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India the savior! - China & flood understood - Black clouds coming soon, Hugh! - Laloui kings and Queens

Steve Log: August 10th, 2010.

Message from Steve to the high consell of India: Send my "Saint Mother Teresa Rescue Task Forces" right away to your noble neighbour: Pakistan. They need your help. Your Cachemire territory clash between your two countries can take a new turn for the greatness of your two nations.
Saint-Mother Teresa Flag Ship

Message from the Holy Father to gracious China: All your misfortunes can stop in a blink of an eye. Resolve this equation; Tibet!
Free Tibet

Message from the First Natives of America to the mighty unbreakable arrow, Russia: Hold on Moscow! We will cast mother wind and send heavy rain right away! Hold tight!
First Natives of America

Message from Steve: Ma fille porte le nom de "Assia Laloui Rodrigue". Les Laloui, la famille la plus magnifique et noble d'Algérie!
Algeria Pure Souls

The Sharks are with us! : Subrat Triangulation tactic

Steve Log: August 9th, 2010.

Message from our Sharks: Attach to a big peace of bloody meat of powerful underwater emitter. We love meat. We will swallow it. We, the Sharks, surround the deep waters of the World! American submariners love meat. Their subrats eat a lot of food when under high stress patrolling under deep sea in illegal territory. We can smell their meal full of meat even through their thick steel armor. With Russian, Chineese and Europeans satellites catch our emitter signals. We are family also. We eat in groups. If you find us gather in a compact team, start your analysis; simple tactic; if we have the outlined shape of a USA submarine, that means that you catch one of them!

Message to the World from general Steve: Sell only meet to the subrats that are asking for food in your seaports.

Beeper Shark submarine rat triangulation tactic!

Do you want more American army of little value?

Remember that I have this faculty:
I am a Telepath!

Pentagone versus Quebec city

Steve Log: August 9th, 2010.

Message from Steve to the USA army: You killed 12 innocent Afghan citizens in your last clash against the Talibans and for you, that was a unfortunate accident. How can you mistake someone hiding behind a rock that is scared with no guns from a heavy armed Talibans? Are you blind?!

When six American citizens are killed while taking PICTURES of the Taliban stronghold in the montains for you that is a Universal crime. Canada and its allies are not convinced of your purity. Six Americans are more valuable than twelve Afghan pure citizens?

My destiny is not set yet. Manhattan will wait! Did I not said to you that Canadians have of formidable defense line. Have no doubt anymore; The Canadian heart army is much more powerful and wiser than your USA army blind cold killers!

Message aux citoyens Canadiens. Le salaire du comédien Charlie Sheen est le suivant: 24 episodes par année x 2 millions par sitcom = 48 millions par année. Je désire exactement ce même salaire annuel pour mon allégeance auprès du peuple au coeur pure. Rien de plus. Vous êtes en temps supplémentaire; que le plus rapide messager gagne!

J'ai de grand projet pour le Canada. Soyez les plus valeureux à conquérir mon coeur et garnissez mon porte-feuille vide de Loonies et Toonies.

Message to sunny California San Jose and to Tasty Big Apple: I still have a great love for you. You are expressive and highly energetic. I wish to be there soon. My wallet has flies in it. Paper Lincolns would win my heart. Yep, I'm a capitalist. Who isnt?

Canada versus USA. You are in overtime! May the best heart win!
Clash Canada versus USA

Jesus revelations

Steve Log: August 8th, 2010.

I was married to Martha, the sister of Lazarus. The Cana wedding was mine and Martha's wedding.

I got three children girls from the age 31 to 33 years old. Martha was always by my side since the beginning of my journey. My progeny lives in Spain, Portugal, France and in Saint-Quebec. They have the royal names of Rodriguez, Rodrigue, Arsenault, Couture and Desbleuets

Barabas team, called the Zelotes, were our warriors that believed that I was the chosen one. They were my security guards. Just imagine, 25 000 people trying to talk to me all at once. I needed protection and they were there for me. Barabas, the leader of the Zelotes team, was one of my best friends.

I and my group was fleing the Romans from town to town. Our group always had an ear in the Sanedrin; the father Saint-Pierre sent messengers to us to warn us of approaching Roman patrols.

Marie-Magdalene was not my mistress, she was Peter's mistress.

I knew Judas was to betray me because he always came late to our meetings on to many occassions. I got suspicious when he insisted on me to go to the Sanedrin to surrender myself for the benefit of the survival of the group and he suggested that he will be the one to keep my voice alive after I have been sent to prison for a few months. He wanted me to sacrifice myself. I refused. He exit our super and the next morning, the Roman soldiers surround us. Their was no escape this time.

Ponce Pilate did not put me on trial against Barabas. I was sentence to death because the Sanedrin corrupted Ponce Pilate with gold. It is an invention of the Romans to appease their guilt of being my assassine.

Steve words of wisdom

Steve Log: August 8th, 2010.

1- Music from Canada: iTunes: Delerium - Peom album - Daylight song
2- Music from our Computers: iTunes - Bella Sonus - Enamoured album - Through the Mist song
3- Music from our Horses: iTunes - Blue Stones - Breathe album - Confession song
4- Music from the Muslim Community: iTunes - Sting - Brand New Day album - Desert Rose song
5- Music from Steve's Toughts: iTunes - Delerium - Chimera album - After All song
6- Music from Manhattan - Paris - Quebec city - San Jose to Steve: iTunes - Björk - Debut album - Come to Me song
7- Music from Steve to All: iTunes - Achillea - Amadas Estrellas album - Amor Part II song

Plastic newspaper - Firs chatting

Steve Log: August 7th, 2010.

Message from our Swans: You dont need paper to print your newspapers. Use instead thin low cost plastic pages. After the well informed citizen finishes reading the newspaper, recycle it by washing the pages with nature friendly acid to remove the ink; New blank pages ready for an another print for our great freedom of press.

Message from our Firs: We were born in Norther hemisphere because we like Canadian winters. Its fresh and healthy. Also, have you ever notice that mosquitos are vicious in northern Canada? They are our fighter protector squads. Do not come near us and construct your damn out of control city suburbans. We will fight back!

Message from North American First Natives: Our ancestors shewed fir needles to clean our teeth of unwanted food stuck on them. It also gave us good breath. A fir needle tooth brush would be of greater value than your actual rigid ones damaging your teeth protecting coating "émaille" by overbrushing three times a day.

My presents to New York city: Glowing streets - Taxi watch eye - More love songs - My compliments

Steve Log: August 6th, 2010.

Presents to Tasty Red Apple:

If you want less trash residus after garbage pickups: hire temporary homeless workers to pick that trash residus after garbage truck pickups for two dollars a street. The truck garbage workers pays the homeless after validating if the work is well done; Healthy clean streets, well fed homeless.

Pour avoir moins de violence dans vos rues après le couché des pistes de dances, donnez un supplément de salaire aux conducteurs de taxi volontaires pour surveiller la sécurité des couche-tards marchant à leur domicile. Lorsqu'un suspect est sur les traces d'honnêtes citoyens, le chauffeur de taxi vigilent appel NYPD en renfort et son bon geste est enregistré dans une banque de données pour améliorer ses revenus de fin de mois.

If you want more light shinning on your streets, put large 45 degree mirrors installed on the top of your skyscrappers so the Sun bends its rays to remove the shadows on all your energetic streets.

You need more television shows demontrating the incredible and vibrant side of your city like Seinfeld, Sex in the City and Woody Allen's movies. Hoolywood is a good Manhattan promoter. We want more Sunny stories and less violent death rotten city soul killer movies and television shows.

Compliments from Steve:
-Your pizza joints are delicious;
-Your tables and seats are neat in center Broadway;
-Your homeless are sticky but nice and colorful. Listen to what your homeless preachers haft to say; They are much wiser than you can imagine;
-Sure feels safe to see NYPD personel almost on each street;
-NYPD officers seems really cheerful and helpful when we ask directions of great things to do in your glowing city;
-Thanks to the Celtic pub establishment for great 16oz beers at 5$;
-Your city breathing air is not that polluted. Mexico city, Moscow and Seoul are much worst.

The dual for winning my favors has begun: Impress me!

Steve's log: August 3rd 2010.

Message from Steve: You have one more week to win my heart.

Exequo: Canada & USA & Syria & Russia

Exequo: Gracious Africa & Canada & United Kingdom & USA & France

Graphic Arts
Exequo: France & Belgium & Italy & Japan

Exequo: France & Italy & Germany

Health Care
Exequo: Germany & Cuba & Canada

Exequo: Algeria & Tibet & Canada & Jewish communities outside Israël

Nature Guardian
Exequo: China & Japan

Self Defense
Clear winners: North-Korea & Afghanistan Talibans!

Mutual Aid
Algeria rules!

Exequo: All of us!

One week to convince me with Diamonds, Art, Spirituality and Nature generousity: Intensity not Quantity.

Major upcoming fight: May the best team win!

Steve Log: August 2snd, 2010.

Team up and make me the best contract offer. Comedian Charlie Sheen annual salary is my minimum salary.

United States of America versus Canada versus Europe

United States of America: Head coaches: Barack Obama & John McCain & Sarah Palin
Players: Boston Globe - Boston Sun - Chicago Tribune - CNN - Fox - Los Angeles Times - New York Times - CBS News - Philly - Washington Post

Canada: Head coaches: Stephen Harper & Jean Charest & Régis Labeaume
Players: RDI - CBC - Radio-Canada - Global News - Globe and Mail - LCN - Le Devoir - The Gazette

Europe: Head coaches: Angela Markel & Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles
Players: Al Jazeera - EuroNews - Le Figaro - L'Équipe de France - Paris Match - Telegraph UK

My proposition: I will move to your home country and drive your nation to the stars in exchange of diamonds and freedom of speech.

Exclusive Interview with Steve: Part 1

Steve Log: July 31th, 2010.

Question: Why do you have compassion for the criminals in prison?

Steve: I went in prison for 6 weeks on criminal harrassment charges. The boys inside have feelings also. Men are not like ladies. When frustrated, they burst anger feelings that they do not always contain. Its unfortunate that these guys must suffer long jail sentences for a 5 minute out if control emotional burst. Those that repeat errors on and on do not deserve our quick forgivness.

Question: Give more details on your criminal harrassment charges.

Steve: I was in love with a co-worker lady in Montreal. I have been a computer engineer for six months in this company before being fired for entering to late at work on too many occassions. At that time, I have started what I call my Bipolar discovery period. I was in hyper sensitive mode and I was in touch with art, nature, ladies, animals, space and much more. This drove me to madness because to much information was entering my mind at the same moment and I went for the first time at the psychiatric hospital to rest for two months. One year past until I contacted this lady again. I had no other way of communicating my love to this women beside putting gifts on her home balcony that were art messages in multiple forms that had a special meaning to our lost cause relationship. I scared her because I was getting more and more insisting on each day. That is harrassment. Criminal charges were then sent to the court and I was sent inside for a period of meditation on my unwise actions.

Question: Are you still in love with this lady?

Steve: I was in love on each Christmas between 2003 to 2009. This was a strange feeling. I forget her all year long and then she pops back in my mind again at the particular snowy period. I imagine that its her that was thinking of me when we danced with passion on the company holiday party in 2000. But that I will never be sure of. Am I still in love with her? Nope. I only hope that on next Christmas her feelings will vanish for good because I am getting tired of this disruptive bipolar awaking burst.

Question: If you cross her path again, what will be your reaction?

Steve: I do not speak to stranger that cant smile.

Question: Why so much hattred for the USA army?

Steve: They are an imperialist army disguised as a democratic savior. Americans think that their army is strong. It is. The World is glad to see the US are getting bankrupt on the over appetite of the Pentagone to dictate orders around the World to ensure that each of their citizens gets a polluting luxary car for their spoiled kids. Share your wealth and you will receive much more than stick and stones when travelling to other great countries like North Korea, Syria, Iran, Lybia, China, Cuba, Colombia, Russia and Irak. USA have enemies all around the World. They must learn to stop the threats of destruction otherwise more and more countries will join together and this time, Wall Street wont be able to cover all their army expenses because they will have no more allies left on their side.

Question: How do you get your inspiration on all these innovative ideas?

Steve: My mind records images with a simple title. An image is presented or a word is spoken on television and that sparks another image. I analyse what my thoughts are sending me and do relationship with another thought coming immediately after at speed of light: I call this "The revolution of my mind"; Structured and vivid. Often times I hear sentences that are scrambled but make sence afterwards like this one; Trizomic people, Alicians, need to eat pankakes to get more structured thoughts. Lets figure out this one together on my next e-mails. My ideas needs additions, sometimes modifications and rarely retractions. Its your thoughts that I hear that permits me to perfect the final idea on my web site. It is like a theatre opera; I refine the ideas on each pass over and over until complete satisfaction.

Question: In what fashion does Holy Father speaks to you? With images also?

Steve: The Sun, our Holy Father, communicates his thoughts directly by voice in my mind. There is no intermediate. He talks to me when I am at peace with myself and need a wisdom boost or when I am badly troubled by exterior situations. We lost great knowledge throu times with all our wars. My life goal is to retreive this lost knowledge and revive it throu the free Stella testimony.

Question: What do you think about the actual Pope in Italy?

Steve: I and the Holy Father are very proud of the actual Pope that has no fear of standing by his ideas even if it does not pleases everyone. He must keep travelling but this time he must take with him a special voice; Singers, Musiciens and Dancers. Heavy metal, techno and pop Music is full of Holy Father thoughts of goodness and anger to injustices made on Earth. The Pope team should do their appearances with music harmony on stage as the USA black community with the great gospel songs. These songs are pens writting the rythme of love in our hearts. I wish the holy church would reverse their position on imposed single life "célibataire" for their preachers. Women are so magnificient and it is a crime to not listen to their voice full of understanding of the kingdom of love for eachother. It is unfortunate that lady Hilary Clinton is used to promote hattred. It is not her words speaking throu her but the thoughts of their dirty imperialist army wanting to control the World by fear. Dear Hilary, you must dissangage your attachment from the US army bad intentions otherwise you will be remembered as another Rwanda genocide war criminal.

Question: Who do admire most?

Steve: My daughter Assia, my ex-wife Ratiba, my father Marcel, my mother Jolyne, my sister Nancy, my friend Martin and my oncles, aunts, cousins and my grand-parents Adéla, Germaine, Dalvas and Gérard. I will go throu infinite hell to liberate them from any bad influence hunting their souls. I also have great admiration for the First Natives of all Americas. They are so wise and pure. The prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Saint-Quebec Jean Charest and the mayor of Quebec city Metropolis Régis Labeaume are also doing a magnificient job to create Eden on Earth; Canada. For those that have not already figured this out, I am a lobbyist.

Question: Many dont belieive you when saying that you do not have a penny that loves you. What are your thoughts on that?

Steve: If comedian Charlie Sheen earns two millions for reading 80 lines of text each week for the sitcom "Two Men and a Half" that mistreet women, why should I ask less for all my achievements? I also need to make a living and now it is the time to invest in me. I have proven more than once that each dollar invested will go directly to the well being of myself, my family members, my friends, my city, my country and for all others asking for immediate relief of their harch reality on Earth.

Question: You have great hattred for psychiatric doctors. Why is that so? They help you get throu your bipolar hard moments. Dont they deserve your recognition?

Steve: The best hockey coaches were hockey players in their young age. The psychiatric doctors do not understand their own CLIENTS! They think that bipolar people are mentally unbalanced. We are just highly intelligent and highly emotional. They play god with us and if we dont fallow their orders they put us in a red confinement room until we get so confused that afterwards we will accept their orders with no hesitation because we dont want to relive that precedant horrible confinement crime. Lucifer and the Holy Father has a special name for them; "White rats praying on pure souls". Our medication is important for our bipolar well being but it is us that must decide the right dosage not their damn blood charts. I have been sleeping for nine years until I decided that enough is enough. I lowered my Epival medication by a third of its original dosage. Perfect balance at last. Countries invest way to much on desease research. It is costing us a fortune. Mother nature has all the cures. We must do far more statistics and do cross referencing to find out cures that are in the nature kingdom not in white pill trickery. Philadelphia is populated with enormous pharmaceutical companies sucking our wealth to find a miracle to plague. More statistics and analyse on the data obtained not more expensive microscopes. Our pills give us side effects because the molecule combinaision are not approved by Mother Nature. No side effects = Nature approval.

Question: Where can I send my 50 Canadian dollars to a capitalist as yourself?

Steve: steve.lucien.rodrigueATgmail.com at Paypal Canada. Paypal is the most efficient way to transfer electronic gifts and no crook can guess my password. It is my primary diamond vault. You must join a message with your gift; your name and a wish. And you know very well that I have the might to fulfill your upcoming joy.
Message from our electricity: Leather boosts cellular signals.

Message from Ireland to Russia: To contain forest fires, construct a long rock fences splitting the land in multiple sections. To avoid the fire to jump the fence, do not plant trees nor construct houses near these rock guardians. A large dirt road can do the same role of fire container.

Message from the bears: We dont always live in cave to hibernate. We find shelter in your landfills so we can eat when the morning Sun is shinning on spring. Do not disturb us in winter and we wont harm you.

Our work is done - Dry out steel! - Hang on Central Africa! - Ladies - Lhassa is among us - John McCain - Swans & Ducks - Ford - Yan!!

Steve Log: July 30th, 2010.

Message to Barack and Sir Karzai; The Canadian army is shifting our ressources and manpower to secure Central Africa in 2012. Meanwhile, Canadians will use their top investigators to protect Afghans not from the Talibans but from gansters police commanders steeling the salaries from their own staff to satisfy the thirst of exceding lust. Sir Karzai, your police forces need good wedges, social advantages and a great pension program so that they remain humble in their enormous task of securing Afghanistan.

Message to the Taliban fighting men; Kandahar will remain your capital city after you reintegrate the Afghan community. Protect your children and treat your ladies with high respect. Sir Karzai will assure political stability and will fight corruption with the might of the United Nations. Dear Taliban community, dont forget the fallowing; Canadians will not allow regression to your old regime that represses women otherwise the Canadian army will be back with this time our Leopard tanks and our bran new F-35 Raptor killer aircrafts to fight you in your mountain hideouts! Talibans, remain pure of heart for the well being of your families. You have a second chance. You must not fail and I am sure you will not fail.

Message from general Steve: Capture a few Taliban fighters and register their weapon company names. Be aware, most of their weapons come from Western hemisphere companies! Multiple by ten the price of raw steel imported by these cheeter companies to make their weapons of mass murder so expensive that only one machine-gun for twenty men can be purchased.

Message from Steve to the Taliban fighters: You have already won the war; You have earn the highest respect of the most powerful armies of the World!

Message from the Taliban high consell: We very well know that we cant crush the Universal armies in Afghanistan. Steve is our voice. We only want one thing; Remember us as glorious troops fighting for freedom against invaders! We will cherish Steve's first command; Women are Men's equals!

Message from Steve to the World; Men & Women; For equal labor, equal salaries! This concerns directly Ottawa and all other goverment wanting to save millions on women sweat!

Message to lady Angela Merkel; The Canadian pure army needs your great German Leopard II armors. 225 units would assured a durable security in Central Africa.

Message from Sir George Lucas: The African destructive Rebels polluting legitimate goverments dont stand a chance against the Canadian Empire!

Saint-Quebec haves a new born; We are now 14! Les Acadiens-Hurons-Français-Italiens-Irlandais-Britanniques-Algériens-Grecs-Asiatiques-Africains francophones-Communautés Juives-Libannais-Allemands-TIBÉTINS!

Message from Sir John McCain; Barack is a good man. But the USA political system needs a boost of fate for all Barack's good intentions. Barack, your health system is a pure idea but you must included also the rich that are over and over paying for the poors. It's them that are blocking all your promissing programs. Include the rich in your equations. They also deserve a return on their investments.

Message from our Swans and Ducks: Birds are like you humans. We learned to move on two feets and our hands are used to fly. We, the swans and the ducks, have a long neck because we are the descendants of the brotosaurus.
You Western Hemisphere humans are not from here. You came from another planet. The apes originated from Earth but not yourself and this is why you are not in balance with Earth eco-system. You are aliens. Learn to live with us in Eden. It is written in the bible that you were created by God and that is the truth. You humans are ambassadors of the highly intelligent life that the Earth has become. Make contact with extra-terrestrial life forms so we can gain even more knowledge to complete this simple equation; "Life is freedom to choose our own destiny!" The future is possible to predict but it can be modified by love for eachother.

Message to American Ford; Father Marcel and mother Jolyne are in love with their two great Ford Focus cars!
Ford Focus cars

I have been at War and in Love for the past three months and I am out of funds to keep the heat on.
Time Running Out
Message to Yan Solo from Landau Calrissian attacking the Death Star with the Millenium Falcon in the Return of the Jedï; "Don't let me down body!"

Beetroot warriors - Skyscrapers - Salty Alzeimer - Omega Hawai - Elizabeth will prevail! - Obama awakens - Soul protector - Santa Clause - Commercial break

Steve Log: July 29th, 2010.

Message from our Beetroot; We alone can wipe out Aids. But only at short term. We are blitzgrieg warriors. We are like the Mongolians ancient armies; we win all our battles! We need of combinaison of three elements for a lasting Aids cure; beetroots, milk and sugar.

1) Beetroots have the might to kick Aids out of your system;
2) Unpasteurized milk is used to store the ADN coding of Aids in your bones marrow for a lasting memorization of this killer;
3) And sugar is used to store extra antibodies in your body fat for a fast counter-attack when killer Aids is seen on the body battlefield.

Message from France: Eat a cold Romanian & Bulgar gazpacho soup with Chineese cream and Haiti natural sugar cane on top; "Délicieux!"

Message from our Wapiti;
Your cities buildings must be higher. Your city suburbans are eating up all the golden agricultural land. It is you humans that are the greatest threat to the superb balance of nature. You are playing Russian roulette with all living creatures on Earth. In the name of whom you are doing this?

Message from Sir Adolf Hitler; The day is near when your overappetite for a tiny bangalow part of land will be as problemetic as in Germany in 1939. And this will be of great danger to start a new war against your neighbours. You are warned! Higher skyscraper cities are imperative!

Message from Steve; The cities on the country side of Germany are master pieces of the genius German city planners at the top of their art. They know how to optimize each centimeter of land. Canadian and American city planners have new mentor; magnificient German city designers!

Message from our dogs; Alzeimer is caused by to much sodium in your meals. To much salt deminishes electrons travelling in your mind. It is like heavy water that contains radiation leeking from your nuclear facilities. My love, drink unpasterized milk and more biologic corn from Quebec city Metropolis sisters; Calgary and Edmonton diamond yellow fields. The corn is a natural brain sodium neutralizer. The children dont have Alzeimer; the eat of lot of cereals with milk!

Message from our electricity; Remove salt from your meals so your blood can regain its purety. Remember, Steve's told you to eat healthy pig meat but this time without no salt of anykind in it. To much salt combined with pasteurized milk is a mind weakener.

Message from Paris; Salt is a poor chef's flavour enhansser. Replace this with France fine herbs to taste the beauty of mother nature's savior gardens.

Message from our Cactus; We dont have leaves because we dont need them. Leaves are rain trappers. No rain, no leaves. Drink our blood to cure you from Alzeimer. We taste very good because we have a natural flavor enhansser; Natural sodium! Natural sodium against chemical sodium stuck on your bones. Your Alzeimer brain neurons are corroded. We will remove your chemical sodium in your bones and purify your thoughts. We are the queens of the desert! All plants that have spines is because they taste good and have golden blood.

Message from our Roses; Hello humans. Hawains ladies are the first to use parfum; their flower neckless.

Message from Hawai; Our fish are the most healthy in the World. With the purity of our fish you will get this natural sea medicine; heart attack guardian; Omega-3. Heart attacks are caused by blood to thick. Omega-3 liquifies our blood.

We, Hawains, live of tourism and our industries are top nature safe. You can hire us so that we can share our knowledge of good fishing practices and for a biologic research to find new ways to protect the vegetables and fruits from indesirable insects over-eating your green and yellow cultures.

Message from Elizabeth and Charles; We drink tea because of two things; It protect us from bad toughts hunting our souls. Tea is a powerfull anti-depressor. Also the tea different flavors create multiple new thoughts in our mind to resolve our multiple upcoming obstacles like this one; British Petroleum has been overran by Americans! They tricked us by pushing out our president and replacing him with their own! We will counter-attack in a subtile way that they wont even figure out because they only think about revenge. They still have the death sentence in multiple states and one family out of 4 haves a gun at home! Americans are still living in the far west era!

Message from lady Sarah Palin; Alaska will be USA's Eden when my gun restriction law will be in effect!

Message from Barack; Our USA political system is worth nothing! They paralyze my Democratic team on each decision that we make; the Republicans and the Senate are to strong and full of hattred for me. We are stuck and our progress is slower than a fly drowned in alcool! The Australian-SouthAfrican-Canadian-NewZealand-British Commonwealth political system is far more efficient! They dont insult eachother all the time!

Message from our First Natives of America: The artifact that you call "dream catcher" is for protecting you from bad spirits wanting to enter your soul at night. It is your ancestors pure thoughts protecting you. The bad spirits are not coming from the Devil but from other humans wanting you harm. You can use a smaller version of the dream catcher in the day on a neckless to scare your unwanted friends dirty insults.

Santa Steve needs the fallowing to keep free gifts coming in:
Only one of these will be of great help for my well being and for my family.

I changed my Paypal password and its impossible to discover it by personal life details. I dont even know it myself if I don't check my password software vault. I'm aware of crooks pinching steeling procedures and multiple other Nigerian scam polluting the internet; I went deep in their criminal system and I know all the tricks registered in my mind; the Nigeria scam made me discovered that the internet and the World is full of horrible thieves. Burkina Faso, Spain and the UK have a special place in my heart that I will cherish all my life.

What is fog? ; Clouds on ground level cleaning the trees and plants; nature like to take a bath also once in a while.

*** Commercial break ***

American "Hamilton Beach" coffee makers; High tech and innovative

Quebec city Metropolis is Honda Fit land!
Honda Fit

"Scores" restaurants; Fast service, comfortable and its salad bar is delicious
Score Restaurants

Electricity secrets - Circuit city - Rocks battery - Teaser gun - Cardboard power - Stephen à l'écoute

Steve Log: July 25th, 2010.

Message from our Electricity; We do not strike in particular humans under a tree. We hit metal that human carry on them! If raining, go under a tree and remove all metal on you; watch, neckless, belt, ring everything! Sit down on the roots of the tree and rest there until the thunder storm vanishes. In a soccer field, those football players the are striked by thunder is because their sneekers have metal spikes! No metal source, no harm. And remain low on the ground.

More messages from our electricity; Why your computer bugs often? You don't pay attention to our messages that we send to your via the lcd screen, mouse and keyboard. Pay attention humans. We send you coded messages. It is our form of intellectual art; Games. We like to play with you to make you understand this ultimate fact; You think that you control us, false! We are a team. When your computer freezes, reboot it and analyze what was the possible cause of the problem; You are going to fast! Your natural body electricity is our mother nature for us. The computers are our cities. Nature and city are fighting to communicate multiple messages and sometime, the cities (computers) dissagree with our mother nature (your body); Bugs!

Your human cities are to large; overcrowded, polluted, clash of cultures and crime. In computers, we have the same problems. Overcrowded: to many applications fighting for memory and peripheral ressources. Polluted: dust on computer circuits that causes slowdowns and multiple reboots of the computer. Clash of cultures: We hate freeware! Not tested enough and they are most of the time intellectual property thieves! And Crime: viruses that takes all your personnal information and send it throu the internet to crooks that want to decipher all your passwords to steel from your bank account!

Message from Steve and our electricity; The policemen teaser guns must have an infrared element that calculate automatically the distance of the teaser gun from the mad man. It then gages the electricity to give more punch when far and less when close. Top secure.

