminder on party nights that women want tenderness not violence upon them. This 18 month "Enough is enough" penalty on income will help our country pay for much needed free legal assistance to African women that necessitate honest lawyers to prosecute those many African males with no honor that have removed the purity of their equals.

The Cinderella Wolf Pack

When partying at home gatherings, the ladies must be at least 3 friends watching each others backs (the Wolf Pack). The ladies mutually take notice if a man gets too close for comfort between each other; If one of her sister's is upstairs in a very dangerous room with the "Do not disturb" sign on the doorknob, Nancy must knock and ask: "Sarah, is everything OK?". If only a man answers to the question, take actionSomething is not right!! Call two honorable sober men and with the might of Zeus, force the door open, use one of the lady's pepper spray hidden in her purse and blind the beer drunk werewolf before irreversible harm is done to the lady's honor and to the wild man's future. At 2AM, when the Grandfather clock "Dong's" you twice, its time to leave my Cinderellas; Hop in a taxi and exit with style and keep refreshing pictures of a great evening because after the call of Grandpa, men do not think strait after consuming 12 beers and many dangers awaits you: "Gare à vous princesses!"

The Bloody "No"!

There is a thin line in proving that a man has not acknowledge the "No" word of women not wanting sexual intercourse if no witnesses are in sight. For the sake of the women, they must make it clear to the beer drunk man that she will fight for her words! She must scratch with force the man's arm or leg so she can prove in court that a serious assault has taken place and that injury on the guilty man is the first proof that the "No" word has been shouted. With the scratch lady tactic, the werewolf knows he is not allowed to go any further on this night of the full Moon and that beer label will remind him that he must watch his next steps and leave the room immediately before Lucifer hits him with a firm five year jail madness sentence. If the man did not get the woman's blood message and the aggression went all the way and the man used a condom to mask his identity, the second proof, the DNA, can be retrieved under the fingernails of the woman to set the record strait that the man being prosecuted is with no doubt the wild beast assailant. Even with no body fluids on the crime site, there no escape for the guilty this way!
Don't you dare!

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Message to single men

Knocking out Cancer in three rounds

Steve Log: November 16, 2011.

Cancer free World

Cancer is by far the worst human enemy in our 21st Century. Is it invincible? No it is are not! Our public research institutions will never discover a single white pharmaceutical pill to cure all the different kinds of Cancer. It would be wiser to invest in research 2/3 of all gold funded by of our country citizens and the remaining 1/3, invest it in statistics gathering so we find the cause of particular types of Cancer so we can teach prevention and avoid Cancer all together. We must first determinate what is Cancer and how it feeds itself to keep on growing. Lets upscale Cancer to a human size level.

When do people start dying by thousands on each month throughout a nation? It is either from total war against an enemy (HIV) or from starvation due to poor farming harvest in the last season (Cancer).

So what is going on inside ourselves when Cancer hunts us down?

If Cancer is massive cell starvation, we must then react to the situation the same way as for a human size problem: Send food, water and medication to the needy healthy cells near the devastated Cancer zones and bury those dead cells to avoid viruses to spread throughout the region. Cancer happens because our blood stream in a certain region does not carry enough oxygen and nutriments to the cells and this is why they are dying massively in groups; Cancer is like the Pest that wiped out millions of people in Europe in the Middle Ages. The rapid spread of the Pest in Europe came from the rats that were covered with fleas and those fleas carried inside themselves blood with many human viruses. These rats lived in the city sewers that were then dumped into the rivers nearby. The citizens downstream drank, cooked and cleaned themselves with this filthy water infested by an enormous quantity of tiny fleas with inside them human virus infected blood and this was the major route of Pest in Europe, the water of Hell. The Pest was not a single disease in itself but was a combination of many well known human diseases that struck the unfortunate European citizen in one single blow. Our body cells also have fleas bringing them diseases coming from our bloodstream Cancer rivers! We need to sanitize those bloodstreams!!

Three things need to be done to get ride of this massive regional starvation that is Cancer:

1) Clearing the way!

We must clear the roads, our bloodstreams, that are blocked by heavy traffic and by too many dead cell corpses blocking the blood highways. Cancer at our age of wisdom, 50, is caused by too many years of excess as for consuming too much of a same type of element; If we drink too much wine, do too much exercise, breath impure air for too many years, smoke too much low quality cigarettes etc...; That is the cause of Cancer: Years of Excess of a particular element!; When too much of a single element comes again and again in the organism it creates heavy traffic jams in the bloodstream highways. This blocks other essential elements to come to the cells surrounding the traffic jams and that is the start of Cancer: Cells are starving due to lack of bread and milk and they will die by thousands on each day as for our human great disasters. The Russian 1930 great starvation was a Cancer at a human level but it was resolved before the country totally collapsed; Cancer can be reverted and you must not fear it otherwise your mind will start the auto destruction countdown and things will get worse; Cancer is a major clog in your bloodstream that can be cleared as you will discover the more you read on.

