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Young that see double - The power of water - Canada's gift

Steve Log: June 1, 2011.

Those drunk reckless young drivers:

If you want your youngsters to avoid from drinking excessively and driving in zigzag on the city streets, penalize not only the driver but all the passengers with him also. Suspend the driver's and all passengers driving license for 4 months if they are caught by the police with no accident occurring. This way, the driver and his three friend passengers wont be able to drive to "getting drunk" street for the next season avoiding harm to other responsible young sober drivers. Those passenger need to reason with their driver pal to avoid him taking the wheel when he sees double street lines. No one will take the risk of losing their driver license because his driver friend was too unwise to call a 25$ taxi.

Double the driving license suspension on each catch for the drunk drivers having regain legally their steel mobility; suspend for 8, 16, 32, 64 months. If a driver that haves his driving license suspended for alcohol higher than the law permits, seize his car for 6 months, send him to minimal security prison for three weeks, create a three year temporary criminal record for his case and give him a bus pass for the remaining 21 weeks without his precious car. Three weeks in prison is very disruptive for work equally for studies and finding a god job with a criminal record will be more effort. Foul us once, shame on us, foul us twice, shame on you! He will learn that we don't play street zigzag with our laws. The guilty youngsters will stay at home, drink their refreshing beer and watch the Sport Network and forget about dance club ladies for a while.

If the drunk driver hits someone, the actual law putting him to long jail sentence is not the best solution. The driver on 75% of the time will flee the accident scene to avoid being caught to not find out that they were drunk and the wounded won't get immediate attention. Many deaths happen waiting too long for that ambulance to make its appearance. If the guilty driver do his duty even if his dizzy, remains on the accident scene and calls assistance, record this on the police report for the judge to acknowledge and slice automatically half of his jail sentence or community time service. It is one thing to harm someone but to murder by inaction an innocent victim is far worse.


The future global power of Quebec Canada is on the horizon: Our water is free for everyone with no exception!

Citizens of the province of Quebec, we have 3% of all drinkable water in the entire World. Water is far more precious than gold, its eternal health that we have in our hands so all Earth citizens, poor and rich, can benefit from our diamond Canadian hearts. Instead of figure out how to make big profit with this celestial blue ore, lets give it away and earn in return good public attention and installing in all to remember that we, Quebecors, we are sent from the Lord to save lives!

The Americans pay and build the water pipelines going from the sea ports through desperate dry cities of the World and the European Union pays for our armada of Super Water Tankers delivering our fresh water where-ever its needed and we Canadians divert our global aid funds to pay for our transit cost and our sailor salaries. We give and we have an immediate return. Its a win-win situation that God can only dream of. This Quebec pure water will never dry out if we take good care of its extraction because snow is there too replenish us on each harsh Canadian winter. And in Canada it snow big time all the time! "We have la fontaine de Jouvenche!". In Quebec Canada, we have water sent from heaven and that is our eternal gift to all countries to cherish. And if our gifts pleases the receiving country, our super water tankers are ready to bring back to Canada your own gifts to us so we can in return, taste your refreshing fruit nourished with our diamond blue ore. Trust me on this one: "Agissons maintenant Québecois peuple pure et noble!"
Quebec gift

Tornadoes stoppers - Fun facts - Pharmacist unworthy tricks - Exercise that diaphragm!

Steve Log: May 17, 2011.

Reading "The Pravda" article "Aftermath of killer tornadoes in USA: 340 killed"

To prevent tornadoes slaughtering your cities you need a break wind obstacle to stop it: dense Forests. Tornadoes have absolutely no chance of moving and surviving when they hit our golden tornado killer trees. Your south USA yellow fields are great for massive agriculture benefits but they are too huge. You need to do a major reforestation near your fragile highly populated neighborhoods. It will only take fifteen years to grow and then you will have your diamond shield against life thief tornado. In Eastern Canada, we never get tornadoes, not because it is not hot enough in summer but we have our guardians sticking by our sides: Our numerous glorious Maples and mighty Firs! Those damn tornadoes dont have a chance against our gracious forests armada!

