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Hurricanes can be stopped - Twister - Tall trees - Stop the captain! - Mother Nature fun fact

Steve Log: September 13th, 2010.

How to stop a devastating Hurricane:

All ocean Hurricanes twist on their center. There is a under-sea twister in the middle of that Hurricane that controls the movement of this deadly Mother Nature phenomenon.

Known fact: There are never twisters in our dense high Tree Forests.

Why?: The high trees disrupt a twister rotation wind momentum. They cant survive in the forest and this is why they always are born and get extremely powerful in open sea or in open field land; They have no break-wind obstacles!

Taken this into account, lets do the fallowing when a massive Hurricane is getting to close of our coasts; Take a fleet of huge Sea Barges with an armada of Tall Trees on board; All Trees can float; On each Tall Tree attach with a solid cable a heavy weight to its trunk bottom so it can sink to the ocean floor leaving only the tree top floating out of the water; Plot the route of the Hurricane; Create the under-forest matrix in front of its course:
Hurricane can be stopped

Disrupt the Beast!

All Tall Trees, in a matrix formation, must remain in place by its heavy weight so the under-sea twister hits it and loses all its power when entering the under-sea forest matrix!

Under-sea Hurricane Twister captain out of action; The Hurricane will have no power to move; The hurricane will die at our designated location!

Hurricane Path:
Hurricane Path
Fun Fact from Mother Nature: The Hurricane captain, the under-sea twister, fallows the under-sea terrain. They love under-sea valleys and this is why they always hit Florida and the Gulf of Mexico: There is a large valley high-way under-sea going directly to the North American coasts!

Steve Lucien Rodrigue

I am Steve; The Hurricane Killer!


Public Research institution directives - Parkinson - Stats

Steve Log: September 12th, 2010.

Message from Steve to the Research Institutions: All public research institutions accepting gold either from the goverment or directly from our fund rising activities, must be completely transparent. The people wants to known your researchers salaries, your administration and laboratory running expenses. We will then choose the right amont of gold for your institutions that is not performing as it should. 35 years reseaching a cure to cancer and you found almost nothing worth of our gold. Team up with the National Statistics Agency and find the source of the plague. Each month you will publicies your successes and failures in your transparent national web site with all the experiments that have been completed. On this web site, you will implement a blog and read all conversations and suggestions from your readers that also have great ideas to cure a plague. You will also share with other countries all your research data. All World public research institutions must be complementary not in competition against eachother. We want total transparency and efficiency from you otherwise your yearly budget will not increase but be reduced! This order does not concern private research companies that have the right to keep their data secret. Your institution is public, all your data is public. And you will listen carefully to the highly wise citizens that are your gold providers!

Also, all subjects, humans, monkeys and mice, that gave their health to try out a new medication must be included in the profit share if you succeed in finding a cure to a particular plague. It is them that are the key to your success and you will share the glory with them!

Message from Steve to research directors: Remember that you are a team and you will not glorify yourself alone as the savior of the World by a cure finding that haves no side-effects: Director - Team - Tester subjects - Public gold - Company equipment are all the winners when a cure is found for our well being. Remain honest by avoiding putting your name on the top of the credits scientific newspapers of new discoveries that you have not even participated in. No effort given - No glory. Give your time and knowledge to your team members and you will share the honors with them.

What is Parkinson? : Your veins are to constricted from your body that is not giving you enough internal heat. You have a permanent cold.

Temporary cures:

1) Relax your body by giving him warm potions: Coffee, Tea and Soup.

2) Take long relaxing baths and listen to music while reading a nice magazine or book. You can also install a water-proof television in your bathroom to enjoy your favorite 2 hours Blue-Ray movies. You will be relaxed for a 6 hours afterwards.

3) To easily and quickly higher your internal body heat, eat meals with mild hot peppers and mild spices.
Hot Peppers

Permanent cure:

1) Eat Jewish cachere meat. In North-America, you are eating meat violently slaughter by horror companies that dont care about the freighten animal's feelings of going to heaven in peace. There is no record on any Jewish cachere eating citizen having Parkinson.

2) Meat from Mongolia is also very healthy because they are humble of the feelings of the animal being fred to the infinite love of God. They use pig excrements to make the animal shoke gently in the arms of the Lord.

3) A another Parkinson cure is to stay away completely from any meat: Become a complete Vegetarian!

Time is necessary to regain your internal body stability from this wild Parkinson body weekener. There is no instant cure for Parkinson. Three permanent cures wiping out Parkinson; You will win this battle!

The diamond savior!


I was on Europa - Alzeimer: Sodium & Coca - Firs & Flu - Winter Allergies - Chewing fir gum

Steve Log: September 11th, 2010.

My Europa dream: My soul arrived on Europa last night. There was pur air with magnificient sand dunes. It was like being on the beach but with no ocean. There is an atmosphere on Europa. Terraforming maybe. I do not know. Europa cities ressembles Central America towns! Since it is the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas that are living there, they have constant contact with the Spanish and their culture is pretty much the same.

It was not as high tech as I could have imagined. I did not see the city skyscrapers landscape only the inner-city narrow streets. I was directly in their homes and in their crowded communities. The oxygen is the same as Earth and the people are identical to us: no skin color differences. The ground on Europa is purple and dusty as sand. There was this boy playing with his Barbie style house in the Europa sand; Regular toys; No high tech gadgets.

I then said to a Europa citizen: "Where is the enormous Jupiter planet in the sky?" They pointed it in the dark purple sky and there it was, hidden partly by a white cloud. Their clouds are white, smooth purple with some estonishing beauty dark purple ones. I thought Jupiter would be huge in the sky but it was the same size as Earth's Moon.

Sex is very liberal in their culture. You want to share your passion with a lady, well go ahead in the kitchen in front of everyone! No real romance. Pure instant sex. No big deal for them. It was heuh... very pleasant! I then turn my eyes on this gorgious women that I wished to physically conquer but then an olderly women blocked my way and said to me: "No not her, she is not pure!". She has deadly lady diseases as our lady prostitutes here on Earth. Same culture; Same problems. That was unfortunate, she was very attractive. As a single man, I needed a bit of action and I was highly satisfied by all their tender beauty queens.

I was received in their Europa homes as a prince and my spiritual trip over there was so full of their love. I will never forget them. They have a special place in my soul.

One thing that is really special is their magic: You can clean the kitchen with a simple hand gesture shazam! And vlam! Everyting is sparkling clean! No magic wand necessary. They mastered magic and I tried it myself by cleaning the kitchen counter and living room floor. I played with the dishes and glasses; Shazam and shazam again! All cleaned and placed in 2 seconds. It works instantaneously; No in-between special effects of any kind. They have a society of pure pleasure. If you dont need to clean anything, imagine all the time left for all other great activities.

I wished to get more information on their technologies, space travel and much more but they did not want to bother me with those details. They wanted me to see their sparkling culture. That was far more important for them. I then understood the main reason for conquering space; It is to find new homes to live, prosper and enjoy life; It is a simple cosmic equation!

Europa Moon Europa landscape
Europa citizens


Message from Steve: Stop over-investing in laboratory desease researchers! With your 150 000$ yearly fund rise, you can only pay three low qualified techniciens or only one high qualified researcher with your hard earn fund. It is not worth the effort!

Invest in a serious Statistics Agency that will gather all information on the sick souls and they will find the cause of the deseases. Prevention is better than healing. Simple analogy: Driving your car in the city; You look at all the driving street lights and warning street signs to drive carefully; It is far better paying 550$ for car insurance than paying 4500$ to repair your damaged car after a collision. With your 150 000$ yearly fund rise, you can hire two hot statisticiens with their high tech statistics computer software with a 5 part-time statistic gathering team. They will find the cause of the desease in less than two years of statistic fund investment instead of this infinite laboratory tiny team that are looking to close at the problem with their expensive microscopes! Statistics is a far wiser investment.


Alzeimer cause: To mush sodium in your brain liquid slowing down electro-chemical neurons. Sodium acts the same as heavy water in a nuclear reactor slowy down electron transfers.

Temporary cure: You can increase your electric neuron transmissions by drinking tea with a few Coca leaves in it. Coca is a brain enhansser. Do not be afraid of this pure plant. It is on Earth for exactly this reason: To save our decading brain electro-chemical activity as we age in time.
Cocaïne leaf
Coca plant savier! Do not fear this diamond leaf.

Permanent cure:

1) Stop eating sodium content meals. Instead of using salt, use fine herbs to add a nice flavour in your meals.

2) Eat a lot of acid fruits; Grapefruits, oranges and apples; Acid highers electro-chemical transmissions and removes stuck sodium on the brain neuro-transmitters.

3) Drink and drink plenty of pure water to dilute the sodium in your body.

Weeks will pass and your blood and your brain liquid will regain its purity. Forget instant cures. Time is needed to clean up this internal mess. Three cures; Three weapons; "Je me souviens".


Do never forget that those laboratory employees use defenseless mice to try out their white pill heavy side-effect half-useful cures. They are not worth all our gold investment. Some of their inventions are great. I dont deny that. My bipolar medication Zeprexa and Epival is a magnificent treatment. When these two medications are well dosed, it is heaven for my well being.

Doctors are playing gods with us; Shame on you that are corrupted by pharmaceutical companies that purchase your soul by paying you trips around the World to promote your half-useful pills at our health expense! We call them in French: "Les marchands de sable" (sand salesman).

Statistics, Prevention and Mother Nature! Clear winners!


Messge from our Firs: The Flu is more present in the winter season because this desease travels more easily in cold weather and it needs to find a warm place to keep exsiting. Flu is a tropical virus. It is present in summer but the heat weakens is vitality; They are lazy and less active as yourself in the hot summer period. Your feet is the main entrance of many deseases because it is the coldest part of your body and the transmission from a cold surface to an another cold surface is easier. Always protect your feet from cold and you will remain healthy.

One way to prevent and cure quickly of the Flu virus in winter is to drink tea with my thorns floating inside your cup. You will see, I have a smooth parfum and the Flu will vanish in two or three days.

You can add my nice flavour with my thorns in your warm soup also. Cut my thorns in smaller parts so you can swallow them easily.

We love the Christmas period when we share your love in your warm house with your diamond family. When you smell my scent in your house, it is a bit of Canada that fills your love nest. My scent is a poweful anti-depressor that says to you: Go outside and enjoy the healthy winter climate once in a while. After Christmas is over, do not forget to take my thorns for your tea and soup my love!

Message from Steve: Why not create a new chewing gum with real Fir Sap inside it. Anti-Cold and anti-flu shewing gum guardian!

Message from my father Marcel: In the winter, open your windows wide open a few minutes each two weeks to recycle your stagnated air. You will have far less dust allergies. Often times, it is not a cold that you have in winter but an allergy from accumulated air mold in your house. Clean air; Clean bronchitis; Energetic; Well being.

Tyrannosaurus hunt tactics - The big cataclysm - Jesus picture - Ancestors & Cats - Desert NA rocks - The Blue Whales - My writers headquarters

Steve Log: September 11th, 2010.

Message from our Tyrannosaurus: We also hunt in family groups. One of our great tactics to get a large pray is to surround our opponent and squeeze him near a high cliff. We then do a major family charge to push this pray down that high cliff so he hurts badly himself falling down that hill. With broken legs, the pray cant run far. We then rush down the hill and immobilize the pray by bitting strongly his neck to finish him off. Fierce battle, fresh meat.