We have a diamond element to clear the bloodstream highway traffic jams: Omega-3 <Sea food>. Omega-3 acts as a strong bulldozer so the blood can then carry the fallowing important three elements:

1) Food <protein; eat plenty of Kosher Beef slaughter with dignity in the hands of the Lord>;
2) Oxygen <iron; consume Soybeans that contain the highest levels of iron in Nature's kingdom>;
3) We need Medication to wipe out those fleas coming from the dead cell corpses <acids: Apples, Lemons and Lavender that is a powerful antiseptic known from our ancestors for thousands of years>.

These three elements that were jammed in the bloodstream will now come through with Neptune, the God of the sea, as an ally and these elements will help the healthy cells near the Cancer zones fight and resist to the dead cell corpses diseases.

When you have been diagnose with Cancer, eat all of these key products at least once a day and add a few pounds to your waist for the next five months. Gaining weight is very healthy to fight Cancer. Put away those lean diet cooking books printing that eating meat each day of the week is bad for your health; When your body is fighting vigorously, he needs all the energy of Nature he can get to salvage the cells that are caught in the Cancer tornado.

Do not take too much of these white pharmaceutical pills to replace one of the saviors: Consume Mediterranean golden Fish and Lobster, medium-rare cooked 100% Canadian Beef, American pure land Soybeans, tasty Chinese Apples, Mexican fresh Lemons and French sweet Lavender spices; Minimum substitutes!; On the Sunny mornings, do you like to be served in your bowl of cereals milk in powder? Does it taste good? The taste is awful and your body does not like artificial flavors either; The body will simply reject 55% of all artificial things that do not have the divine taste coming from Mother Nature; Keep it real with the exotic perfumes of vegetables, fruits, flowers, sea food and tender meat!
Canadian Chili

2) Reduce those bad habits!

Simultaneously with step 1, we must Eliminate the consumed excesses by 2/3. Identify your bad actions, eating and drinking habits so Cancer shifts in reverse gear. Instead of drinking three glasses of cheap wine per day, drink one glass of fine French wine in the evening; Instead of smoking one low value 6$ pack of cigarettes a day, smoke 7 high quality American cigarettes a day; Instead of consuming meat saturated with fat on breakfast, lunch and super, eat one portion at each day of Israeli kosher meat; Cut by 2/3 your bad habits and that last 1/3, consume only the best elements available on the market to keep on enjoying your life!

3)  The Sun Light Death Star

After 5 weeks of consuming the key elements (step 1) and taking the moderation initiatives (step 2), we must then remove the dead cell corpses that are spreading the cell diseases with their fleas: the Cancer tumors. Never use radioactive Chemotherapy to remove Cancer!; Chemotherapy has a 50% loss rate!It is barbarian medicine!! We must remove the Cancer tumors with another method with the agility of the medical staff: Use the Laser to achieve maximum cleaning power with minimal side effects. The laser is currently used experimentally to remove Cancer tumors in the brain; We must push further the studies on all the benefits of this clean technology that is the laser and once good practices are recognized, we must use it widely to remove Cancer tumours; This is the call of Nature for Cancer treatment; "Use Sun light my love!"


On a wheel, attach 12 low intensity lasers beams aiming at a single spot inside the body so that they burn the Cancer cell tumours. Individually, each laser does not harm the organs but their combined laser focus point inside the body is Armageddon for Cancer tumors being reduced to ashes. It is better to eradicate a complete tree zone area that is infested with wood-eating warms using Fire to prevent further spreading of the disease than using a 150 megaton nuclear bomb as for radioactive Chemotherapy! Burn with the laser an 18% larger zone than the Cancer tumours to prevent the spreading of metastasis. Once the job of burning the Cancer zones with laser is done, insert a tiny tube in the body and vacuum out 75% of the aches of the dead cell corpses so the patient recovers more rapidly; Nature will take care of the remaining 25%; Reduce to dust, the dead cell corpse aches do not transmit diseases anymore and the last 25% will be evacuated through the bloodstream and it will go directly to the body wastelands: Urine and Feces.

Three simple steps that must be taken to silence Cancer for ever for the joy of all your family members and all your loving friends if moderation is kept in mind in the future!

Message to Quebec
View this 1998 game demo that I have created so all can learn all the facts known on Jesus.

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