A quicker but less attractive solution is to create man made hills to stop the tornado's path going to the dense neighborhoods. Place these hills so they encircle the highly populated areas and then you have a great chance of waking up the next morning with the barn still standing.
Not a chance


Fun facts:

1) When ordering your drug prescription, pharmacists make you strategically wait a while in their establishment not because it takes time to count those tiny 60 pills but that is their trick to keep us shopping for half useful stuff that they are selling. Sit down a start reading one of their books and you will see, your prescription will be ready in less than 8 minutes!

2) We wear myopic correction glasses because at our young age we did not exercise our eye diaphragm enough. By staring at the computer screen, television or reading a book for too long, our eye diaphragm is always looking at the same distance and it gets lazy with nothing to practice its focus abilities. Each half hour we should give a five minute break from our reading activities and look at something in further distance. Looking outside is a great exercise as there is multiple focus distance to practice on. For our 1 year to go to Mars space travellers, they should exercise in the spacecraft their sight with stereoscopic LCD shutter glasses while playing computer games so their eye diaphragm stays in top shape focusing from one plane to another otherwise they will have sight problems sooner than they expected.

Bin who? - Suffering in the Purgatory - Same past - Gaining past wisdom - Gold providers - Erase - Do not touch them!

Steve Log: May 10, 2011

The more we talk about Osama bin Laden, the more ammunition you give to Al-Qaida. The worst that can happen to Al-Qaida dark soldiers is for us to move on to another subject quickly and forget their dead glorious leader. Do not fear their retaliations because they lost their main star the brought continuous income to Al-Qaida safe and with no gold to pay for their soldier salaries, they will fade away in the near moonrise. That is the main reason why they have an army: They are gold providers! Lets hope that the spirit of Osama bin Laden will acquire wisdom in the temporary purgatory and he will whisper to all Al-Qaida members to stop this fight that haves no goal but to create hatred against those that believe deeply in great Mohamed strict line of conduct, the integrists. Osama bin Laden will go to heaven but first he will experiment in the purgatory all the awful things that his movement has created in the last decade. He will suffer tremendously but shortly.

We must not forget that we as catholics were very wild in the 6th century with our tireless Crusader wars against all those that do not comply to our catholic beliefs. The integrist Muslims are going exactly through that same state of mind. The integrist will learn to share with us their strong values to fallow Gods words of wisdom giving time and its we catholics, that have all to gain with this future exchange that hopefully will bring us closer to God again as were our Grand-Parents that lived in harmony with all different neighbor cultures. We lost our souls in this wild behaviour to replace God with a material World that is forcing us to work 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year up until our body is dry out at 65 revolutions around the Sun. We are still slaves.

The Pakistan government were aware of Osama bin Laden presence on their soil that is an undeniable fact. They had great fear of Al-Qaida terrorist attacks and that is why they shut their eyes on this large house that did not see much visitors. Many neighbors were suspicious but silence was their bullet-proof jacket for their survival. Forget the Pakistan officials for their lack of courage to provide Osama bin Laden easy to find location. It would serve only grief to cut USA gold assistance to Pakistan. Barack, turn the other cheek and forget this misconduct from Islamabad. They are in fault and they know it. They will not deceive you Americans again for the next sixty years. USA does not need another nuclear capable enemy.

Messages to USA army:

You are worried of the total war repercussions on Americans if you reveal the last Osama bin Laden photos of his capture. Destroy the originals and all copies of it as you did with the body of Osama, the Al-Qaida leader. We do not wish to see them! Your Marines testimonies is enough for us to rely on. You got Osama bin Laden and we believe you. Bad photos wont do any good. Delete them all!