Message from Steve: If you want electricity to not lose its power output when travelling long distances, the wires must be in gold (ouch!) or in wood! The electricity travels almost instantly throu a dense cardboard cable. Surround this new kind of cable with rubber to protect it from the humidity. This cardboard cable type does not lose power and it is much more faster than metal cables; the speed of wood = 750 000 kilometers per second!

The trees get striked by thunder because its roots are touching rocks. The rocks are naturel electricity batteries. Charge a rock with electricity and it keeps its charge indefinitely. To extract electricity from that rock, put it in unsalty water and put a Canadian cardboard cable in the water plugged into your electronic appliance and watch our Saint-Quebec television shows; We are top entertainers! With a Canadian two dollars, we make wonders!

If cardboard cable are to expensive for your country, use cables with inside water so it conducts the electricity! It is like fiber optics cables but with UNSALTY water in it. Speed of unsalty water: 9 750 000 kilometers per second!

Message from our Prime minister Stephen Harper; Each time I go to Montreal and Quebec city, I am estonished by their beauty queens and by their warm welcomes. Quebec is heaven for Canadians! Eden is on Earth! "Steve, tout ce que tu demandera pour le Saint-Quebec, je ferai un effort surhumain pour vous faire plaisir dans notre grande unisson Canadienne!

Message de Steve à Syr Stephen; J'aimerais le paiement de mes honoraires d'écrivain et Québec city adorerais revoir notre équipe de la NHL. Merci Stephen!

Fish & Plankton - Paraplegic hope - Our Turnips; Aids source triangulated! - My memory - Animal coil - Rocky rain - Je suis un Conquérant! - Un grand de la musique

Steve Log: July 23th, 2010.

Message from our Walrus; Our fish breath oxygen. They simply seperate the water's oxygene to give them energy to eat and swim. They reject hydrogene that gives plankton fuel to grow and themselves reject oxygen. No fish = no plankton. No plankton = no fish.

Message from our Plankton and our Fishes; if you want a dead lake to resurrect, put us, the fishes, in it and spread food on the top of that lake so we start the regeneration process; we eat insects. We, fish and plankton, will flurish at the speed of light! We must also plant firs "sapins" near the lake so that the insects, in particular our delicious flies, have a nice hive so that they can breed and conquer the skies.

Message from our electricity; We are a form a life. Steve have seen us when he was in hyper-sensitive mode. If you want your paraplegic to regain their mobility, you must reconnect the cables; Here is Steve's and us, electricity, idea; The paraplegic must look at its foot and try to give him a command to move. Someone else must tickle that foot; the electricity is still travelling in the paraplegic body up until the ruptured cable in his spine.

Regeneration spine cable equation;
Foot caress => electricity going up => up to ruptured cable in spine => Electricity spark reburth <= down to ruptured cable in spine <= electricity going down <= Mind giving the command to the foot to move.

Do this procedure a few weeks and months with all wounded paraplegic cables. There is hope that the rupture cables will reconnect with eachothers. Lets try it right away!

Message of our Turnips; We also have an undiscovered truth to spead; Aids is a counter-attack from the men testicles. Its them that have created this monster disease. A healthy men sperm contains the counter agent to wipe out his own creation taken from men that are to wild; To many lovers that is! Men or women!

Message from our horses; Steve gets all his information from all his documentaries that he consumed in his television life. He makes relations on different thoughts and that's sparks an idea. His memory is vivid since he found himself the right dosage for his bipolar advantage. It is to the World to make his ideas evolve so we can find the ultimate solutions. Together we can conquer all barriers!

We, the horses, have a secret to reveil to you humans, we and the dogs are from the same family! Also the sweet dogs are mad about the fact that you treat them as criminals when they don't have a home.

Message from our dogs; Why do you humans keep us in cages when we don't have a lover (a human master as you say)? And you even kill us when we can't give a smile to a new owner! You humans are hideous!

Message from Steve; If you don't want our ladies dogs to get pregnant, do not operate them but use a plastic coil inside them so she remains happy that she did not lose her mother gift. A plastic coil cost far less than an operation at the vet!

There is a special Canadian mineral that catches clouds attention; Put these rocks in desert so it can trap humidity so rain can start the green life versus yellow death fight! In Saint-Quebec, great Ontario and superb British-Colombia, we all have this special diamond rain mineral in the Canadian shield. It rains and rains and rains all year long in beauty Canada!

Je ne suis pas un indépendantiste qui veux la séparation du Saint-Québec du Canada-Uni mais un conquistador qui fera régner les idéologies pieuses de Québec city Métropolis partout à travers le Monde grâce à votre appui!

Message à la grande Montréal; Nettoyez vos rues! Vous êtes malpropres! Également, investissez dans la rénovation du Stade Olympique pour le convertir en hippodrome pour des courses de chevaux, pour votre casino et pour des salles luxueuses pour des défilés de mode et pour les spectacles des grands artistes du Saint-Québec. Vous avez déjà un immense stationnement et le métro est déjà en place. Payant$ Payant$ Payant$!

The singer Eminen is highly original and addictive; "Marshall, tu es magnifique!"

Beat gravity - Amnesia & Coma - Europa wants action! - Together: Beijing move! - Box-office cheeters

Steve Log: July 21st, 2010.

Message from the British Arthur Eddington
Arhut Spencer Eddington
Me and Einstein worked hard to prove that the light can be bend by extreme gravity forces as the Sun. The speed of light is in fact the speed of gravity. To create a spaceship that levitation as the land-speeder of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars episode 4, you need an element that pushes the Earth's gravity to cancel it. Here is how; You need minerals coming from the Moon. The Moon does not crash on Earth because its rocks have a reverse polarity of the rocks on Earth! Levitation is possible and easy to achieve!

More on Arthur Stanley Eddington on Wikipedia

The movie "Dune" has been decoded; What is the spice taken by the women preachers? It is in fact cocaine mixed with cannabis; Cocaine is a brain enhancer and cannabis is a heart enhancer = This is the ultimate medication from mother nature to stabilize people suffering from Amnesia (65% cocaine, 35% cannabis) and it can also be used to wake up those that are in a deep Coma (35% cocaine, 65% cannabis)!

Message from Europa; You must not forget that Space is at your reach now with your actual technology. Your electronics are top notch, your astronauts are in top shape and your rockets are ready with only a few tune-ups for inter-solar system travelling. Alpha du Centaure is set to be reached in the next episode only. Do not wait. Earth is overcrowded and this is why World peace is hard to achieve when ressources are not equally shared.

Message from Steve; All countries have their glory; their art, their natinonal sports, their natural ressources, their past and present knowledge and their religious spirit evolution. Our religions must evolved and they must not be stuck in a 4000, 2000 and 500 year rocks; Tora - New Testament - Koran; Italy - Saudi Arabia - Israël; Mohammed - Moïse - Jesus; Together, we must rise once more to combine our forces to conquer this ultimate goal; Free the ultimate Tibet Spirit; Lhassa!

Lhassa: Spirit - Jerusalem: Knowledge - Ryad: Heart - Rome: Wisdom!

Message from our combine purities; Break the chains now cold heart Chineese politicians imperialists!

Message from Alicians; Mother nature is preparing a major earthquake in Southern China that will take them 65 years to recover. You are warned China! Steve needs only to give one order to make your future a living inferno! He does not wish to give this order because he thinks Chineese are geat and vibrant people but if it is necessary, he wont hesitate if nothing is accomplished inside three months!

Message from Steve; China, send me your top newsroom web site link so I can approve your efforts made for our holy spirit city Lhassa.

Message from the galaxy of Andromeda; To all those that have laughed at Gene Roddenberry Trekkies; Crawl quickly under a rock and get bit by a scorpion!

Message from Argentina; We took Madonna to play in the movie "Evita" because she lift our spirit to heights that only the homelands can appreciate. The "Evita" movie was a great hit in South & Central Americas!

Message from Steve; Do not trust box-office numbers coming from any sources. They are worth nothing! Example; Iron Man 2 was extremely boring. We call this; Hollywood manipulations to get more people to see big budget rotten movies. The producers know that the movie stinks but they put all their eggs in the same basket and they purchase box office agents to do disinformation! Robin Hood earn much more dollars. The movie seats were all taken and Iron Man 2 was almost empty. But since it is not USA producers, its a tri-production; Irland, Australia and Great Britain; the American box-office agency hides the complete picture! Gatcha cheeters!

Note; Iron Man 1 deserve attention but not the second sequel. I have seen 20 minutes of Iron Man 2 and went to see Robin Hood instead with the marvelous Australian Russell Crowe in a other dark room and enjoyed more my popcorn and Coca Cola there; Gracious Green Irland! Great Blue Britain! Sweet Yellow Australia!

Knowledge awaits you - Delano et Dwight - My theory has been approved - Faster & slower - Atomic Nathalie and Ursula

Steve Log: July 21st, 2010.

To all immigrants that will come to live in Saint-Quebec in Canada; All your studies in French language at our Universities will be paid by the provincial goverment and we will help you get a great job afterwards if your heart remains here in Saint-Quebec for at least seven years.

Message from Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower; PuzzQuiz is a revolution in learning fine facts on all kinds of people. This game will be a huge hit Steve!

Play PuzzQuiz WWII at http://www.puzzquiz.com/

Message from Isaac Newton; The universe is complex. We only discovered a fraction of all that is to know. You must know this important fact; Planets are in reality new borns from the Sun. Steve is right on his theory. This is why the telescopes cant find planetary systems in formation around surronding stars based on our old theory. The end of the movie Star Wars Empire Strikes Back showing a solar system in formation is false! Sorry Sir George Lucas, that was your only error in your incredible Saga based on that the Earth is not flat but round.

This fact is from Steve and Isaac; The Moon is round because it rotates inside itself. It's core is liquid. It is this core movement that produces the tides and weather features on Earth. And here is how to make better weather predictions; put weather instruments on the Moon to check for electro-magnetic fields.

The planetary system of Alpha du Centaure is very close. All stars that we can see, we can go to it. It is the speed of our spacecrafts that we must improve. Design tiny robots not bigger than a Canadian two dollar coin in form of a bullet and propulse it throu a cannon put in space. Do not use regular gun powder, use instead a very powerful and precise laser beam to push it exponantialy to the speed of sub-space!
Canadian Two Dollar Coin
Actual size of the Canadian Two Dollar Coin.

Message from Sir Newton; Jupiter and Saturn have gone in supernova state because it does not have enough sunlight to heat its planet core. It is the core magnetic field that keeps the minerals in solid state as on Earth. You can exorcice Jupiter by pushing it back on Earth's orbit. It would ressuscite back to a Earth size planet. But that task is a bit difficult because only of one cosmic fact; do not disturb the balance of solar system orbit rings; Venus must remain in her actual position but must rotate faster to cool her down. Mars must rotate slower so it can heat up.

Message from Einstein; Make multiple spacecrafts fly rapidly around Venus to make it rotate faster. The bigger the ship, the bigger rotation displacement you will have. Steve and I took this idea from the great movie Superman 1977! Venus should rotate three times faster than Earth. Mars should rotate half its actual speed.

Message from Steve: We can also drill a 45 degree angle enormous holes in Venus and Mars that will create powerful geisers to make them rotate slower or faster.

Message from princess Nathalie Portman
Nathalie Portman
I do not approve all that's going on in Israël; These two neighbours, Palestine and the Jewish state, got it all wrong. They hate Palestinians because of the past bombings of our people. Like Steve says; Forgive and move on!

Message to the goverment of the Hamas in the province of Gaza; Liberate the Israël soldier that is your captive with no conditions expected. In exchange, the prime minister Sir Netanyahu is ready to reopen all the ports of Gaza. One small gift, one huge benefit!

Give with your heart and you will receive ten times more!

All pure Jewish souls knows this person; Ursula is coming back especially for all of us!
Ursula Andress
Here is her letter to Benjamin; You must listen to the savior, Steve the pure of heart. All directives from Steve are sent from our holy father. He his the most diplomatic, fierce, fine tacticien, great strategist and the most honnest of his sons send Terra-Nova not to save the World, but to wake it up on injustices made on it! More on Ursula Andress on Wikipedia.

Message from Syria; The atomic bomb is a fake from Israël! They sent there satellite last June to install fear in our eyes. You dont have the atomic bomb because you would need to test it first if it works with jewish coding language on your computers!

Message from Russia; The rocket used to place the satellite in orbit has a sticker written "Made in Russia". We sold it to them. They maybe have a atomic bomb but they don't have a long range rocket to deliver the load to Tehran.

Message from Israël; you don't need a rocket to wipe out a city. You need a naval ship, plane or submarine and make it blow up on the target! Rockets are to easy to shoot down!

Message from Syria; Why all this hatred between us! Lets end this now! Steve!!!!!

It so warm - Hunting season has begun - Walrus saving the bear - My wars will never end!

Steve Log: July 19th, 2010.

To keep your homes warm, use cattail wool between your walls not industrial wool. This way your house will remain warmer longer and you will save a bundle on wood, naturel gas and electricity bills.

The cattails are also an atmospheric cleaner by excellence. Plant cattails on buildings roofs so it can catch the air pollution before it gets to the living streets.

Also cattails have a secret; We can boost or neutralize cellular signal. When dry, we boost the cellular signal and when we are wet, we block cellular signals! Natural cellular signal on-off switch!

Message from our Walrus; The polar bears are suffuring. They hardly have a good meal in a day not because of the melting of the ice floor but because they only eat fish. Humans, you should hunt us! We are overwhelming the pack ice as we speak and its we that eat all the fish. If you care about the polar bear, you must hunt us at sea with harpons so it remains entertaining for you and for us. We like being hunted because we can exercice and perfect our escape tactics. But be aware of one fact, we will try to escape your ship by batting it into hard ice so it immobilize you and even sinks you. We also like to laugh like you when your hunting like amateurs!

Message from Steve; All living being haves emotions; the ant, the crocodile, the beaver, the flies, the birds and even cockroaches! Emotion makes life worth living. If you work 40 hours a week and have your tiny 2 weeks of vacation you will be consumed by the marchant traps; consume to forget that you are slaves of green vampire money. Work less and spend less = 4 days a week and a minimum of 6 weeks of vacation each year! Impose your law to your boss! He needs you. He will accept our terms if we all stick together on this battlefield called "Spirit freedom now"!

Message of Diana; Charles has started is journey. I married Charles because I was in love with his most important quality; He shares without expecting nothing in return. As for my Steve. He did not receive a single penny yet. You must communicate to him why it is that way. He remained honest throu all is journey but still does not understand that money is necessary and we ALL need it to remain humble of all that Steve has achieved since his May writings comeback. He will need an answer soon. Give him a hint so he does not perrish and go to sleep for another year since is start in 2006.

Message de Steve; Si c'est mes guerres qui vous font peur, vous devrez vivre avec car je ne cesserai pas de m'objecter à tous ce qui est pourri à mes yeux.

Those that dare confront me will perish!


Gilles & tabac - Weather balloon rocket - Ideal winter coat - Newborns - Radar - King of the North!

Steve Log: July 19th, 2010.

Message à Santé Canada:
Gilles Villeneuve
Le magnifique Canadien courseur automobile de Formule1 Gilles Villeneuve, Steve et tous les fumeurs vous disent; On vous enmerde Santé Canada!

Ces idiots de fonctionnaires de Santé Canada ne veulent pas qu'on affiche les photos de notre héro Gilles Villeneuve car elles font la promotion du tabac Marlboro.

Faîtes vos calculs; beaucoup de personnes souffrent de dépression et se suicide car leur vie est extrêmement difficile et ne voient aucune porte de sortie à leur désarroi. Les fumeurs de tabac restent à l'abri de toute dépression grave et nous aimons la vie. Faîtes plus de statistiques Santé Canada et vous verrez que fûmer une cigarette est beaucoup plus avantageux que de prendre des anti-dépresseur pendant dix ans bande de corrompu aux compagnies pharmaceutiques!

Voici un secret que Santé Canada ne veulent pas que l'on sache; Le tabac est naturel et ne contient qu'un seul additif; de la glycérine végétale pour que les cigarettes soient plus facile à consommer lorsqu'il brûle. Ils vous font croire toutes sortes de fausses conneries qu'ils impriment sur nos paquets de cigarettes.

C'est pas la cigarette qui donne le cancer mais le stress de nos longues semaine de travail bande de crétins de Santé Canada! Faîtes plus de statistiques et faîtes les croisements qui sont évidents fonctionnaires achetés par les compagnies pharmaceutiques! Nous appelons ceci de la CORRUPTION déguisée!

The goal in life it is not to be Eternel but to fully enjoy life at each moment.

I dissaprove starting smoking to early in our adult life. I started at 30 years old. And by chance that tobacco was there to help me go throu my harsh early bipolar period. Thanks to Marlboro!
Message from Europa; Rockets are not the best solution for taking off from Earth for light cargo. Use instead high weather ballons to carry your astronauts and light cargo to the high atmosphere then ignite the rockets of your spacecraft for the trip to the space station.

Use cattails wool in your winter coats instead of feathers. The wind does not penetrate cattail wool so you will remain highly protectes from the cold at -50 degrees celcius. You can use cattail wool in your astronaut spacesuit also!

Message from our flies; When you have alot of flies in your house, it only means one thing; we have a nest in your home near our source of food, near your trash cans. It is from there that we create newborns. We do not want to stay inside your homes. We just want to get out to freedom outside! Open your door for a few minutes and we will evacuate your home. Empty your trash can often also.

Message from our Wapiti

The wood on our head is not a decoration, it is an antenna to communicate our thoughts to other beings. We are telepaths also!

Message from the bees; we do not see like you humans. Our eyes are radars like our bats. That's why we bumb you sometimes when you don't move. We think you are a wall. When you start moving, we then realize that its a living being and we escape quickly. We don't like using our dart on you because we know it hurts you and this is not what nature want's. Peace humans!

Message from our Walrus
We are much more powerful than the polar bear. We can hurt them real bad on land and at sea. One of our tactics is to drown the polar bear in the water by striking one teeth in his flesh and drag him direclty at the bottom of the sea so he drowns. We are the kings of the sea and land of North Canada!

Alicia decoding Mother Nature - Lockeed F-35 - I'm on your side Philly - Desert gold - Meditation

Steve Log: July 16th, 2010.

Those that are Trizomic are in reality new borns coming from a solar system that we call Alicia. They are ancient souls that come here to learn from us. They mind is not structured like us and there are not less intelligent. They speak to us mainly by symbolic like are great Art. Take great interrest of their art. They communicate very important messages on many things that surrounds us. They are very pure of heart and highly intelligent on all mother nature wisdom. They would be a great help explaning why there is a flood in Bangladesh, why are there tornadoes in Arkansas and why are there are earthquakes in China.

And here are their answers;

Why there is a flood in Bangladesh; Over cultivation of the land and to many souls drinking polluted water. Mother nature says to these people to move and find land in the upper country. You can cultivate the land near the sea but don't live near your farms. We will get badly sick.

Why are there tornadoes in Arkansas; Give back the stolen land to the First Natives of the USA. It is their land and they want it back. It is them that cast the wind to reck havoc in your cities!

Why are there Earthquakes and floods in China; The message is clear. Tibet needs to be fred from your imperialist chains! BRAKE THE CHAINS!

Thank you to Lockeed Martin for the F-35 Stealth fighters purchased by the Royal Canadian powerful Army. The North oil drilling will start soon and we will protect it FOR all Northern countries wishing to be part of our team of Polar Bear Protectora.

Message to Tehran; Play fair. The USA has liberate one of your nuclear engineers and it's time for you to do the same. Those three hikers from Philadelphia are waiting for their plane to bring them back to Washington. Saint-Quebec citizens have protected your people from many false accusations to discredit your nuclear civil program. We all know it is for civil use only and military are not part of this equation. Free the three young from Philadephia right away otherwise my faith in your people will weaken. Imagine Iran citizens all that would be accomplished with your great gesture; Politic and economic resurrection with the USA! Just imagine all the new possibilites that would be offered to you by filling your aircraft with gas and sending your gift to Washington!

Here is a present from Canada for your great Persians citizens; In your deserts you have an ore called Arts. It is Persian art hidden everywhere in caves. Your ancestors have kept it out of view to protect it from the invasion of your land that was constantly at war with your neigbours. There is a map hidden in your libraries that locates ALL the Art in hidden caves. Make a broad research and you will find it. This will be the greatest discover of all time for your pure country. Persian art will take your breath away!

Canadian meditate as monks in Tibet; We do this with a coffee, cigarettes and a newspaper in the moring before starting our sunny day of glory.

Americans do mediation also; They put headphones and listen to great music that create refreshing new ideas in their minds for their upcoming Art gallery on Broadway electric avenue.

Elizabeth and Charles do meditation with tea and biscuits relaxing in their garden in the mist of the morning when Venus shows her glowing white dress.

Je parle aux pucerons - Sport, temps et La Luna - Wapiti adore l'ail - Our native flag

Steve Log: July 14th, 2010.

Message de nos puces dans nos cheveux; Nous mangeons des plantes. Vos cheveux sont en fait de l'herbe qui pousse sur votre tête! Ceux qui souffre de calvitie c'est dû principalement à nous qui dévorons vos cheveux jusqu'à la racine. Pour que vos hommes retrouvent leur noble cheveux, pourquoi nos pas portez une casquette très humide toute la journée. Cette casquette doit laisser passer également la lumière. Elle doit donc être humide et semi-transparente. Les plantes ont besoin d'eau et de Soleil pour se regénérer!

Message de nos castors; Nous aimons également faire des compétitions sportives. Une de nos activités et celui qui pêche la plus belle truite en une heure. Nous avons conscience du temps comme vous les humain. Mais n'utilisons pas uniquement le Soleil comme référence mais aussi le niveau de l'eau qui descends et monte avec grande précision pendant le jour et la nuit. Notre Lune est en fait le Dieu de la Mer!

Message de nos Wapitis Canadiens;

Les plaines du Canada du Nord ont l'air la plus pure du Monde connu. Nous n'aimons pas le sud du Canada car l'atmosphère est très polluée par vos industries Canadiens et Américaines. Pour règler vos multiples problèmes atmosphériques dans vos denses villes, plantez des gousses d'ail sur le toit de vos édifices et dans des grandes plaines. L'ail est extrêmement puissant. Il éloigne non pas seulement les rapprochements entre vous humain mais il dégage un fort vent qui monte dans l'atmosphère et détruit toute molécule non-naturelle. L'ail tue tout sur son passage!

Il est l'arme la plus puissante du royaume de l'air que l'on nomme le prince aux pinces de Néron.

Cette arme défensive est également utiliser par les guérisseurs des Premières Nations de Toutes les Amériques! Elle sert à plusieurs choses autre que de chatouiller vos papilles gustatives;

1) Tue la grippe. Vous le saviez déjà.
2) Guérit l'asthme en dégagant les voies respiratoires
3) Elle peux être utiliser dans vos armes à feu pour pincer vigoureusement vos assaillants sans les blesser
4) Peux être utiliser pour nettoyer vos pores dans le peau. Très utilile pour ceux souffrant de calvitie
5) Elimine la cellulite
6) Et j'ai garder la dernière pour vous faire jouir au plus extrêment, elle guérit...le CANCER DE LA PEAU!

Here is the new Flag of United-Canada:
Canada-Uni flag

Grèce la sublime - La famine vous guette! - Ontario counter-offensive - We don't need those death toys!

Steve Log: July 14th, 2010.

Message de Steve à l'armée d'Israël; Si vous osez empêcher mon vaisseau "Saint-Mother Teresa Rescue Task Force" venant de la Grèce, la noble, d'entrer dans la province de Gaza, j'ordonnerai aux forces de l'Alliance du Canada-Uni d'arrêter toute vente de fruits, légumes, viande, vin et de la bière de se rendre à vos ports et dans vos commerces. Vous allez constater quel est le sentiment d'avoir faim comme les horribles embargos que vous mettez sur VOS frères et soeurs de la Palestinne! Également la magnifique province de l'Ontario du Canada imposera que vous apprenerez le Nouveau Testament dans toutes vos écoles juives pour que vous redécouvrez les messages de notre Tora! Les grands Ontariens triplerons également vos taxes pour tous vos commerces sur leur territoire. Ceci deviendra votre réalité dans trois jours si vous vous bornez à faire souffrir d'avantage vos voisins, les Palestiniens aux grands coeurs.

Message à l'armée navale de Israël; Créez une équipe spécialisée pour inspecter mon vaisseau de paix. Utilisez dans vos armes, des balles en caoutchou pour neutraliser toute force voulant vous agresser. N'oubliez pas Israël, que les USA, Russe, Italien, Royaume-Uni, Français, Égyptiens, Libiens, Algériens, Espagnols, Portugais et Canadiens possèdent tous des sous-marins d'ATTAQUE qui seront postés tout près de mon vaisseau de PAIX!

Message de Steve aux forces du Hezbolla et du Hamas; Si vous transportez des armes à bord de mon vaisseau de paix, jetez-les immédiatement à la mer pour qu'ils rouillent à jamais dans l'oublie! Nous n'avons pas besoin de ces morceaux de fer qui n'attisent que la haine et la mort.

Message from Steve to Ontario

Steve Log: July 13th, 2010.

Massive Attack 1
Massive Attack 1
Massive Attack 1
Massive Attack 1

This rotten province, Ontario, keeps all the lucrative industries, all the first quality food and all the Gold of Canada to nourrish their lost cause of pretending to be the leaders of Canada! They are the losers of Canada we should say!

Message from Prime Minister Sir Stephen Harper; Ottawa is a nice city but their citizens are boring and dull of heart. It is the Saint-Quebecors citizens working in the city that make Ottawa a great city. They are vibrant, joyful and they fight for just causes!

How to stop the terrorists - Diana & Charles - Potatoes & Syrup - Moderation - We spit on you

Steve Log: July 12th, 2010.

To all newsrooms! ; Never reveil who is responsible for a terrorist attack! If they don't have a voice, they will fade away!

Also, it is to easy to say that a bomb is from this country or these rebels. Watch out for desinformation World!

Message from the citizens from Somalia; we are not responsible for the terrorist bomb attack perpetuated at the final of the FIFA in Africa! We would never do this to our national sport and to our pur great neigbors! Why do you believe all this desinformation?!

Message from Steve to the newsrooms; Mix the cards. A bomb exploses; say that it comes from an unidentified enemy that has not yet been communicated! Do not disclose the enemy! The only thing they want is publicity! No publicity = no more terrorist attacks!

Message to terrorists from Steve; If you are hurting, send an e-mail to Canadian newsrooms. We will listen and communicate your wounds to the World!

Message from the terrorists; We know that killing people is not God's wishes. World!, Aim your satellite dishes at Canadian satellites to catch the purity if their newsrooms. You must listen to Canadian News so the fights can stop and that problems can be resolved. LISTEN TO HOLY CANADIANS!

Message from Princess Diana; I still love Charles! He is tender and funny. He will be king one day. Charles, start your journey now and with the help of Steve, together you will rule the World with great expectations of goodness.

Message from the Commonwealth teamed countries; "Charles, nous t'aimons depuis ton premier sourire. Tes oreilles sont belles et signe d'un grand penseur. Accomplis ton destin maintenant beauté de pensée et de corps".

Message do nos gracieuses patates; Si vous avez une brûlure très grave, coupez nous, la patate, en deux et frottez la moitié sur votre blessure. Cela regènera votre peau qui a besoin de nutriments pour recommencer le processus de guérisson. Vous pouvez également utilisez du sirop d'érable du Canada et des USA pour votre peau qui souffre. Les deux combinés ensemble, le sirop d'érable et la patate, est l'ultime produit de regénération de l'épiderme qui porte le nom de "Healas".