And Steve is right, we were also scavengers. When an another strong animal kills a nice pray, with our loud screams, we try to scare him away from his pray. It does not always work but when we are six of us against two opponents, they often times abandon their pray and run away. We never attack blindly a strong opponent. We also can get hurt badly in a battle and we are aware of that. We analyze the forces in presence and make a wise decision to try to steel the opponent's pray or move away and find little less fierce animals to eat. These smaller animals were very numerous all around us. But they are small and very fast and we, adults, get exausted quickly running after them. It is a last resort hunting behaviour for adults to be forced to feed on these smaller animals. It is our children that are energetic, faster and better suited for hunting these smaller prays. We usually leave those prays to them. They eat their catch with their brothers and sisters and we are proud of their refined hunting skills when they succeed. We adults have big tongues and give a big lick kiss to our children to congratulate them.

When the big cataclysm happened in the Gulf of Mexico (The asteroid big hit), a lot of adult creatures perished. Only the children survived by keeping eating the smaller grass eater prays. Our offspring remained small because no large quatity of meat was available. We, Tyrannosaurus, lost our great advantage: our tall height. We were forced to eat insects and on each new newborn, our size reduced up until we became only insects and grass eaters.

Here is our current picture:

Message from our North American Ancestors: We loved cats for mainly this reason: When we sleep in our beds at night, they kept us warm when they sleep on top of us on our blankets. It takes far less wood to heat our houses this way and the diamond cats feed themselves with mice hidding in the house; they are self-sufficient. They were angels guarding our golden homes.

Message from our Mice: A rat is a degeneration of a mouse. We transform into these hideous creature because of bad nutrition. To have less rats in your cities, allow the cats to have complete freedom. The choice is obvious: The cats are far more clean and magnificient than those hideous rats!

Message from the God of the Sea, the Moon: Put North American rocks in your African deserts to attrack rainy clouds in the yellow burned land. These rocks act as heat trappers. The temperature will lower down and rain will fall once again in your deserts! These rocks also create homes for insects that hide underneith them. More rocks; more insects; more food; more rain; more moisture; Nature resurrection!

Message from our Blue Whales: When we stand still and sing loudly under the sea, it is to alert all sea residents that we found a good spot to eat; plenty of plankton and shrimps for our sea kingdom subjects! We are the Kings and Queens of the sea. You must not hunt us until complete depletion otherwise all living sea souls will not find good food supply areas and they will be lost! A lot of creatures will die of starvation. In the sea, will also have great food shortages when harsh sea conditions occur.

Message from Steve: These are my headquarters:
HQ 1 HQ 2
HQ 3 HQ 4
HQ 6 HQ 5

My golden coffee and tea mug!
My mug

My second messenger got through!

Steve Log: September 10th, 2010.

Waiting for CNN final answer if my writer's bill will be paid!

BGB American Logistics Foundation first assignments - September 11th plot: AutoPilot - Only top quality - Message from Angel Adéla Arsenault Couture

Steve Log: September 9th, 2010.

BGB Ship
The BGB American Logistics Foundation

First Missions of the BGB American Logistics Foundation:

*** Pakistan & Haïti ***

1) Coordinate the USA army of heart helicopters sending supplies of first necessities to the remote Pakistan villages that can not be reached by road.
Chinook Helicopter

2) The USA army should securize Haïti & Pakistan dangerous streets. The citizens are having a hard time protecting themselves against thieves that also need to feed their families; It is chaos in the cities at night!

3) Message from Steve to India: Your golden crops and eggs would be the most appreciated to help the "BGB American Logistics Foundation" give a good meal three times a day to your pure of heart Pakistan neighbour:
India Fields

4) China naval transportation fleet would be a nice ally to help India's golden land ressources reach Pakistan.

5) The citizens of Pakistan & Haïti need American wood, Slovakia engineered houses and Bricks from the Commonwealth united countries.
Habitat for Humanity
Slovakia House

6) The Haïti and Pakistan farmers need hard working tractors to feed the nation. John Deere tractors are mighty, well made and have my trust.
John Deere tractors John Deere tractors

7) Cuba haves the most advanced health care system in the World. Sir Fidel & Raúl Castro, our North American diamond neighbours, Haïti, needs your assistance. Can you provide the medical staff to The "BGB American Logistics Foundation" that would welcome you with open arms if you can join our new pur team!
Fidel & Raul Castro Cuba

8) Libya is the most advanced country using efficient irrigation to farm their land. Elegant Muammar al-Gaddafi, would your resourceful country be willing to share your irrigation engineers to help Pakistan and Haïti?
Muammar al-Gaddaf Libya

9) Pakistan & Haïti needs heating fuel for the upcoming harch winter; King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud from Saudia Arabia, do you have Natural Gas ressources that you can spare for Pakistan and Haïti?
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Saudia Arabia

10) In their new houses, the citizens of Pakistan and Haïti needs furniture and kitchen hardware. Sweden is offering its help to the "BGB American Logistics Foundation"!


Message from our First Natives of America: Always smoke top quality cigarets and cancer will not hunt your soul. It is low quality cigarets that are health hazards to your well being because there is almost no quality control made on them. Here is a car analogy; Top oil - Top performance - No engine cleaning necessary - Long life to all smokers!


Message from my grand-mother diamond heart, Adéla Arsenault Couture: Love, help eachother and prosper together.
Adéla is Sarah

And here is Adéla's words of advice to all souls on Earth:
Adéla words of advice


Message from the aircraft pilots of 9-11: New York Twin Towers and Pentagone attacks; The on-board navigational computers was tempered with by an unknown entity; We were unable to dessengage the auto-pilot airplane system and this is why we smashed into the American buildings.

Message from the Muslim Communities to George W. Bush: You are forgiven my Texan wild horse!

Who is the traitor?
Together (Muslims, Christians, Jewish, First Natives of America and Buddhists), we will find you and through you in deep freezing hell: OUTER-SPACE!

Steve's Third Commandment - Speedy thoughts - Breast cancer: Pill & Bra - I am a Environmentalists but... - Top birth control team

Steve Log: September 7th, 2010.

Steve's Third Commandment
Click on the image to hear the Royal Ladies Voices.

The human functions at a brain processor speed of 1 trillion neurotic beets a second. The animal kingdom is fifteen times faster than us: 15 trillion neurotic beets a second! ! They see us and ear us in slow motion.


Breast cancer prevention: Stop taking the monthly birth control body damaging pill! For long term top birth control system, use a Gold coated Coil (IUD):
UID - Coil
Gold does not rust and no discomfort will occur. For top health safety, you still need to clean it once every four months. Breast cancer is also caused by the ladies Bra that is too tight. Let your breasts breath my dear ladies!

For a young couple starting their relationship and do not wish to give birth to a child; Use the gold coil and the condom with spermicide inside it; Life has no chance against these three combined defenders.


Message from Steve to Environmentalists: You have good salaries for a comfortable living; Others also want to eat as well as yourself; Stop blocking all projects that you have environmental doubts about; Work with the entrepreneurs; Propose solutions to the corporations to protect nature so we can all eat at your table for a candle light diner.


Pancreas cancer cure: Stop immediately eating microwave oven meals and consume plenty of bananas, oranges and kiwis so the pancreas regains its calm and intern flora.

Bananas: Natural Sugar
Oranges: Natural Acid
Kiwis: Natural Sugar and Acid combined!


My Holy War:

Steve Holy War
If only I can prove to my father, my family and to my friends that I can make a decent living by writing love articles!

Poland cavalry joining the Canadian Alliance! - Microwave ovens - Mona Lisa - Patrick & Michael & Steve & Kim - Our ducks - Jack the Ripper

Steve Log: September 6th, 2010.

Message from Poland cavalry:
Poland Attack against Microwave ovens
The microwave is highly dangerous for our health if not used properly!

Message from Patrick Swayze: You are eating microwaves that gives you Pancreas Cancer! Me and Michael Landon vanished from Beauty Earth because we were using to much the microwave oven to cook our meals to return to work quickly.

Message from Mona Lisa: I am Leonard de Vinci's sister. I was a doctor and a religious sister. You thought that La Joconde painting was Leonard's self-portait but it is me, her sister Mona. And since we are from the same family, brothers and sisters have many face feature ressemblances. It is I, Mona, that gave Steve the exact microwave destructive target; the Pancreas; The pancreas can not keep up with this over stimulated food. It is working overtime to calm down the body that is freighten to see this enemy food entering her body on a almost daily basis.
La Joconde Mona Lisa Winona Ryder

Message from Poland: Use the microwave oven in these cases:

1) When you have only 15 minutes to eat at work. But be aware, the microwaves in your body acts the same as caffeine that boost's your metabolisme; it can be an advantage in a certain way. By eating microwave oven meals only three times a week, there is no health hazard; the pancreas can digest it.

2) Eat up your meals at low microwave power so the molecule vibrate less faster. The pancreas will appreciate it! An extra 7 minutes to cook your meal wont kill you!

3) If you want to sterilize your water coming from a unsure source, boil it at full power and let it rest until it gets to room temperature. It take 15 minutes usually. Many vitamines in your meals are killed by the microwaves during cooking at full power. You are eating empty heart meals!

Message from our First Natives of America: Your subconscience loves summer barbecues because it is healthy cooking with charcoal and wood. Your ancestors used wood heating stoves and they remained very healthy, relaxed and strong!

Message from Steve: Saint-Québec citizens eat way to much microwave meals; That excludes myself; You are very nervous and drive like a mad beast in our city streets!

I have made a lot of corporation enemies but this powerful Poland cavalry attack is for our well being; Silence must be heard. Many cancers are caused by this microwave beast. Use it wisely. I dont have a microwave at home. I heat up all my meals with my one round stove and I feel far more relax than many over-excited friends that have far less memory then I. Yep! the microwave meals is a major cause of memory loss. Eat well; regain your memories! The choice is obvious; Take your pot and pans and start reheating your meals the old fashion way; On the Stove!
Message from the Microwave Oven Natural Gas Oven song

My dear Steve Jobs and Kim Jong-il, stay away from that pancreas microwave oven killer and your pancreas will rebirth with a renewed mighty health!


Message from our Ducks: You humans think that we "quack" all the same. Do you humans have all the same voice pitch? No you dont. We also can distinguish our friends by their unique voice. We communicated this information through Steve's last dream.
Message from Steve: Our ears does not catch all the frequency variations of our animal kingdom and this is why we think that their voices are all the same! You will ear the animal ladies singing on my web site in a few hours.


Message from Jack the Ripper: I was cheeting my wife all week long with prostitutes. I caught syphilis from them. It wiped out all my 7 family members. I wanted revenge and this is why I removed from Earth these prostitutes that were wild and dirty. They killed, with their lady deadly infections, many citizens all around London! I have killed 17 women. I died shortly after my last assassination and that is why you never caught me.

Prince Jean - Mongolian Beetroots - Together; peace

Steve Log: September 3rd, 2010.

Message from Steve: Saint-Québec Commission Bastarache political corruption scandel; Stop this vendetta madness!
Jean Charest
Message from Jean Chrétien, Brian, Pierre-Elliott and Robert to Sir Prime Minister of Saint-Québec Jean Charest: We, Jean, were also misled by industrials and influencial people that corrupted us. We are all behind my prince!

Message from Céline: Look around people! Our diamond land is the most magnificient, wealthy and secure province in all Canada! ; And that is Jean Charest's heritage!

Message from Steve to all citizens of the province of Saint-Québec trying to hunt down my prince Jean Charest: Those without sin, cast him the first stone!!

Jean, we will go to holy war only for you!


Message to Michael Douglas: To cure your throat cancer, do not go through chemotherapy; Never use radiation to kill a cancer. It is far to risky and barbarian. When you start losing your hair, that is a sign that this is not a healthy procedure.

Your throat cancer can be cure by the fallowing gracious savior:
Mongolian Beetroots
1) Eat plenty of meals including nature's most fierce weapon, the Beetroots! They hunt down all types of rotten cells killing our souls.

2) Eat pancakes with our golden Canadian voice extinction cure; Maple syrop; so your throat regains its viscosity.