Do not touch Osama Bin Laden wives! Terrorism and war is a men's battleground. Let the children and the ladies out of this great breakthrough for a possible end to Al-Qaida terrorism. Osama bin Laden computers are much more valuable: All the income providers are listed and they will change bank accounts to not get caught. Act quickly. Find out their locations and who they are. It is them that are the key to break all Al-Qaida activities in the World: No gold, no nothing! You will gain more and more hatred from the Muslim World if we find out that brutality on women is our way of living to squeeze out tiny bits of information for the USA Intelligence agency. Only low life losers steep so low! Women and children have the war immunity!!
Forgive me

10 Traffic jam cures - A new bridge?! - Magic potion against Bullying at school

Steve Log: May 2, 2011

Fighting traffic nightmares

For all those mayors that wishes to encourage public transportation in their cities to unclog the dense city traffic, you need more than a billion dollar tramway, a lot of extra buses or expensive suburb commuter trains.

First of all, you need these:

  1. More sidewalks on each side on the street that are well cleared from the snow in winter. This includes technology parks that are very dangerous for the pedestrians walking on the side of those no-sidewalk streets to reach their job offices and factories;
  2. On all intersection lights, set pedestrians crossing light indicators with 53 seconds to cross the street instead of that ridiculous 24 seconds run for hell actual timing;
  3. Construct elevated rain protected gateways to cross those busy highways so it saves pedestrian walk time from point A to B;
  4. Implement bus shelters on half of all bus stops. If raining, the pedestrians wont mind walking an extra 65 meters to reach this weather shield. Do not forget to put a trash can near this bus stop client increaser. When bus hours are terminated in the late night, let the homeless sleep in these bus stops to relieve them from mother nature cold breeze. They know if they remain clean, its OK to stay;
  5. Instead of the publicity displayed on the bus shelter walls, put all the buses schedules passing at that precise bus stop. When we are freezing outside in cold weather and we don't know when that bus is coming, we don't give a damn about that publicity! Take that away and put useful information instead! Far less frustrated clients;
  6. Do frequent police patrols near busy subway stations to push away those drug dealers harassing the public transportation clients; This is specially annoying in downtown Montreal at the Berry-UQAM station. "Déplacez ces minables hors de nos chemins ciboire!";
  7. In Canada, we have a well appreciated yearly tax deduction for all costs payed for public transportation. Your country should do the same to help the students and less fortunate citizens have a nice tax return so they can eat filet mignon once in a while;
  8. In the subway of glowing London UK, the further you go, the more expensive is the transit ticket. This way, the citizen is encouraged to stay close to his work office and the suburbs don't expand out of control as in Montreal and Toronto Canada; just construct higher downtown apartment towers and set a nice bus stop near by; very profitable for the public transportation system and less overall pollution;
  9. Slice a portion of the city streets and give this to the cyclist community by setting a protected area to ride on to secure their well being. The cyclist have great fear of being slammed hard when travelling in the city when an unwise parked car driver opens his door without looking behind him. Protect them is imperative! Also, set bicycle park bars all over the city and do a police patrol often near these parking areas to discourage bicycle thieves so the cyclist can shop and hop from store to store with freedom of mind;
  10. Buy land near the remote subway stations going directly downtown with no switching of subway lines and set huge free parking areas so that citizens that wish to save time, can simply park his car and hop on the subway to go downtown. At these huge parking lots, hire two security agents to keep a watch eye on those active car thieves that are in steeling mode.

Take 70 million dollars and improve these ten points and you will see your city will have cleaner air to breath, nice small commerces will bloom everywhere, your citizens will be less frustrated, they will be more productive at work and they will elect for another term that mayor that took these initiatives. You must stop thinking that it takes a three billion dollars subway-train-tunnel-bridge to resolve your city traffic nightmares. Forget that expensive and risky fix and go to your drawing boards and city plan for a few months your fluid traffic futures!
City Planning

Message to the citizens of Montreal from the rest of the Canadian Quebec province: You want a new 7 billion dollars "Champlain" bridge? Are you out of your minds! If you want a new bridge, pay it yourselves by starting saving on the construction cost by making all suburban car drivers pay to pass on the actual old "Champlain" bridge and in height years, you will enough gold to build your bran new bridge "puis chrissez-nous patience avec vos goûts de ville folle de la dépense extravagante!"