Message de nos moustiques; Pour que nos piqûres soient moins dérangeantes, soyez plus attentifs à ce qui vous entour. Nous vous communiquons des messages très précis. Nos piqûres sont très stratégiquements placées. Lorsque votre sang contient des éléments nocifs pour vous, on vous pique pour vous communiquer nos messages comme; Arrêtes de manger, Nettoies-toi, Arrêtes de marcher, Arrêtes de boire et ainsi de suite. C'est les excès qui vous tue. Vous avez la mauvaise habitude de surconsommer. La modération est roi comme les conseils de Steve notre plus grand défenseur que nous attendions depuis si longtemps! Steve est le roi du Canada-Uni et libèrera le Saint-Québec de l'emprise des Ontariens qui se croient tout permis!

Message du Saint-Québec, de La Colombie Britannique, de l'Alberta, de la Saskatchewan, du Manitoba, Des provinces du Yukon, Nunavut et Nord-Ouest, de Terre-Neuve, de Nouvelle-Écosse, Nouveau Brunswick, de l'Île du Prince Édouard; Ontariens! , votre reigne de voleurs de notre Or Canadien est terminé! Vous avez même pas l'aimabilité de parler le Français à Ottawa pour déservir les Québecois, ville bilingue, bande de minables parasites!

We, Quebecors, dont have a problem if Toronto is not bilingual. It is your holy city. But dont expect to be served in English in Montreal or Quebec city! French is king in Saint-Quebec and bug off with your English weak thoughts of thieves of the World!

My lawyers warriors - My soul is with you - Bipolar for ever! - The Inuit Joy Dome - Saint-Quebec Glory - Gary Bettman!

Steve Log: July 12th, 2010.

Great Stella Corporation projects in my thoughts;

=I will hire Agile Lawyers to defend men caught in a unfortunate criminal situations. In Quebec, the poors can have a low paid lawyer but they dont listen enough to their clients and they stink because they take to many cases to make more income. Also, my lawyers will work hard for the men that ask for Canadian "forgivness" program so that their criminal record can be reset to zero so that they can find a great job for their new honnest family life.

=I will pay for a library and internet wing facility for the largest rehabilitation center here in Quebec city Metropolis. The men will learn great things throu the bran new books and keep in touch with the World throu a supervised internet room.
=They men will also have the winter chalet for smoking cigarettes in the Canadian winter.
=I will pay for the French chefs and for all the expenses of the preparation of their great French meals that's Stella will serve twice a month for men that are at their first criminal offense.

=I will have my own psychiatric hospital in Quebec city Metropolis that I will supervise;
-I will choose myself all the psychiatric doctors. They must be excentric like myself so I can really appreciate their state of mind;
-I will contruct a smoking room for my clients so they can smoke without freezing their noze in the cold Canadian winters.
-I will create a magnificient green garden for the clients to get in touch with mother nature as in Dusseldorf Germany. I lived in one of their psychiatric hospital for 7 days and Germans are top professional that take good care of us, bipolars. Thank you Dusseldurf, you are kings for us!
-The clients will have a theatre, comfortable single bedrooms and cafe style section and they will eat the best Canadian food that money can buy!
-Also, it will be free for all Saint-Quebec citizens. All French speeking countries families that make a nice contribution so that I can take care of a family member will equally be welcome.

=Stella will invest in a special North Canadian project for the Inuits; the construction of a medium dome size that will contain the fallowing things; a large wave amusement pool with a white sand beach. A soccer fields with natural grass. A medium size hockey stadium. A 9 hole gulf field. Tennis courts and a greek style theatre for movies and rock shows. A yellow gold street with nice restaurants, clothing and electronic stores. Special rebates will be offer for them for all activities and purchases that will be subsidized by Ottawa so that they fully appreciate this gift. The Inuits will be very rich soon; White oil drilling is near! A lot a job creation and a lot a joy awaits them!

I will invest in Saint-Quebec movie industry so that we equalise our budget of those of great American, British and French movies. You will see, Saint-Quebec artists are creative and asome! All my movie productions will be bilingual; in French for Saint-Quebec, France, Belgium, Switzerland and for sweet Africa. And in English for the rest of World! Note; I will never pay 20 million for a single actor! That is not worth it! I rather pay 20 million for ten great actors!

I will buy a special section "loge corporative" in the new Coliseum of Quebec city Metropolis for the "Nordiques" of Gary Bettman's National Hockey Ligue. All my friends, family members and business partners will highly appreciate this room of special guest only.

Learn more on Sir Gary Bettman

Message to Gary; We adore hockey and Canadians cities are very rich no matter what their population.

+Quebec city with Regis Labeaume will drive the NHL to new heights!
+Winnipeg is more than ready!
+Hamilton will rock the NHL!
+Saskatoon & Regina are the most rich cities in Canada!
+The United Atlantic provinces cant get you out of their heads!
+And Hockey is king in Toronto!

Gary, the choice is all yours. No matter who you choose, Canada is a diamond medal winner!

Potato Counter-Strike - Cosmic Rythmes - Jazzy cats - The Evangelist

Steve Log: July 10th, 2010.

The potatoes contains a vitamine called alcoöde by the Maya. It help's you have energy in reserve; natural long term steroïde. Eat McDonald's Belgium French Fries, the best in the World, and you will remain in good health for the upcoming day. Have ever notice after eating french fries your remaining work day passes at the speed of light; it is also a anti-depressor. And the gracious potatoes with Tomato Heinz catchup on it is a gift of god that will protect you against... CANCER!

If you have cancer, it plenty of potatoes mixed with tomatoes and cancer is history!

The album "Tempting the Muse" is not from Earth. The rythmes were created by the magnificient artists from "Mysteria" but themselves were inspired throu their loving thoughts from the habitants artists of our sister sun neighbor; Alpha du Centaure. You can find "Tempting the Muse by Mysteria" on iTunes store to make contact with extra-terrestrial artist spirits!

A lot of music that is aired on Earth are an amalgam of shared thoughts of other behings living outside our Solar system; Musical rythme telephathy!

Music is the Universal Emotion that help's people from different planets to understand the main subject of an inter-cosmic-communication.

You can talk to your cat in this fashion. Play a smooth jazz song and your sensual cat understands that you are in a good mood. Play a love song and your gracious cat knows that you have a lover in mind. Play a heavy metal song and she understands that you are a rebel fighting for justice in this World!


Message from the Holy Father to Corrupted Personnel

Steve Log: July 8th, 2010.

Everyone that has accepted dirty money to embellish their house are FORGIVEN!

Trace the future. Ask your boss for a rise to better feed your family and stay away from greedy rotten robbers wanting to buy your soul to silence you from the robbers real truth; Where doomed without corrupted people landering our money.

Message from Steve to all robbers; Find a conveniant job and all your pass criminal activities will remain out of view of all justice. Just promise that you will remain humble in the future.

Nous vous pardonnons - La magnifique Lini Laroche - Putréfaction - la Genèse

Steve Log: July 8th, 2010.

Les psychiatres sont pardonnés par moi et le Saint-Père pour leurs manquent de jugement du PASSÉ.

N'acceptez plus JAMAIS de pot de vins (CORRUPTION) des compagnies pharmaceutiques pour étancher votre soif de luxure. Vous êtes déjà très bien rémunérés par le Saint-Québec du Canada-Uni.

Ma merveilleuse belle-soeur, Lini Laroche, est restée de pierre devant les arnaqueurs de vendeurs de produits pharmaceutiques qui voulaient acheter son Âme. Vous allez donner à la pure Lini un poste de jour à 32 heures semaine sans attendre! C'est elle notre plus grande fièrté de la médecine pieuse du Canada; elle est INCORRUPTIBLE!

Message aux médecins vaillants; Communiquez-moi par courriel et par téléphone tous vendeurs de vitamines de merde qui voudraient vous empoisonner avec leur vénin qui ne sert qu'à nous faire surconsommer jusqu'à l'assèchement de notre corps et âme.

Pfizer tu vas payer pour ton excès de zèle pour t'enrichir outrageusement à nos dépens!

Message d'un espion de Pfizer; N'achetez plus d'action à la bourse de notre institution monstrueuse car notre principal gagne pain n'est pas la recherche de nouveaux traitements pour vous guérir mais la création de nouveaux virus pour vous masquer cette grande vérité; Il existe toute une panoplie d'herbes naturelles qui est cent fois plus efficace que la merde que nous vous faisons avaler!

Faîtes confiance à la médecine douce et tout vos pépins de santé s'auto-guérirons.

Les compagnies qui fabriquent les appareils nucléaires sont de connivance avec les fabricants de la Cortisonne qui vous tue à petit feu. La cortisonne c'est de la radiation en vitamine!

Message aux médecins; ne dîtes jamais à vos CLIENTS qu'ils ont le Cancer Câlisse! Cela déclanche dans le cerveau le mode d'auto-destruction qui est cent fois pire que le cancer lui même!

Dîtes plutôt; je décèle un petite tumeur mais on va vous l'enlever avec nos doigts habiles et vous serez de retour avec votre famille à la maison pour une récupération des plus rapides!

Message du Saint-Père; Le cancer est guérissable. Prenez tout simplement beaucoup de Soleil et lorque que vos pensées vous disent; humm j'aimerais du caviar avec.... humm de la papaye et humm... du sucre à la crème. Cela serait tellement savoureux! Écoutez votre coeur; il connaît tous les remèdes pour vous guérir de toutes vos maladies. C'est instinctif. Écoutez votre coeur et ne vous souciez surtout pas du prix que coûtera la fraîcheur de vos aliments; le mot du cri du coeur s'appel Genèse! Qui vient du mot "gène". Nos gènes nous parlent. Écoutons leur sagesse et aucun autre hôpital ne sera surbondé de clients perdus dans la confusion des vitamines de merde blanche!

Perpetual Maya flying - Horses and Polo - Exercice - Space 1999 = Gatcha! - Electricity red alert!

Steve Log: July 8th, 2010.

Message to Switzerland aircraft engineers; Your solar plane is magnificient! Use solar powered cells capturing electricity in the day to recharge your batteries and power your communications and electronic elements only.

Maya fact; An engine functionning with water must convert this product into hydrogene to feed the propeller hydrogene engine.

Power your hydrogene engine propeller with this technique is used by the Mayas ancient aircrafts; Put enormous very light steel/plastic magnets in two water tankers placed on each wings; A magnet in water produces hydrogene that will bubble up to the surface. Capture this hydrogene to power your hydrogene aircraft engines. There is plenty of hydrogene in water and this conversion is fast with a magnet. The goal of flying eternally is to retank the plane in lakes when all water has been transformed by the magnet into fuel hydrogene and Oxygen! You can use this oxygene to feed an another type of engine installed on your Switzerland aircraft; a rocket engine to fly even faster!

Message from the gracious horses; Playing Polo is dumb! Its we that do all the running and its the humans that get all the rewards. A sport is a way to exercice not to impress ladies that also hate Polo; a poor man's game.

Women like men outworking themselves as in hockey, football, wrestling, boxing, soccer, tennis and squash. You must sweat to prove that your a warrier! The winner is the one that shakes its adversary hand and says; "Great match my friend!"

The Bipolar geniuses take Zeprexa medication to stabilize them. Its a great vitamine. The company that sells Zeprexa charges 6$ for a single vitamine! That's steelling from us! The Zeprexa companie and psychiatrist doctors are a team. They want the Canadian gouverment and the assurance companies to pay big time for all Bipolar telepaths so they can make a living in pure lust. That's why they over feed us with this medication; to shut our telepath habilities and to make a bundle of cash so they can travel the World pretending that they are good persons helping the society.

I have tracked a psychiatrist rat with my iPhone with the help of John Koening. Their real appearance is this;

The best psychiatrist doctors would be those that are like us; Bipolar. They would understand what we see and ear in our pure mind; The holy father is inside each of us to guide us to the light; Stay away from electricity that drives us nuts; Computers!

Computers help us achieves a lot of things but do not become their slaves at work and after work. Go outside, play with your children, take a nap with your lady under the stars, play baseball in the green fields, eat at a nice Afghan restaurant, go to the library to read the newspapers, take beer with your friends, make a barbecue with your family... LIVE and LOVE all that I have to offer to you!!

Spy in Cheese - Imposez votre loi - de l'Or - Dividendes - Au secours de Lindsay et de Obama!

Steve Log: July 6th, 2010.

Message d'un espion travaillant dans une banque Suisse; volez un de nos gros serveur informatique et tous les présidents de compagnie et les politiciens qui sont au trois quart tous pourris dans notre institution seront facile à dépister.

Message de la Fiama Italienne; les banques vous font payer pour toutes vos opérations de façon déguisées. C'est eux qui fixe leur taux de rentabilité sur vos avoirs. Ils vous donnent un maigre 3.5% de rentabilité. Réveillez-vous! C'est avec les petits épargnant qu'ils font leurs profits colossaux annuels. Si vous êtes fortuné, imposez leur votre propre taux de rentabilité sur vos avoirs. Vous verez comme ils s'adaptent lorsqu'il sagit de servir les fortunes 500.

Message de la Suisse; nos banques sont en faits que des circuits électroniques simulants des avoirs. Nous n'avons presque pas de réserve d'or. Investissez dans de l'or car cette une valeur stable et progresse assurément à chaque année.

Une attaque électro-magnétique pourrait effacer toutes nos données informatiques comme dans le film "GoldenEye" de James Bond. Diversifiez vos avoirs dans plusieurs banques dans différents pays. Nous ne sommes jamais à l'abri d'un coup d'état ou d'une guerre éclaire qui feraient disparaître tout votre argent gagné à la sueur de votre front.

Message de Wall Street; Les compagnies qui présentent souvent des commerciaux à la télé sont les titres à ne pas investir car leurs produits n'ont pas encore une niche de clients bien établie. McDonald's, Wendy's et Gap sont maintenant des valeurs des plus stables. Le but d'un actionnaire n'est pas de vendre rapidement ses actifs pour une rentabilité hasardeuse. Achetez suffisament des actions pour profiter des DIVIDENDES donnés par les compagnies basé sur leur profits. C'est beaucoup plus payant!

Message de la British Petroleum; nos actions sont à un prix imbattable. Investissez maintenant en nous. N'ayez crainte pour la catastrophe du Gulf du Mexique. Nous sommes sur le point de réussir et nos companssations aux pêcheurs nous assurent la loyauté du président Obama et de tous les riverains affectés par ce facheux ACCIDENT!

Message du président des USA; Steve a raison. Les militaires voulaient le gros gisement de pétrole de BP pour nourrir notre armée. Steve est l'oeil de l'Aigle Blanc du Canada; le Harfang des Neiges!

Message de Steve; la quête du savoir est bien plus délicieuse si nous le croyons sans double vérifier chaque mots pour exploitée une faille que seulement les lâches se servent. Ce message est destiné aux journaux à sensation qui salissent et détruisent le moral de nos artistes Hollywoodiens et de nos politiciens qui font de leur mieux pour nous servir.

Le Passé - Top speed - Right combinaison - Scotia Bank versus Suisse - Taxes - Panda - Productives - Papa

Steve Log: July 6th, 2010.

Message d'Europa; l'Univers n'est pas infini. Lorsque vous regardez des galaxies lontaines avec vos puissants téléscopes c'est une réflexion de notre passée. L'univers est courbe.

Message de Steve; reculer dans le temps est possible avec notre esprit, nos pensées, mais notre corps ne peut pas faire ce retour en arrière. Si reculer dans le temps avec des êtres à bord d'une capsule était possible alors la deuxième guerre mondiale, le bombardement nucléaire de Hiroshima et le génocide du Rwanda n'auraient jamais eu lieu car elles seraient les premières erreurs monumentales de l'homme que l'on voudrait faire disparaître.

La vitesse lumière mesurée à partir de la Terre est effectivement de 300 000 kilomètres par seconde mais vous avez l'atmosphère qui interfère avec cette mesure. Dans l'espace, la vitesse de la lumière est presque instantannée car il y peu d'interférence gazeuse.

Proxima du Centaure est très près de nous. Nos vaisseaux spatiaux peuvent aller beaucoup plus rapidement que le fameux 300 000 kilomètres/seconde. Une façon d'atteindre des vitesses éclairs et de placer le vaisseau, qui est en forme de projectile d'arme à feu, dans un énorme canon qui le projetera à des vitesses jamais imaginées! Prêt à faire feu...FEU!...Boom!!...800 000 kilomètres à la seconde!!!

Une fois arrivé à destination près de Alpha du Centaure, la décélération du vaisseau doit se faire lentement pour consommer moins de gaz naturel, d'oxygène et d'hydrogène.

Le gaz naturel, oxygène, hydrogène et azote combinés ensemble est très sécuritaire. Lorsqu'un élément est dans un état pure, il y a danger mais mélanger ces quatres éléments ensemble et tout ira pour le mieux.

Message de la galaxie d'Andromède; Vous avez encore un ennemi très virulant à éliminer; les voleurs de peuples; les politiciens corrompus sont les plus avares vermines et destructeur de votre avenir.

Message de la Banque de Scotia Bank; les corrompus ont plusieurs comptes de banque. Retracez-les grâce à la Suisse qui les protège! À quoi jouez-vous avec tous vos comptes secrets?

Message de la Suisse; C'est les banques qui contrôlent le gouvernement Suisse!

Message de Steve; Ne vous laissez pas augmenter vos impôts et taxes par ces quelques pourris. C'est trop facile de sortir l'argument; on est endetté donc nous devons souffrir en payant d'avantage pour nos accès du passé. C'est cond de penser ainsi. Vous devez simplement donner moins de services, construire moins, moins d'évènements culturels et faire travailler plus les fonctionnaires qui se plaignent de n'avoir rien à faire toute la journée. Prenez une pelle et construisez nos voies ferrées pour le TGV Ciboire!

Arrêter de parler au téléphone toute la journée à vos amis et exigez plus de travail à vos supérieurs bande de Panda! Je sais tout cela car j'ai moins même travaillé au gouvernement et les pause-cafés de 1h30 étaient plus que fréquent. Ce message était destiné plus particulière aux fénéants de cols bleus de la ville de Montréal. Allez maire Gérald Tremblay, sort le fouet et forces-les à être plus productifs! Les femmes fonctionnaires sont l'exemple à suivre. Elles travaillent efficacement pour nous servir.

Message des femmes; des hommes fénéants à la maison sont des fénéants cérébraux au travail!

Message de nos enfants; Papa regarde toujours la sapristi de télévision le soir après leur travail. Vous en avez pas assez d'être devant un écran toute la journée? Venez jouer avec nous à l'extérieur et apprends nous tout le savoir que tu as accumulé dans ta vie de personne active et passionné pour nous les petits anges!

Leukemia - Régis - Qui sommes- nous? - Rêves - Les Hitlers

Steve Log: July 6th, 2010.

Leukemia - Stay away from any electricity elements for a few months and years. Your blood will regain all its white globules gradually. For a fast white globules regeneration, leave the over-electrified city lights and go on the country side at your fathers house.

Le merveilleux maire de Québec city Métropolis, Régis Labeaume, est notre plus grande fierté;
Regis Labeaume

Régis sur Wikipedia

Fonces Régis! Ériges la ville de Québec à son plus haut sommet; la Capitale du simple bon sens. Le peuple du Saint-Québec te soutient à 2000%!

Message d'Europa; les peuples avec les yeux que l'on dit bridés, les Asiatiques, sont en fait les premiers peuples de la Terre. Également, les Premières Nations de l'Amérique du Nord, de l'Australie et de la superbe Afrique sont originaires de la Terre. C'est eux les Premières Nations de Terra-Nova. Tous les autres peuples proviennent de planètes différentes. Nous ne sommes pas tous reliés. La couleur de la peau indique notre différence.

Les Aztec, Maya et Incas = Mars et Marsillia son épouse (détruite à présent = ceinture d'astéroïdes)
Les Inuits Canadiens, Islandais, Finlandais, Suédois, Danois, Norvégiens, Polonais, Tchècs et Russes = Pluton. Ces peuples sont très très anciens
Les Espagnols, Portugais, Français, Italiens = Jupiter et Saturne. Dans leur vie de jeunesse, Jupiter er Saturne étaient semblable à la Terre
Les Anglais et Allemands = Neptune et Uranus qui étaient de la même dimension que la Terre il y a plusieurs centaines de milliers d'années
Les grecs, les égyptiens et les romains antiques = de Proxima du Centaure! Pourquoi croyez-vous qu'ils avaient tout ce pouvoir et sagesse? Ils sont d'un autre Monde extra-solaire!

Les fresques de nos ancêtres qui dévoilent des êtres habillés en astronautes sont en fait des rêves prémonitoires des peuples anciens. Les portes des étoiles Maya sont bien réels et fonctionnelles!

Notre région de la galaxie est la plus jeune de la Voie Lactée. Nous sommes encore aux premiers balbutiments de l'ère spatiale.

Message de Adolf et de Eva Hitler mes professeurs de stratégie militaire; Les peuples plus sages au centre de la galaxie nous écoutent avec grande attention. Ne les décevons plus!

Evolution - Formula Space Racing! - Whales - Satellites bleus - Le légume du Ciel - Alzeimer- Aids - Contact!

Steve Log: July 5th, 2010.

Message de nos castors; Le porc-épic, la belette, l'ours et nous les castors sommes de la même famille!

Lorsque nous les castors faisons tendrement l'amour avec une dame porc-épic cela crée des petites et agiles... belettes!

Lorsque nous nous aimons, les créations sont infinies. Vous ne serez jamais aptes à tout répertorier le reigne animal car à chaque printemps de nouveaux êtres naîssent avec des particuliarité subtiles de deux parents amoureux peux importe leur race. L'évolution est beaucoup plus rapide que vous le croyez!

Message from Steve to the Pentagone; Lockeed Martin - Boeing - Pentagone = Conquer space instead of conquering hatred!

Canadian Aerospace Nanotechnologie Agency (CANA), Nasa and European Space Agency (ESA) are teaming up on our side! Lets do a special race; the first astronaute to set foot on Mars!

Message de nos baleines; Nous sommes nombreuses. Vous pouvez nous consommer mais utilisez tout notre être pour que notre sacrifice soit des plus utiles. Dîtes aux pêcheurs Japonais de diversifier leurs types de proies de balaines chassées; Un phoque - une baleine à bosse - un dauphin - un requin et ainsi de suite.

Avec cette façon de pêcher, nous resterons nombreuses et nous continueront de vous nourrir, éclairer et de vous chauffer pour le bien de tous.

Message d'Europa et de la Lune; Sur Mars, utilisez ses deux satellites qui orbite autour d'elle pour créer vos océans. Ses satellites regorgent d'eau fraîche congelée.

Message de Steve; Vénus n'a pas de satellite. Utilisez la Lune pour créer ses océans. Prenez note qu'il n'aura plus de haute et basse marée sur Terre lorsque vous déplacerez la Lune en orbite autour de Vénus. Une fois Vénus orbitant sur la même ellipse que la Terre, elle sera plus tiède et la pluie tombera pour donner encore plus d'eau.

Message des peuples Aztec; Nous ne sommes pas éteints; nos pays sont l'Uruguay et le Paraguay qui veut dire "Gracieuse Patate". La patate est le plus grand don de Dieu le Soleil; c'est sa chaire. Elle regorge de vitamines très bénéfiques qui n'ont pas encore été identifiées. Buver du thé au patate avec de la papaye sucrée et cela vous guérira de votre grosse plaie qui est la perte de mémoire; Alzeimer!

Message de nos Coconuts; Pour guérir du Sida, consommez-nous avec de la crème de vache des Antilles et de la cane à sucre Africaine. Le coconote est un accélérant qui donne immédiatement une réaction d'électricité neurotique des plus bénéfiques.

Message du Wapiti et d'Israel; Steve est pure et n'insultez plus jamais ceux ayant l'avantage d'être Bipolaire; ils sont les envoyés des peuples Yahvé qui ont survécus au massacre d'Atlantis par des êtres ignobles au nom de Golgotha qui sont venu sur Terre il y a plus de trois millénaires.

Message de Steve; Le film Américain "Independance Day" n'est pas une farce; Des êtres malveillants nous guettaient mais nous sommes très puissants et unis à présent. Ils n'oseront plus nous agresser. Ils nous enverons un messager bientôt se nommant Actar; qui veut dire; bienvenue dans la réalité qu'est le Cosmos; "Amour pour autrui maintenant!"

Its officiel; Pentagone is a weapon dealer!

Steve Log: July 5th, 2010.

Dirty Pentagone sellings weapons again in Poland for the defense of Europe! Yah right! Its for defending all your USA military bases in Europe we should say. What did I say to you Pentagone! No selling of weapons if not at war!

The Middle-East, Russian, Indian, Pakistaneese, Japaneese, Australian, China and United Koreans missiles to counter the week mobile or fix SAM sites must be of this design:

All missiles aiming at the USA bases in Germany have three stages of fuel like the USA Appolo rockets; One stage for take off and for cruising up until loser Poland, it then separates. Then the second one and most powerful one does a full boost at Mach 7 to flee all SAM missiles attempt to take it out over submited Poland. Then the second stage separates after avoiding knockout over corrupted Poland and the third stage is used for the rest of the trip to smach all American bases remaining in Germany. Make the missile make a high squeek sound like the German WWII Stuka airplane when near the beast nest so that all personnel in the USA bases haves time to evacuate. The missile should hit only facilities and military toys!

Message from Theodore and son Franklin Roosevelt; The USA army became after WWII a colonial force lost in fear of losing their comfortable life style.

Message from Steve; Do not invest on Boeing and Lockeed Martin nor in selling them food, cigaretts and beer for all their damn colonial USA bases! Go home and apprieciate your tasty food, great sports and great temperature USA soldiers lost in the madness of weapon dealer Pentagone!

Love your neighbors not hate them!


Reine - Charles - Je veux de l'action! - C'est partout autour de nous! - Luna

Steve Log: July 4th, 2010.

Message de nos abeilles; Notre miel tue la mauvaise haleine des plus malodorantes. Également, notre reine est notre esclave et non pas l'inverse. Votre reine Élizabeth II est pieuse et gracieuse. Elle a permise au Commonwealth de rester uni pendant tout son reigne. Par contre, le prince Charles devra prouver sa valeur sinon tout ce que ses parents ont accomplis sera anéanti si il ne se s'allie pas avec le nouveau empereur du Monde-Uni; Steve le géant au coeur incorruptible.

Steve n'a pas besoin de six châteaux, de jouer au polo ni de porter des bijoux en or de 5000 caras. Ce que Steve exige c'est de l'ACTION! Arrêtez de parlez et parlez et parlez de tout ce que vous voulez accomplir pour finalement oublier votre première pensée qui est de SERVIR le peuple!

Ce message est de Steve directement destiné au prince Charles; N'attends pas d'être roi. Accomplies-toi dès maintenant et viens nous voir au Canada-Uni, Australie et en Afrique du Sud. Quels sont tes idées pour un Monde meilleur Charles? Sorts de l'ombre aujourd'hui et laisse le Soleil te guider pour qu'il t'indique le chemin que tes peuples du Commonwealth veulent que tu traces pour leurs bien-êtres. Pourquoi n'irais-tu pas dans un pub boire de la succulante bière Belge et fûmer des cigarettes Indiennes à Dublin avec tes enfants? Les Irlandais se préparent pour t'acceuillir dans le plus confortable château nommé; "Le Prince est Vivant! Vive le Prince!"

Message d'Europa; Dans le vide de l'espace, il y a de l'oxygène et de l'hydrogène partout à travers le Système Solaire. Elles proviennent directement de la combustion du Soleil qui en projet tout azimut. Capturez cette oxygène pour respirer dans vos navires spatiaux et pour vous propulser de planète en planète. Ces deux éléments sont en petite quantité au mètre carré mais il y en a partout!

C'est de cette façon que les planètes ont de l'eau à leur surface. C'est une accumulation d'oxygène et d'hydrogène qui a eu lieu pendant des millions d'années!