3) Use Vicks on your throat to attack the cancer from the outside also!
Three weapons - Three cures - You will win this battle Michael; my Lion heart!

French Canadian Fine Cuisine: Les Cercles de Fermières du Québec
Les Cercles des Fermières du Québec Qu'est-ce qu'on mange? La cuisine au fil des saisons


Middle East Peace Talks in Washington must include all of these leaders:
Middle East Peace Talks

Jerusalem Riot - Al-Qaida- Herode Antipas & Herodia - Barabas & Martha - Logistics: Bill, Bill and George

Steve Log: September 2snd, 2010.

Message from Jesus: After I have been captured by the imperialist army of Romeus in the Getsemane garden, they made a big mistake; The brought me in Jerusalem to imprison me; Barabas, my Zelote bodyguard, was praying in the city and just learned of my arrest; He knew that death was my only escape from the claws of the Romeus corrupted hearts. I saw him from a distance and shouted at the top of my lungs towards him; "Barabas! My love! Save me!!"

The people of Jerusalem were yelling at the Romeus guards to release me otherwise they will destroy Romeus with their bare hands. Barabas was stunded by all the madness coming from the holy city of Jerusalem. They started throwing rocks at the Romeus guards and at the Romeus palace of Ponce Pilate. It was the start of the greatest riot ever seen on our holy city; Jerusalem.

Full of rage, Barabas regrouped his men in the city. The Zelotes were great strategis; They first objective was to take the high grounds were the Romeus guard archers were killing many inncocent citizens with their bows and arrows. My fifteen Zelote bodyguard squad then climbed the high walls of the city and made a swift surprise attack. They took out 85% of the archer Romeus forces. The Romeus army lost their advantage: The archers! I heard all the action from the Romeus yard behind their palace in the city were I was chained to a large rock.

The Zelotes then rallied the people and all were yelling: "Romeus, your time has come to an end; Liberate Jesus or destruction will be upon you!"

Ponce Pilate heard the Jerusalem citizens and brought me to the palace deck so I hear him clearly shout to the people: "You have no chance against my great army! Jesus will be crucified and you cant not stop it!". The Zelotes were outnumber 100 to 1 by the Romeus army. Full of rage in his heart, Barabas took this matter in his own hands; His hand reached his sword and charged with his Zelote warriors to the Romeus palace entrance. Barabas was fierce and magnificient; He was my brighest star!

The Zelotes are still amung us:
They live in Afghanistan and they are called the Talibans!

The recent Taliban terrorist attempts in USA and in Canada were not intercepted before any destruction. Its they that choose to surrender. The pure of heart Al-Qaida angel sacrifices want to send us a message: The New York twin towers and Pentagone terrorist air attacks was not from us. That takes to much logistics to pull that off. Steve is right. There is someone else that wished for our mutual destruction. We must find the traitors!

Message from Steve: Do you understand now what is Al-Qaida's goal? The have sent their messengers to Canada and the USA not to harm us but to say to us: "Enough! Imperialist armies and gold steeler companies are not welcome on our land. We can take care of our own land ressources. You can still visit us but do not remain on our soil. You must learn the ways of God before we can accept you in our hearts. Your hearts are rotten by green money greed. Get ride of these unpure thoughts and we can live in peace. Listen carefully to Steve; He has a diamond Muslim heart and great First Natives wisdom; He his our savior sent from the Sun; God is also Zeus!"

Message from Jesus: When you fight the Taliban warriors, you are fighting me also, Jesus!

The Jerusalem uprising ended quickly when Romeus horse guard rushed out through the entrance of Ponce Pilate palace. The Zelotes had no chance against this Romeus army charge; They fell back in retreat. The night came and everything was calm again.

After I died on the cross the next morning of the Jerusalem riot, the Zelotes were devastated. Their rage has vanished and a great sarrow was in their warrior hearts. I was not put in a cave with a large rock in front of it. I was simply put in Earth as all the other anti-Romeus golden souls. Then Simon came along after my burrial and spoke to Barabas that was on his knees with a diamond tear in his eye; He said to him: "Come Barabas, we have a new mission".

My 23 disciples; Martha my wife and the 11 disciple men with their 11 sweethearts women were my Heart soldiers. Judas did not have a lover. Barabas and his six men remaining from the clash of the last night uprising were my Strenght soldiers. Heart with Strength; Perfect balance.

Simon said to Barabas: "I was contacted by Jesus in my last night dream; Our new mission now is to write his history and send these scripters all over the known World".

Message from Herode Antipas: I have withness the Jerusalem riot from my castle window and I said to my Egyptian angel: "I will send my guards to fight with the people and the Zelotes! At last, together, we can wipe out the Romeus army!" . My tender spouse then said to me: "No my love. We will all be destroyed by Romeus. We will find another way to help Jesus". When John the Baptist died, I had tremendous remors and I wished for forgivness. I was devestated also to learn Jesus's death the next day. I failed to save my people's savior. My Egyptian wise spouse then made my heart rebirth with joy: "We must now protect Jesus's disciples. Send a messenger to the disciples hideout house with 5000 gold coins for them to leave quickly the city and the country". And then a angel messenger entered my thoughts; With my gold, I can save them and give them the chance to fullfill their mission as teachers of the words of Jesus all over the known World! My heart was beating at three trillion beats a second! It was the soul of John the Baptist the angel speeking to me. He have forgiven me! I have a new chance: REDEMPTION!
Herode Antipas and Herodia

Message from Jesus: My wife Martha and Barabas got maried two years after my death. My soul was filled with an immense joy: Queen Heart and King Strenght together in unison:
Barabas and Martha

Martha and Barabas have a daughter:
Liberty is Steffi Graf

Her name is LIBERTÉ!

Message from Steve: Never send only gold to help the less fortunate. What they need is human ressouces, medical equipment and bricks to construct their homes. They are too many thieves on the road between Canada and Haïti. Billions of dollars were sent to Haïti and they still have a hard time eating three times a day. We must create an transparent international logistic agency to coordinate funds sent to our neighbours in difficulty. Name this agency; The George & Bills logistic fundation; Bill Gates - George W. Bush - Bill Clinton; The Banker - The Warrior - The Heart; Soul saviers Armada!

Hockey News: Gary and Steve thoughts on the NHL - Josée is the golden key

Steve Log: September 1st, 2010.

Steve: I wish for an expension of the NHL for 2013; Quebec city Metropolis, Winnipeg and Hamilton. And I know that emerald USA cities of Seattle, Milwaukee and Cleveland want a NHL glorious team also. All snowy cities in the northern hemisphere adore hockey! 6 new NHL franchise for 2015. Can that be a possibility like in the 1970 NHL expension Gary?

Gary: The problem with Winnipeg and Hamilton is that the players coming from larger cities are used to have plenty of night clubs open until 4am. Unfortunately, your Winnipeg and Hamilton night clubs close at 11pm in the working weeks. The youngh ice warriors want action in the lives and that is why they under-perform in Winnipeg and Hamilton. In Quebec city, your night clubs close at 3am in the dark night. That is a big advantage for your city. And also plenty of players chat with me and tell me this: "Gary, Quebec city is a pure beauty with dancing queens all over the city; Give them their team; It would be with great pleasure playing with the futur glorious Nordiques team!".

Steve: The Winnipeg Jets club staff will team up with great NHL knights coming from the country side; Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Canadian Atlantic provinces and Alberta. This way, the boys will appreciate the vibrant cultural Winnipeg city that haves pure air and great spaces for their horses and their enormous country side houses. The ice knights will have their own night club parties in their homes with Winnipeg's gorgious cowgirls!

And Hamilton will open their most hottest night clubs up until 5am from now on Gary. Their is a special street in Hamilton that haves restaurants and danse clubs that will stay open all week long. They will rename this street "Bet On Gary"! This street will be the Hamilton's downtown hottest place in all Ontario surpassing even Toronto.

Gary: I blocked the NHL franchise transfer of the city of Pheonix to Hamilton for two reasons:

1) It is not a good idea to swap NHL franchises all over our North American continent. That looks like a poor garage league!
2) The head coach, golden Wayne Gretzky, broke my heart by saying the fallowing: "Gary, I love the city of Pheonix. Give me more time. I will succeed and you will be really proud of our team soon!"

Steve: For better performance of our NHL warriors that have families, their contract should be of a minimum of four years. After a transfer from one city from a another, their children have to adapt to their new school, new friends and new city downtown. The players are preoccupied with their family's well being and that is the reason for their under-performances in the first year of an exchange. More time to adjust would be appreciated Gary.

Gary: I also have a family. I never went through that kind of family pressure. I will take that in serious consideration. That would improve the players peace of mind and the results would be most beneficial. I will propose to the club owners a 5 year contract for all NHL knights with a diamond love circle.

Steve: When a hostile player exchange is made Gary, put yourself in players thoughts; You would be forced to go to a particular city that you dont know anything about it; The boys may seem strong but they are young and that scares them off to be force to redo their life each 2 years in a different city. Money does not buy peace of mind Gary. It is said in the bible: "You will not do things to others than you would'nt accept for yourself". The golden knights lose a lot a confidence in thereselves when a sudden secret exchange is made in their active season; All players that remained in the team after an exchange have this thought hunting their souls; "Who's next?" You must respect your ice warriors far better than actually for long term performance profits that all will enjoy.

Gary: Your right Steve but there is one thing that players do that is not fairplay with their boss and that is why many exchanges take place; One of the cheepest things that NHL players do after performing very well in the Stanley Cup playoffs is to call their agent to bargain a 30% rise from the team's owners. It is impossible to get a new dynasty like the Canadians, Islanders and Oilers in the glorious time of the NHL. Only a few teams can afford that much greed from the players. Imagine, you earn 50 000$ a year and ask for 65 000$ the fallowing year for a expected normal elite performance; That is not good business behavior from a workers union of any type of company. Yep! the highly respected NHL is a company! We must do profit for our share holders satisfaction and I am glad that the NHL club salary ceiling limits is protecting us against the over-appetite of players gaining gold for an expected normal performance.

Steve: I understand Gary. The top defenser French Canadian Raymond Bourque and marvelous front line attacker French Canadian Mario Lemieux have both this unique message for all NHL owners: Protect and serve your players with the highest respect and the Diamond Stanley Cup Dynasties will reborn for the pleasure of all the NHL fans! The players will be honest in out salary rise. You will be surprised Gary; We are hard working athletes that will offer the best shows of professional sport if we both respect eachother; Players and Owners hand in hand to reconquest the hearts of all North America sport lovers!".

Gary: I have lost a lot of respect from the players when our club owners lockout occured a few years ago. The complete season was cancelled and by consequence, the players lost a lot of gold and I recognize that. I have this message for them: It was imperative to set the salary ceiling. Half of the NHL teams were losing gold. The NHL was at the break of bankrupty! Performance and honnest salary demands would be highly appreciated from the owners, the shareholders and for our diamond fans that are only able to purchase NHL tickets twice a year. You are the most greatest ice artists performing a dance for the glory of joy of our diamond fans! Lets play fair with the vibrant fans!

Steve: Before any construction of our two Quebec city Metropolis and Hamilton new 22 000 seat arenas, we must have a sincere commitment from the NHL. It would devastate both our two honest cities to invest a 400 million dollars each and not get our NHL hockey club. Our city ice stadiums will be erected for the Olympics in Quebec city also but NHL hockey is the emperor all over Saint-Quebec province and that is the main purpose for our citizens gold commitment. The short weekend Olympics come far second!

Gary: As soon has all funding is secured for the Hamilton and Quebec city arena constructions, I will make a major press annoucement in Toronto and I will start by saying the fallowing: "Quebec citizens, your heart is so pure that I will give you more than your three Canadian Quebec city, Winnipeg and Hamilton expensions NHL clubs; Hatford, Cleveland, Seattle, Baltimore, Milwaukee also will be part of 8 new NHL franchise in 2015!"