Reading the "Boston Globe" - "Agreement for five in bullying case" article:

Different punishments for different bullying crimes:

Crime: Mark was reported steeling the lunch money of Alan.
Director's punishment: On the thief's return in class the next morning, the teacher impose on Mark to write 60 times on the black board "I shall not steel from Alan". After writing this sentence sixty times in front of all students to learn his unwise action, his exhausted arm will say to him "Gosh! I look stupid. I will ask mom for more quarters to pay for my Coca Cola. Steeling is not worth this!". If Mark steels again and again, he will write 120, 180, 240, 300 times "I shall not steel from John, Carl, David and Ron". Problem solved with a low frustration level.

Crime: Mark hits and slaps repeatedly Alan: Physical harassment.
Director's punishment: Mark will skip for two weeks his sport classes and imposed to go to the library and be giving the book "How to behave in society" so he reads and learns the wisdom of our great philosophers. If he does not want to read this valuable book, just let him stare at the two hands of the clock ticking backwards. He will start reading the next day I guaranty it! Next time he physically harasses someone, the sport class class will be suspended for three, four, five and six weeks. Socrate will learn him to behave. Problem solved with meditation as he's new ally to behave honorably.

Crime: Annie insults depressed Stacey on too many occasions.
Director's punishment: Under the supervision of the cleaning school staff at lunch hour, Annie will empty all the trash cans half-full and completely full and that's her punishment. After emptying three times all the garbage for her three hard insults on Stacey, she will think four times before dirty words come out of her bad breath mouth. Problem solved with the school sparkling clean.

Crime: Annie does really awful tricks on Stacey to humiliate her in front of others.
Director's punishment: The next day, give Annie a bottle of vinegar with water in it and make her clean the windows of her Math, English and Art classes under the teachers supervision. The roles are reversed, the trick is on her for unwise actions on Stacey. Problem solved with sunshine vinegar.

Give three free lunches at the cafeteria to each victims Alan and Stacey to put back a smile on the faces. The teachers and the school staff must be active in controlling bullying in the school establishments so that unworthy behaviours be beaten with sweat and humour.

All these punishments that the smooth criminals decide to do don't need to be reported to their parents. It is between the school code of honor and the misguided students to resolve behaviour misconduct with smooth punishments. The smooth criminals don't need from their parents an extra punishment at home after school and on their weekends. Limited frustration - Limited long term repercussion on their victims.
School Rules

Leave Hosni alone! - Cutting a trillion worth of crap - Commonwealth Moon of honey

Steve Log: April 13, 2011

Reading the "New York Times" "Mubarak Detained for Questioning" article:

Do not put on trial Hosni Mubarak neither his family members! It is not by punishing them that the World will be a better place to live in. Do not charge them of any crime but take away three quarters of his personal family wealth stolen while he was in power in Egypt. This way it will not discourage other dictators to leave power when they feel the heat on them put on by their country citizens wanting a real change to set democracy free. If other dictators know that the will face trial and be lynched when a protest is in progress, very ugly it will become. Protesters will die by hundreds at each week. They were country leaders after all not a gangster with a loaded gun threaten an innocent child. Always know when no escape in sight, desperate actions resulting in a wild deadly fights for survival is the only road for them to choose from. Hosni Mubarak decided to leave power with minimal causalities and that must be remembered as a courages gesture. Forget the past, let them free and let's move on with the elections Cleopatra!
Love On


Reading the "Washington Post" "Obama seeks spending cuts, taxes on wealthy" article:

Dear Barack, you can cut 1 trillion dollars for deficit control but never will you be able to cut down your 4 trillion dollars over 12 years. It is mathematically impossible without driving your economy into an abyss of deep recession. The trillion dollars you can cut is on military research & development. You are wasting way too much gold on this military advantage in combat behaviour. Your enemies will always find a defensive weapon against your new ray gun giving time to figure out how it works either by spying in your weapon industries or by capturing an intact high tech gadget on the battlefield. Go back and read all our World War 2 history books and Russia won the war against Nazi madness with man power and overwhelming medium tech armors. As you have realized in Irak and Afghanistan, tech toys are nothing in front of courage! These high tech weapon companies will be far more useful designing robots to explore the Moon, Mars and Europa. All the United Nations would benefit from your sharp R&D expertises in creating robotize knowledge conquers instead of these artillery widow creators. When a new war is on the horizon, then put your minds in creating new innovative gun and bullets but in peace time, stop wasting your brainpower on this madness to dictate your will as decadent emperors. Cut that trillion dollars on death toys! You can do it Barack!!
Tank Rusting