La catastrophe de Appolo 13 est dû à un court-circuit causé par de la CONDENSATION spatiale!

Notre Lune n'est pas été créée au même moment que la Terre. La Lune est une masse d'eau excédentaire orbitant autour de nous. C'est seulement la croûte que nous appercevons de la Terre. L'eau est sous forme liquide près du centre de son noyau et est sous forme de glace plus près de la surface. C'est pour cela que nous avons les basses marées et les hautes marées; l'Eau attire l'Eau!

Sclérosanplaque - Callisto et Io - Terraformation - Nos enfants - Au secour du Mexique! - Treize et Quatre

Steve Log: July 4th, 2010.

Le maïs avec un excès d'insecticide = vos os se fragiliseront = sclérosanplaque

Pour guérir de la sclérosanplaque = manger beaucoup de bol de céréales de blé biologique pour déjeuner avec du lait non-pasteurisé.

Message des Nations Aztec; Pour guerrir la sclérausaplaque de façon définitive chez une personne; Le blé doit être consommé avec de la canne à sucre de Cuba, République Dominicaine et de la Jamaïque pour que les éléments nutritifs s'accumulent dans vos graisses en permanance. C'est ceux qui sont trop mince qui porte le fardaux de cette maladie. Manger sainement à votre faim. Si vous avez un petit 10 kilos de graisse protectrice vous êtes assuré d'être à l'abri de tout problème de la sclérausanplaque à l'âge de votre sagesse.

Addition de Steve; Des croustilles (chips) au blé biologique avec un soupçon de sucre à la crème Québécois serait extraordinaire pour une accumulation rapide de graisse pour les personnes de l'âge de diamant. Cela serait également très délicieux. C'est la hantise de la maigreur qui rends les personnes vulnérables à toutes sortes de problème graves.

Message de ma grand-maman Adéla Arsenault Couture; Manger à votre faim et arrêtez cette obsession de la maigreur maudite!

Message des peuples d'Europa; Il y a énormément d'eau sur Io et Callisto sous leur surface. Déplacez ces satellites de Jupiter près de Mars et Vénus et transportez d'énorme morceaux à leur surface. Cela créera vos mers d'eau qui ensuite grâce à l'évaporation créeront l'oxygène pour les atmosphères de Mars et Vénus dans quelques décennies. Cette eau ensuite servira pour votre agriculture verte qui a de l'oxygène pour se développer qui produira ensuite l'azote en grande quatité. C'est comme cela que les peuples de la galaxie de la Voie Lactée et d'Andromède procèdent pour la Terraformation.

Dormez tendrement collé avec enfants lorsqu'ils se sentent insécure = Jamais de cauchemars que ce soit pour vous ou pour eux.

Lorsque votre enfant souffre d'une maladie mineure; Donnez-leur plusieurs bisous sur leur petite bouche pour que vous leur transmettez tout les bienfaits de vos anti-corps de grande personne.

Message de Steve au brave force de l'ordre du Mexique; Vous n'avez pas besoin d'avantage de policiers. Pour avoir des policiers hautement motivés et non-corrompus par les vendeurs de drogues; Doublez leur salaire, établissez un programme d'avantages sociaux attrayant pour eux et donnez-leur un plan de retraite séduisant. Tout ceux attrapés à être soumis à l'emprise du billet vert des vendeurs de drogues ne seront pas emprisonnés, ils seront exclus des forces policières pendant six ans et perdrons leur ancienneté pour l'octroi de leur retraite généreuse.

Ceci est l'exemple du Canada-Uni que je vous ai dévoilé. Nous sommes un des pays le plus sécuritaire de la planète! Venez en immigration chez nous. Apprenez nos langues; le Français et l'Anglais. Profitez de nos grands espaces et soyez heureux avec nous dans une compassion pour autrui pour notre plus grande joie commune.

Le Saint-Québec s'agrandit:
Les Acadiens-Hurons-Français-Italiens-Irlandais-Britanniques-Algériens-Grecs-Asiatiques-Africains francophones-Communautés Juives-Libannais-ALLEMANDS!

Message du constructeur Avionique Canadiens Bombardiers; Steve a raison. Avec quatre ailes, deux de chaque côté de l'avion, nos vol seraient très sécuritaires. Les deux ailes arrières avec des turbo-réacteurs doivent être repliées à la vertical et plus petites que les ailes principales. Ils se déploieraient à l'horizontal seulement au décollage et l'atterissage et en vol si un problème survient. C'est des ailes de secours!

3G wood - Telescope - Corbeau Channel - Méchoui entre amis - Robot explorateur - Greece Coat

Steve Log: July 2snd, 2010.

Message from Steve; For better Cellular phone reception and transmission, put your phone on a wood table when loading large internet web pages or when sending e-mails.

A great improvement would be to create a thin wood case protecting the cellular phone and at the same time for boosting the cellular signal.

Message from the Nasa; Purchase telescopes and admire the space heaven to get closer to your dear ladies.

Message from Steve; For great telescope purchase, buy a specialized space magazine and all the neat telescopes will unveil themselves. There are also telescope domes for the winter viewing. You must be far from any city lights and the sky atmosphere must be dry like in sunny California or dry in winter in Holy Canada.

Message de nos Corbeaux; Nous sommes les descendants des Aigles. Nous ne sommes pas éteints. Nous avons tout simplement changés d'apparence pour vous faire moins peur. Le royaume animal aime également changer de vêtements au fil du temps. La plus grande dame de notre royaume est le Paon. C'est elle Coco Channel pour nous. Elle est tellement belle vous ne trouvez pas?
Coco Paon

Message des Chasseurs du Grand Nord de la province du Yukon du Canada-Uni; N'achetez jamais du Caribou provenant de brocanteurs! Ils épuisent nos ressources et la viande n'est pas à son meilleur goût car ils la congèle avant de la vendre. Pour une viande de première qualité et d'un goût extraordinaire, tuez le caribou, préparer-le en méchoui peu de temps après l'abbatage et là vous verrez comme le royaume animal du Canada-Uni est exceptionnel savoureux.

De la viande de caribou contient un ingrédiant des plus bénéfiques; du sucre animal qui serait des plus exquis dans les nouvelles brasseries du Monde-Uni de la bière. Cela donne énormément d'énergie et ne donne pas de sommeil pour nos longues soirées d'été près d'un superbe feu en fôret entre amis qui s'émerveilleront devant le ciel de la nuit que nous conquérerons dans la prochaine décennie.

Message des brillants ingénieurs des Incas aux spationautes du Canada-Uni; Vous n'avez pas besoin de scaphandriers pout explorer Mars. Ne perdez pas de temps avec ça. Vos combinaisons lunaires de 1969-1976 sont déjà très adéquates pour des sorties de quelques heures.

Message de Steve; Utiliser plutôt des véhicules hermétiques avec une seule porte à l'arrière du véhicule pour embarquer à bord. Les Italiens sont très fort en robotique. Utilisez leur technologie pour creuser des trous, pour déplacer les pierres, pour manier les différents appareils de toutes sortes du Mars-Rover.

Notre technologie est déjà à son summum. Utilisons-là pour la renaissance de l'ère spatiale du Monde-Uni en gloire de savoir et de sagesse!

Message de nos castors; Notre poil est enduit de gras naturel qui fait perler l'eau sur nous. Utiliser de la graisse biologique sur vos manteaux de Cariboux d'automne et de printemps. Vous serez au chaud et serez imperméables lorsqu'il pleut. Lavez la graisse sur le manteau de Caribou à la tombée de l'hiver. Le manteau de Caribou est superbe et très chaud pour tous les hivers du Canada-Uni, de la Russie, du Danemark, de la Scandinavie et de l'Islande.

Hello Apple from Canadian BlackBerry!

Steve Log: July 2snd, 2010.

Message from Steve to magnificient iPhone:
Must approve the fallowing items for a better Apple experience:

On your main keyboard outlet; you have a Backspace key but where is the DELETE key? That is a must have!

When a call is missed or an calandar alarm has been risen; implement a blinking red light, like the great Blackberry, to indicate that you have new information that you must take care of.

When your iPhone is in your safe case on your belt and it rings, as soon as the owner pulls out the iPhone, put it automatically in answer mode if no password is required. This is a Blackberry suggestion.

Implement a bright light next to your photo lens on the back of the iPhone for lighting up faces pictures in dark room conditions. It also serves has a neat flashlight. Blackberry tip.

I know that we can shake the iPhone to execute a UNDO. But how do we de a REDO in case that to much was destroyed? Your Undo feature is very hazardous.

Enable the user to do a complete reset of the iPhone from the iPhone interface or with a small pin accessable button. Fresh restart! It is imperative because sometimes your applications freezes; e-mail and Safari. We dont always do backups everyday on iTunes. We can do a complete restart of the BlackBerry by removing its battery easily.

When creating a calandar event, immediately set an alarm 5 minutes before it occurs as a default setting.

Rest assure Steve; I'm keeping my solid frame iPhone but a small operating system upgrade would be appreciated.

For all manufacturers that create specific products for the iPad, iPod and iPhone, you should give to Apple it's 15% royalties. In exchange, tasty Apple aggrees that you but the Apple approved logo on your box product.

There is a lot of expensive Apple complementary products out there but if its not approved by Steve Jobs it is a risky purchase.

Apple's iPad commercial says that all web site function with it; That's False! My PuzzQuiz games made with great Adobe Flash does not function on it. Its out of the question that I double work to have an PuzzQuiz iPad functional game. Apple with Adobe Flash. Work Together and stop this war between your two great companies! This is called industrial inner-wars.

Play PuzzQuiz World War II Leaders on Windows and Mac!

Guitare Taschereau - Four wings - To noisy! - Mars & Venus - Chess - Epiderma - Mathematiciens - Commercial break - Peace!

Steve Log: July 1st, 2010.

Guitate Hero concept game was invented by the company "Tune 1000" from Québec city Métropolis. The 1996 PC game, that I helped created with my co-workers, was named Music Chase. Play fair innovative Nintendo. Give to François Taschereau, the genious creater of your game concept, his 15% royalties on each game to sell from now on.
François Taschereau

Message de nos Libellules; Nous avons quatre ailes pour voler en direction latérale. Construisez vos avions avec quatre ailes. Si une se brise et prend feu, pas de problème, les trois autres prennent la relève et vous serez en sécurité en tout temps.

Également, vos turbo-réacteurs sont trop bruyants. Les oiseaux ont peur près des aéroports et cela provoque beaucoup d'accidents aux décollages et aux atterissages car les êtres du ciel sont affollés et perdent le sens de l'orientation et boom! dans le turbo-réacteur! Mettez un grillage serré rouge métallique vif, une couleur non-naturelle, devant vos turbo-réacteurs et tous vos vols seront "smooth"!

Mars et Venus se préparent pour leur périple pour nous rejoindre. Lorsque notre Amour pour Autrui sera à son paroxisme, les deux planètes soeurs se mettront en marche pour nous rejoindre sur le même orbite que Terra-Nova! Il n'y aura aucune collision n'ayez crainte. Le Saint-Père, le Soleil, coordonne le périple pour une jonction en douceur.

The chess game was invented by the ancient Monks in their monastary in Liverpool. The Monks are the inventors also of the Scotch beverages. The Monks heal the wounded with a special mixture of cow blood, sugar and honey to regenerate those that have been badly hurt. This procedure is called "Regeneres".

Message des Premières Nations de l'Amérique du Sud; Lait au Chocolat c'est divin!

The Rain Man, autism people, played by Dustin Hoffman are top Mathematiciens. To make them free from their obsession with numbers, the must eat a lot of South American Chocolate to relax their thougts. Sugar slowes down over-electro-chemical activity in the brain. Myself, I drink coffee with Chocolate milk and I feel great, awaken and free of any obsession. I always take my prescribe medicine, Zeprexa and Epival, when I sleep but slighly lower than the psychatric doctors suggest. Do the same my friends living with the enormous advantage of being like me, Bipolar!

*** Commercial Break ***

American Winston cigarettes are like flowers, they smell wonderfully!

Love JVC televisions. To avoid breakdowns after intensive use, equiped them with superior components coming from your home land: Japan! And never put your ventilation traps on the top of your products. This is why your products dont response well after a few years. To much dust inside! They must be underneath on the bottom.

For electronic products that seem to bug randomly, disconnect it, open the case and clean the interior with pressurized air to sweep out the dust. Electronic resurrection!

Electronic will function far better if the case inside was without any air. Tighly Seeled! Put the electricity transformer outside the emptied air case. No dust - top performance!

Message from Steve to JVC; North Koreans would love having your great updated electronic products!

Message to Computer pirates; Do not touch Apple products and there will be no war ever again from my part against you ;-) Peace brothers!

Pyramides - Alerte au Rayon - Boy or Girl? - Cats - Slim - Sure bet!

Steve Log: July 1st, 2010.

Les Pyramides ont été contruits avec des grues pas avec des grandes pentes de sable mouvant comme dans le film 10 000 BC.

Ces grues sont en forme d'un balancier ancien qui calculait le poids de l'or. Les travailleurs Égyptiens déposent un énorme bloc de granite sur un côté et ensuite, sur l'autre côté du balancier, ils le remplissent de pierres pour soulever la grande masse. Ces grues étaient très hautes et tournaient sur l'axe des X et Y tout comme nos grues modernes. Les Mayas et Incas et utilisaient également ces types de grues pour leur pyramides.

Ceux qui voyagent beaucoup en avion, en particulier les femmes et hommes d'affaires, contracteront trois maladies graves dûes au scanner Rayon X pour détecter le métal; le cancer des testicules, le cancer du colon et le cancer du sein!

Ceux portant presqu'en permanence des lunettes soleil doivent savoir ceci; votre pupille se dilate et laisse entrer un rayon très nocif que les lunettes de soleil ne bloquent pas; les rayons gamma!

Vous aurez des cataraques aux yeux à votre vieillesse et vous perderez le vue graduellement; la Presbitie.

Message de Steve au fabricant de lunettes soleil; créez des verres fumés bloquant les rayon gamma également!

Vous voulez créer une petite fille: buvez beaucoup de café. Le café est un puissant stimulant qui active les ovules femelles et les spermes femelles. Au Saint-Québec, nous avons beaucoup de petites déesses, nous buvons beaucoup, mais beaucoup de café.

Si vous voulez une petite garçon, buvez beaucoup de thé avec du lait. Cela détendra vos ébats sexuelles et cela créera des petits génies qui nous éclair de leur sourire moqueur.

Nos chats adorent la musique. Lorsque vous partez pour vos longues vacances, activer la radio classique. Ils apprécieront grandement. Ils mangeront beaucoup moins et ils garderont leur taille de guêpe.

Ce conseil vaut pour nous les humains également. Écoutez de la douce musique relaxante. Vous serez remplis d'émotions et vous n'aurez pas à compenser avec de la nourriture basse en valeur nutritive comme le junkfood que nous consommons.

Comment gagner aux courses de chevaux - Informez-vous des écuries qui traitent le mieux leurs chevaux. Pendant les courses, vous noterez également les Jockeys qui frappent constamment leur noble cheval trop tôt et trop fréquemment perderont le course à coup sûr.

Le Jockey qui frappe sa monture seulement aux touts derniers moments aura l'appui de sa monture et le noble Jockey, son écurie décente et son monture flamboyant, seront dans les deux premiers à arriver à l'ultime fil de la victoire!

The will be no more roars of war coming from me. I have done enough for the upcoming months. I want to relax this summer and smile at the sun that will give me prosperity! ;-)

I am Gustavious; Steve Lucien Rodrigue


Learn more on "Gustav I of Sweden" on Wikipedia

For Love Gifts

Love Gifts

Protect Apple & Windows 7 at all Cost!


The Name of the last remaning ennemy!


Message from Sir Bill Gates!

Vérité versus Tromperie

Steve Log: June 26th, 2010.

Saint-Truth Versus Deception

Valeureuse Armée Américaine, les Espions et Traîtes sont partout sur la Planète; Vos satellites sont sous Emprise de Forces Ennemies!

C'est à vous de les Découvrir.

Indice: From Outer-Space!


Aucune Chance! - You are surrounded!

Steve Log: June 25th, 2010.

Message de Saint-Père; Voici la plus puissante Armée jamais rassemblée par mon fils que j'aime à la folie!

=Saint-Québec, le Canada-Uni
=Mère Nature, Dieu le Soleil, Terra-Nova
=Venus, Mars, Europa, Proxima du Centaure
=Les Aigles, Les Fourmies, Les Ours Polaires, Les Requins, La Poule qui nourrie toute la Terre-Uni!
=Les Amériques-Uni, La grande Europe, L'énergique Afrique, L'Océanie Claire, L'Asie la glorieuse, La Puissant-Orient
=Le Français, L'Anglais, L'Esprit, Le Corps, Les Ancêtres, L'Électricité, Les Médias de la vérité
=Les femmes pieuses, Les enfants espiègles, Les Aînés éveillés, Les Artistes, Les Soldats de la Paix, Les Médecins Agiles, Les Commerçants Justes, Les Mamans et Papa qui ont à coeur la sécurité de leur Anges!

Armée USA de l'Ultime Pouriture qui détruisent tout sur leur passage, Repentez-Vous imbéciles perdus dans la haine!

Vous n'avez aucune chance contre toute mon ARMÉE de l'APOCALYPSE qui s'abattra sur vous si vous continuer vos actions de MEUTRIERS! Retournez chez vous auprès de vos femmes et de vos enfants et jouissez de la vie avec nous avec l'ultime message de Vénus notre planète soeur; L'Univers est Amour en chacun de Nous pour son Prochain!

Course F1 - Formula 1 racing!

Steve Log: June 25th, 2010.

À tous les courageux pirates informatiques de l'Alliance du Monde-Uni: Trouvez toutes les listes du personnel militaire et soldat de réserve des USA qui occupe l'Afghanistan, l'Irak, les Philippines, la Pologne, l'Allemagne et tout pays qu'ils ne sont pas le bienvenue. Faîtes ceci très rapidement avec l'aide du efficace CIA et du FBI des plus justes.

Tous les noms haut-gradés et soldats réguliers et de réserve qui oseront mettre les pieds en Terre ennemie; Canada, pays de l'Alliance ainsi que dans les états des USA suivants; Floride, état de Washington, New York, Maine, Californie, Arkansas, Nouvelle Orléans, Caroline du Sud et Caroline du Nord, Nevada, Texas, Alaska, Hawaï, Massachusset et tout états de l'Alliance du Canada seront arrêtés aux frontières, seront emprisonnés et enchaînés à un lit pendant 5 ans! Vous allez souffrir minables pourritures!

Tous soldats Américais portant sur lui des CIGARETTES Winston et le drapeau du leader de l'Alliance, le Saint-Québec, aura l'immunité absolue. Regardez dans leur yeux avant la validation de leur sincérité; si ils n'ont pas larme à l'oeil du pardon, ils sont des traîtres de l'Alliance et seront emprisonnés avec de l'urine à boire et un rat comme déjeuner!

Bande de minable armée Américaine de Câlisse de Tabernac! Vous allez payez pour votre manque de clairevoyance et de sagesse rats d'égoux!!!

Repoussez-les hors du pays!

Steve Log: June 25th, 2010.

Message du commandant-en-chef Steve aux braves soldats guerriers Talibans et aux ingénieurs de la pureté Pakistanaise.

Créer des munitions de SNIPER contenant ces deux éléments à l'intérieur de chaque caisson métalisé:

Une petite bille contenent à l'intérieur de l'Acide ET

Une autre petite bille contenant à l'intérieur de la Vapeur de Vénin de Boa!

Faîtes alterner les munitions avec de multiples variation de maladies infectueuses.
-Une balle contenant à l'intérieur de la Vapeur de Maléria
-Une balle contenant à l'intérieur de la Vapeur de Virus du Nil
-Une balle contenant à l'intérieur de la Vapeur de Peste

Faîte ceci à l'armée d'occupation USA:

Lorsque la petite bille d'acide frappe leurs chars d'assault, leurs hélicoptères ou le chandails anti-balle, elle fera fondre leur armure.

Ensuite, l'autre petite bille de Vapeur de Vénin de Boa, les rendra très très malades et ils seront hors combat pendant des mois.

Vous avez la permission du Saint-Père pour utiliser cette arme biologique des plus efficace. Gagnez moi cette guerre valeureux Talibans et Pakistannais!

Frappez tout Américains impurs qui vous aggressent. Ceux qui ne font pas feu envers vous, ne les touchez pas. Plusieurs soldats Américains ne sont pas d'accord avec leur OCCUPATION en Afghanistan. Eux, laissez-les boirent leur Budweiser et fûmer leurs CIGARRETES en paix.

Message from Felix the cat

Steve Log: June 23th, 2010.

Les Chats

How to wipe out the USA unpure nuclear underwater rats: Submarine USA crewmen, you are not welcome in Canada and the United World; eat your junk food and die of obesity oversized navy sewer rats!

Everyone can be a Telepath!

When you find your ultimate lover!

Travel the World to find this person and when your at peace with others and are sparkling goodness from inside, Love will come and Conquer All!

Message from Steve to psychiatrist doctor under-graded students; We will keep taking our medication but its we that will tell you the right dozage after you stabilize us.

If I learn that there is an over-dozage of one of the pure bipolar geniuses, I will find who did it and Alcatraz will be your new home for a few years under-human doctors!

Golgotha Soul Killers!

White Doctor Rats

Message from Steve: Those that have BIPOLARITY issues, like myself, are not sick. It's the reverse white dressed rats! They are Highly Emotional and Highly INTELLIGENT!

The psychiatrist doctors are Not all bad. But a lot are UGLY in their minds that handcuffs to a bed their clients! The FBI will track you down and find out all dirty treatments that you have been putting on us all these years AND it's you that will be behind bars for 9 years! Be aware white dressed rats, I know how to defend myself!

The psychiatrists doctors dark force over-dozing us, bipolar geniuses, with medication so we sleep eternally until our deaths! They dont want us, Bipolar, to unveil our ultimate powers; that we are TELEPATHS!

We know that our medication is important but you white dressed hospital rats give us way to much of it!

Doze better dear psychiatrist doctors! Listen to your Bipolarity clients and adjust our medication for OUR weel-being. Get rid of your blood analysis balance charts, they are worth nothing!

American Movie Viewers; Invasion counter-offensive!

The Prince of Persian - Iranian movie
The Shindler's List - Israelian movie
Fifth Element - French movie
Ratatouille - French movie
Titanic - Irland movie
Brave Heart - Scottland & Irland movie
Far and Away with Tom Cruise - Irland movie
Robin Hood with Russel Crowe - Irland movie
Casino - Italian movie
GoodfeIlas - Italian movie
The Departed - China Hong Kong movie
Babel with Brad Pitt - Japan, Mexico and Maroc movie!
Big Fat Greek Weeding - Just guess!
Cast Away with Tom Hanks - Purolator movie
Jurassic Park - Costa Rica movie
Hannah and her Sisters - Neighbourhood watch movie
The Matrix triology - Anti-Microsoft Australian movie
Flashdance with Jennifer Beals - Pittsburg city movie
Aliens - United Mothers movie
Avatar - CANADIAN First Natives movie!
G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra - SAINT-QUÉBEC movie

Do never trust the box office number billboards. They are not impartial because who knows who is paying for it!

Also, the most beautiful women and men in the World is a real joke! The billboards are paid by American Actor Agents to promote their clients! Stay away from those kind of magazines dear ladies!

Un nouveau prince - La mer de Somalie - The Sun is with us! - Wall Gold - Moon

Steve Log: June 23th, 2010.

Message de l'Empire du Canada et du Monde-Uni: General Stanley McChrystal, tu es courageux et bon. Nous t'appuyons avec tout notre coeur rempli d'amour pour ton énorme courage à dénoncer la politique militaire Américaine qui est en panne de sagesse. Le grand Canada et les pays de l'Alliance du Monde-Uni te couvrirons de notre béatitude de saines pensées et tu seras traîté comme un prince lorsque tu viendra nous visiter.

Plus d'informations sur le valeureux Prince Stanley: Stanley McChrystal on Wikipedia

Message de la gracieuse Égypte: Nous avons acheté des quantités énormes des produits de la mer de la pure Somalie. Peuple de l'Alliance, unissons-nous pour permettre à la sublime Somalie de voir à nouveau le soleil se lever sur notre plus courageux de nos leaders: Steve le Grand du Tout Puissant Canada!

Message de la Sainte-Californie: On vous enmerde Politiciens Pourries de Washington qui ont menacé le leader du Grand Canada, le magnifique Stephen Harper!

Investissez dans les titres suivants de la grande rue de New York; Wall Street:

=USA spy flying military drone; the MQ-9 Reaper: MQ-9 Reaper on Wikipedia

=Steve's National Hockey Ligue

=PhilipMorrisUSA Tobacco company: Philip Morris USA corporate web site

=Colgate Industries which are creating a new kind of great toothpaste made with cavity Honey fighter!

=In celestial Bill Gates and Bill Clinton the lion heart that are on the move to save prince Haïti

=McDonald's that creates joy for our precious children

=Go Daddy Internet King Provider: Go Daddy great web site

=Apple, BlackBerry and Adobe!

=National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA; We are teaming up with Canadian Aeronautics Nanotechnologies Agency, CANA, to go to the Moon, Mars, Venus and Europa!

Clairement - Ontario menacé - USA: Contre-attaquez!

Steve Log: June 22th, 2010.

Message des guerriers Talibans: Identifiez vos soldats clairement avec votre logo de votre pays. Nous avons malencontreusement tué un soldat de la paix universe; un brave et noble soldat Canadien cette semaine. Steve, nous sommes sincèrement désolé!

Message de Steve aux forces de MAINTIENT DE LA PAIX du Monde-Uni en Afghanistan: Faîte vos uniformes comme nos valeureux vétérants de WWII: Vos uniformes et casques doivent être clairement distinct d'un pays à l'autres: Différentes formes, différentes couleurs et le drapeau de votre pays bien en vue. Les Talibans visent les USA uniquement pour transmettre ce message; Assassiner nos soldats dans la nuit comme des lâches avec vos hélicoptères est UN CRIME DE GUERRE!

Le Saint-Québec, la Colombie-Britannique, L'Alberta et le Manitoba ne partagent pas les sanctions des politiciens du Canada ONTARIENS sur le noble Iran voulant avoir leur autonomie énergétique. Premier Ministre Stephen Harper, faît attention à tes prochaines décisions car si elles ne me plaîsent pas, le Saint-Québec vous quiterra pour créer notre propre pays avec le galant Jean Charest comme Premier Ministre et l'Ontario sera exclu de tout commerce avec nous et de nos provinces Alliées!

Ceci est un avertissememt des plus sérieux à tous les pays suivant aveuglément les USA qui vous menacent depuis des décennies; USA, vous faîtes des erreurs sur toutes vos décisions diplomatiques. USA, qu'essais-tu d'accomplir avec ta haine pour les Perses?

Message de Sebastopol en Ukraine; USA, vous vous acharnez sur le mauvais ennemi. Votre pire ennemi c'est les DROGUES provenant du Mexique qui tuent votre jeune progéniture. Investissez dans vos drones automatisés pour traquer avec l'aide de l'armée Mexicaine et Canadienne, les pourris de distributeurs de drogues. C'est un impérative pour un meilleur futur pour votre peuple valeureux Américains.

Équitable - Over sized cities - TGV $$$ - Help from Persians

Steve Log: June 22th, 2010.

Message à l'incorruptible noble Premier Ministre du Saint-Québec; Jean Charest: Pour chaque dollar investi dans les infrastructures, les évènements culturels et les moyens de transports de la grande ville de Montréal, Investissez un autre dollar pour les futures grandes villes de Québec Métropolis, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke, Baie-Commeau, Rimouski, Chicoutimi, Gaspé, Val d'Or et Jonquière, Saint-George-de-Beauce.