Message to Josée Verner: Les Olympiques à Québec serait un évènement géant mais 400 millions d'investissement pour le nouveau Colisée uniquement pour cet évènement serait un pure dépense excessive. La Ligue Nationale de Hockey, les plus grands spectacles de musique du Monde, les magnifiques show de motocross, les spectacles internationaux de boxe, les grands cirques de notre peule, les expositions agricoles à grands déploiements, les spectacles époustoufflants de sons et de lumière, les rassemblents populaires de nos valeureux politiciens et les Olympiques sont à notre portée! Ottawa doit agir maintenant avec grande sagesse! Cela fait 15 ans que les citoyens de Québec city Métropolis attendons ce nouvel amphithéâtre. Josée tu est grande et belle; tu détiens la clé pour la cité d'or que deviendra Québec; Ma jolie, Ne nous laisse pas tomber!!

Massive NHL Canadian offensive! - Don - Eric - Jacques - Stephen - Only the best!

Steve Log: August 31th, 2010.

Massive Canadian National Hockey Ligue attack!
NHL Canadian fighters

Message from Sears: We will sell the Nordiques promotional items. We will give 70% of profits for the home team and 30% to the SPCA animal protector institution of Saint-Quebec!

Message from Subway restaurants: We will have a special subway sandwich; The NHL knight; Full of meat with extra beacon. 70% of profits will go to the Nordiques and 30% will go to the new Steve's foundation that will offer adapted services for trizomic golden community; The Aliciens.

Message from Budweiser: We will sell all the beer in the Winnipeg and Regina golden ice arenas: 100% of all profits will go to the home team, the mighty Winnipeg Jets!

Message from Walmart: 70% of all Winnipeg Jets, Bulldogs and Nordiques profits on jerseys and hockey caps sold in our stores will go to the Winnipeg Jets. 30% will go to Steve new foundation for taking top care of our bipolar genius!
Winnipeg Jets

Message from Nike & Bauer: 45% of all our top hockey gloves and ice skates profits sold in Canada will go to promoting sport events for Canadian diamond children all through their superb country. 55% will help the capital of steel, Hamilton, hire only the best hockey coaches on the globe!

Message from Canadian Tires: 75% of all hockey sticks and ice skates profits will go to the Hamilton Bulldogs. 25% will go to Steve's Stella inventors institution promoting innovation for a better World!
Hamilton Bulldogs
Don Cherry Eric Lindros Jacques and Stephen

The NATIONAL HOCKEY LIGUE: Spectacular - Honnest - Pure!

National Hockey Ligue

I am Steve Lucien Rodrigue
Steve Lucien Rodrigue warrior
I team up only with the best!

Dreaming Julius - The Empress

Steve Log: August 30th, 2010.

Message from Steve: I had a dream of magnificient beauty; It was Julius Ceasar communicating with my soul in my golden sleep.

Message from Julius Ceasar:

In my young man era, 50 years before the Christ's birth, I have assassinated many aristocrats to get my messages through; I wished for power for myself, for my family and for my people: Romeus citizens. I was agile with top fighting skills learned from my times in the army. I fought with no fear to object to the highly corrupted Romeus political system; It was deeply rotten. The rich were steeling from the poor that were dying in the streets by hundreds every night by the hands of criminals thieves. The criminals themselves were poor and only wanted a few gold coins to get drunk and eat a byte to forget the horror in our city. Romeus was not rich as you see in your history books! It was very poor in her young age!

My name was everywhere; I was Julius the noble killer with the purpose of saving Romeus from ultimate destruction done by aristocracy corruption! I had too many enemies. The rotten aristocrats hired assassin to remove me from Earth. I was a great menace for them! I was getting my message through to all: "Stop steeling from the poor!". The assassins on my heals were numerous. I had to flee quickly. I ran and ran. I was for the first time of my life freighten for my safety!

Running through the open land, I was exausted. But then I reached the Egyptian desert and there I found the following: A wall of hard rocks with in front a glowing dome of light. I approched. I then saw a magnificient Tiger coming towards me; With all my warrior skills, I was mesured to have 120 points. The Tiger had 4000 points! He was glowing with goodness. He said to me; "Come... we will protect you Julius". I then entered the dome; It was made of pure light; It was the Holy Shield; Many animals were part of this place of peace. There was this person sitting in the middle; He had 40 000 F0 points; That is infinite power! ; It was Jesus already present in the past! The Holy group protected me from any harm. They thought me to be wise and killing was not the way of the Holy Father. I asked one question to them: "Do you not fear that the wall behind us will be breached by an enemy one day?". Their answer was this; "Do not fear, this wall is also part of us and it will protect us". Then I knew what it was; It was the wall of Moïse; The ten commandements; The start of human great wisdom; It can not be breached!

With high confidence I left the Holy shield and I started my return journey to Romeus. I had now 1400 points! This time with joy in my heart; My enemies were gone; They have forgotten me. It was by ordering city riots ignited by strong men that had no fear and that listen to my wisdom; I wished to overtake power from the corrupted aristocrates of Romeus. I hidden my name to not attract attention. These strong men were my bodyguards; Hiding the commander's identity; Myself. I broke for good all the poor of heart aristocrates with one single sentence: Love conquers all!

Power is great but it comes with tremendous dangers. I was king but at all times I had to watch my back from my own family wanting to over take my wealth by assassinating me. We were three brothers in our family that shared the power of Romeus; Myself; Julius; the tacticien; the wise. Arthuros; the pure of heart; the strategis. And Claudius; the gold keeper; the banker. Together, we watched eachothers backs. We feared no one. Often time my own sons visits me with two daggers in their hands hidden in their Romeus robe. We, me and my brothers, always counter their assassinations attempt by doing a special coded hand and arm dance. By watching my brothers analyzing the threat on me coming from my sons, their hand gestures gave me the intentions of my family assassines; I knew that my son wished to strike me with the left dagger in a swift uppercut in my heart. My sons did not know are great family watch eye wisdom arm dance secret. When attacked with my son's dagger, I simply knocked it out of my son's hand and gave him a strike in the stomach so he bends in front me. I had no hanger against my sons because at their age, I was doing the same things to the rotten aristocrats.

I was madly in love with a women. Her name was Anastasia. I had magnifient song that I have sang with all my heart while thinking about her in the Egyptian desert. I sang it only once. It was improvised and of pure beauty in my mind. I wished to relive that song through the great musical artists in my now glorious enlighted Romeus city; We had marvelous musiciens and singers; The artists did not played the harp but the flutes. Steve herd a sample in his dream and here it is for you all to enjoy; "C'est absolument magnifique" !
Sleepthief Romeus musical artists

Tirelessly, my sons attempts on me and my two brothers lives were counteracted up until this key moment in history; My sons used a great strategy; They attacked all three of us at the same time! The discovered our coded arm dances! A dagger went through my heart; I was dying. It did not hurt as much I had imagined. I was proud of my sons that were now of great combined intelligence; they were united in their goal to obtain glory. My time has come; Death is here to take me: But then an incredible thing happened; My improvised love song for Anastasia was playing all around the World; A moment of pure relaxing joy; I was entering the light of god; the master of infinite love!

Here is my song to my lover Anastasia:
Love song from Julius to his lover Anastasia Kate Beckinsale is Anastasia

Here is my picture at the top of my glory:
Julius Ceasar Eric Lindros
Message from Julius to Steve: Steve, you are as powerful as myself; you have 1400 points now. You will keep gaining points all your life and we will help you obtain all your goals! What makes you so great Steve is your sacrifice; You give your wisdom freely and expect only one thing in return from the World; Act upon it!

There is one person that is even greater than yourself; She haves only 3 years old and haves already 30 000 points; Its your daughter Assia the empress!
Assia Laloui Rodrigue Love song from Daddy Seve to Daughter Assia
Half Muslim - Half Christian - Muslim nuclear Heart combined with Christian nuclear Purity - She is Atomic Love full of Purity and a great joy for everyone that cross her path!

Lovers chatting - Cosmos

Steve Log: 28th August 2010.

Helena: Honey, dont go to mall shopping for clothes without me. Those lady store employees often work on commissions for a better salary. They dont care if the clothes is not a perfect match for your life style. They often care more about the biggest income for them on specific store item. Lets shop together my love and you will see, I have marvelous taste for a fraction of the price.

John: Darling, dont go to the car repair shop with your damaged car alone. A lot of car repair shops fix things that are not urgent to replace when vulnerable Venus needs a car tune-up! Wait for me my sweetheart so we get only the best prices for the car's needed repairs. I have flair for honnest car repair owners at the fraction of the price.

Helena: Honey, when doing the groceries, check the price AND the item identification under it to be sure its a match. Many grocerie items are not in their right place either by misplacements by the store's employee or it is a crook grocery owner trying to steel from us!

John: Darling, I already have a superior at work for 40 hours a week. Be my lover not my second boss at home.

Helena: Ok my love. Assure me that you keep the house in order from day to day. The weekend cleaning will just be easier and faster. And after the house is shinning, lets go out and have a nice evening at theatre to see a comedy show in our glowing city downtown.

John: When we go out with the children for our daily weekend tasks, do not say to me; "Go in the car, I will be out in a minute". I always haft to multiply by ten before I see your breathtaking sexy dress locking the outside door. I hate wasting my time in the car my lady.

Helena: I make you wait in our car so you can chat with our diamond children. That's a lady love tactic my impatient lover!

John: I hate driving the car all day on Saturdays for our shopping needs. I jam in the dense city traffic 2 hours a day, 5 days a week on my working days. My nerves our exausted! I wish to mow the lawn with our Green Deere tractor and do a tasty barbecue with our friends to relax from the city madness.

Helena: In that case my hard working husband, why dont you work 4 days a week? This will leave us with friday for our shopping needs and this way, you will have two days to relax and decompress from your hard but short week of work. Do we really need that much money to enjoy our life? Money is Time!

John: I heard that in Saint-Quebec Canada, the police staff will be present all day in all that province's schools and high school to protect their golden children from drug dealers, child theives and pedophiles. Lets wish that our state's political leaders fallow Canadians top wise priorities; Our children always comes first no matter what the cost!

Helena: "Mon amour", I adore watching baseball on our Samsung HD tv with you in the evening. After the match, lets watch a romantic Hollywood love movie to start our upcoming weekend. I will only love you more my sport warrier!

John: My darling, when we shop for electronic appliances, let me be the judge of the high value of the product; I want quality not the lowest price because quality last 5 times longer. There is this "Hamilton Beach" coffee maker that I wish to buy. Its 80$ and it has a timer to make the coffee automaticly on the rising morning sun and it does not need any carafe cleaning afterwards; Very high value for a very cool price!

Helena: I hate it when you set yourself on the internet in the home office room after supper. I wish to be with you while the children are in their room playing my fluffy lion.

John: I find it imperative to be well informed on things going on in the World my darling. A lot of internet web sites are very truthful and interresting like this Stella web site that I have discovered recently. My glowing moon eyes, why dont we set the computer in the living room near to your favorite tv shows. This way I can surf-and-chat at the same time!

Helena: I like that idea. Lets call our internet provider to set-up the high speed connection in the living room as soon as possible. This way, I watch my highly appreciated American tv shows and you surf on the waves of knowledge so our family can share the wisdom of the Canadian Alliance with our friends!

John: I like violent movies because I want justice in the World for all of us. Those criminals need to be teachen a lesson to behave in our society. At the video club, I know when my over-violent movie selection wont please you. Would you like a 15$ iTunes gift card so you can purchase and discover a new great musical artist to listen on your iPod Nano while my men side consumes my need for "justice for all" movie?