Reading the "guardian.co.uk" "Middleton confirmed for wedding" article:

William and Kate are coming honey mooning in Quebec city / Canada this summer!
Royal Couple

Money War Leeches - Thieves with suitcases - Libya's Coup d'État - Cote d'Ivoire needs us! - 21st Century Holy Wars

Steve Log: April 1, 2011

Canada Times: What is the biggest threat as we speak today?

Steve: There will always be wars between nations as for North and South Korea and civil wars as in Libya and in Côte d'Ivoire. Those are my learnings from our 4000 years history books. In the 21st century, the major threat comes from the major companies that provide shells and bullets for these wars. It is them with their lobbyists in London and in Washington that are influencing their political leaders and army generals to wage an aggression that is not welcomed in the World Peace. Does Irak sound familiar to the USA and to the UK? These clashes create enormous profits for the rotten shareholders of these armament companies. Profiting from a war should be forbidden. Creating a fleet of high tech jet fighters to secure our country land and make profit is ok, but arming those jets and waging wars in a foreign country and earn profits on bullets, food and fuel sold to the army should not be allowed. Those weapons lobbyists are very dangerous and should be put aside when a major conflict occurs so our army generals and politicians remain pure in their intentions to secure long lasting World peace. For all the leaders that wish for war in far away lands, make the connections between their surroundings that give them warmonger suggestions; Who are those Lucifer followers? Do they hold stocks in armement companies? Do your investigation and many rats will be revealed. Remove these weapon lobbyist crooks from the White House with no hesitation! They serve no purpose but to create chaos and corrupt our great politicians for the pleasure of their unworthy shareholders!

It costed 500 billions dollars to the USA for the war in Irak.

-100 billions for the soldiers salaries - That's ok;
-100 billions for the maintenance of the equipment - That's ok;
-100 billions for food, that gives 50 billions of profits to Kraft - That's bad;
-100 billions for ammunition, that give another 50 billions in profits for the bullet skunk industries - Bad again;
-And the last 100 billions for fuel, 50 billions of profits to Exxon - Very bad again.

The USA citizens payed 150 billions in profits to the armament shareholders. Those war leeches almost bankrupted America! Be aware that big time thieves are not always carrying guns but suitcases most of the times!

Earning gold by provoking death is not welcomed in the face of God and all those that paint their luxury house with blood and guts should be treated as criminals!
Right Decisions

Canada Times: What are the next steps in the Libya uprising?

Steve: Khadafi does not want to leave in shame Libya in the hands of the rebels; It is embbarassing. Hosni Moubarak should contact Mouammar and convince him to leave in dignity to save Libya from complete destruction. The United Alliance can hit the heavy armors moving forward to the capital of the rebels Benghazi but it is ill advised to hit Kadhafi hideouts. The assault by the Allies on Kadhafi known positions are not them of a coalition that which for freedom for the Libya citizens but those of zero star generals wanting to kill Kadhafi to condemn him for his past Human Rights crimes. We do not treat country leaders as criminals as they did in the French revolution 300 years ago by hanging them. Kadhafi has plenty of blood on his hands and he knows it and the Holy Father will remember it when Muhammur's soul leaves Earth and he will choose the time sentence in temporary hell: The Purgatory. Let God take care of Kadhafi punishment. The Libya upraising is not the same as in Egypt; The Egyptian people were united in their will to move to a more prosperous future dictator free and they did not take weapons to write their democratic words in history. Two totally different events.

We can remove the dictators by creating a "Coup d'État" driven by their own past followers. The pro-Kadhafi are not fighting for him but for the safeguard of their jobs in the army and for the generous paycheck that the Kadhafi administration are paying them at the moment. Assure that the army personal will remain in place with the actual salaries if Kadhafi falls and then more and more desertions will occur in all army ranks and the war is almost won with minimal casualties; Eat the beast from the inside!