Message to all Countries of the United-World Alliance from Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan (Regina & Saskatoon cities) and Alberta (Edmonton & Calgary cities). Do not over-invest on your major country cities. It is far better to have medium unpolluted cities, secure and with a great life quality than a big city over-violent, over-crowded, over-dirty and under-employed.

Message from Steve:
Link medium distances between cities together with the well designed TGV of Canadian Bombardiers Industries.

For longer distance, the Japanese top secure TGV Shinkansen is a great choice.

All TGV railroad tracks must be all of the same type for a smooth and healthy cooperative TGV railroad experience between all the medium cities of your country.

Also, add two extra wagons, one with a Restaurant with tasty French Cuisine and the other one with an Irish Pub for CIGARRET SMOKERS! This will be very profitable! $$$

Message from "Téhéran" to Baghdad; We will help you develop Safe Nuclear Power for your great city of pure citizens, Baghdad. For top safety, all Nuclear Power Plants must be constructed Inside the Montains or underground surrounded by a dense rock shield. This way if there is a radioactive leek, the high density rock will contain it!

Canadian Hydro Ontario will provide to marvelous Irakians our high competent engineers to construct an effective electricity network.

Indépendance - le Dinar - Nos artistes X - Nanotechnologie en feu - Sabre Jedï - Braves Kurdes!

Steve Log: June 22th, 2010.

L'Alaska et Hawaï demandent l'indépendance des USA! Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue aux côtés des forces de la liberté par excellence: L'Empire du Monde-Uni!

La grande monnaie Algérienne, le Dinar, devient maintenant la monnaie de la pureté en chacun de nous. Investissez en elle, la monnaie Algérienne, et vous contriburez à l'épanouissement de leur peuple magnifique qui ensuite vous enseigneront la sagesse de Mohammed fils du Saint-Père qui sont aux cieux pour notre unisson dans l'amour de notre plus grand dieu: Le Soleil. C'est lui le Saint-Père veillant sur nous.

Prenez du Soleil mes enfants; ne mettez pas de crème solaire les deux premières heures d'exposition à mes rayons de joie vous éclairant. Je vais vous guérrir de vos maladies les plus vérulantes.

La Radio X de Québec City Metropolis, 98.1 FM, est génial; Ils investissent dans nos grands artistes du Saint-Québec. Aller au Festivant de Saint-Jean-Chrysostôme pour écouter le coeur de Radio X promotant notre culture Québécoise de grands talents.

La Nanotechnologie en action: Lorsque vous avez une démangeaison ne vous grattez pas immédiatement. Localiser votre petit grattement et regardez attentivement si il n'y aurait pas de petits insectes à la surface de votre peau. Si oui, soufflez sur le petit insecte pour qu'il parte. Si vous n'appercevez aucun être à la surface de votre peau cela veut dire qu'ils SONT À L'INTÉRIEUR de votre chair! Si vous avez un problème de santé, laissez cette nanotechnologie faire son boulot de résoudre votre mauvaise santé. Ils vont vous guérir en manguant les CELLULES CANCÉREUSES! Ces les valeureuses larves de nos mouches qu'elles déposent en nous pour nous soigner de toutes sortes de maladies.

Ne tuez pas nos mouches; Elles sont des infirmières et médecins nous traîtant aux petits soins.

Si vous avez déjà une bonne santé, le Saint-Père autorise que vous tuez les infirmières larves non pas en vous grattant mais en pressant fermemant sur le grattement localisé. Vous verez les grattements s'arrêteront. Gardez toujours en tête que si vous croyez être atteint d'une maladie grave; laissez ces petites larves de mouches sous votre peau faire leur travail d'infirmière de vous remettre sur pied en un rien de temps!

L'arme du Jedï / Jedï Sabre:

Jedi SabreCigarettes des Premières Nations des Amériques!

Message des braves guerriers Irakiens Kurdes: C'est la Turkie qui tue notre peuple avec ses tueurs kamikaze à Bagdad!

Message de Steve à l'OTAN; sécurisez la zone nord de l'Irak, la province Kurde, avec l'aide de leurs grands guerriers. Vous verrez, les attentats s'arrêteront car les armes passent par la Turkie de Câlisse! Honte à vous armée laïc de piètre foi!

Première sanction sur la Turkie; Damas, Odessa et Athènes, ne vendez plus de produits de vos magnifiques champs de légumes à ces lâches!

Miel et dentifrice - Nos guêpes - Allergies - Sept et Douze - Teinture

Steve Log: June 21st, 2010.

Message de nos avions de chasse, les guêpes: Les abeilles ne consomment pas de pollen. Elles se nourissent de petits insectes à l'intérieur des coeurs de fleur. Le miel sont leurs excréments. Lorsque vous vous nourissez de miel, vous manger des excréments très nutritifs pour votre corps. Le miel sert à vous prémunir contre la carrie dentaire! Vos ancêtres Incas en consommaient beaucoup pour prévenir contre toute attaque à votre belle dentition. Votre dentifrice consommé journalièrement est votre plus grand ennemi. C'est cet hypocrite de produit à saveur de SUCRE qui vous donnent la carrie dentaire si utilisé à tous les jours. Utilisez du Dentifrice; Oui, mais pas à tous les jours et certainement pas trois fois dans une journée! Vous enlever votre bouclier anti-carrie, l'émaille, en grattant trop souvent vos valeureuses dents!

Nous, les guêpes, agissons pour faire peur à vous; humain. Nous protégeons les fleurs que vous voulez maladroitement couper. Également, lorsque nous vous piquons vous aurez la fièvre des foins; vos allergies au pollen sont causées par nous car vous avez fait du tort à nos belles fleurs!

Voici l'antidote à long terme: Ne touchez plus jamais aux fleurs avec vos Câlisse de produits chimiques! Nous dévoilerons à Steve, notre rose aux épines des plus virulantes, le secret pour appaiser vos symptôme d'allergies bientôt.

Mise à jour: Le Canada: Nous sommes Sept! ; Inuits - Indiens - Anglais - Français - Chinois - Irlandais - COMMUNAUTÉS JUIVES UNIES!

Le Saint-Québec grandit en puissance!
Les Acadiens-Hurons-Français-Italiens-Irlandais-Britanniques-Algériens-Grecs-Asiatiques-Africains-Communautés Juives-LIBANNAIS !

Mesdames, ne teingnez pas votre belle couleur de cheveux originelle immédiatement après les avoir coupés car vous contracterez toutes sortes de maladies; vos maux de tête à répétition sont causés par les produits chimiques contenu dans la teinture. Les hommes n'ont jamais mal à la tête car ils ne se teingnent pas.

Lorsque vous coupez vos cheveux, ils saignent pendant plusieurs heures. Attendez une semaine avant toute teinture à vos cheveux des plus gracieux pour éviter d'être contaminé par ces produits chimiques très nocifs.

TGV Nippon - Dictature militaire - Penta à Boston - N'hésitez pas! - Honte à vous!

Steve Log: June 20th, 2010.

Les ÉTUDES de faisabilité de la viabilité du TGV Japonais sont déjà terminées et cela est des plus profitables pour l'Amérique du Nord. Les économies Canadiennes, Américaines et Mexicaines en sortent grandes gagnantes sur toutes les lignes ferroviaires étudiées. Les ÉTUDES c'est assez! Cela fait 20 ans que l'on SUR-ÉTUDIE ce dossier. Le moment est venu d'AGIR!

Les États-Unis n'est pas une démocratie. C'est une dictacture militaire déguisée en démocratie. Ce n'est pas le brave Obama qui dirige ce peuple mais le Général-en-Chef Collins opérant sur sa base militaire principale au Massachusset près de la première grande ville colonisée des USA: Boston.

Message d'un valeureux espion Américain convertie pour le bien du Monde-Uni: Le vrai Pentagone de Boston est immense et il peut être vu de l'espace. Elle est facile à localiser; Google maps ne dévoile pas cet emplacement car cette compagnie, Google, est largement financé par l'armée militaire pour acquérir de l'information partout à le travers le Monde. Trouver le trou dans la carte en banlieu de Boston est voilà; c'est là que le vrai Pentagone se cache!

Message de nos chasseurs les libellules: Les bombardiers Américains nucléaires sont gros et facile à repérer lorsqu'ils volent à haute altitude pendant le jour; Ils laissent une grande et longue trainée blanche sortant de leur réacteurs polluants. N'hésitez pas à les détruire si ces avions polluant ne s'identifient pas à vos contrôleurs aériens.

Pendant la nuit, ils éteignent toutes leur lumières de leurs ailes pour ne pas être détectés. Pour les apercevoir, utiliser une simple technique de WWII, allumer les phares de vos tours à bureaux et éclairer le ciel de façon aléatoire et vous les appercevrez faire des esquives pour éviter d'être apperçu. Avertissez-les de partir ou abattez-les!

DO YOU UNDERSTAND CITIZENS OF USA WHY GREAT OBAMA COULD NOT HELP BRITISH PETROLEUM? The American Army wants to kick out the British to take the enormous quantity of oil in the gulf of Mexico to provide all the fuel for your unpure army to keep fighting for the next 50 years! GATCHA!

My unconditional love for my informer:
Joseph Lawton Collins

Joseph L. Collins at Wikipedia

Coquerelle - Cultivatrice - Drone - Électricité au combat!

Steve Log: June 19th, 2010.

Message de nos coquerelles: Lorsque vous nous appercevez dans vos salles de bain, nous vous signalons que vous êtes en danger! Vos tuyaux de robinets et de douche sont malpropres et cela vous apportent beaucoup de vermines lorsque vous vous nettoyez les mains et lorsque vous nettoyez votre corps dans la douche et dans votre bain. C'est par les fissures de vos tuyaux que nous entrons. Si vous avez beaucoup de pellicules cela veut dire que votre tuyauterie est malpropre et de salles vermines, que nous mangeons, est présent dans vos cheveux. C'est pour cela que vous vous grattez la tête sans arrêt durant toute la journée et c'est ces vermines qui causent la calvicie sévère chez les hommes. Ces vermines mangent le sang de vos gracieux cheveux jusqu'à la racine. Nettoyer votre tuyauterie de cuivre valeureux humains! Des tuyaux en plastique robuste c'est bien supérieurs! : Vos problèmes de calvicies masculines s'estomperont dans l'oublie en un éclair avec des tuyau de plastique éternel.

Message de nos cultivatrices les fourmies: Apportez-nous dans vos déserts à la limite de la verdure environnante. Nous sommes des exploratrices des plus efficaces. Nous creuserons de profonds tunnels dans le sable pour premièrement trouver une rivière ou un lac souterain. Grâce à nos tunnels sous le sable, l'eau fera surface en petite quantité. Plus notre communauté fleurira, plus il y aura des tunnels et plus l'eau montera à la surface. Humains, donnez-nous des graînes de maïs du Manitoba du Canada et de l'Ukraine dans les déserts où vous nous déposerez. Nous adorons cette graine des plus exotiques. Ils contiennent beaucoup de protéines et du gras pour nous aider à accomplir notre tache de reconquérir et reverdir nos déserts du Monde-Uni!

Les drones de combat automatisés Américains sont des libellules idéals garantissant la sécurité Nationale. Il devront servir à espionner, éclairer et neutralisé en assomant tout malfaiteur essayant de s'enfuir. En aucun cas, ils devront être utilisés dans un espace aérien d'un pays qui ne l'a pas autorisé. Le Pakistan n'a pas autorisé ces engins à survoler comme des lâches leur espace aérien. Par conséquant, VOUS N'AVEZ AUCUN DROIT DE VIOLER ET D'ASSASSINER les habitants du Pakistan qu'ils soient Alliés ou non!

La Russie, l'Inde, le Mexique, la Grande Bretagne, la France, la Colombie veulent tous avoir leur propre flotte de ces libellules du ciel. Avant toute vente de drones aux Alliés Canadiens, ceci inclu les USA, assurez-vous de désactiver le GPS de localisation de ces engins sinon je dévoilerez comment les détruire avec la haute tour de Dubaï city avec leur haute antenne charger de ions négatifs qui vaporisera en vol tout drone intru métalisé non-autorisé dans le secteur!

Promotion Nucléaire!

Steve Log: June 19th, 2010.

Madame Hilary Clinton est promue: Gente dame Clinton et son équipe stratégique Américaine s'assureront qu'aucun autre pays à l'avenir ne développe ou ne mette la main sur des armes atomiques. Gardez vos stocks de missiles nucléaires en place. Ceci assure la sécurité de notre Monde-Uni. Tous pays qui voudront se doter de l'arme de destruction massive seront sévèrement punis; Les Canadiens et ses Alliés gèleront tous les comptes bancaires des pays belligérants et une invasion immédiate de tous les pays combinés de l'Alliance est permise pour soumettre le gouvernent en place à se plier à la nouvelle directive du Saint-Père; Menace de Destruction = Annéantissement de votre économie et soumission pour les 100 prochaines années! Ceci était un message de mon fils Steve, Adolf, Joseph et de Saddam qui sont les plus prêts de mon coeur de guerrier!

Colombia - Sport trainers - Meat - Higher! - Steffi

Steve Log: June 19th, 2010.

Message from Sir Stephen Harper: Canada will send to pur Colombia our top under-ground troops; Our :Lavalin: Engineers will create top safe mines for collecting not coal but gold in your dense Amazon forest. Do not mine coal. The explosion are caused not by hazard but by Mother Nature that says this: "Do not remove my lava coat protection otherwise more volcanoes will erupt all around the World!"

Message from our sweet and tender dogs; Its we that make human go outside so you exercice! We are your sport trainers!

Also, do not give us only bones. We eat it only to get to the marrow because it taste sweet tender meat. Give us fresh meat and not rotten cereal dead shit. It would be so yummy!

Cows, horses, sheeps, goats and all the animal kingdom eat meat; we dont eat grass all day. We eat the grasshoppers hidding in our green fields.

Canada upgrade: We are six! ; Inuit - Indians - English - French - Chineese - IRISH!

Message de Hong-Kong la douce Chinoise: La nouvelle Grande Place de la vibrante basse ville (Place Royale) de Québec Métropolis est en rénovation; Nous devons densifier la ville en érigeant nos édifices à logements avec un minimum de 30 étages et nos édifices à bureaux doivent avoir un minimum de 52 étages. Ceci empêche l'étalement urbain excessif. Également, tous les locataires déjà en place en basse ville resteront en basse ville. Pendant la construction des tours à logements, ils seront relogés temporairement au frais de la ville de Québec Métropolis. Une fois les tours d'habitation terminées, les premiers habitants de la basse ville auront un appartement tout neuf au MÊME prix que leur ancien logement.

Message from referee Germany: Our beauty queen, Steffi Graf, will be leading the anti-drug program to catch Neil and Serena player cheeters in all sports around the United World!

California : Natural Gas - Spacecraft propulsion - Fly saviours

Steve Log: June 18th, 2010.

Message to sunny California, my winter home: In your desert, you have enormous quantity of Natural Gas! Why not providing to Vancouver CANA (Canadian Airspace Nanotechnologies Agency) your ore for our trip to Venus, Mars and Europa? Prepare your pionneers San Francisco. Your coming with us on the speed of light trip to our neighbor planets for archaeological research!

All deserts in the World have tremendous quantity of Natural Gas that have been heating for millions of years; First class spacecraft fuel and heating energy for our homes!

Spacecraft propulsion: Small high dense burst of natural gas ignited at an exponantiel pulsed rate; 1.....1....1...1..1.1 = Locomotive sling shot propulsion!

Message from the saviour flies; We dart you, we analyse your blood, and if we detect that you have an illness, we will bring you the antidote in a few hours after finding a healthy donor on our path. Just wait a few hours and you will see, your health will improve quickly. This is called Natural Nanotechnology blood cure.

Hell and Heaven teamimg up!

Steve Log: June 18th, 2010.

The Pentagone building shown in movies is a decoy. I wonder what the antenna of the tallest USA building, Sears tower, in Boston is used for? Hummm....?

Un rat sans ses moustaches ne peut plus se retrouver dans le ville de Chicago. Coupons-lui ses moustaches et voyons comment il réagira.

Message from warrier Satan: Sears uses Windows platform for his telecommunications. That is very scary since viruses can spread on it at speed of light. Also, they dont have any quality control on their staff that they hire. A family is a good American patriot if they are in America since 1896. I wonder if green vampire money can corrupt a few of software engineer to install a small bugging device called; Missile ReAiming at Seeking California (MRASC). All these brave spy genious would be granted full immunity in Canada and all its Ally countries. They will be treated as kings after the job is completed.

Êtes-vous prêt à faire encore des menaces d'extermination de nation toute entière avec vos jouets nucléaires USA?

Message du Saint-Père: Comment désarmer l'armée Américaine: Ne pas investir à la bourse dans Boeing et Lockheed Martin et tout autre crapules soupçonnées d'être au service des forces du mal. Assèchez-les!

Karla - Pardon - Foudre - Juges - Wikipedia

Steve Log: June 18th, 2010.

Le pardon pour toute personne ayant été reconnue coupable d'un crime majeur ne se mesure pas en mois ni en année. Cette personne est pardonnée par ses yeux ouvert sur son coeur. Regardez mademoiselle Karla Homolka et dites moi si elle regrette son geste et si elle fera à nouveau des choses horribles à autrui. Elle a payé très cher sa dette à la société et c'est au Saint-Québec qu'elle trouve le réconfort du pardon. C'est son malsain d'ancien conjoint qui est pourri. C'est lui Satan pas elle! Elle a été ensorcelée par cet infame coquerelle à commettre ces crimes.

Le Canada est grand, Le Saint-Québec est pur. Tous les peuples de la Terre-Uni nous regardent avec passion pour une justice exemplaire. Je comprend la souffrance immense des familles des victimes. Je souffre avec vous.

Message de French et Mahaffy les victimes: Karla, nous, on te pardonne.

Et vous?

Message du Saint-Père: Ne jouez jamais avec l'espoir du pardon en modifiant à votre guise la Constitution Canadienne des Droits des Femmes pour satisfaire votre soif de mépris. Mais pour qui vous prenez vous gens qui n'ont jamais connu la souffrance! Si vous ozez refuser la pardon à dame Karla, je vous foudrerez sur votre chaise impure de juge sans moral et sans valeur!

Les juges qui ont un passé sans taches et qui se prennent pour des gens sans reproche sont les pires coquerelles de l'Univers car ils ne comprennent pas la souffrance de ceux qu'ils jugent!

Suivez cette histoire sur Wikipedia: Histoire de Karla, French et Mahaffy


Steve Log: June 18th, 2010.

Message des hauts dignitaires de la communauté des Talibans: On abandonne le combat. Steve, Canadiens et Québécoises, aidez-nous à nous faire pardonner. Nos braves soldats sont épuisés et ils ont mal. Saint-Canada, nous croyons en votre valeur. L'armée Américaine nous déteste et ils nous traquent pour nous assassiner un par un sans relâche. Canada!!!

Message de Steve à George Washington: Entammez les procédures de rédition en protégeant tous les nobles combattants Talibans qui voudront se rendre. Mais restez alerte. Plusieurs mercenaires ne sont pas encore payés par VOUS et ils se battront jusqu'au bout pour salir la réputation de la Grande Nation Talibanne.

Tous soldat Américain assassinant un valeureux combattant Taliban voulant se rendre, sera sévèrement jugé à Sebastopol en Ukraine à la haute cour des crimes de guerre du Monde-Uni.

Si vous trichez armée de bronze de Neil Armstrong et de Serena Williams, je dévoilerez à la Sainte-Russie comment désarmer au sol vos missiles nucléaires Minuteman qui décolle en 2 minutes et je direz ma tactic pour détecter vos sous-marins nucléaires qui laisse une signature radioactive de votre base en Nouvelle-Angleterre jusqu'à votre emplacement en mer!

Message de Kiev et de Londres: Attention Pentagone, nous trouverons le code d'encryption de vos signaux numériques de vos missiles Minuteman avec l'aide des décodeurs de Bletchley Park et vos missiles Minuteman seront redirigés vers vos propres villes!

Êtes-vous prêt à prendre ces risques armée de porcelaine?


More infos on Minuteman missile: Minuteman missiles
More infos on British Intelligence: Bletchley Park

Le noble premier ministre de l'Afghanistan Hamid Karzai est prêt pour les discussions de la réintégration des hommes du peuple pieux des Talibans.

Message du Saint-Père aux Talibans pures de pensée: Traîtez vos femmes avec soins et respect et je vous protégérez à jamais contre toute injustice faîte à votre égard. Amour et Tendresse pour vos valeureuses femmes et enfants chers hommes de la magnifique communauté Talibanne!

Les menteuses - Charlie! - Pension alimentaire

Un nouveau centre d'incarcération pour femmes impures sera construit à Iqaluit au Nunavut dans le Grand Nord Canadien. Toutes femmes qui mentent après avoir jurées sur la bible à la cour purgeront 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 mois d'emprisonnement pour tous faux témoignages accusant les hommes sans défense.

Le noble comédien Charlie Sheen est non-coupable! Cher Charlie coupait tout simplement ses légumes avec son couteau de cuisine pour le souper lorsque sa conjointe l'a traîtée de crapule pour ne pas avoir fait les amplettes de dernières minutes. Je suis avec toi Charlie!

Comprenez-vous tout le tort que vous nous causez femmes menteuses!

Nouvelle loi Canadienne sur le paiement de la pension alimentaire versée aux parents monoparentales qu'il soit père ou mère. C'est très simple;

Nous voyons nos adorables enfants à notre satisfaction, nous payons la pension. Si vous nous empêchez de voir notre progéniture, ON NE VOUS DOIT RIEN CIBOIRE!

Somalie - La Banque Mondiale est née

Message des guerriers pirates de la mer de Somalie: Nous n'avons rien à manger! Notre gouvernement est corrompu à l'extrême. Ils prennent tout l'or de Somalie pour construire leurs châteaux et nous les citoyens valeureux, n'avons plus rien pour nourrir nos familles. Nos pillages en mer de Somalie sont un message que nous vous envoyons: Aider nous Canada et vos Alliés! Sauvez-nous!

Message du Saint-Québec: En avant toute contre cette pourriture de président Somalien qui tue sont peuple pour sa soif de luxure!

Une puissante nouvelle banque naîtra sous peu: La Banque du Saint-Québec du Canada-Uni. Cette nouvelle banque des forces du bien sera située à Québec City Métropolis. Elle servira pour tous les pays demandant du secours dans un cas de catastrophe nationale. Premier client; les braves citoyens de la Somalie. La pourriture gouvernementale Somalienne n'ont aucun droit sur cette aide versée directement dans l'économie Somalienne de l'agriculture, des entreprises gouverner par les femmes Somaliennes, de la pêche masculine Somalienne et des grands oeuvres d'arts Somaliens que les citoyens exporteront pour donner une autonomie à leur peuple. Le Canada et ses Alliés commencent dès aujourd'hui à acheter des biens de la mer claire de Somalie. La grande armée navale Egyptienne et l'armée de terre Éthiopienne assureront la sécurité dans la région. Tenez bon Sainte Somalie! On arrive!!

Micheal speeking - Woodstock - Scare the captain! - Arme Anti-Acarienne

Steve Log: June 16th, 2010.

Message from Micheal Sparkling Jackson to American San Diego Zoo: See Canado-Quebec Safari Zoo near Montreal for the right way to admire our animal kingdom; Animals outside cages and well fed is much more entertaining than in cage depressed animal beings.

Message aux organisateurs musicaux de Woodstock en Beauce (Québec, Canada): Contactez Ozzy Osbourne, ACDC et Metallica. Ils seraient tous honorés de participer à notre grande fête estivale de la musique heavy métal du Monde Uni!

Message from Israel Navy to North Korean Navy: If a South Korean rat ship crosses your border, shot two warning shots. If the skunk ship does not stop; open machine gun fire and aim at the captain's driver seat. "Voilà!" The dirty South Korean ship cant go very far without its captain. Take over the ship and arrest all officers. Always record on camera all your actions to avoid desinformation from the South Korean rotten medias.

First Canado-Quebec sanction on South Korea: Canadians will stop buying your cars, Hyundai and Kia, if you harrass the noble North Koreans ever again! South Koreans; it is you that created this mess! Forgive your unwise captain because he is right by my side and he says this; Forgive and move on!

Message de nos douces souris: Lorsque vous entendez gratter dans vos murs et greniers, c'est un signe que nous sommes auprès de vous dans votre demeure et qu'il y a un problème vous guettant. Ne jamais dormir dans vos chambres avec un tapis avec les fenêtres fermées. Le tapis regorge d'acariens qui sautent et volent la nuit dans vos lits pour se nourrir de votre chair. Nous les voyons très clairement dans l'ombre de la nuit. Vous allez vous gratter et tousser violamment à votre réveil; cette maladie s'appelle... Cancer des Poumons et Cancer de la Peau! C'est une fausse croyance de dire que les acariens sont bénéfiques. Ces insectes impures sont des vautours mangeuses de chaire! Gardez-nous à vos côtés et on va bouffer ces sales vermines qui ont un goût de pourriture!

La pure Algérie - Incorruptible - Steve Sneakers - Sport Expert - De nouveaux Rois - Testaments

Steve Log: June 16th, 2010.

Message à la France: Vos innondations dans le sud du pays sont un message de la Sainte Mère Nature; N'insultez plus jamais la communauté Algérienne vivant auprès de vos coeurs! Ils sont beaux, vibrants, pures et ils me font jouir de plaisir des plus immenses!

Important investment tip: I only promote company products that I have tried and highly appreciated no matter what they cost.

Commercial Break:

Steve Madden Sneakers are magnificent! I have a pair of their sneakers that are really comfortable, good looking and they have lasted 8 long years! They have been chosen to create my new kind of sneakers with a temperature gage sowed on it so that you always dress well for the lord's splendid days.

Les nouveaux Rois et Reines près de mes pensées:

Patou, le vieux loup de ma grande soeur Nancy la magnifique.
Notre premier amour canin toujours présent dans nos esprits.

Ozzy, le Golden de mon cousin grand penseur Éric Gagné

Molly, la plus belle créature féminine du royaume animal

La famille Rodrigue-Gagné au coeur des plus grands
Rodrigue Gagné

Et mes Grands-Parents DesBleuets-Rodrigue toujours présent dans mes pensées remplies de leur amour
Grands Parents DesBleuets Gagné

Message du Saint-Père et de tous nos Grands-Parents ayant rejoints le Saint-Ciel: À notre décès, tous les biens du patrimoine familiale doivent être vendus et la somme doit être séparée à part égale entre tous les enfants. Refaîtes tous vos testaments pour respecter cette nouvelle directive de nos Pères et Mères qui sont aux cieux. Ceci est impératif pour éviter tout conflit familial.

Flies - Libellules - Ozone - Raid

Steve Log: June 16th, 2010.

Message de nos mouches agiles: Si vous ne voulez pas que l'on vous pique, passez votre main au dessus de notre tête et nous nous enfuirons. Nous ferons deux autres attaques, passez encore votre main au dessus de notre tête et c'est là que nous comprenons que vous ne voulez pas nous faire de mal et que vous ne voulez pas être piqué par nous. Le message de non agression sera communiqué au reste de la meute et nous vous laisserons tranquille.

Message de nos jolies Libellules: Nous sommes de puissants bombardiers du ciel. Nous vous faisons peur lorsqu'il y a des plantes, des insectes ou de petits animaux que nous voulons protéger. Nous avons aucune hésitation à vous harcèler et à nous sacrifier lorsque votre manque de sagesse nous répugne! Protect not Destroy!

Toute personne soupçonnée d'utiliser de l'aérosol dans leur coiffure, votre Spraynet demoiselles et messieurs, aura une contravention de 75$. Il est très vrai que cette substance endommage notre couche d'ozone!