Helena: I'll take iTunes gift card anytime my love! There are two music groups named "Blue Stone" and "Delerium" that is on the top of Stella's music billboard. I will check that out with great interest with my wi-fi iPad as soon as you are ready to start your testosterone movie with your tasty Orville Redenbacher's microwave popcorn, M&M chocolat candy and your refreshing Fanta cola.

John: When you doubt if I'm getting dizzy by alcohool, you will ask me how many drinks have you taken? I will answer only 4 my love. Multiply that number by two to unveil the truth.

Helena: I'm worried when you drink to much with your pals when doing barbecues. You men often talk politics and sports and a dissagrement can turn into a violent fight. You may get hurt! Moderation my shinning sun!

John: You ladies love talking on the telephone to your friends for hours. Us - men - cant do that. When I go to the Irish pub once a week after work to chat with joy with my brother of arms, call me on my iPhone to tell me this; "Be quit my love when entering our love nest at 2am. I will prepare the couch in the living room so you can sleep quickly and that without awakening our golden children. Sweet dreams my soul mate!"

Helena: Understood. Just dont slam to loud the door of the taxi so I can be in top shape on Saturday morning to take the children to their soccer and ballerina practices. After your morning Irish Spring shower, prepare yourself to drive them back home from their bright future activities.

John: The morning coffee and Sunday newspaper is a deep moment of meditation for me "ma chérie". Dont jump start the day by saying; "Do not forget to do x, y, z today". Good morning, a hug and a kiss would be heaven for my peace of mind.

Helena: Ok my newspaper lover. I will note the weekend priority activities in order on the GE fridge for you to always be up-to-date on our dream active life. It is not necessary to accomplish all the items in a single weekend. Lets take our life smoooooth "mon tendre koala".

John: I which to go to church on Sundays so that our children understand all the good things that the lord wants for our diamond family. I also love the stained glass picture of the lord's story; His sacrifice was one of the most couragious gesture of all time; No matter what happens in our life, Love will conquer all!

Helena: Yes my love! Lets go pray the lord so that the less fortunate have something to eat on each day and have shelter for their rainy days. I also love the gospel singers; They make my soul vibrate with the most sunny thoughts of goodness.

John: My darling, on our next vacation, lets forget about house renovations this time. Lets go on a trip to start our exploration of the World's sparkling different cultures!

Helena: Yes! Lets start by travelling to Austria, Peru, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Kenya, Madagascar, New Zealand, Koreas, India and sparkling sunny Canada! There is so much to see! Call our nearest travel agent and prepare our luggages!

John: You are the most brigthest star in our Milky Way "ma douce épouse"!

Helena: I will keep shining until the end of times only for you "mon amour infini"!

NHL Professional Hockey coming in Canada: Strategies

Steve Log: 26th August, 2010.

Message from Steve to Sir Gary Bettman commissioner of the National Hockey Ligue: We adore hockey in Quebec city Metropolis, golden Winnipeg and in strong steel Hamilton.

Here are Canadian Strategies to gain a maximum of revenues so that we can pay only the best players of the NHL to play for our future glorious teams:

1) Quebec city and Hamilton will have their 22 000 seats new Arena in two years from now. Prime minister Stephen Harper haves is heart in the right place and Ottawa will help us financially construct our two ice palaces. We must think of our futur city's growth of our population for next 40 years. We all know that all the 22 000 seats will be occupied in Quebec city Metropolis and in Hamilton on each match of our beloved home teams.

2) ALL Quebec city Metropolis, Hamilton and Winnipeg hockey matches will be presented on our Canadian Sports networks for optimal television revenues. Calendar television tactic; Quebec city hockey matches will be complementary of those of Montreal hockey games coming from our own province; Example; The "Canadians" hockey team will play on Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursdays while the Quebec city Metropolis "Nordiques" team will play on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This way, Quebec city will not only have 1 million fans but 8 million fans all over the Saint-Quebec province. We all know that the city of Montreal has plenty of fans that share their passion for our "Nordiques" hockey club as will Toronto will have with Hamilton's hockey team. It will be a challenge to establish the hockey year calendar but the agile NHL staff will succeed because they will put all their energy into it.

3) The major beer companies providing the Gaul beverages in Montreal will remain in Montreal. Inside our new arena, the Canadian microbreweries (Cheval Blanc, Boréal, Unibroue, Mouse Head, Rickard's Red and Sleeman) will give 60% of their profits to our home hockey club.

4) Canada's national air transporter "Air Canada" will fly all the hockey team members at the transporter's cost price + 7% for unforeseen expenses. This "Air Canada" present is for all Canadian NHL hockey teams.

5) The Winnipeg NHL hockey team school will be set in Regina Saskatchewan so that it will give the mighty reborn "Jets" a fan club population of 2.3 million souls.

6) Loto-Québec will give 60% of its lucrative "Mise-O-Jeu" sports bets profits to all Canadian hockey NHL teams.

7) In the Quebec city Metropolis new 22 000 seats arena, our great fans will have the choice of two tasty food franchises; Ashton and Normandin. Also, these two marvelous restaurants present in the entire city will offer a 4$ rebates on any food puchase of 9$ and more for all our "Nordiques" team souvenirs.

8) Under each cap of Pepsi sold in golden Manitoba and Saskatchewan, you will have a chance of winning a six front row seats to go see their team perform against our mighty NHL neighbours all over the USA.

On the bottom, inside of each Red Bull aluminium cans, you will have a another chance to win a great prize; Travel and go see the "Jets" glorious team play all over Canada at the competitor's arena in a private lodge available for all the family members.
Pepsi+Red Bull=Jets de Winnipeg

9) McDonald's will give 60% of its NHL profits made on their cool NHL hockey cards to the Children hospital in the steel city of Hamilton. The remaining 40% will go to the home NHL hockey club. Canadian Tim Horton restaurants will have Hamilton's hockey team logo on mugs that they will sell and give 40% to the home hockey club and 60% to the city's major zoos so that their precious animals have great meals all year long.
McDonald's+Tim Horton=Hamilton Bulldogs

Our Canadian hockey team's logos will be all over our diamond cities!

10) Our two Quebec hockey mascots "Badaboum" and "Youppi" will work over-time to promote hockey through all our diamond provinces; They will go in night clubs, fashion shows and will be present in the provincial parlements to give wise advice to our political leaders.

Manitoba Saskatchewan Ontario Quebec
Winnipeg - Regina - Hamilton - Quebec city Metropolis - Fall 2013 - The training camp will start soon - Gear up!

Golden Corn - Firs & flu - Flies - Hyenas - Call me back - Most powerful men & women - On the offensive! - Artist approval

Steve Log: August 24th, 2010.

Message from our First Natives of America: We discovered corn cobs by observing the beavers that were in great numbers eating this golden plant. Eat corn to cure you from obeisity; It is rich in naturel sugar and it will calm down your over-appetite. Eat as much as you want. You will never get fat by eating corn cobs or popcorn with no better.

Message from our Firs: My sap contains the ultimate antidote to prevent and to cure you of all the types of flu. If only you knew that when your Spanish flu hit your cities in the early 1900; That would had save millions of lives!

My sap is sticky because of its high content in natural sugar. Flies love sugar. If you go in the forest, the flies can smell your blood underneath your skin. If you do not wish to use the American product Raid on your gentle skin to scare-off flies, avoid eating food with high concentrations of sugar, naturel or artificial. You can consume lemons and grapefruits to give your blood more natural acid to counter-effect your sugar levels. Or you can cover with lemon juice your skin to give you a protective fly shield. Flies dont like acid blood and we, the firs, dont like your acid rain that you dump on us coming from your highly polluting factories!!

Message from Steve: You can put in a Windex spray bottle, lemon juice and spread it on our skin; No allergies. Another way to bait the flies away from you in your canoe or in your boat is to take a piece of bread and spread gelly on it and put it in the middle of your floating vehicle. The flies will eat the gelly with high satisfaction and they will leave you alone for the reason that this gelly has far more nutritious value for them than your blood.

Message from our Firs: My spines are my defensive leaves so the multiple forest animals dont get to my sap dripping from my trunk that is reserved for my sky warrior defense squads: the flies. I love these gentle insects. They make me laugh when they chat between them. I can understand their conversations. Here is their thoughts on Steve: "You, Steve, are one of a kind. All humans hate us with only you as the exception. You are the only one that we trust and we have this great message for you: Wealth is freedom! And you have plenty of it! Fullfill your dream by teaming up with only the best: Those that loved you all your life without regard to your new celebrity status are your most precious assets".

Message from our Hyenas: The lion men are very powerful but slow. With our vivid agility we can exaust them in 15 minutes because we make them run to try to catch us. Never we touch their lion children. Never! We only pretend that we are going for them. It is the recent lion's pray that we want. After using all their energy to safeguard their children, the lion men have nothing left to protect their pray. This is our tactic to get a fresh meal that we fought for it. We do not steel! It is with great honor that we accept the lion's testimony: "We are the kings and queens of Africa". We lean down and say thank you gold lion for restoring our honor. The lions are for us the most beautiful creature in our nature kingdom: Force with strong family values. We and the lions have a combined moto: "Protect and serve your family until the end times".

Message from Sir Albert Einstein: I was not a god in my time neither is Steve. Call him back when he leaves messages on your voice mailboxes.

The most gracious Women in the World:

My Queens
Jolyne; My mother - The superb artist
Assia; My daughter - Funny & Talks a lot - Daddy is madly in love with you my sparkling heart!
Ratiba; The mother of my child - Generosity & Great councillor
Nancy; My sister - Inconditional love for all pure souls
Océanne; Nancy's daughter - Energetic & Killer smile
Elsa; Nancy's daughter - Tender & In deep love with her sister Océanne
Lucie; My friend - Hard working & Intelligent & Cultivated
Germaine; My grand mother - Pure diamond heart

The most powerful men on Earth:

My Kings
Marcel; My father - Inventive & Hard working & Great family inspiration
Martin; My friend - Funny & Honnest & Generous
Nelson; My friend - Creative & Great conversation & Zen
Éric; My cousin - Most brillant mind of the Rodrigue family
Charles; My cousin - Beauty from the outside and the inside
Luc; My friend - Golden smile & top financial analyst
Joëy; Step-brother - Everyone is welcome in his Ottawa city bus and in his Gatineau city home
Gérard; My grand-father - Pure diamond soul

Message from Steve: Stop warshipping Hollywood false god actors! Your family is far more great and powerful than all Hollybronze artists combined!
Offensive on Hollywood

The Hollywood actors earn 8 millions for working for five months; Shame on you for asking so much gold for so little effort! Share your wealth with your family, friends and neighbours instead of building your multiple empty heart castles!

Artists on Broadway are far more talented and humble in their profession to make us marvel on their enormous potential of giving us a great evening. Get out of the dark theatre rooms and go see the bright lights in Manhattan and in your home town!

Ladies walking on the Red Carpet; Make your family and friends design your dresses. They know your diamond soul from the start of your time on Earth. They are the most brillant stars that can glorify you with their top originality; Family - Friends - Neighbours golden hearts are there to serve you!

Here are artists that I am very proud of:

Sarah McLachlan: Animal top protector
Madonna Louise Ciccone: Creater of great children books
Tom Cruise: He fights for his religious beliefs
Anjelina Jolie: Gives all her energy for the less fortunate
Sheryl Crow: Breast cancer will be only in our history books with this voice of purity
Tom Hanks: Innovative producer and Director: "Band of Brothers" & "From Earth to the Moon" HBO series
Shelton Jackson "Spike" Lee: The Black communities haves the most brillant flames!
Steven Spielberg: Minority Report movie: Never lose your children out of your sight!
Clint Eastwood: Million dollar baby & Gran Tarino movie; Movie director with his heart full of greatness
Oprah Winfrey: Her staff and her viewers are gold for this diamond lady
James Cameron: He would give his entire life to produce only the best movies; Canadian angel eye!
George Lucas: Star Wars universe; With all our might, good will triumph over Hollywood over-spoiled false greek gods!