The pro-Kadhafi air force is now destroyed and that is a very good thing that France came in the highlights and said: "Assez, c'est Assez!" Provide defensive weapons, ammunition and plenty of food to the rebels and let them win alone their war against their ruthless dictator. It his their victory to grasp. This war is far from over if diplomacy is not on the agenda. Give the golden ticket to Mouammar so he can leave Libya with no regret of being bounty hunted by unworthy country leaders that which him six feet underground. Housni, my brave man, call Mouammar and invite him to stay in your home for as long as he wishes!

We must use armored force to encourage democracy against the cheaters. Côte d'Ivoire is living a awful crisis that is as tragic as in Libya. Democracy has been violated. The dictator Laurent Gbagbo has lost his elections but he sticks to power like a fool! The Côte d'Ivoire rebels are fighting the same battle as in Libya and must be helped by all means necessary so we give a clear message to all countries that wish for real democracy; "Dictators, your time has come! Leave our holy lands and go die on lost island of luxury if that satisfies you rotten power hungry lost souls!". Barack and Hillary are wondering what would be accomplished by sending military assistance to help the Côte d'Ivoire rebels? Liberty of expression of choosing our own democratic leaders and proving that democracy works in the face of the World and it will be protected by all means necessary by the United Countries of the free World! It is not enough saying to Gbagbo must leave immediately; That is weak democracy; We must act so our words have meaning; Move green berets to secure beauty Ivory Coast from an another African civil war!!
Holy Wars

Dirt radiation shield - Molecular weekness - Deep in the ground - Nuclear power will survive - Colonization, Death & Security - Children are the key - Statistic jam - Reading the signs

Steve Log: March 16, 2011.

Reading the "New York Times" article: "Workers Strain to Retake Control After Blast and Fire at Japan Plant"

Don't waste time with sea water to cool down the nuclear reactors. It is too late for that now. Take military heavy shielded helicopters piloted by courages men and drop dirt on those doomed reactors! Buried under 6 feet of dirt, these nuclear reactors will cool down without damage as for our bodies buried in the soil when death takes us to eternal life. If the reactor core finally explodes, it would only eject dirt and dust and these two elements would slow down radiation spreading throughout the region. After the reactors are finally safely buried with dirt, the reactor radiation spreading will calm down in a few weeks. In five months, it will be easy to remove the dirt from the damaged reactors, install a new redesigned highly secure reactor and reestablish the lights in glowing Japan.

They are 70 new nuclear power plants that are planned for construction in the World in the near future. Construct these reactor cores deep in the ground surrounded by a dense rock shield so the rock and the dirt will contain the radiation if something goes wrong. If a reactor container explodes as for the Japanese Fukushima disaster, fill the reactor exploded crater with nearby dirt pushed by remote controlled bulldozers so no one gets exposed to the deadly radiation.

Concrete and Lead are not the best containers for radiation because both their molecular structures are linear and neutrons can find a strait line outside them if they are not dense enough. But dirt is microrocks and its molecular structure is non-linear and the neutrons from radiation bounce inside it and are trapped with no strait line to get out. Nuclear power never looked so safe and clean!
Molecular Structure

Reading "Paris Match" article "West bank: A family decimated in their sleep"

The Israel government answer to this awful tragedy: Build 500 new colony settlements to teach a lesson to the Palestinians to behave with honor. It seems that "Eye for Eye" is the Israel government reason to live on their land. As a Catholic, I say to all Israel people the fallowing: Things will only get worse with your "Eye for Eye" outdated behaviour. Our common Lord taught us to not fall into this trap because it just creates more and more anger on both sides and conflicts will just be more frequent and wilder. The Palestinian murderer has not receive this deadly order from the leaders from the West Bank pure souls. It was a single mad man action that all nations faces when their young adults are trapped with no bright future ahead as for the West Bank unemployed citizens.