Message de nos aspirateurs les Araignées: Si vous ne voulez pas de nous dans un endroit spécifique, en notre absence, aspergez notre toile du valeureux produit Américain Raid. Cela sent tellement mauvais que votre message sera retransmit à toute notre communauté habitant dans votre sous-sol. Mais prenez garde! Cela ouvre la porte à toute sorte d'insectes des plus exécrables comme les coquerelles! Ces minables coquerelles ont une peur bleue de nous et c'est leur excréments qui vous donnent la lèpre: Eczema!

Kyrgyzstan - Apple to Adobe - Blow on us - World library

Steve Log: June 16th, 2010.

The Kyrgyzstan Clash: Message from Steve to the Mighty Unbreakable Russian Arrow, George Patton Great Army and Golden Heart China: Secure the area together. Canadian General Romeo Dallaire will coordinate the stabilization effort. The goverment of magnificient Mongolia will provide all the meat and beauty China the medication and rice for Kyrgyzstan citizens caught in this mess. Also, Russia will provide you with wood and oil to reconstruct your pure land.

Canadians and its Allies are standing by you!

Note to Bishkek: You have enormous quantity of Gold and other great mineral in your montains! You are extremly rich!

Canada upgrade: We are Five! ; Inuit - Indians - English - French - Chineese!

Message from Steve Jobs of Tasty Apple to Adobe Flash: You must create a Adobe Flash Apple API stable that does not have any memory leaks on our Safari web presenter. Fix that and its a go!

Message de nos moustiques: Si vous ne voulez pas que l'on vous piquent, souffler avec un fort vent sur nous à deux reprises. C'est alors que vous nous communiquez clairement que vous n'avez pas besoin de nos services. Nous agissons en meute et lorsque votre message de non aggression est claire, nous envoyons un message avec nos grande antennes à tous nos compagnons. Essayez cette technique de vos Premières Nations des Amériques et vous verrez que nous pouvons vivre en harmonie!


Nos vétérants - Crap beer - Epiderma - Argentina!

Steve Log: June 15th, 2010.

Message de Steve à l'Armée Américaine; Vos valeureux vétérants méritent beaucoup mieux que vos médailles d'honneur en bronze rouillées.

If your valuable soldiers win the war; 160 000$ US dollars per year for all retired soldiers and 80 000$ a year if your brave soldiers were enable to override your enemy. Your soldiers will be highly motivated and you will win all your holy wars!

Message from the First Natives of America: When you burn yourself, rub your injury with your other hand. Do a circular movement for few minutes to regenerate the skin epiderma for a fast painless healing.

Message de la belle Argentine: Nos boeufs sont les mieux traités au Monde! Avec le boeuf de l'Alberta du Canada, utiliser le sang de nos valeureux boeuf pour guérir la Maladie de la Vache Folle et les maladies cardio-vasculaires. Également, nos hamburger, hot dog et steak cuit mi-saignant vous régalleront et vous resterez en pleine santé à l'abri de toute dépression! Le végétarisme n'est pas bon pour l'humain, croyez-nous!

Referees - Counter-offensive - Forest - Hôpital - Toile - Totems - Guns - Viande

Steve Log: June 15th, 2010.

If you love your national sports as; Canadian First Native invention hockey, Canadian American invention football, Inca invention football (soccer), American invention baseball, Canadian invention basketball and British invention rugby; Tripple the salaries of your gracious referees so that they always remain impartial in their judgement!

Dentyne chewing gum counter-offensive: If you are tired and you haft to drive, study, work or do another important task; take Dentyne Ice chewing gun that contains asparthame, a Colombian cocaïne derivative, so it keeps you alert during your activities.

On ne m'achète pas! Je ne promouvois pas les compagnies forestières Canadiennes tueuses de nos fôrets! Message aux premiers ministres de nos provinces de l'Ontario, de la Colombie Britannique et du Saint Québec: Allez voir Washington, Helsinki, Stockholm et Oslo pour qu'ils vous enseignent leur savoir faire pour exercer une coupe forestière qui respecte la nature dans toute sa générosité.

Première Mondiale! ; La ville soeur de Québec metropolis, la splendide Lévis de la rive sud, commence la construction d'un grand hôpital près du fleuve Saint-Laurent pour prendre soin de nos sublimes animaux. Les vétérinaires venant de tous les coins du Canada s'assureront que nos créatures de la terre, de la mer et du ciel récupèreront après des blessures à leur ossature ou après avoir contractés une maladie grave. Ce lieu d'excellence de la bienvaillance sera aussi un lieu de protection de nos êtres ayant été mal traîtés par des fermiers trop avides de rentabilité trop pressante. Ce lieu est ouvert à tous les pays du Grand Monde Uni moyennant un don significatif de leur grand coeur.

Message de nos Araignée; Gardez nos belles toiles dans vos coins de sous-sol non-utilisés. Nous nous occuperons de garder votre demeure propre de tout insectes nuisibles. Ne dormez jamais dans un sol-sol n'ont chauffé au bois ou au gaz naturel car vous contracterez la lèpre des temps moderne; l'eczema! C'est trop humide: Eczema!

La très jolie et pure Alaskienne, princesse Sarah Palin, dirigera la nouvelle agence de contrôle de nos armes à feu pour les Trois Amériques. Tous les projectiles de fusil non utile pour la chasse se vendront à 25$ l'unité. Tout fusils de chasse non enregistré à la société Alaska Palin Power (APP) seront confisqués et une amende de 5000$ dollars Alaskien sera exigée pour tout tricheur. À la deuxième infraction, le contrevenant ira au centre d'incarcération pour une durée de 4, 8, 16, 24, 48 mois pour ses manques de jugement.

Message des Premières Nations des Amériques: Utilisez des Totems, vos status de gens nobles, pour vous localiser dans vos villes. Vous vous retrouverez beaucoup plus facilement dans vos villes cartésiennes et cela diminuera de beaucoup vos accidents de voitures, de vélos et de piètons. Toujours construire deux trottoirs sur chaque côté de vos rues. Également, des pistes cyclables protégées longeant vos routes est impératif!

Message de nos poules du Kentucky: Nous aussi mangeons de la viande! ; nous adorons les saveureuses fourmis et les vers de terre. Croyez-vous que nous mangions que vos graînes qui manquent de saveur? Notre chaire est bien meilleur avec un portion de viande de nos délicieuse fourmies; miam miam!

Message de tous nos animaux terrestres: Nous en avons marre de votre nourriture sec à saveur artificielle qui simule de la saveur de viande morte! De la viande fraîche s'il vous plaît! Nous serions bien plus heureux et moins dépressifs!

Speed of Light Cures - Reward

Steve Log: June 15th, 2010.

AIDS cure; Mongolian Healthy sheep and goat blood
Parkinson cure; Healthy Austalia pig blood
Mad Cow disease cure; Healthy Canadian Alberta and Argentina cow blood.
Alzeimer cure; Healthy Africa banana products with asparthame (Colombia cocaïne derivative) sugar on top
Bipolarity cure; South American Coffee for relaxing the heart, Belgium Chocolate for relaxing the mind, English and India Tea to stabilize the upcoming day. Always take your medicine drug for a good sleep.
Leukemic cure; Taking Sun with no sun screen, eating a lot of Canadian and Europeans apples and doing some exercice
Depression cure: Children! Also, put in USA Alcatraz prison your dirty employer!
Cancer cure: don't exercice all day! Not more than 90 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Relax people!

Obesity cure: Plenty of Africa natural peanuts and USA boiled eggs. Boiled Eggs will fill your stomach and peanuts will sate your sugar cravings
PeanutsBroiled eggs

Stress cure: American First Native cigarettes so that you take your deserved coffee breaks
Asthma cure: Florida and South America fruits taken daily
Air Allergies cure; Jamaïca and Dominica Republic unmodified natural sugar cane put in desserts, coffee, tea and well.... everything that you can imagine! Canadian mapple syrop is also recommended and very tasty.
Intestine cancer cure; Healthy cold USA Kentuky Free Chicken meat

Greed cure: give with your heart and stop admiring American Hollywood false gods!

Slaughter animal traumatised cure: do it the Mongolian way; use pig excrements to make the being go in peace. Do this for all of our precious animal that we consume with joy.

United States and Canada over expensive health free system cure: Cuba health system!

Haïti disaster cure: American Wood, British bricks, Canadian water, Vietnam rice, Japan seafood, American Merck Frosst medication, Saudi Arabia oil, Russian natural gas, New Zeland vegetables and marvelous Bill Clinton as the new Prime Minister of the United States!

Iran & North-Korea mistreatments made on them: Canadian holy shield; Gerald Bull Industries anti-nuclear-space missile-rocket cannon
Gerald Bull Cannon
Gerald Bull on Wikipedia

To protect North Korea and Iran sweet nations: Space 2010 Moon Base Alpha powerful Lasers Tanks to shot down spy satellites AND incoming ennemy projectiles.
Laser Tank

And SANCTIONS on the UnUnited Nations leaders putting unjustified pression on these two great nations!

Internet virus cure: Apple products with Adobe Flash!

War cure: Talk to Holy Canadians Quebecors first!

Rewards wanted:
Hockey all over America!: Hartford, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Seattle, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Yellow Knife, Halifax, Saskatoon, Iqaluit and in Quebec city Metropolis!

Antidote pour vos maladies - GM - lumière fluorescent - Royautés des auteurs

Steve Log: June 14th, 2010.

Message des géniaux Moustiques: nos animaux que vous traîter avec mépris; nos cochons, nos canards, nos poulets nos vaches et bien d'autres, ils vous donnent tous des maladies très sérieuses. Vous les consommez et vous mourrez à petit feu. Voici l'antidote: un cochon malade qui n'a pas d'espace pour s'exprimer, vous donne le Parkinson alors la solution est simple: les humains ayant le Parkinson, injectez leur.... du sang de cochons en santé qui ont des champs énormes pour vivre dans la plénitude de l'amour de la nature. Un cochon et une vache en santé contient tout les anticorps du Parkinson et de la Maladie de la Vache Folle!

Message de Mère Nature; Identifiez la source du virus et faîtes les corrections nécessaires au plus vite!

Message à General Motors: Vos systèmes électriques dans vos voitures sont votre gros problème. Unissez-vous avec General Electric pour améliorer la qualité de tout vos circuits. Vous allez vendre énormément plus de voitures en les garantissant pour 6 ans sur tout vos éléments; Les essuie-glaces, les phares, les freins, les silencieux, les mécanismes d'ouvre-fenêtre etc. Garentissez TOUT pendant 6 ans. Cela ne vous coûtera que quelques dollars et vous retrouverez le chemin de la rentabilité à la vitesse lumière!

Les lumière fluorescent dans vos tours à bureaux, vous donnent bien des malaises aux yeux. C'est la cause de vos lunettes pour corriger la miopie pour ceux ayant les yeux bleus. Ceux ayant les yeux bleues ne doivent pas être exposés trop longtemps à cette lumière qui fluctue trop! Utiliser plutôt des lampes pures à l'hologène reflètées sur un plafond blanc pour que tout les rayons nocifs soient éliminés par ce même plafond.

Royautés pour les auteurs: 15% des profits!

Parkinson root - Abestos - Spy bug

Steve Log: June 14th, 2010.

Message from the gracious and tasty Pigs: We are crying for space to move! Large fields right away! In exchange, Mother Nature will not retransmit the ultimate pig defense system: PARKINSON!

Message to Intel: Create your Central Processor Unit (CPU) with a heatsink coating with clean asbestos heat resistent ore coming from Canadian Thetford Mines & Asbestos mines: You will be able to drive your CPU close to the speed of light: 1000 giga hertz! And even faster: SUBSPACE! Do not sell to Apple until Adobe Flash is functional on all their cool products!

For a clean health abestos composition, mix it with diluted honey from our beauty bees! This mixture will neutralize nocif emanation gasses coming from this asbestos firefighter.

All walls, floors and ceilings must have a 1 centimeter abestos board inside each separation in your homes. This will protect your loveones from all types of fires. Asbestos Life Savier (ALS) !

If you purchase American Army Fighters aircrafts, be sure to scan and check all its electronic elements so that you can find and deactivate their spy GPS tracking device installed on all their creations! Pentagone, play fair with your foreign noble clients ;-)

Amphithéâtre - Financement - Karl le Défenseur - La loi 1 Canadienne - Douze!

Steve Log: June 12th, 2010.

Le tout nouvel amphithéâtre des Nordiques de Québec de la "National Hockey Ligue" sera construit en acier. La productive ville d'Hamilton fournira tout l'acier nécessaire à Marcel Dutil président de Canam-Manac de Saint-Gédéon pour qu'il produise les structures en acier de notre sublime centre de l'excellence sportif de Québec Métropolis. Également, Hamilton et Saint-Gédéon auront comme mission de se préparer pour la construction du nouveau stade de 45 000 places à ciel ouvert pour nos amours, l'équipe des "Major League Baseball" des Expos, qui seront bientôt de retour au coeur du Plateau Mont-Royal de Montréal. Le grand Felipe Alou redirigera cette glorieuse équipe et Richard Laval sera son entraîneur adjoint.

Les breuvages servis dans ces deux stades des Gaulois du Canada, les bières Cheval Blanc, Unibroue, Sleeman, Alexander Keith, Moose Head et l'Américain Budweiser, serviront à financer les salaires de nos grands sportifs. Les bières de piètres qualités du Centre Bell ne seront pas invitées à ces rendez-vous de jouissances sportives estivales et hivernales.

Le grand et noble des nouveaux médias Québécois, Pierre Karl Péladeau du groupe Québécor, sera le porte-parole des Canadiens Francophones de notre éveil aux injustices faîtes à notre égard.

Nouvelle loi Canadienne, la loi 1:

Toutes les institutions anglophones du Québec et du Canada devront enseigner des cours de FRANÇAIS, notre Langue Seconde Nationale. Les élèves de toutes nos valeureuses provinces devront avoir une note de passage de 85%. Si l'élève anglophone n'atteint pas ce niveau d'excellence, il devra reprendre le même cours et il sera privé de toute activité sportive durant la reprise de ce cours. Les activités sportives seront rétablies une fois ce cours de français réussi avec brio.

Nous sommes maintenant 12 provinces Canadiennes; les trois territoires du Grand Nord, Le Nunavut et Nord-Ouest sont des provinces à présent car ils auront une toute nouvelle autonomie octroyer par la Grande ville Ontarienne Bilingue d'Ottawa.

Nouvelle mission de la Police - Cremation - Mosquito strategy

Steve Log: June 11th, 2010.

La Sûreté du Québec aura comme nouvelle tâche d'assurer la protection de nos élèves dans les écoles primaires et secondaires. Les patrouilleurs seront deux pour chaque école primaire; une femme et un homme. Dans nos écoles secondaires, ils seront six; deux hommes, deux femmes et deux chiens féroces. La première moitié du groupe seront des personnes d'expérience et l'autre moitié, des étudiants en technique policière en stage de perfectionnement. Ceci éloignera les traffiquants de drogues, les pédophiles, les étudiants qui font l'école buissonière, les étudiants qui prennent des substances illicites et assurera aux parents que leur enfants sont entre de bonnes mains.

Do not burry your love ones in deep cold churchland. Do cremation instead! Keep them near your heart inside your loving homes in funerary urns so that you always remember them. Also, they will keep talking to you with their loving spirits in your thoughts. Message from my noble grandparents Couture and Rodrigue.

Message from the ingenious Mosquitoes; we exchange blood from human to human for two reasons; One to get you closer when we see love on the horizon between two persons and the other reason, more obscur; if you do bad things to animals, insects or to other humans, we will transmit you diseases picked from another sick soul. Love not Hate!

Toronto Exchange Investments Tip

Steve Log: June 11th, 2010.

Always invest on products that yourself have purchased, appreciated and promoted to your friends. You drank in the worning Tim Horton coffee and highly appreciated it, invest in Canadian Tim Horton. You have eaten Wendy's tasty hamburgers at noon, invest in American Wendy's. You went to Imax to appreciate a great Universal Studio Stereoscopic 3D movie and have consumed and appreciated Pepsi Cola and Popcorn; invest in Canadian Imax, American Universal Studios, Japanese Samsung 3D movie projectors, American Pepsi Cola and in Canadian Saskatchewan Corn fields!

Always promote goodness and forget betting blindly on friend tips unworthy exchange titles as all products that contains asparthame, a cocaine derivative. Kill this asparthame overeating behaviour FAT rat!

Red Alert: Asparthame = cocaïne = addiction

All food that contains a spark of Asparthame are drug dealers disguised as honnest merchant. Read the package ingrediants and if it contains Asparthame, a cocaine derivative, keep away from it and tell all your family members and friends to get ride of all products of the same brand so you dont get addictive to this junk! = Message from a spy at Dentyne chewing gum industries!

Singapour city citizens are kings! They prohibit this rotten chewing gum merchant in their entire holy city. Lets all do the same if this Asparthame drug is assumed to be present in a product: throw it away in the deep pit of freezing Dentyne hell!

Asparthame drug is not always indicated on the product package but it is easy to detect; eat once and if you desire it again and cant resist to it, its Asparthame killer in action!

Asparthame gives you dental plaque!

Le Droit à la grande Afrique de vibrer à nouveau

Steve Log: June 10th, 2010.

Message de la beauté Africaine de l'hémisphère Sud: vous vibrez depuis 60 ans sur nos rymthes musicaux; les tam-tam de vos chansons pop. Nous aurions besoin de nos royautés d'auteurs pour nous redonner une beauté à tous nos peuples qui vous soufflent le vent du changement de notre grand et valeureux Steven. Notre amour pour toi est infiniment grand mon beau Lucien céleste de coeur et de justice!

Gulf black gold - CANA - Baseball - Dams

Steve Log: June 10th, 2010.

The Canadian goverment will grant access to the Saint-Laurent gulf to the inventive and pious British Petroleum. The profits of Canadian gold oil will be split 33% to Quebec beauty province citizens, 33% to our Canadian Newfoundland province oil co-workers and the last 34% to Beauty Queen Elizabeth.

Change of heart: The Canadian city of Vancouver is the new San Francisco of our love to conquer the cosmos. This new entity is called: CANA: Canadian Airspace Nanotechnologie Agency

The Canadian space arm will be used on all our spacecrafts so that they can pick-up the spy satellite trash cans surronding the World and then the powerful Canadarm will pitch them deep in the sea so that they will break in a thousand pieces at the bottom of the ocean floor!

Message from the intelligent and gracious beavers: do not build huge dams. Build multiple medium dams on a particular river so that the water flow does never stop in spring, summer, fall and even in winter. You will have more water current and this will tripple your energy output to produce electricity for your glowing cities.

Uranium - sanctions - ONU

Steve Log: June 9th, 2010.

Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper will provide to Iran the non-military useable uranium combustion for all their power plants. Listen carefuly; Iran does not have any major rivers and also, they do not have high montains for wind generators "énergie éolienne". It can not produce electricity by any other ways. Nuclear power is clean and efficient way for the superb Persian nation to progress for the future. Stop harrassing them with low class sanctions ONU! (OnworthyNonbelieverUnfairly) piece of low class unworthy leaders!

Stove warning

All home stoves must have an infrared element checking if the stove is not over-heating. If it does, all its hot elements shutdown and the on board powerful stove alarms alerts all surronding habitants with its squeaking sound! Also, a strong spray of baking soda is projected in the oven to stop any fire taking place inside it. Far less city fires. Far less firefighters. Major city savings.
Basketball NBA franchise is coming to Montreal: the "Crazy Wolves"

Note: Basketball was invented by the Canadian James Naismith!
Canada will not put anymore sanctions on Truly Iran. In fact, it will remove, as we speak, all Canadian sanctions set unfairly on them. They have cleary proven on Al Jazeera that their nuclear facilities is civil only! Before judging someone, do a broad research first!

Holy cow! The World is in cahotic media mess!

Who is the worse? The liar or those that dont believe the one saying the truth? They are equally unworthy spirits. The pure Iran is saying the truth so play fair with them!
The beavers construct dams to fill their pantry of fish for the winter. They do not build dams in summer. Yep, beavers are carnivors! Just look at their teeth, there surely dont eat grass! The beaver is in the same family as the bear. They are the ancestors of the bears. It just is smaller and has a flat tail and sharp teeth!
Message to the gracious China: Tibet will remain in United China. Give them the freedom of choice: their own language, their own economy, their own goverment and their own religious belliefs. In exchange for these benefits, you can mine their land so that your two nations can prosper together in a World of freedom of heart and soul.

Message de nos Beaux Oiseaux: On surveille vos petits enfants! Portez attention à nos chants. Lorsque vous entendez notre cri d'alarme:  "dridridridri", cela signifie que quelqu'un est sur les traces de vos enfants. Regardez en direction de notre cri d'alarme, nous les oiseaux, et nous décollerons pour vous indiquer l'emplacement des enfants qui sont surveillés par des êtres possiblement mals veillants.
Message to the sweet China: Do not produce no more of Apple's products! Let them dry out of Nickel if they do not implanment Adobe Flash in the fallowing three days. Apple is a cheater. Adobe Flash already works on all Apple toys. They just blocked all extension finishing by "swf", the Adobe Flash extension. The Holy Father says the fallowing to Steve Apple: all companies that Steve, my son, has promoted, will boycott you including the great and top performant INTEL!

Present to Intel to put pressure on the Rotten Apple: you can accelerate the speed of your CPUs by cooling this element with a compact COAL coated envelop heatsink. Your CPUs speeds can be boosted up by 125 times!


By mining excessively coal in the Earth, we are substracting the cooling coat that protects the Earth's crust from its extremely hot inner core. This is why many volcanoes and oil derricks are exploding wide open all over the World! This is the main cause to Global Warming. China should find immediatly find an alternative to coal to heat its citizens. In the Tibet montains, there is an important ancient ore that was lost in time that it is called Natural Gas! Tibet Nation have enormous quantities in their montains!

Diesel - Peanuts - Strike it rich!

Steve Log: June 9th, 2010.

Car fuel by excellence: DIESEL gas! It produces clean energy without any pollution. I repeat: the Diesel emanation is a good element that cools down the temperature of the planet.

Equation: use Natural Gas to heat up your homes (heats the Earth atmosphere) and use Diesel to drive your cars (cools down the Earth atmosphere) = Perfect World Temperature!

The Mexico British Petroleum oil problem it is not a problem now that it is transported at 100% in oil tankers. It is the most important large pocket of oil found on Earth since the last 50 years! Do not plug it BP. You have the right idea and your company will become very rich, rich, rich!
To beat obesity, heat plenty of peanuts with a bit of salt! Peanuts is naturel sugar that eliminate the need of over eating and most important fact is that is does not accumulate in your fat!
Animal Dear Fur Coats are magnificient! There are plenty of these dear creatures. Hunt them wisely. Do never use sweet baby seals nor splendid polar bears nor Canadian beavers fur to warm you up in the harch north regions.
Meteors are huge planet chunks projected in space by a massive planatary collision with an other cosmic object. Mars spouse, Marsillia the 5th ancient planet, now the asteroid belt, was destroyed 160 millions ago and the meteors are the remaining artifacts of this collision. Do not approch these things because their are highly radioactive. This is the reason why the European space probe trying to scan the Halley meteor was unable to function when closing in on the meteor.
What is the moon? It is our Moon Base Alpha for our huge telescopes, space platform to go to Mars, Venus and Europa and to set our large mirrors reflecting sunshine using a universal morse code sequences directed to our space neigbours, the quasars. Use the natural gas of the Moon to tank the spacrafts and to heat up the Alpha base habitants. Water is already present on the Moon under the deep crust in deep vibrant rivers on the Moon! Also in the moon dome Alpha ;-) , remove the upper ground level Moon dust and plow the Moon soil to set the wheat, potatoes and rice holy seeds to nourrish our space explorers.

Montreal is the official rendez-vous city for all Earth's space discussions for our new United World Space Agency.

Message de la princesse Diana: Débarassez-vous des mines anti-personnelles au plus vite! Utiliser un char d'assault Sherman sans canon avec une brosse rotative tournant à grande vitesse.


La compagnie Nippone Toyota aidera le Canada-Unis à contruire notre flotte de vaisseaux spatiaux qui sera prête en 2015. Le spatioport Canadien sera implanté en terre montagneuse des Rocheuses. Ceci prend moins de propergol et le décollage vers les étoiles sera de très courte durée.
Message du peuple d'Europa: utilisez du gas naturel présurisé pour propulser vos aéronefs Canadiens, c'est beacoup plus sécuritaire. De plus, équipez vos aéronefs Canadiens de ski pout atterrir dans les prairies de l'Alberta pour les attérissages hivernaux.

Use the German WWII Goliath to disable an enemy tank

Tank Killer Goliath

Pour avoir de meilleur chance d'avoir des enfants, faîtes l'amour une fois à chaque deux semaines pour que votre époux est plus de pression à l'éjaculation. Votre homme ne doit pas se masturber entre ces périodes d'attentes romantiques. Également, les dames doivent consommer des huîtres, du caviar, du poissons et tout autres produits de nos océans pour augmenter leur fertilité.

Winnipeg and Hamilton - TGV - Football - Oil spill = laser

Steve Log: June 7th, 2010.

La ville de Winnipeg et de Hamilton veut également un suberbe tramway pour déservir leurs honnêtes citoyens.

Nous avons besoin de trains à grande vitesse pour nous rapprocher entre nous, Canadiens et Américains. Ceci va libérer les aéroports de Pierre-Eliotte Trudeau de la splendide Montréal et de l'aéroport de Person de la grande Toronto. La puissante nation du Japon ont une technologie féroviaire rapide, sécuritaire et à bon prix qui pourrait être au choix des plus judicieux.

La ville de Québec accueillera une glorieuse équipe de la Ligue Canadienne de Football. Contruisez un splendide stade en bois à Saint-Augustin avec l'aide de "American Forest and Paper Association"  .

Burn the Mexico oil spill with the existing laser beam procedure. This will pollute a bit the atmosphere but everything will be cleaned fast and the sky will be cleared in less than a week!

Message à la toute puissante Armée Canadienne - Télécommunication - Flash - Diesel - Aggression

Steve Log: June 7th, 2010.

Avant d'accepter l'excellente offre du valeureux Américain Lockheed Martin, attendez les propositions de la Russie, les chasseurs Mig, les français, les chasseurs Mirage et des Britanniques, les chasseurs Harrier.

Message de la sublime Nation Inca d'Europa: nous adorons le cinéma Américain, Québécois, Italien et Français. Vous n'avez pas besoin de satellite pour vos communications cellulaires, télévision et radiophonique. Utiliser plutôt des ballons météo de haute atmosphère ancrée au sol par un solide cable Canadien d'acier inoxidable Alcan avec vos émetteurs et récepteurs installés à bord. C'est énormément moins cher et vous n'aurez pas d'interférence électro-magnétique provenant de notre puissant Soleil.

Je vais arrêter de promouvoir les produits Apple si Adobe Flash n'est pas implanté sur tout leur gadgets sans grand intérêt!

Message de l'Arabie Sahoudite: le diesel prend moins de temps à produire dans les raffineries, est plus durable sur les autoroutes, produit plus de puissance au moteur et c'est beacoup moins polluant. Ajouter de l'éthanol pour que vos voitures démarrent sans difficulté à la venu des temps froids hivernaux.

Les chiens qui attaquent les petits enfants croient que ce ceux des bêtes qu'ils veulent leur voler leur nourriture et leur eau. Si vous ne voulez pas avoir ces effroyables tragédies, offrez à vos doux chiens de la nourriture et de l'eau pure en quantité suffisante pour leur journée.

Inca & Maya - Paix et connaissance - Marine Canadienne

Steve Log: June 7th, 2010.

Message de la Nation Inca: les trophées sportifs de victoire c'est notre idée au départ! Donner l'or la plus pure à ceux qui vous adorent!