Ukrainian engineers have created a defensive weapon for all of us

Steve Log: August 24th, 2010.

Ukraine has joined the Canadian Alliance!
Ukraine joining in
And they are magnificent!

Message from inventive Ukraine: All rotten South Korean naval army vessels trust passing North Korea seas are made of steel; North Koreans, construct a massive micro-wave beam cannon and shot directly at their submarine and surface vessel. The high intensity micro-wave beam will be amplified by the steel and resonate through all the ship and make all those naval rats forced to listen to the fallowing message from general Steve:
Message from NK to SK
Click on the image to here the tremendous loud North Korean micro-wave.

Message from general Steve to George Patton army; Do not enter the Koreans conflict, It is not your war. The South Koreans cross North Korean sea borders at each night and they do this often because they count on your army to protect them and case they get caught. This spring, NK had enough of these violations and sank one of the SK cheeter ships; That is Self-defense! North Korea wont use atomic power but the micro-wave beam cannon is a defensive weapon present from Ukraine and they have my permission to use it if anyone violates their sovereignty again. Case closed.

Message from Egypt's ambassadors - The subconscious - We will make contact soon - Women with hats - Twins telepathy - Mercury Paraplegics - Movie masterpieces

Steve Log: August 23th, 2010.

Message from our cats: How to make gold: Do not over-spend your hard deserved gold and invest in your love circle; Family members, friends and animals lovers. And also, smoking cigarret does not give cancer. It is to much of anything that will give you cancer; to much milk, to much bread, to much bananas, to much exercice, to much computer etc.

Message from Steve; In the 14 member Rodrigue family, we constructed our loveone's houses in four days!

Message from our subconscious: I do not understand why you make me work big time in a gym; What is your purpose? Why do you make me run if it is to go nowhere? Why do I lift these heavy weigths if it not to construct anything? Why do you make me do push-ups if its not to climb any high montain?

Go help your love circle instead. Give your endurance to make your diamond sister grow her garden; With your agility, go help your golden friends renovate their homes; With your force, go help your precious father clean up his garage.

Also, why do you keep me hoping for a better life all the time by puchasing each week lottery tickets? Your grand-father never won, your father never won and you will not win either. Stop playing that! It is a hope killer! I want Las Vegas casinos instead! Entertainment and great food; that I love!

Message from Sir Albert Einstein: The atomic bomb is not my creation. I bailed out of the Manhattan project in its early stage. Do not play with this. It is very deathful for all of us. The atomic bomb is the most hideous creature in the known Universe. All intelligent beings have forbidden this weapon on their own planets. This is why we did not make contact with our Solar system neighbours yet. There are still wars on these worlds but the opponents stick with conventional weapons as our pre-atomic age warfares. We must do the same. We must get rid of the atomic bomb and then we have good chances to be contacted by extra Solar System beings for friendly dialog.

Message from Steve: The women will reconquer the construction yards. Coffee breaks will be their holy ground and its the ladies that will decide when the men should take a break. Climbing the high skyscrapers with their pink hats, they will offer to the hard working men tasty yagourts, bananas, refreshing Pepsi, homemade cupcakes and golden coffee. All these ladies efforts and fresh fruits will be paid by the workers unions to make the men be at the top of their game; Healthy in body and mind.

*** Technology ***

Message from Steve and our Electricity: Instant twin energy transfer procedure; Take a molecule of Mercury and split it in two halfs. Take the first molecule and implement it in the emitter-receiver in a space probe for deep space exploration. The other half install it in the receiver-emitter on Earth; Vibrate the first half molecule on Earth and the other one far away will vibrate instantly at the same frequency; You can do the reverse also; Vibrate the second half in the space probe and the first half on Earth will vibrate instantly at the same frequency also. Very useful for conquering the cosmos and for getting rid of all kind of cables that get interspersed together. Imagine, no more cables! Gone for ever! It is also very secure; No spy can intercept communications! This new molecule haves enough energy to last 875 years after splitting has occured. Call this new splitted molecule the name of its creater; the Steve molecule.

*** Health care ***

Message from Steve: For the paraplegic, find the ruptured cable locations in the spine and place a gelatin Mercury made cushion between the cable breaks. Body's electricity highway will be reestablished. To give orders, the brain sends frequencies to the body to make a particular member move. So a big Mercury patch will make the paraplegics walk in a few weeks. The cushion must remain flexible to not hidder movements and Mercury stays in a liquid state all of its Earth life. Mercury is the best choice for making our paraplegic smile at life once again.

*** Movie master piece previews ***

"Rob Roy" with Liam Neeson, Tim Roth and Jessica Lange; Scotland emerald honor is the way to go!
Rob Roy

"Dinner Rush" with marvelous Danny Aiello; Italy's fine cuisine and love circle is their top priority
Dinner Rush

Transfer fee trap - Tyranausores & Ostriches - Lions & Hyena - French might - Patent - Mammoth & Boars - Meditation - Pure Oxygen - Wisdom & Pass love ones - Disengage!

Steve Log: August 20th, 2010.

The Lottery and Fund internet scam: You will receive an e-mail saying that you won a lottery prize OR you have been chosen by a dead rich man to receive his unclaimed fortune. They will make you go through all types of secure procedures to pretend that the are a serious organization. And then they will ask you to pay upfront for the transfer to your bank of the enormous fund or lottery prize; Canadian banks allow the transfer fees to be paid by the fund or lottery prize itself and all transfer must be checked by our banks before any transfer by any foreign banks; Is the money really there? If the Lottery or Fund attorney refuses to accept the payment of the transfer fee to be payed by susbstracting the amount directly from your earnings; REFUSE TO PAY THE 250$ or 3200$ TRANSFER FEES UPFRONT! IT IS A SCAM!

The Tyranausores are now the...Ostriches: They still have a very primitive minds! The Tyranausore was one of the first beings to walk on two feet. The Tyranausore was not that fearful. He screamed a lot to protect his children but with his tiny arms he could not hunt big prays. He was most of the time a scavenger and that why we find his teeth in prehistoric being bones.
Tyranausore Ostrich

Message from our Lions: We are not the kings of the savana. It is the Hyena the are the Queens and Kings of Africa; They are great tacticiens and with their combined family assaults, they can overtake us at any time. We have great fear for our children when we see them around. It his our role, the Lion men, to make the Hyena understand that they can still steel our prays but they will not touch our children! They have our highest respect.
Lions Hyena

Message from Luxembourg & Switzerland & Belgium & France: Who dare take Steve's ideas and make profit with it without include him in the equation, will have their bank account erased from all our combined French banks! He will choose the most valuable companies and contact them soon; He will patent his ideas with your company's assistance and both of you will enjoy the power of his goodness and the grace of wealth!

The Mammoths are now the Boars!
Mammoth Boar

Message from Steve: Do not only analyse bone evolution to find the animal ancestors; Analyse the ressemblances in our actual animal kingdom, their possible migrations and their supposed eating & hunting behavious to find the missing links.

Tyranausores & Ostriches: Strong legs to run fast, primitive mind, like Africa weather, big children eggs and very fierce.

Mammoths & Boars: Have curvered horns, still have fur, eat vegetables, great defensive warriors and live in nothern hemisphere countries.

The Tibet monks meditate in high montain because of its pure oxygen that gives a boost to their thoughts.

I smoke cigarettes because I have great admiration for our First Natives of North America and this golden tobacco flower gives me great wisdom and keeps me in touch with nature and our highly intelligent ancestors.

Message from Sebastopol Ukraine, Hong-Kong the illuminated and general Steve TO South-Korea and USA armies praticing near golden North Korea: Disengage your naval death toys from our sight poor unwise Marine misguided souls! Otherwise, Steve will create an other invention of mass naval disruption. He is already thinking about this as we speek.

I do not fear! I have the free World to fight with me!

I am a survivor

Perpetual motion: Got it! - Do not fear NK

Steve Log August 19th, 2010.

Perpetual Motion would be very useful on the God of the Sea:
Perpetual Motion

Do not fear North Korea
Do not Fear
Saint-China, Saint-Russia and Saint-Québec will protect you North Korea from any agression of your borders by the South-Koreans and Americans week armies of bronze and wet gunpowder.

Observe their naval exercices and learn their tactics and identify their new weapons. They are practicing fear. Do not fear them. They are far more week than our four powerful armies combined:

North Korea: Courage
Saint-Russia: Force
Saint-China: Heart & Soul
Saint-Québec: Wisdom

Going back throu time - The cross - Egyptians - The Royal souls - Catholic Capital - Survivor

Steve Log: August 19th, 2010.

Message from Jesus: The disciples and I were got caught at the garden of Getsemane by the Romans because our bodyguards, the Zelotes with my golden friend Barabas, were at Jerusalem praying. We were left alone. We tried to flee Judas's trap but the Romans came with their horses and blocked the three main roads getting out of the garden. I was doomed. My biggest error is that I always trusted my good faith to be my savior. Sometimes the enemy wins. That I have learned. Judas did not hang himself. It is the Zelotes that hanged him.

Message from Jesus to Steve: Stop waiting for money to save you. It will never come because people expect that everything by free.

Give to God what is God's; Give with your heart and receive ten times more in good faith: 1 for 10.

Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar: Give a Darius and receive a Darius: 1 for 1.

People often choose Ceasar and they are wondering why their life does not improve. God is the ultimate winner in the long run!

Find a honest job Steve and keep writting to your newsrooms disciples. Your life will be far more fruitful than waiting for Cesear to save you. You have the proof now; You did not receive a single Darius from anyone for all your hard work as the new messenger sent from heaven.

And when you are poor, dont give to the poor. Teamsouls dont steel from eachother. Give a cigarret to the poor to say that you have compassion for them and that you share their sarrow. They will appreciate it and your sunny smile will give them good faith for their upcoming days.

Message from John the Baptist: My head did not roll. Herod just made me die of starvation! But it is true, he did not want me dead not because of fear of a rise against him but its her Egyptian wife that kept saying: "Why dont you listen to him? He his very wise". In the bible, the testament says that she is the main cause of my death. It is not true. At that time, the Romans and the Egyptians were in bad terms. It is the Romans that wanted the Egyptian to look bad in the face of the World in our ancient times. Remember, Jesus lived in Egypte and he found it wonderful. He said to me once that he wish to live there again when is mission of awaken people souls was finished. It is the Egyptian wise citizens that tought him in his childhood that God was far better choice than greedy Roman Ceasar.

Message from Cesear: I was in love with an Egyptian women. It was not Princess Cleopatra but her mother, Queen Alexandria.

The Egyptian have their wise soul ambassadors all over the World:
Egyptian Royal Diplomats
The Egyptian Royal Cats

Message from Martha, Jesus wife: No Man can live with out a lover: Woman or Man. That is a coded message for San Francisco golden hearts.

Message from Barabas: When Jesus came off of the cross he remained alive for a short moment. I was standing at his side and he to told me this: "Dont let my soul fade away with my flesh".

Message from Steve: Rome is not the center if the Catholic Universe. It is your own love from your own home city that is the capital of your hearts.
Quebec City Metropolis
Quebec city Metropolis: The capitial of my soul in the sunny summer.

Message from my grand-mother Adéla Arsenault Couture: Steve, you are already very wealthy: The most powerful people in the World are listening to you and at your command; they act with fervor to make Eden here on Earth now!

Message from Steve:
I am a survivor

I am a surviver!

Message from Enigma songs of wisdom: "The experience of survival is the key of the Gravity of Love".

Local Canadian News - Potash Corp: Keep our gold! - Synchronize tv shows - Studios - Skyline - The future for my diamond city - Commercial break

Steve Log August: 19th, 2010.