Message to Israel government: Here is the answer you should have given to all murders that wish harm on your colony settlers:

Triple all colony security: Do a full background check on all colony workers before hiring; Set more infrared cameras detecting Lucifer soldiers in the dark night; Double the security patrols in the colonies and Mobilize only the most competent criminal investigators to catch these criminals when these awful situation happens. Your colonists our frighten by this recent tragic event and its not by enlarging their population or paying them more gold to settle that would comfort them near the window of their West Bank neighbours.

Your colonization of golden land West Bank is a bad idea from the start and you will face danger on each nights until the end of your old fashion "Eye for eye" response to an aggression. Only having two children will maintain your population but your Arab citizens living on your land have 6 and 7 family members and that is the biggest threat to your future stability in Israel. Redirect your gold resources from colonization To subsidizing massively children care services and give to the families that have 3 and 4 children generous bonus to encourage your future demographic boom.

In Canada, we give one year of unemployment income for the mothers and 6 weeks for the fathers for each newborn. We also have 7$ a day daycare centers and we give gold to the families that use regular 25$ a day daycare center so everyone gets all the need to rise their children with dignity. Golden babies are blooming from coast to coast all over our diamond country!
Golden Children

Note: My GoDaddy internet provider visitor statistic reports have been jammed by an unknown cheater. Getting false readings. I was expecting that one day or another. From now on I will rely exclusively on decoding the signs.
The Matrix

Libya; Awakening of the pure hearts - General Steve strategies: Naval mobilization - Full at takeoff - Fliers - Strela - First Aid - Observe only - Golden ticket - Venezuela

Steve Log: March 2, 2011.

Reading and watching well informed EuroNews:

France, Italia, Israel, Spain and Algeria: it's time for the mobilization of your naval fleet for the relief of your Mediterranean brothers caught in the Libya upraising. There is a great crisis at the Libya-Tunisia border and Mother Teresa spirit and the Tunisian new government is saying to you all to act quickly. Do not send your warships but cargo ships filled to full capacity with fresh water, temporary shelters and food to relieve the hungry hearts and warm up those that are freezing on the Tunisian cold winter nights. They need us!
Rescue Task Force

If you want to break Kadhafi counter-offensive, you must scramble their military communications channels. With no communication towers and cellular signals to send death orders to suppress the brave rebels, their army will firing blank ammunitions. Also, make all pro-Kadhafi military personnel fighting for him remember the best choice: Fighting for Kadhafi that has stolen billions of dollars for his family pleasure like too many other dictators and gives a tiny 300 Euros to the Tripoli families to appease the rage against his regime OR fighting for their children and their glorious future that wish for a change in government that will leave them the choice to react democratically to future leader decisions that are not welcome to their reborned bright society. WWII tactic: Take high speed aircrafts and drop fliers on all pro-Kadhafi military concentrations saying "Join us my brothers for the sake of freedom and our upcoming joy" to shift the balance of power!!
Shift of Power

For each heavy military airplane that travels to Libya to fly back your home citizens, fill those planes at departure with food and fresh water and leave these goods at the pickup area so that the Libyan citizens can gain strength for the great liberty battle that they are fighting. Russia would be of a great help if they can send discreetly a few thousands of 9K32 "Strela-2" defensive anti-aircrafts weapons to the rebels protecting their cities against those unworhty pro-Kadhafi deedly troops of the sky. We must provide first aid logistics to the people of Libya, rebels OR pro-Kadhafi without distinction. We are all brothers. Do not intervene military to create a new Afghanistan! Be present and observe and if someone goes overboard on one side or another in the Human Rights view, punish only those that give the orders for these rotten misbehaviours. Message from the Canadian wise souls: Observe and protect!
Anti-AircraftObserve and Protect

Give to Moummar Kadhafi a ticket to security. Let him keep a few dollars for a comfortable life for himself and his family so he can leave to a brave country that would shelter them and that would be the savior of a major catastrophy; The World would be forever in your debt! Moummar Kadhafi is stuck and does not know his upcoming moves and he can get very ugly if no open doors are available. Maybe Moummar is waiting for your call so he can bail out of this mess. If we don't try it Venezuela, we will never know!
Golden TicketCall from God