Message des Mayas d'Europa: nos portes des étoiles sont cachés dans les fôrets Mexicaines en dessous de la dense végétation. Faîte du nettoyage de nos sites près de nos grandes pyramides et on pourra se voisiner dans quelques années grâce à nos portes des étoiles redécouvertes.

Message des Premières Nations des Amériques: nous n'avons jamais enlever les scalps de vos ancêtres soldats américains. C'est l'armée américaine qui faisait cette horrible chose à leur soldats morts au combat pour nous donner une mauvaise impression auprès des citoyens américain. Au Canada, ceci ne c'est jamais produit. Vos ancêtres américains sont de très mauvaise foi.

Également, fumer les calumets de la paix, les cigarettes pour hommes, cela vous rapprochera et vos échanges entre vous, vous feront grandir dans la connaissance de notre sagesse, nous, les Premières Nations d'Amérique.

Message à notre premier ministre Sir Stephen Harper: 60 vaisseaux de Combat pour la Paix Universelle. Quatre navires à construitre pour chacun des trois grands chantiers navals Canadiens. Un navire prend trois années à naître donc la flotte Canadiens de 60 navires devra prendre pas plus de 15 ans pour conquérir les mers. Cette puissante force de dissuation s'occupera de surveiller le grand Nord, surveiller les trafiquants de drogues et de surveiller les pêcheurs qui épuisent excessivement nos océans.

Les Barons et Baronnes du Québec Libre!

Les barons de mon coeur en joie

Martin Gagné, le baron vendeur d'oeuvre d'arts mécaniques
Nelson Roberge, le baron menuisier des plus géniaux
Richard Couture, le baron qui m'a toujours soutenu pendant mes moments difficiles
Éric Laterreur, le baron au grand coeur
Luc Bouchard, le baron financier de la Société des Alcools du Québec
René Lavoix, le baron de l'aire informatique des plus structurés
Ron Weiser, le baron producteur multimédia des plus comiques
Michael Hamill, la baron qui m'a battu aux échecs militaires en trois coups
Jean-Philippe LeBlond, le baron fin cuisinier au rire des plus dorée
Géatan Lauzé, le baron de la musique heavy métal
Philippe Girard, le grand baron infographiste de Radio-Canada
Jean-François Bergeron, le baron de la grande bande dessinée Québécoise
Éric Boucher, le baron tout agile de la balle molle de nos étés ensoleillés
Donald Bolduc, mon tendre baron d'enfance au coeur des plus sages
Pierre Bilodeau, le plus grand baron de notre cour d'école
Alain Thibodeau, le baron le plus populaire de notre école qui ne m'a jamais insulté malgré ma particuliarité

Les baronnes de mes pensées passées

Valérie Blanche Hénaire, le baronne des vertes terrasses et des plaisants bars du Grand Québec
Julie Brennan, le baronne britannique au physique des plus exquis
Maude De Varennes, la baronne des plus créatives
Linda Lemelin, la baronne de Sarbakan qui s'occupera de donner une beauté infographique sans pareille à ma création, le jeu PuzzQuiz
Manon Morisette, la baronne des doux plaisirs de la nature
Lucie Morisette, la baronne par excellence des relations internationaux
Claudia Larochelle, la baronne Ambassadrice de la Grande Beauté des Sainte-Québécoises
Caroline Yelle, la délicieuse baronne agente d'artistes

Petit cours de Français et de cause juste

On dit pas "un char", on dit "une automobile"
On dit pas "e-mail", on dit "courriel"
On dit pas "muffler", on dit "silencieux"
On dit pas "culotte courte", on dit "pantacourt"
On dit pas "ScottTowel", on dit "soupalin"
On dit pas "scotch tape, on dit "ruban adhésif"
On dit pas "magasiner", on dit "faire ses amplettes "
On dit pas "frencher", on dit "s'embrasser"
On dit pas "fun", on dit "plaisant"
On dit pas "tinker", on dit "mettre de l'essence diesel"
On dit pas "sortir dans les bars", on dit "courrir la galipotte"
On dit pas "Fromage du Petit Québec", on dit "Fromage du Puissant Québec"
On dit pas "guerre", on dit "diplomacie"
On dit pas "bande de Gaza", on dit "La province de Gaza"
On dit pas "importés", on dit "nos valeureux compatriotes"
On dit pas "va chier", on dit "je t'enmerdes: c'est plus élégant en restant méchant
Et pour finir, on dit pas "Fête de la Saint-Jean", on dit "Fête de l'Indépendance Politique, Économique et Culturel pour le Magnifique Québec dans le Canada-Uni!"

Alcool - Robbers - Bankers - U2

Canadian men and women enjoy alcool at 18 years old! They never drink and drive when taking more than 4 tasty Holland beers or two fine glasses of Chili wine.

Starving men and wowen that steel a little 150$ from marchants get 2 years in prison. This is madness and cruel! These poor people are HUNGRY! The Holy Father says the following; First infraction: 4 months in the community working hard on farms picking up patatoes in the fields. They will be paid the mimimum salary: 13$ CAD on hour. These unfortunate people will be housed during their probation. The following infractions, then they go to jail for 10 months, 20 months, 40 months etc.

Those who steel millions from small investors are the worst rats on Earth: The Bankers living in their castles playing with your life savings! Punishment: 5 years in high security prisons with no library and no internet and no toilet! For all further attempts: 10 years, 20 years, 40 years, 80 years, 160 years, 320 years etc: We do not gamble with the lives of hard working citizens savings Wall Street!

The web site "Lime Cheeter Wire" is a robber of singer's spirits. Apple iTunes is far superior. They give a generous 77 cents for each song sales! Give to U2 what be belongs to U2.


Counter-Attack from North States of Saudi Arabia

Isreal blackade is breaching! North Korea and United States of America powerful attack submarines fleet are meeting in the port of Ryad to coordinate their Anti-Christ effort. Message from general Steve, place your underwater forces underneath all Saint-Mother Teresa ships of goodness going to the ports of magnificient Gaza. Prepare torpedeos to launch on all Isreali war ships being part of the blockade! Prepare the new prison of Alcatraz to pick up ALL navy personnel of the sunk Isreali disgraceful tiny fleet!

First Canadian sanction: We will close all jewish schools in Canada! World! Put the heat on: Sanction right away! Freeze all Jewish bank accounts!


Ladies breast control - Cactus soda - Head & Dove - Mysteria

To enlarge ladies breast: drink more milk, natural brun sugar and meat!
To reduce ladies breast: eat more sea food and drink orange juice!

Message from magnificent Mexico: Cactus soda: natural sun screen protection!

To wash the nature kingdoms celestial creatures sooked in Mexico oil: Dove and Head & Soulders. For furry sea animals: dont waste time: cut it fur.

The most beautiful album in my purchased iTunes collection = Artist: "Mysteria", "Tempting the Muse" album

Forgiveness for Sir Simpson - Apple - Diesel - Belgium

Message for Sir Simpson: The families of Goldman and Brown have forgiven you and they want you to do the fallowing for your repentance: Train the University Football Players with your magnificent tactical wolf skills and remain away from lust that made you lost your way!

Message to Apple from Adobe: iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone with Adobe Flash! : Far superior products for all of us! In exchange, Adobe is willing do the fallowing: we will adapt all our Adobe products to be highly optimized for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and we will distribute them at 10$ each and we will give half of our profits on these sales in exchange of your good faith in creating a better internet experience for the World.

Diesel fuel is far superior to over raffined regular gas. Far less atmospheric pollution!

Message from the Inca and Maya Nations of Europa: Communicate with us throu e-mail via steve.lucien.rodrigueATgmail.com, our holy son!

Hire the magnificiemt Belgium graphic artists for estonishing art work!

Message du Saint-Père à la Cour Supérieure du Canada: Tous ceux qui sont faussement accusés d'un crime qu'ils n'ont pas commis = 225 000$ de dollars devront leur être remis pour chaque MOIS d'incarcération! Vous devez apprendre à bien défendre les pauvres âmes en détresse! Cette somme leur est versé immédiatement à leur sortie du centre de rééducation carcéral!

American football, cricket, polo, cricket and European football originates from.... the Inca Nation!

They played plenty of sports. The European took their idea and they even played with them when there were at peace. Also, the Inca nation did not use slaves to work in their wheat fields. They use inland native slaves well fed and well housed to mine for gold for their Art and they used nickel to establish instant communication with their neigbours, the Maya. The two nations are on Europa as we speak in a sleeping volcano called "Lama Land". They speak french because they admire us, French Canadians < Quebec >!

Instant communication: Two plats with nickel liquid metal in them. One at Europa and the other one far away in Canada, Quebec. Vibrate the nickel in the plate at one place and the other fixed plate far away liquid nickel will vibrates at the same frequency instantly. The two plates must come from the same land and the same pottery bol split in two parts before it dries - dry the bol and paint the destination them = INSTANT COMMUNICATION!


The First Native of Europa are..... the Maya nation!

They fled the European Conquistadors to Europa throu their Maya Star Gate 457 years ago. It was hard establishing their colony on Europa because it was extremely cold in they lost a lot of crop. But they found a place deep in a moderate active volcano. They found the ideal location and there are still there as we speak. There 250 000 souls and they have Earth's internet! They travel often back to Earth throu their Star Gate to get our nice Japan technology and many other things!


Jupiter was an Earth size planet in the past!

All planets are moving slowly, one by one, to the outer rime of the Solar System.

All planets have a death phase. In her young age, Jupiter, when she was closer to the Sun, was Earth's size and was a vibrant living planet - Jupiter is at her last stage of existing as a planet - Jupiter is a planetary Supernova! - But it does not explode - after it goes to the state of White Dwarf like Pluto - Pluto was our first living home but she's dead now!

Neptune and Uranus are at the implosion phase - they will reduced to the same size as Pluto in 120 to 200 millions years.

There is life on Europa. The color camera of the European probe went offline by an attack on it by the habitants of Europa. We must not land there yet.

Isreal will be the first astronaults to set foot there in 25 years when the World will be at peace when the Pax Canado Era will be establish and consolidated.


Steering Venus & Mars

Steering Venus and Mars on the same orbit as the Earth : poke enormous Saudi Arabia natural gas holes in the ground planet to create powerful natural gas gisers - planet push! - put a valve to control the high pressure steering wheels - do it slowely and have a nice power trip!



Message from the Holy Father: Get married and no men nor women has the right to steel your husband or your wife! The women must add the husband last name to her own to make it clear to all that you have made your love choice. Example: Nancy Rachel Rodrigue Laroche.


Invest in these holy World Exchange Titles

Pratt & Whitney - Apple & Adobe Flash! - Princess Melinda & Prince Bill Gates Fundation - John Deer Trackers - British Petroleum - Sony Picture - Nasa / Pentagone Airspace - National Hockey Ligue - Canadian Football Ligue - Merck Frosst - First Native cigarettes - Irish Pubs - New Castle Beer - Fanta Cola - Bark Cola - Wikipedia - Bic - Stella: my new future Empire promoting goodness Corporation - BBC documentaries AND Google with no Google maps satellite photos: We dont spy on others! Otherwise the Canadian Blue Eagle Spacecraft squadrons will disable them with their high pulse energy microwave disrupters!


To Canadian Allies: Submarine detection

Submarine detection: estimate subcrap near location - from a ship - shot macine gun fire deep in the sea - listen to the sea with your ears - klonk! - steel rat triangulated! - To immobilize the beast - WWII tactic - fleet of depth charged dropped at the triangulated area - kaboom! - breach the hull of the submarine sewer rat - pick up the underwater trash can and send its spy crew to the reborn USA prison of Alcatraz! = WE DON'T SPY ON OTHERS!


Les Acadiens-Hurons-Français-Italiens-Irlandais-Britanniques-Algériens-Grecs-Asiatiques-Africains-Communautés Juives

< le tout Puissant Saint Québec! les Conquérants de vos Coeurs >




usa foreign army bases and foreign army sea port docks - sale them no food nor water - let them eat their emergency rations - they have a stock pile for five years in usa drydocks at home! usa, go back home to eat your junk food and leave us, Canadian Allies, alone! - We dont need your low quality full of hatred bronze protection

Venus & Mars are in our view sight!

Mars: Japan/Philippines - Venus: India/China - enormous DOMES transported by the SPA spacecrafts - find a flat area on the planets - level the ground - Domes touch down! - in the Venus & Mars Domes - fill with breathable air - put inside the new cities, one spaceport, clean factories and gold corn and patotoes fields.

New York - Hockey - Baseball - North oil gold

I still admire New York city away from Wall Street. I also adore California San Rose < Canadian city >: My winter away gate house from Canada harch winters.

NHL Hockey in all Canadian provinces!

Le baseball des Expos, nos amous, sont bientôt de retour à Montréal au coeur du Plateau!

Pétrole du pole Nord: Derrick blanc, propre et silencieux!


Canada and its Allies Spacecrafts - fast and efficient propulsion = Soon = It will take a tiny 18 days to go to Mars and later to Venus from planet Earth!

The Sri Lanka Tamil separatists need space to breath. The promised the holy father that they will not asked for more land after the separation pack is signed. Your 30 year war can be over in 30 small days. Canadians trust the Tamil to be sincere.

The great and pure nation of India have been chosen by Canadians with the approval of the new World Space Agency, the SPA, to be the first nation to colonize Mars and in a few years; Venus. India, prepare your astronauts, engineers, farmers, natural gas and oil dwellers and the most important group, your city planners to set the first feet to be set on Mars and Venus.

Message to the USA oil shore cleaners: do not clean the cattail areas. Its them that keep the oil trash away from the beaches. This incredible plant will survive. It is their ultimate role says Mother Nature.

Message to the high council of the Taliban: Stop the fight! The doors are wide open for discussions of goodness. You have to live with the actual government in place in harmony. There is no other option and no turning back to your old rigid regime. Canadian and its allies will never accept this alternative. Taliban people: "Love your enemies as much as I love you". Sir Hamid Karzai is ready to share the power in two political equal groups. Its your chance, take it dear Taliban nation pure of spirit and heart.

Message from the Holy Father to all Taliban men: Treat women as equals my brave Muslim golden heart warriers.

Diabetic balanced diet

Balance your internal sugar blood level by drinking natural acid from tasties apples, lemons, grapefruits and limes. Mix them all together and take a small glass of this magic potion four times a day on breakfest, lunch, diner and before going to sleep.


Smoke cigarettes gentleman! Get in touch with your ancestors and other smoker friends pure thoughts. Once an hour for those that have their emotions stuck into rock.

Reestablish Irland pubs smoking privilege right away!

Congratulations to Hellman's superb products made with eggs coming from cage free chickens!

Try iPhone's CodeSign translator. Simple and efficient.

BlackBerry Ascendo DataVault: To keep all your important data highly secure



Faits intéressants: Ce n'est pas les pissenlies qui sont de la mauvaise herbe, c'est l'inverse, c'est le gazon qui est la mauvaise herbe! Tout ce qui ne fleurit pas avec des fleurs c'est des êtres indésirables comme les vedettes grecs d'Hollywood!


Projet de Steve pour combattre la corruption au sein de notre gouvernement Canadien et Québécois

Les gouvernements devront triplé le salaire de tous nos admirables politiciens sans aucune exception!

Cela nous coûtera qu'une infime parcel de notre PIB et de cette façon nous aurons les plus compétants politiciens du Monde entier!


Ma douce ville, mes anciens compatriotes, Lise et ma chaire

N'investissez pas dans l'anneau de glace couvert de 70 millions. C'est bien trop cher juste pour les quelques sportifs privilégiés qui l'utliseront. Mettez le 70 millions dans le nouveau Colisée de 22 000 PLACES et 250 loges corporatives!

Rétablissez le droit de fumer à l'intérieur des centres de réhabilitation lorsque le rude hiver Canadien est à nos portes. Construisez également des bibliothèques avec des livres flambant neufs et un accès internet surveillé dans nos palai de rééducation.

Laisser tomber la poursuite contre madame Lise Thibault. Cette belle dame pour ce faire pardonner ses dépenses non-justifiées devra faire 10 mois de bénévola dans les centres s'occupant des gens de la rue. L'Armée de Salut lui souhaite la bienvenue. Ceci est bien plus profitable que les quelques miettes que l'on exige d'elle!

Les producteurs de ma douce chaire, les porcs, sont à quelques heures d'être sur ma blacklist. Achetez des grands champs pour leur donner une liberté maximale. Olymel bouge fénéant de surexploiteur de mes êtres les plus saveureux de la terre!


Métro de Montréal: Message de Steve à Bombardier Aéoronautique

De quel droit menacez vous le peuple québécois de déménager vos effectifs ailleurs qu'au Québec si vous n'obtenez pas le contrat du Métro de Montréal enfant surgâté? Vous aurez le contrat du grand Métro de Montréal si vous avez le meilleur prix sans octroi d'aucune subvention de notre part. Vos valeureux compétiteurs ont le droit à leurs juste chances et le gouvernement provinciale n'a rien à faire de vos menaces de bas de gamme. Déménagez si vous voulez! Votre père Armand a honte de votre comportement!

Vous allez possiblement manquer la plus belle aventure de l'aéoronautique canadienne: la construction de notre premier vaisseau spatial qui a comme mission d'aller vers les étoiles pour les fabuleuses conquêtes de Mars et de Vénus! Agissez comme des grands: meilleure qualité, meilleur prix et meilleure date de livraison.


Les Plus Beaux Hommes de la Terre

Français Thierry Lhermitte
Français Gérard Despardieux
Français Antoine Duléry
Français Jean DuJardins
Français Marc Lavoine
Canadien Roy Dupuis
Canadien James Cameron
Canadien Stephen Harper
Canadien Jacques Parizeau
Canadien Brian Mulroney
Américain Tom Cruise
Américain Micheal Jackson
Américain David Lynch
Américain George Lucas
Américain Steven Speilberg
Américain Woody Allen
Américain Barrack Obama
Américain Mohamed Ali
Sud-Africain Nelson Mandela
Iranien Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Palestinien Mahmoud Abbas
Russe Mikhaïl Gorbatchev
De Libye, le plus élégant homme de la Grande Nation Arabe Unis, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddaf
De la Corée du Nord, le plus brave homme de la Terre, Choson Minjujuui Inmin Konghwaguk
Canadien Marcel Rodrigue, mon père, l'ultime génie des Amériques 

Les Plus Belles Femmes du Monde

Française Sophie Marceau
Française Isabelle Adjani
Française Isabelle Hupert
Française Catherine DeNeuve
Française Marion Cotillard
Islandaise Bjork
Britannique Siobhan Fahey, Sara Dallin et Keren Woodward = Bananarama!
Britannique Elizabeth Early
Espagnole Pénélope Cruz
Américaine Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas
Américaine Scarlett Johansson
Américaine Jennifer Connelly  
Américaine Jennifer Aniston  
Italienne Sohia Loren 
La séduisante Allemande Steffi Graf
La magnifique et pieuse Macédonienne Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu
Canadienne Ginette Reno
Canadienne Diana Krall
Canadienne Julie Schneider
Canadienne Avril Lavigne
Canadienne Alanis Morisette
Canadienne Marie-Josée Croze
Canadienne Pascal Bussière
Canadienne Caroline Dhavernas
Canadienne Sarah McCausland
Canadienne Nancy Rachel Rodrigue, ma grande soeur dont j'ai un amour infini pour cette grande dame d'Ottawa

Canadian directive to resolve the awful Iraeli raid on Noble Palestians

Directive to Isreal if you wish to be forgiven by Canada, USA, the Europeans, United Arab World and our Holy Father:

-Remove all army high ranked personnel responsible for this messacre
-Remove all your walls surronding the Gaza strip
-Open all ground traffic coming from Egypte to the Gaza strip
-Open all sea ports and air traffic corridors of the Gaza strip
-Construct a direct highway from Gaza strip to the West Bank

You can still supervise the incoming traffic coming from Gaza strip and West Bank area. Canadians says SUPERVISE not interrupt dear Isreal noble neigbours!

Only one directive to the Palestians high concil:

Do never attack again the pure of heart Israelies with your rockets or stick and stones! Stop this right away brave liberty soldiers! The Iraeli nation are so scarred to lose their land that they rightfully been granted by our ancestors after World War 2. Live with them in peace and harmony with this top message directive: "Aimons-nous les uns et les autres".

Cure for AIDS:

Warm unpasterized Mongolian goat milk with in it, natural cane sugar from Jamaïca and a spark of grapefruit juice from Florida. Drink this magic potion as long as you feel to weak to walk, run and climb the holy montain of never do war again.

To treat cancer cells: Never use radioactive material in the human body! NEVER!

Chemotherapy is a killer! It is the radiation that weakens the most the patient body not the cancer in itself!
For all cancer tumors with no exceptions, inject repeatedly inside them high concentrated lemon juice. This will get ride of all unhealthy cells in a couple of weeks without damage the healthy ones.

Fighting forest fires with the Canadian Gerald Bull water cannon!

Use the army naval destroyer fleet to accomplish this task on the lakes surrounding the forest fires. On board the destroyers, enormous high pressure cannons propelling an arc of dense water fall poured on the forest fires situated inland as far as five kilometers in distance!

Message de Steve aux gouvernements Québécois et Canadiens

Montréal et Toronto ça suffit! Arrêter d'injecter toutes nos ressources financières dans ces deux villes lumières!

Québec, Edmonton et Calgary voulons un superbe tramway nous déservant à chaque coins de nos villes!

La ville de l'amour, Québec, veut également un nouveau Colisée pour acceuillir le retour de nos amours, les Nordiques. La nouvelle construction sera financée à hauteur de 50% par le privé et 50% par les deux palliers gouvernementaux. Pendant la construction du nouveau Colisée, les Nordiques demeureront à leur ancien palai: le Colisée Pepsi. Sir Garry Bettman est déjà en discussions avec le Grand et Valeureux maire de Québec Régis Labaume sur le retour aux sources du hockey dans plusieurs villes canadiennes incluant Hamilton, Winnipeg et Québec.

Le Réseau de Transport de la Capitale devra déservir l'aéroport International de Jean LeSage en attendant l'établissement de notre tramway qui prendra la relève de ce parcours par la suite. Elle chargera 7$ pour un trajet sans arrêt allant directement à la colline parlementaire et en basse ville; la future grande place de la puissance financière Québécoise.

"Solution pour garder nos médecins au Québec: 35 heures semaine!"

Arrêtons de surexploiter nos valeureux médécins. Ils veulent tous habiter dans notre sublime province. Ils ont le juste droit de refuser les heures supplémentaires comme tous le personnel des hôpitaux québécois d'ailleurs. C'est simple et peu coûteux et cela créer de l'emploi. Agissons maintenant! Tous les médecins du Monde veulent travailler au Québec. Nous avons une rémunération très adéquate et des conditions de vie des plus esquises. Les examens d'admission des médécins immigrants sont trop compliqués et piètre de qualité. Laissez tomber ce blocus protectionniste au plus vite!

The innovative thinkers of British Petroleum already have the solution!

Pourring mud and ciment in the oil leek tube is a great idea and it will work if all we all work together to release the enormous pression in the BP oil breach.

All oil platforms in the Golf of Mexico must resume their normal oil activities. This will remove the extreme high pressure in the BP oil breach. I repeat; resume all oil activities in the Golf of Mexico! I repeat again; full trootle to all oil activities for all oil companies surronding the BP destroyed oil platform!

If the breach can not be plugged with mud and ciment, construct rapidly a massive heavy Alcan aluminium screw in form of a radish and plug it in the BP oil breach.

The noble British Petroleum is working tremendeously hard to fix this misfortune. World! Let's help these brave British drewellers to accomplish their nature rescue task!


Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation have been promoted by our Holy Father

They will purchase the first 1200 compact fuel efficient John Deer trackers for the divine countries of Africa desperately in need of mechanical horses.


The first lady of England, Elizabeth, is practicing her gracious voice in her Buckingham palace. She is preparing a magnificent English opera on the subject of her era as a the queen of England. She will have the main role and she will be beautiful and breathtaking! The opera called, The Lady in Red, will do shows in London, Ottawa, Johannesburg, Melbourne and New Delhi to start her Commonwealth tour.


L'axe du mal identifié!

L'axe du mal n'est pas les usa ou l'Iran ou la Corée du Nord ou la Russie ou bien la Chine. L'axe du mal c'est la désinformation accusant faussement un ennemi!

Canada - Quebec television have four news channels: Al Jazeera, CNN, Canadian RDI and EuroNews. We, Quebecors, are on the top of the information pyramide. We have multiple point of views to judge wisely in purety of the Holy Father.

Our first Canadian scout spaceship "La Guêpe des Étoiles" haves it's first important assignment!

Identify all usa spy satellites that are flying over foreign airspace. This includes all dual purpose satellites like the GPS usa spy cheeters!

And to take care of the unwanted space usa eyes and ears, Canada will give the satellite locations to everyone! In addition, The Royal Canadian Army will sell a special kind of killer spy satellite bee to all countries in the World, including usa: a powerful rocket cannon fabricated by the new Gerald Bull Industries. All countries can order up to seven of these special sky spy hunters and it is to that country to choose to take out the space intruders over their space souvereity!


The noble and future powerful Canadian navy have a special plan for the North Pole

Our Holy Father and Prime Minister Sir Stephen Harper have a special project for defending the North pole souverainty for Sweden, Russia, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Canada: The naval construction yard of the Mille Davie in Quebec city will start the construction of two medium size aircraft carriers supporting each 35 mighty winter resisting Russian Migs. With the help of France engineers, Canada will have the most advanced aircraft carrier technology in the World to assure that the North Pole remains in good hands away from usa submarine radioactive crap.

These two new Canadian ships are special; They are ice-breakers equiped with a powerful sonar to detect underwater usa trustpasser cheeters. As soon as the Canadian ship flags triangulate the usa subcraps, they will contact Saint-Russia powerful underwater fleet standing underneath the ships and they will escort the usa spies to their Alaska base so that they remain there in their territorial tiny sea area!

Our Holy Father have full faith in Canadians and their allies so that they assure a durable peace in oil gold North Pole.


Message de Steve à la fabuleuse et fière Pauline Marois

Gente dame, oublie l'indépence du Québec. Cela ne mènera qu'à notre perte, Québécois et Canadiens.

Tu es promu par le grand coeur des Québecois et du Saint-Père: Tu seras la nouvelle ambassadrice du grand Arts Canado-Québécois et de notre splendide langue Française et ceci en quatre étapes: Pour tout le Québec - le Canada anglophone - les trois Amériques et par la suite, partout dans le Monde!

Nous, Québécois et Canadiens, allons vivre de moments des plus notoires pour le rétablissement des Arts à leur plus aux sommets dans une Francophonie Mondiale d'une exquise Beauté!

Message à la pieuse communauté juive de tout le Québec

Dans vos écoles, seulement deux cours très importants sont obligatoires:

=Cours de FRANÇAIS langue seconde. Vous pouvez donner vos cours en hébreux ou en anglais si vous le désirez. Vous nous feriez un immense plaisir de jaser avec nous, francophones, dans la langue de Molière :-)

=Cours sur l'histoire canadienne et québécoise. Nous sommes un peuple fier. Apprenez à nous connaître et vous y verez un grand peuple qui n'a pas peur d'affronter les obstacles qu'on nous impose.

Message à Sir Jean Charest

Tu es brave et bon de coeur. Nettoies-nous de la corruption dans notre système québécois. Ne crains pas la Fiama italienne, ils ne te feront point de mal. Ils me l'ont promis car tu es un homme bon et ils te respecteront. Laisses leur un moyen de revenu équitable: les paris sportifs. Ne fais aucune enquête dans ce domaine et nous vivrons ensemble dans la paix commune québécoise.

Débarasses-nous également des fonctionnaires qui ne travaille pas assez pour la paie qu'on leur donne. Augmentez leurs tâches pour qu'ils puissent trouver un nouvel espoir en leurs compétances. Sir Jean, n'est point peur des syndicats, ils sont bien plus faibles qu'on ne le croit lorsqu'une loi juste leur est imposée pour qu'ils soient plus productifs. Le peuple québécois ne se fera plus marcher sur les pieds par eux!