Message to Saskatchewan teamsouls and to prime minister Sir Stephen Harper: Canadians, lets team up and buy Saskatoon Potash Corporation right away. The valuable Americans want to purchase it for 38 billions dollars. That is a good price but it ours! We must at all cost keep our gold at home! Give to the share holders an extra 7 billion more to remove these unworthy souls wanting to sell our enormous Saskatchewan golden field potential.

Block any foreign hostile purchase of our most valuable Canadian assets that are highly profitable. Lets keep our gold at home!

My dear soulmates, Quebecors, we have four major French channels: V channel, Radio-Canada, TVA and Télé-Québec for 8 millions citizens. For better revenue shares, synchronize your tv shows so all together you will be complementary; A fun comedy on channel C, at the same time a super documentary on channel D, at the same time a great sport event on channel S and at the same time a entertaining French drama movie on channel F. This way, all audiences have their preferences and they will be edicted to our marvelous Saint-Quebec and refreshing French & Canadian neighbour creative artists.

The Canadian goverment should subsidize our Canadian tv studios to allow more room for our tv shows. Our sets of our drama and sitcom shows are to small; It looks poor. With bigger studios, our shows will look far better and that will allow us to export our tv culture that haves marvelous comedians and great stories to share. Very lucrative for all parties.

The height of Quebec city skyscrapers must not be limited to 14 stories high. With the help of a 3-D computer generated city buildings layout, place the 57 stories skyscrapers were it will not produce any shade at the historical Old Quebec and to our provincial Parlement buildings at any time of day. Many great companies want to set their office towers in Quebec city now; the city of security and beauty. We must not impose a skyscraper limit to not discourage large company from coming in our city that will become very vibrant and a wealthy downtown in the near future. And with our upcoming tramway passing through the International Jean-Lesage airport, Quebec city will be a place of choice for many great congress events.

Le brillant maire Labeaume a toute ma confiance pour réaliser tous nos projets pour une ville de Québec qui marquera l'histoire par son accueil chaleureux, par sa future puissance économique Canadienne et par sa beauté incomparable.

Arrêtons de penser petit alors que nous pourrions être grands et valeureux! La ville de Québec ne sera plus un gros village mais une puissante Métropole Mondiale qui acceuillera les Jeux Olympiques, les plus grands festivaux de Musique du Monde, la Ligue Nationale de Hockey et la Ligue Canadienne de Football.

Nordiques de Québec LCF

*** Commercial break ***

Marmiton Pizza in Quebec city Métropolis; Tasty 8 inch Pizza with a Cola at 5$ !
Marmiton Pizza

Quebec city Normandin Restaurants restaurants: Great service and generous meals.
Normandin Restaurants

Roots watches: The night glow of my watch is simply beautiful !
Roots Watches Watch glow in the night

Canadian "du Maurier", "Gauloises" and "Craven A" cigarettes: The taste is just breath taking ;-)
du Maurier cigarettes Gauloises cigarets Craven A

Wipe out the source - Generousity - Catch the cheeters!

Steve Log: August 18th, 2010.

Canada does not need a costly gun control program to avoid violence on our streets. We need to close down on our golden land ALL gun and bullet factories not used for hunting. No hand guns nor semi-automatic weapons selling of any kind in our stores. We all know that selling these kind of death hardware is for illegal activities. The robbers will find other ways of obtaining assault guns but it will be difficult and without specific assault gun bullets, their bad intentions will fade out of Eden; Canada. Shut down gun and bullet factories that a crook can order directly its crime tools. It will cause a small unemployment rise but it will take far less policeman and investigators defending our streets. The choice is obvious; Close all of them!

Messages from the Italian Fiama: Lottery state and provincial institutions should give 65% back to their loyal customer. Also, Las Vegas is far more entertaining than a sheet of paper with an ultimate number that you will never get. You have far more chances of winning good earnings while enjoying your evening in Las Vegas and Atlantic city.

Message from my dad Marcel: The balls inside the mixing lottery machines can be manipulated by putting a negative magnet inside the ball that avoids a particular ball from getting out because it is pushed away from the gate hole that haves a positive magnet; Number controlled lottery!

Do never play at electronic machines for to long because in the long term, the computer statistic program will always be the ultimate winner. All the electronic machines are linked together by a network, so even if you play on four simultaneous machines, the main computer will make you win on one machine but you will lose big time on the three remaining. At long term, you cant beat the central computer statistic monster. Play quickly on one machine, ear money and pull out at the speed of light!

Message from Steve to lottery institutions: When showing on television the winning lottery numbers, the camera shot should be made in a single take with no "montage" of any kind. This way we a sure that the ultimate number has not been manipulated to steel from your loyal customers. This is a serious warning to all cheeter tv directors corrupted by the state or province to fake a random lottery number! Remain honest lottery green greedy vampires!

UFOs are among us - Detection method - Clouds - Dark side of the Moon - Alone?

Steve Log: August 17th, 2010

Many people see UFOs in the skies but their National Security Agency always descredit their visions saying always the same thing: "That was only a atmospheric mirage". Yay right! 80% of the time that is not the case. Humans are very wise and we know how to distinguish a cloud anormaly. Do not trust any National Security Agency saying that poor excuse to explain that UFO are not on Earth because they are among us. There is nothing to fear about it.

The flying UFO saucer metalic shape is simply outsider beings scout planes coming from a mother spaceship hiding on the dark side of the Moon. Gatcha!

If you see strange illuminated objects in the sky, do your own investigation; The saucer scout planes hide in the clouds when we get to curious.

Here is how to detect them; Dont use a conventional radar to locate the UFO because they have the same shield as the American Stealth bomber; radar bouncing armor to hide their location. But they are made of steel. Use a laser beam near the seen location and scan the cloud areas; The laser beam will bounce off the UFO armor and it will spark a brillant boucing light; You have caught one them! Our Venus probe has been taking pictures through the thick clouds of that planet surface. We can also use that technology to find the UFOs hiding in our clouds.

The saucer UFOs have a mother spaceship parked on the dark side of the Moon out of our view. Nasa and ESA should post observation satellites near this blank Moon area to let the unidentified visitors know that we are getting smarter each day and spying is not welcome on our planet.

My father Marcel has seen one of them and he had no doubt that it was no atmospheric disturbance. The World goverment should stop destroying evidences of UFO sightings. They wish us no harm but still, that is spying and we dont like that.

Are we alone in the galaxy? Of course not!


The Tamil refugees - United-Hearts - Forest fires - Evaporation of water - Canadair - Savior Sand

Steve Log: August 17th, 2010.

Contre vent et marées, les réfugiés Tamouls ont tout risqués pour en arriver aux portes d'Eden; le Canada.
Eden is Canada

Et à présent, nous doutons de leurs status; Sont-ils une menace pour notre sécurité nationale? Mais comment osez-vous dire ses choses?!

Que tous Canadiens ayant du coeur se lèvent et disent tout haut: "Tous ceux qui auront un courage exemplaire de la force des Tamouls seront la Bienvenue dans le plus superbe pays du Monde connu; Le Canada-Uni!"

Message from our Fire: It is a big waste of energy to put water to extinguish me, the fire from hell. I need oxygen to destroy your forests and water haves oxygen inside it: H2O for crying out loud! With my extreme heat, it is easy to separate hydrogen from water so it leave me only oxygen to consume your magnificent forests.

If you do not need my services, the fire, the Canadair savior aircrafts should convert into a sand picker. It should not go to lakes to refuel but to beaches, deserts and quarries full of sand. Sand is light weighted and I have no chance against it; Sand does not contain any oxygen!
CanadairBombardier Canadair Sand the Savior


Quebec city Metropolis on the offensive - Rubik game

Steve Log: August 15th, 2010.

Trekkies are madly in Love:
Beauty Queens
Betty - Archie Comics
Veronica - Archie Comics
Barbara Bain - Space 1999
Catherine Schell - Space 1999
Ziena Merton - Space 1999
Carrie Fisher - Star Wars episode 4, 5, 6
Nathalie Portman - Star Wars 1, 2, 3
Margot Kidder - Superman 1, 2, 3
Nichelle Nichols - Star Trek original serie - Star Trek 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 movies
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry - Star Trek original serie - Gene Roddenberry wife
Marina Sertis - Star Trek Next Generation
Gates McFadden - Star Trek Next Generation
Pernilla August - Star Wars 1, 2
Caroline Blakiston - Star Wars 6
Terry Farrell - Star Trek Deep Space 9
Nana Visitor - Star Trek Deep Space 9
Kate Mulgrew - Star Trek Voyager
Jeri Ryan - Star Trek Voyager
Roxann Dawson - Star Trek Voyager
Jolene Blalock - Star Trek Enterprise
Zoe Saldana - Star Trek movie 2009

Trekkie followers are madly in love with women. They just have a hard time decoding women Rubik cube games. Work hard on them ladies, they are worth it and they will make you dreams become a sparkling romance that will bring your souls to the Stars!
Quebec all for love

My iTunes albums song of love

My iTunes Albums 1
My iTunes Albums 2
My iTunes Albums 3

Messages from China - John the Baptist - God, Lucifer and Angels - Afghanistan - Purity

Steve Log: August 14th, 2010.

We want to purchase land all over the World not for overriding your golden countries but we wish to cultivate the land with potatoes so we can send back this diamond vegetable to China to feed our nation that is having a hard time getting three meals a day. The potatoes haves a special secret; Its flesh haves all the Sun's vitamine to cure us against hunger; Its easy to grow, cost pennies to produce and its taste is so magnificient but we need land to grow it. The potatoe is the World savior against starvation! With our potatoe cultures we will feed ourselves in the fullness of Steve and send them to North Korea to make them enjoy Steve's ultimate savior creation; Potatoe tea!

We have 250 millions internet users but we only have 32 million computers that we share the internet with eachother. Our internet coffee shops are a place of great joy; We get informed on how the World is getting more and more united on each day that Emporer Steve is defending the less fortunate as our neighbour North Korea. We have seen nothing like this before; North Koreans are crossing our border to go in our coffee shops to fallow general Steve break the most mighty armies in the know World. That includes us. The ultimate power of the Canadian army heart and soul will never again be under-estimated by who ever what's to confront Steve's pure thoughts of creating Eden on Earth.

Hire us in your country. The Chineese workers have heart and work fast and well. With our income we will send it to our home country China so it helps us get the children out of the industries that are killing their childhood. We will be pure and you will see, the freedom of press will be established but be gentle with us. We know we have great flaws and must correct them.

Message from the China's army: Building a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons is a big waste of gold. Remember Chernobyl, that was the equivalent of three nuclear bombs. Only that amount of radiation did great damage to Russia and its surronding allies. A lot of information on that disaster has been hidden to the World. We must not play with these nuclear death toys. Only twelve nukes can wipe out half of the World! We must start a united disarmement program soon to avoid any further conflicts and unfortunate accidents.

Tibet will be free. We will not betray Steve on its second commandment; Freedom of choice of our destiny. Lhasa will be fred.

We want to join the Canadian Empire Alliance with Steve the golden child sent from heaven and hell. Sir Daili Lama will contact us soon to propose a partnership for the greatness of our two great nations; Diamond Tibet and China the pure that has found a new hope on a bright future that Steve will guides us through.

Steve is more than a master mind. We call him master of Chess with the might of Zeus, the grace of Cleopatra and Canadian super power diplomacy!

Message from our North Korea neighbour: Buy our vegetables and fruits. We have the most pure land in Asia. With our exports we will feed our nation and get ride of our great hattred against our lover; South-Korea. We have so much love for them that it hurts us to see them rich and happy and we, the same flesh, are dying by thousands because of our over-investment in the army. Our Earth's flesh, vegetables and fruits, will make you enjoy this commandment of Steve and Jesus; Enjoy life with your neighbours that have only good intention towards you.

Message from Jesus: I was like Steve, I was not perfect. I learn new things on each day. Martha, my wife, was perfect.

John the Baptist was my cousin and my mentor. John is as great as myself. Remember him as this; The purety of thought, heart and soul. My love for him is for eternity. John the Baptist; The bursting star of Christianity.

Message from John the Baptist: The Sanadrin still exists. They are in Rome; the Vatican! I have great faith in them. They changed since our time. They are now very wise but they sould open the doors of their librairies so we learn the hidden truth on Christianity; No one is perfect! We gain knowledge all our life from our experiences on Earth. I have a special name for Steve; The prophet with the heart and the soul of God in love with Lucifer; The perfect combinaision of purety and might!

Steve ask me who is Lucifer;
God is the Sun; the women; Love.
Lucifer is Alpha du Centaure; the men; Strenght.
The Angels are our children.

The Sun is married to Alpha du Centaure and the children are the Solar System planets. Do not go to Alpha du Centaure; the men cant have children.

Message from Barabas: The Taliban love women and will treat them well. They will not betray Steve that has been the most brillant heart soldiers fighting by their side.

Message from the Talibans: Earth will never be the same with eachother. We have great faith in the World now. Our women are always with us in the montains and they cook our meals, wash our warrior clothes and they even fight with us! Did you ever wondered why our warriors all have masks? The women are by our side destroying the enemy from our pure land; Afghanistan! Sir Karzai, we will meet with you soon. Prepare the celebration. Our fight is almost at a end.

Women is purety!


Canada's heart and soul army on the offensive! - Massive attack against China!!

Steve Log: August 12th, 2010.

Saint-Quebec is breaching the wall!
Saint-Quebec Bird of Pray VERSUS China Map

Mother nature's havoc on China is not finished yet. More to come. Hide quickly in your fragile mud houses that will crumble under the might of the World's impatience of cowards as you that been mistreeting Tibet for to many years now!

Message from the World: You dont stand a chance against general Steve and all its innovative weaponery that he will unleesh on you if you keep Tibet chained to your unpure country!

Message from Steve: Do not provide any help to these Chineese over-exporters and under-importers World cheeters!

Do not purchase any food from cheeter China; Their rivers have been soiled with deadly chemicals this summer. They try to minimze the damage on the news but we all know that many Chineese are getting very sick by drinking their waters and eating vegetables and rice coming from their rivers of death.

Message from Russia: We will send only our most unpure crude oil to China. This will badly damage all their machinery.

Message from Vietnam: Purchase our rice and vegetables. We dont use illegal chemicals on our beauty gardens. The Chineese use plenty of rotten chemicals in their fields that are not approved by Mother Nature.

Message from Queen Elizabeth: Their tea taste awful!

Message from John McCain: They still have exported toys made with paint with lead in it! Do not purchase any toys coming from China for the sake of your children!

Message from Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper: We do not need China's low quality cloths. Its far better to purchase original great Italian, French and USA cashmire warm sweaters.

Message from Manhattan: The Chineese are the most worst thieves of the known World. They duplicate and sell low quality copies of our great French and Italian designers. They are intellectual property thieves!

Message from Irland, Germany and Danemark: Ever notice that there are no cats and little birds around Chineese restaurants in our China towns. They serve them to you in your meal dish. Its a know fact because our Garbage truck workers notice a lot of skeleton that are not those of a chicken!

Message from the ESA and Nasa: The Chineese astronauts have an enormous death toll. One out of three rockets that they send in Space explode on their launching pads. We know because we have notice enormous explosion from our spy satellites looking down on them.

Message from North-Korea: Its the Chineese army that provided us with nuclear uranium and the technology for our nukes. They wanted a clash between South-Korea and North-Korea so they can conquer easily both Koreas after our mutual destruction!

Message from California: Their long range nuclear missiles can reach us and they want us to buy their stuff. What is their problem? Ally or Enemy?

Message from Ukraine: China communist are highly corrupted. With their exports income they purchase land in Saint-Quebec so they can overtake your community in the next decade. Canadians, abort all land selling to these rotten Tibet soul killers!

Message from Steve to British Colombia: One of your cities have already been taken by them near your Vancouver airport. I know, I was there and English was the second language on all their city stores. Resist the temptation to make profit by selling our land to them!

Message from Japan and the Philippines: USA army bases on our land are welcome to stay as long as they wish to protect us from those awfull Chineese!

Message from a pure Chineese spy inside China: The goverment blocks Google and many other web sites to mask this truth in our country; We dont have any mineral ressources. Our ancestors mined all of it a long time ago.

Message from Steve: Tripple the price of all raw minerals exported to China so you can make full of profits on their low quality Export-Import strategy in their country; Chineese always ask were their products are made before any purchase so that all their money stays in China. That is not how we do good business with the World.

Message from Mother Nature: I send many floods so they can understand that their big electricity water dams are drowning all my trees! I will keep the heat on them as long as general Steve does not win his battle against the China unpure land. A major eartquake is coming their way!

Message from Tibet: We were once very rich and that's why they invaded us. We had a very rich culture and did not need much for a good living. We had many gold mines to pay for all our expenses and we sold it to these unpure Chineese to buy all sorts of things. They were jalouse of our wealth; our spiritual greatness and we have the high Imalaya montains that have enormous mineral potential. They are thieves!

Message from Irland: They have a Mafia all over the World and their name is "Made in China". They use 10 year old children in their factories because the men are on the farms and in the mines and the women are selling in the stores. They dont have enough manpower so they exploit their own children!

Message from Mongolia: We and the Chineese hate eachother because of our past wars. They have a great weekness; They dont have any wood left on their land. Canada, USA and Russia send them only unwanted low quality wood coming from your lumbyards. Their houses, stores and factories will break down constanly and they will have to purchase even more wood. Big profits for your three great nations!

Message from Argentina: They purchase plenty of our healthy beef. We will sell them nothing! They dont deserve our pure animal flesh!

Message from France: They dont drink tasty beer nor good wine because they can only afford they cheap tea. Their air is highly polluted by their coal house heating system so all their fruits and vegetables taste really bad. Do not purchase any of the land products otherwise you will have stomach problems and even cancer!

Message from Steve: They have tall skyscrapers in their cities but they are only haft full because the Chineese business men cant afford the high rent asked by their corrupted owners: Army high rank officers. They build these empty tall towers only to impress the World that is not that impress anymore.

Message from Peru: Opium is sold all over the World because the goverment is promoting the Opium exports because they need this high income to purchase land all over the World so one day they can dictate their orders all over the planet as their ancient past Emperors!

Message from Saint-Quebec: The World has not forgot the Tiananmen killings of your own citizens in your 1989 massacre! Shame on your souls!

The Tiananmen Square Protests on Wikipedia

Message from Steve: China export even their children. Half of the sell of their children goes to the family and the other half to their own goverment! Ouach!

Do we really mind paying an extra 6% to buy your own home products instead of China hell gadgets! That gives more jobs to our family, our community and our country.

Message from Washington Press: They execute jounalists that are only doing their "Only the truth" job!

Message from the god of the sea, the Moon: They want to go in space only for one reason; to intercept satellite internet communications that are overriding their goverment narrow thoughts on mind controlling their own citizens!

Message from South-Korea: We will use the backdoor to reach their citizens that are getting wiser on each day; We will use high intensity free wi-fi coming from our highest communication towers to reach their blinded citizens.

Message from France and Belgium: They hire untalented artists to fill the in-between keyframes in our animated movies. Work with Italiens, Canadians, Americans and Japaneese for a far better image quality!

Message from Mongolia: Their large water dams destroyed 150 communities living near the rivers. Now those citizens are stuck in the over-crowded cities and are getting sick by all the pollution in Beijing. Their country side citizens are used to pure atmosphere and now they are awfully depressed and very poor. The suicide toll is enormous!

Message from Singapour: We are Chineese. We fled the communist in 1949. We dont play their dirty games. All Chineese citizens asking refuge in our land will be immediatly accepted!

In French: Je vous ai laissé amplement de temps pour amorcer une amitié sincère avec le Canada qui exige de l'action sur le dossier du Tibet enchaîné. Bougez dès aujourd'hui!!

Message from Steve, our Holy Father and the World: LIBERATE TIBET China for your own sake or more torpodoes will keep coming your way!

Message to Lhasa in Tibet:
Canada Heart Soul Army

Message from the goverment of China: Ok Steve. We had enough! Negociation with our pure neighbour Tibet will start in a few hours. Its our promise!

Message from Steve to China: I want action not false promisses. Its your turn to move! On my next move you may be check-mate! Play wisely China.

Tea & Coffee: Heaven on taste - Cancer is history!

Steve Log: August 11th, 2010.

Tea: Thought enhausser - Spirit

Coffee: Heart enhausser - Emotions

Mix Tea with Coffee with a bit of sugar: Perfect balance for Emotions and Thoughts - Zen in one mug - Ultimate anti-depressor - Cancer stabilizer - Marvelously tasty!

Omar Khadr trial - World corruption!

Steve Log: August 10th, 2010.

Message from the Holy Father: Omar Khadr did kill that brave USA soldier. Keep this in mind; who will stand trial for the death of the 12 civilians killed by USA mad troups that can not distinguished an Afghan peasantry from a deadly Taliban?

Message from general Steve: General Petraeus, you are a good man. Assure the United Nations that your troops will do a better job of defending the Afghan citizens in the future.

Judge Omar Khadr wisely.

Omar Khadr on Wikipedia

*** Positive Corruption from the World to the United States of America for the good sake of Omar Khadr ***

Message from our First Natives of America: We used a simple log to navigate in the rivers in our ancient times. Our great canoe concept was design afterwards by a man named Alabama; that means "wise soul" in our language.

Message from our First Natives of America: In Arizona you are over cultivating the land with a single type of culture. This is why mother nature sends the twisters from time to time. Diversify your agriculture. You will have far more rain this way and your crops will flurish and taste heavenly.

Message from pure Iran: Sir Obama, in Irak use the fallowing tactic to avoid blood shed in Baghdad; the bombs used by the terrorists are fabricated by chemical factories inside the city itself. Close all of them and stay alert at Irak's borders for all nitrate chemical shipments. Use highly trained dogs to snif this unpure and unwanted chemical soul killer coming from all trucks.

Message from Saint-Quebec to USA Vermont: All electricity purchsed by green Vermont neighbour will remain at the same price for the next 8 years.

Message from France: USA citizens eat to much meat. Sell in your grossery stores, hamburger meat with cereals in it. This is healthy and your weight will stabilize and even diminish in a few weeks.

Message from Egypte: All USA shipping have free passage through the Canal of Suez.

Message from Colombia: Cocoïne is coming from inside Florida produced in multiple greenhouses. We know all this because a lot of unwise USA entrepreneurs are asking for cocaïne seeds. Check all Florida's greenhouses and check for shipments of seeds coming from Peru and from us, Colombia.

Message from Israël: We will help the Palestians by opening the borders with Egypt. Do not send more ships direclty to Gaza strip seaports. Send them at Alexandria so our Egypt ally haves time to assess all of its cargo. After clearance from Egypt customs with our supervision, its a go for the Palestians hearts of gold.

Message from Prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper: The Alaska oil pipeline that you wish to construct passing through are gold land; Agreed. Its a go!

Message from Steve: All your Manhattan buildings should have their windows made of mirror sun reflecting glass. The Sun will bounce from building to building so all your streets will glow in the day.

My seasonal homes:
Winter: San Jose (Hockey city)
Spring: Manhattan (Dance & Music & Hockey city)
Summer: Quebec city Metropolis (Festival & Hockey city)
Fall: Paris (My daughter's city)

Message from the World to Sir Obama: Judge Omar Khadr wisely.
Omar Khadr