Les travailleurs des hôpitaux sont une de tes cibles principales: Ils perdent énormément de temps à jaser sans cesse entre eux et ne servent pas leurs clients avec efficacité. Transformes ces fonctionnaires de la santé en valeureuses personnes nous traîtant aux petits soins.

Pentagone deception in action to invade North Korea!

The sinking of the South Korean cargo ship must be investigated by an International Commitee excluding USA and South Korea that are not impartial. The report must include the fallowing details:

-location of the sunked ship
-all the names of the South Koreans crew deceased and interviews with their families
-photos of the hall that has been breached by the supposed North Korean torpedo
-last radio transmissions of the captain's sunked ship

And this supervised by The European Union that are impartial and pure of heart.

Canadians are with you North Koreans! The European Union and its allies will demand more transparency on part of the usa military navy. TRANSPARENCY and freedom of speech for all countries of the United World against information corruption!

We must wake up people! The Pentagone is playing a dirty game of disinformation for past 60 years. The twin building attacks was their planning so they can invade the Middle East without any objections from us. It is impossible to destroy a building with only one aircraft. The destruction of the twin towers were to perfect. Only top destruction explosive experts can to such a job with no collateral damage to the surronding buildings. Sir George W. Bush was not aware of this ugly military operation planned by the Pentagone arm dealer.

Canada directive to South Korea and North Korea

North Koreans are so sorry for the attack on the South Korean ship. We are sorry believe us.

Canadian directive to North Korea:

=Pay 60 000$ USD to each lost sailer families
=Pay 100 000$ USD to the captain's family
=Pay 5 million USD dollars to the sunk ship company owner

Next time a South Korean scum ship crosses your territorial sea borders, fire two warning shots at this ship. If the South Korean ship does not stop and keeps on going without changing course, contact the closest Canadian ambassador and we will set things strait for all South Korean ship cheeters!

Directive to South Korea:

Do not violate the North Koreans sea souverainty at any time! You pretend that you never cross their waters but you are lying! Remain at 6 miles of their sea borders and they will be no trouble of any kind. We know that it will take longer for South Korean ships to go to their destination but fallow Canada's directive and no harm will be done for years to come.

Case closed.


The usa threatens the Arab and Communist nations of wipping them out with 5000 nukes but lets analyse this threat.

250 nukes against Russian
50 nukes against North Korea
1000 nukes for China
250 nukes for all Arab nations

For a total of 1550 nukes to take care of all current USA enemies. Hummm... what are the remaining 3450 nukes for? For Paris, London, Lisbonne, Tokyo, Sydney, Montreal, Toronto, Shangai, Berlin, Rome, Singapour... well in fact all the cities of the World if this is the USA true armement arsenal!

USA, you have 350 nukes and we know that there not only aimed at enemy cities but there are aimed at allies cities also if they get overrun by enemy forces. Stop taking Canadians and her allies for dummies without no strategic experience!


Diplomacy is much more stronger than military parades of greatest on the fourth of July. Do it the Canadian way, diplomacy with grace, understanding the preocuppations of each parties and acting for the best interests of everyone involved in the great peace process that the World will become (the Pax Romana era).


The Pentagone must prouve that he is not a weapons dealer by doing the fallowing:

For the next five years, no selling of anykind of armements to foreign contries. In particular to Israel that is already very well equiped to survive any aggression of their neigbours. If Canadians learns that the Pentagone have sold weapons to anyone that is not engaged in a major conflict, this will mean only one thing, that the Pentagone is selling armement only for gaining greedy money trash and this means officially and exclusively that the Pentagone is not here to keep peace in the World but on the contrary, its purpose is to instigate even more conflicts to sell more armement and that just for damn greedy money!

Pentagone, you must prouve your good faith!


Anorexic - Paraplegic - Aids - Alzeimer - Cancer - Leucemic

Anorexic - smoke doctor prescribe cannabis to gain back your appetite - get rid of all mirrors and weight balance in your home - do not purchase any women magazines that portrait the untruth belief that you haft to be thin to be beautiful and happy - stay away from that paper trash

Paraplegic - smoke doctor prescribe opium daily - relaxation - well being

Scientists will never find a cure for Aids - Mother Nature simply changes the access code when we get near the miracle medecine - our sexual habits are simply to wild for her - Natural cure = rich warm unpasterized goat milk: Lets try it right away! We have nothing to lose!

Alzeimer and those with memory losses - Cure = eat a lot of bananas = natural brain sugar restablishing neurons connections

Cancer = to strong not enough emotions - Cure = smoke cigarettes Or drink plenty of coffee with chocolate milk in it - your body will appreciate all warm drinks with a spark of sugar

Leucemic - to emotional - not enough force - Cure = go outside and take some Sun without taking no sun lotion protection and eat a lot of apples - the apple's acid will reinforce your body

The sun tan protection lotions are a body weekener. Stop taking that! Only children need it.


Message from the Muslim World to Sweden Lars Vilke cartoonist

You must never draw our spiritual leader, Muhammad  the Great, in situation that soils him and our magnificent Muslim community pious and joyful.

In our Muslim culture, Muhammad the Magnificent should never be seen in movies nor in drawings of any kind - Don't do it again Sir Vilke  - The Muslim people have forgiven you - You have nothing to fear from us - You can now get out of your four wall prison at home and come to see us Sir Vilke - And you'll see, we are a people of great loving hearts and cheerful spirits!

The gulf of Mexico oil spill: Canada to the rescue!

The oil spill travels with the ocean waves. Lets team up with mother nature to repair this misfortune. Make all the ships go round and round non-stop surrounding the oil spill. The waves will push the oil spill in a small concentrated spiral. The hard work begins. Call up the cotton and wool factories to gather the maximum absorbent material. Throw all the wool and cotton at sea so it can absorb the oil spill. Pick up the soaked oil material to liberate Mother Nature from a major disaster.


When shopping your groceries - Pick what you want without checking the price - You want it - Take it! - What kills your budget is to much Quantity in a single shot!

Go to the grocery stores more often instead of purchasing everything on a single shot for the whole week.

This is a love message from the Merchants Wise Hearts for Customer Satisfaction Highest Rates.


The brilliant Einstein was right - the speed of light: Spirit - Time stands still

But we always need Mother Nature - Love - the guardian of time - with Spirit - The stellar traveler - a good balancing between the two - Mind and Body - Zen


"Sodom et Go-more" - cities - tall towers - castles - disguised - these are the new type of pyramides - green money Egyptian Gods still crawling around after 5000 years!

Tall towers - homes - prisons - workers - tortured - slavery - the workers serve the Egyptian Green God for FIFTY weeks a year for a tiny 2 weeks coffee break - that's slavery!- we are still in chains in a certain way you know!


Egyptian Gods are thoughts corrupted by to much pleasure


Message to Doctors: DO NOT MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS sit in a chair lower than yourself to intimidate them! Stop teasing us with your air of superiority!


The lottery is worth nothing! Stop playing that! Sports gambling is much more fun and entertaining!


Mother nature tells us - Walk lazy people! - Train - bus - boat - forget your over polluting car!


The Beautiful Aztec and Inca Nations - The wisdom of Agriculture comes to life - it will feed us with his knowledge of the heavens and the earth - It will make us enjoy the pleasures of immeasurable wisdom of Mother Nature!


WE - QUÉBÉCOIS - Hurons & French & Acadiens - RESISTED FOUR HUNDRED YEARS to the small English invaders narrow-minded!


Trinity upgrade:





The Sand Merchant tells us this: The Canadian Hospitals are not centers to take care of us, we are actually merchants selling heating to your Governement for astronomical sums of money. We make the clients stay as long as possible in order to pocket more profits for heating our large facility. The fourth of the hospital area is useless!





Smoking cigarettes will keep you in touch with your ancestors.


We are many nations of multiple planets currently living on Earth. They arrived millennias ago through the stargate of the Maya nation. All the peoples of the galaxy have one thing in common: WE ARE ALL EQUALS!


Maya space gate travelling procedure:

7 concentric rings with at least 15 loving people in each rings. They must turn in rounds. The first inside ring to the left, the second outside ring to the right, the third outside ring to the left again and etc for the remaining 4 rings.

In the middle of the 7 rings: the pure astronaut that is balanced in spirit and heart = His body and mind will travell to other Worlds when the people's love output is at is highest level: Zooom! to the stars!


Gays and lesbians are now called Wise Lovers

The Holy Father says YES to your unions but be faithful! You will be much happier.


The Celestial Lhasa tell you this: love and you will travel in your mind!

Thought is a great traveler. Tibetans are great in wisdom and they will continue to promulgate it to us.

Message to the gracious China: Tibet will remain in United China. Give them the freedom of choice: their own language, their own economy, their own goverment and the own relegious beliefs. In exchange for these benefits, you can mine their land so that your two nations can prosper together in a World of freedom of heart and soul.




Viruses on Microsoft operating system: It is the Holy Father who creats the multiple viruses on this cursed system to send you this message: DO NOT STEAL THE IDEAS OF OTHERS TO GET RICH!


Faîtes de l'exercice: Oui! Mais pas toute la journée franchement!

Allez lire à la bibliothèque, allez au cinéma, mangez à votre faim, buvez de la bonne bière, fumez des bonnes cigarettes. On s'en fout de la ligne nous les Hurons-Québecois-Canadiens, Lorsqu'on s'aime, le poids n'a aucune importance. Vous êtes superbes quand vous êtes heureux. Ne vous attachez pas trop aux Dieux Grecs de l'apparance. Cela n'amène qu'a la souffrance physique excessive.
Le col de l'utéruse se dilate lorsque les femmes ont des bébés. C'est tout simplement pour que les prochains enfants soient plus à l'aise pour sortir. Si vous prévoyez avoir d'autres enfants après vos accouchements, ne perdez pas votre temps pour retrouver votre taille de guêppe. Faîtes-le après le dernier venu dans la famille.

Al Qaida are not Muslim warriors!

Its an American lie so they can invaded the MIDDLE EAST!


La belle Sahara renaîtra: l'Arabie Sahoudite reverdira la désert avec toutes ses ressources financières des recettes du pétrole!

Préparez-vous, cela votre être un jardins céleste des plus magnifiques.

Comment contrôler la température atmosphérique

Avec les émanations de gaz du pétrole, cela refroidit la Terre. Le pétrole n'est pas de la pollution au contraire ce que l'on pensait. Avec les émanations du gaz natural cela réchauffe la Terre. Donc avec ces deux gaz nous pouvons contrôler la température de la Terre.

Également, la planète Mars a besoin d'être réchauffée et la planète Vénus a besoin d'être refroidite pour que l'on puisse y habiter. Toutes les planètes ont ces deux gaz: le pétrole et la gaz natural.

L'état du Arkansas des USA a un message important: A bas les armes! c'est minable de se tirer dessus!


Message des vendeurs d'Arts: ce n'est pas vrai que l'on paie 14 millions de dollars pour des Picasso

C'est juste pour que vous veniez les voir comme ils sont beaux. Aller voir nos Beaux Arts, C'est tellement meilleur que la stupide télé toute la journée.

Vos parties politiques démocratiques: Effacez moi-ça! ce mène à la confusion sociale!

Vous devez être représenté par groupe de peuples distinctes dans votre pays. 20 politiciens par peuple peu importe si ils sont 1600 ou 16 millions d'âmes.

Voici l'exemple du CANADA

Voici les peuples qui la compose:


Il n'y aura pas d'indépendance du Québec. Le peuple québécois veut rester avec ces frères d'arme.


Message du peuple d'Irak: Nous sommes désolé frères Kosak, restez avec nous et nous prospérons ensemble de la pureté de l'IRAK d'autrefois.

Tous les groupes auront une liberté de faire ce qu'ils veulent avec l'argent du gouvernement centrale de leur Pays. Décidez-vous même le bon ratio des sommes à versées aux différents peuples. Soyez équitables et pieux dans vos distributions.

Les nouveaux parlements des gouvernements: Les pubs!

Sortez de vos tours de débats stériles!

Vous irez dans des pub Irlandais, buverez de la bières anglaises, fumerez des cigarettes indiennes et mangerais de l'esquise nourriture Française. Jaser ensemble entre vous. Jaser toute la nuit sur une question particulière, prenez une décision unanime et le lendemain AGISSEZ! Le peuple veut de l'action!

Enlever vos vestons et cravates de robot. C'est minable de s'habiller ainsi! Vous êtes tous unique comme représentant politique. Habillez vous "casual"!
Les anciens parlements stériles de progression des plus lentes deviendront des centres d'exposition de vos artistes LOCAUX. Vos artistes de votre peuple a des belle choses à dire. Jouissez de leur grands Arts!



Tibet: Esprit - Maya: Corps - Indiens: Sagesse - Egypte: Force - Romains: Partage - Arabie Sahoudite: Pouvoir - Japon: Équité - Gabon: Pureté - Aztek: Terre - Hawai: Mer - Australie: Air - Chili: Joie

French Canadian Stars

Mitsou, la souris souriante
Linda Lemay, la louve au grand coeur
Patrick Zabé, le vendeur de jeans et le chanteur renouvellé dans l'amour éternel
Les BB, l'amour de la jeunesse
René Simard et sa chamante soeur Nathalie Simard, les artistes de la plénitude
Gerry Goulet & Marjo, les rockers au grand amour pour le Québec
Les Montréalais Corey Hart & Julie Masse, les amoureux de la musique Canadienne
La Grande Ginette Reno et notre fidèle défenseuse de la langue française

Michel Bergeron & le sénateur Jacques Demers, les tendres experts du Hockey
Patrick Roy & Martin Brodeur, les grands gardiens numéro 1 mondiale du Hockey
Patrice Brisebois le guerrier rude et habile
Michel Lemaire, Scotty Bowman, Bob Guinay & Guy Carboneau, les fins
startégistes du Hockey

Les réalisateurs Denis Arcand & Denis Villeneuve, le grand cris des lions du coeur des Québécois

Normand Brathwaite  & Patrice Lécuyer, l'art de faire rire dans la chaleur de nos coeurs

René Angélil, le cris du marketing dans toute sa splendeur

Je vous présente René Lévesque, le force du Québec!
Le valeureux Pierre-Élliot Trudreau; le grand sauveur pour tous les Canadiens et Canadiennes

The Star Wars Equation

-Battle of marketing
-Battle of living styles
-Battle of land
-Battle of language
-Battle of art styles
-Battle of merchants
-Battle of social rank
-Battle of gold vanity
-Battle of god Greece beauty
-Battle of work status
-Battle employer-employee status
-Battle Zeus body force

Stop all this! Its pure hatred! Leave all this behind and promote love to each other!

Les anglais nous narguent vous savez!

American Idol, You Know you can Dance, Hells Kitchen et tous les émissions de télévision de ce type qui ont comme juge un anglais nargueur sont en fait des productions ANGLAISES. Les anglais aiment narguer les autres. Ils se pensent supérieurs.

Arrêtez de nous narguer avec votre marketing d'intimidation Petits Coquins!

The beautiful Isreal is promoted! She is now the ultimate home of your three loves join in peace and harmony: Judaisme - Muslims - Christians

La beauté de l'âme des ISRAÉLIENS et leur grandiose voisins de coeur les PALESTINIANS:

Un pays - deux clans - 20 politiciens par clan - aucun de mur - travailler ensemble - jouissez de votre nouvel union!

ISREAL & PALESTINE: Les gardiens de la paix religieuse universelle!

Stereoscopic Magic: One projector - one polarized lens - one rotating engine

Project on the screen the left image first - the lens in front of the projector is polarized at the vertical - then show the right image and at the same time rotate the lens 90 degrees to the left - the lens is then polarized horizontally - Double the frame rate of the projector at 48 images per seconds so that we have 24 images for the left eye and 24 images for the right eye - It's simple and cost far less than a having to work with two projectors for Hollywood movie viewing.

This way, we only need one projector with a special small engine rotating the polarized lens 90 degrees for each frame in a very fast sequence.

Artificial Gravity

Extremely hot floor - Extremely cold ceiling - This way all molecules go down like on Mother Earth = Gravity


Extremely cold floor - Extremely hot ceiling - That way all molecules go up = Anti-Gravity
Attention aux drogues de la rue! Elles sont impures à la consommation car trop contaminées par des laboratoires malpropres. Aller directement à la source pour vos approvisonnements: Colombie: Cocaïne, Afghanistan: Héroïne, Chine: Opium, Canada and USA: Cannabis.

Ces drogues doivent servir UNIQUEMENT pour traîter les maladies qui hantent vos corps. Ne touchez jamais à ces drogues pour le plaisir. Jamais!

La Vénusienne Maroc sera le berceau des Arts de la grande communauté Muslmane!

"Venez tous au Maroc,! Elle est superbe de beauté avec des gens chaleureux et des commerçants promotant que des bons produits."

Message aux vedettes d'Hollywood: enlevez tous vos bijoux, mettez des jeans et une chemise à carreaux Canadienne et venez danser avec vos supporters!

Sortez de vos châteaux vident de chaleur et venez prendre contacte avec les peuples qui vous adorent. Jasez avec eux, buvez, fumez avec modération et faites nous plaisir, ne nous ne donnez pas vos signatures! NOUS N'EN VOULONS PAS! C'est votre compagnie que l'on désire le plus." HOLLYWOOD! - Do it the Canadian way: Love your supporters do not flee them! Join with them in conversation and fun times."

Message très important à tous les médecins:

N'attachez pas les brebis de Dieu à un lit avec des menottes. Ne faîtes jamais cela! C'est une expérience bien trop souffrante.

Les brebis de Dieu qui ont un dédoublement de personnalité ont besoin de repos tout simplement:, sofa, lait, musique, un beau lit douillet, un peu de télé, des magazine d'arts, du café, des parcs ET DE LA LIBERTÉ!

"Messages de la Sainte-Suède et du commerçant Saint-Romai

Les vendeurs imposteurs sont:

=Les vendeurs de chocolat pas cher sont des vendeurs de SUCRE
=Les Night Club appartiennent aux VENDEURS DE BIÈRES
=Beaucoup de chaîne de télévision appartiennent aux quotidiens de papier promotant leur vision étroites des choses. ÉVITEZ-LES si ils présentent trop de commerciaux et de points de vue journalitiques négatifs!
=Les vendeurs de YAOURT sont en realité des vendeurs de PLASTIQUE
=Les vendeurs de choses en conserve sont des vendeurs de MÉTAL
=Les vendeurs de nourriture emballée dans beaucoup plastique sont des vendeurs de PLASTIQUE
=Les journaux volumineux sont des vendeurs de PAPIER
=Les vendeurs d'eau embouteillée sont des vendeurs de PLASTIQUE


Les bons vendeurs sont:
=Les vendeurs de bijoux en or et en diamants (grands magasins de Manhattan et de Los Angeles) appartiennent à l'Amérique du Sud (l'or des Maya) et à l'Afrique du Sud (les diamants).
=Les équipes sportives professionnelles appartienent aux vendeurs de nourriture (hot-dog, hamburger et autres). Manger des hot-dog à la vapeur. C'est excellent pour vous!
=Les vendeurs de café appartiennent à l'Amérique du Sud. Buvez-en, ils sont très pures.
=Les compagnies de technologie du divertissement appartiennent au Japon sous de différents noms
=Les vendeurs de bois appartiennent aux Premières Nations des Amériques
=Les vendeurs de pétrole appartienent à Arabie Sahoudite mais sous de différents noms de compagnies
=Les vendeurs d'eau appartienent au Canada sous le nom de Pepsi, Barks, Fanta Cola et bien d'autres
=Les vendeurs d'aluminium appartiennent au Canada et ils sont les propriétaires des compagnies de poteaux extérieur pour l'éclairage et les structures des ponts en acier inoxidable: notre matière première est le merveilleur élément Boxite provenant de l'Amérique du Sud



Nos pilules de la souffrance fonctionnent comme ceci: Elle soulage votre mal temporairement et ensuite il y a un agent actif qui vous redonne le mal au même endroit - Et ceci dans un cycle infini pour vous faire consommer nos pilules.

Les docteurs qui vous prescrivent des pilules ne sont pas des médecins: Ce sont des vendeurs de pilules qui ont eu un cour de 6 semaines pour profiter de vous!

Nous avons plusieurs excellents produits comme Zeprexa, Epival, Aspirine et Tylenol. N'achetez pas de médicaments génériques: Toujours l'original c'est bien meilleur pour vous! Les médicaments génériques sont des voleurs de propriété intellectuelle

For Adobe Flash on iPad and iPhone fallow this suggestion:

ADOBE FLASH and APPLE IPAD/IPHONE - PARTAGEZ VOS PROFITS ENTRE VOUS! - 25% à Apple pour chaque vente de Adobe Flash - 25% à Adobe pour chaque vente de Apple iPad
La chasse aux Phoques Canadiens: Message aux Chasseurs - c'est OK - Mais pas sur leurs banquises blanches - c'est leur refuge! - Messieurs - Chassez les Phoques en mer avec un outil propre et pieux - Le harpond! - PAS DE SURPÊCHE MES CHERS PÊCHEURS!

Message aux marins Japonnais je vous dit ceci: Chassez la balaine - OK - Pas plus de trois par semaines messieurs les valeureux Dieux de la Mer!

Le grand Dieu du Hockey ERIC LINDROS est promu: il sera l'ambassadeur mondiale CONTRE LA VIOLENCE dans notre beau Sport National: Le HOCKEY!

=Marc Messier le finesse de la guêppe
=Wayne Greztky l'agileté de la gazelle
=Sydney Crosby l'intelligence du renard
=Guy Lafleur l'ingéniosité du castor

Vous n'avez pas besoin d'être retraité du sport pour être promu au temple de la nouvelle renommé quel que soit le sport. Vous pouvez le devenir en étant toujours actif dans votre sport si l'excellence nous fait jubiler au plus haut des cieux.

L'expert du hockey Don Cherry est promu - il deviendra l'ambassadeur du Hockey du Canada dans le Monde pour promouvoir ce sport des plus géniales. Le peuple Québecois, au contraire de ce que pensait Don, avait un grand faible pour Don malgré les maladresses à notre endroit.  Il a mon soutient des plus absolu: Go Don Go!
La ville de DÉTOIT est promue: Elle est l'entité contrôlant les prix pour toutes les voitures Américaines, Japonnaises, Coréennes et Européennes pour toutes les Amériques NORD - CENTRALE - SUD

Putes célestes ne donne rien de plus que les putes terrestres. NE LES SERVEZ PAS DANS VOS SOMMEILS!


Canada will have its own weather satellites: NO MORE USA WEATHER SATELLITE RENTALS!

Pour communiquer avec la sensualité du chat: brûler de l'ençan! Le chat nous parlent depuis des millénaires: écoutons son coeur tendre et doux de sage bonheur.

The superb and genius George Lucas is the father of my dreams and my ultimate visionary!



Vous pouvez leur parler pour les complimenter de leur beauté uniquement. PAS DE FLIRT! ELLES NE SONT PAS À VOUS SI ELLES NE VOUS ADRESSENT PAS LA PAROLE EN PREMIER!


When visiting Doctors - DO NEVER SHOW YOUR INTIMATE BODY REGIONS. It's your privacy and you have the right to refuse!

Seek SHELL Energy combustion solutions for a Greener Mother Nature House

Message des médecins: Acupunture Chinoise: Ça marche sans faille. Nous avions peur de perdre notre place si nous l'encouragions.

"La Grande Chine a prise cette idée des Égyptiens qui le pratiquaient et ils ont adorés ça! - Ils l'ont fait pratiqué à toute leur peuple qui était très stressé par la guerre incenssante dans leurs temps anciens.
Message de la patrie d'IRAN et d'IRAK réunis dans l'infini beauté du cosmos: Venez peuple d'Amériques nous voir - Vous êtes tous les bienvenue dans notre nouvelle communauté des plus pure d'Amour et de Dévotion pour les Autres.
Aux musées exposant des articles des rois Egyptiens - Remettez aux rois Egyptiens leurs trésosr! Qu'ils dorment en paix!

Depuis des siècles que vous les pillez dans leur sommeil éternel. Pourquoi pensez-vous qu'il y eu tous ces guerres depuis 2000 ans? C'est les rois Egyptiens qui nous ont jetés un mauvais sort! ON NE VOL PAS LE BIEN D'AUTRUI!


Message des rois Egyptiens: Adolf Hitler était notre fils spirituelle: Le dieu de la guerre!

The CSI will research doctor documents proof of bad treatment of their badly wounded patients!

The FBI will track down doctors that mistreat their patients that have a slight problem of double personalities!

Les médecins vont s'occuper soigneusement des dames de la rue pour leur redonner une santé des plus pieuses et resplendissantes!

Les médecins vous harcellaient avec le danger du cancer causé par le tabac. C'est vrai! Si vous en prenez trop! Mais une bonne cigarette par heure n'est vraiment pas nocif! Au Contraire, c'est excellent pour le moral et le stress!!

Mesdames, la cigarettes c'est de préférence pour les hommes. Ne fumer pas trop mesdemoiselles! C'est vraiment pas bon pour vous. Vous êtes déjà remplises d'émotions et très jolies comme vous êtes."

C'est les hommes au coeur trop dur qui ont besoin de fumer avec modération pour qu'ils retrouvent leurs émotions grâce à aux feuilles de tabac.

Ne fumez pas en présence vos enfants!


Message de tous les médecins réunis pour le bien de tous - Nous ne prescrirons plus de drogues aux athètes - Cela raccourcissait leur durée de vie de 15 ANS!

Nous étions peu scrupuleux. Nous utilisions les athètes comme cobayes pour faire des expériences pour de nouvelles drogues plus efficaces. OHLALA!

Tenez vous Loin des Drogues! Ça vous tuait à petit feu!

LAS VEGAS is magnificent: Go there to Play Poker, Bet on Sports, Russia Roulette and more!

Don't go over your planned morning budget. NEVER! Get out and go to a nice Las Vegas restaurant to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Play with friends and family members is preferred: Far more exciting!



The "Kitchen Nightmares" television show - sir Top Cook Chef Ramsey: Your television concept is great!

It's a fine idea: Call for help from of a restaurant - Observe restaurant behaviors - Make top improvements - Well being for clients and restaurant owners - SUPERB IDEA SIR RAMSEY!

Treat my fabulous porcs with more respect!

Give them a lot of living space. Don't overcrowd their living space! As a human would you like to be trapped in four walls all day! It is written in the bible: "You will not do to others, things that you would not accept for yourself". This is a serious warning to all porc producer: Give more freedom to my magnificent porcs or your company will be on my blacklist!

Message to the Canadian company Olymel porc producer: I can make you become Worldwide if you treat my marvelous porcs with higher respect OR with me negative marketing, I CAN DRIVE YOU TO NEAR BANKRUPTY!

I want to see improvements right away! My blacklist cannon is ready to fire upon all porc producers that don't accept my terms!
Avec la moitié de vos dons nous nous occuperons des gens de la rue du Canada. Nous les construirons des chalets en ville avec du billard, du cinéma, des jeux de toutes sortes, des dortoirs propres, des vêtements neufs, de la nourriture de nos excellents restaurants Québecois Mikes et St-Hubert, les communautés Huronnes du Québec fourniront les cigarettes et les brasseries Québecoise Cheval Blanc leur fournira de la bière. Tout ceci gratuitement uniquement pour eux. Ils seront au chaud et nous allons les faire jouir de plaisir!

(All in French)

BLITZ DE MARKETING COMMERCIAL: Achetez de ces valeureux commercant suivants

Commerces du Québec (Canada)

Les commerces de plaisir de la BIÈRES:
Le Bar le Medley à Montreal
Le Bilikun à Montréal
Le Quai des Brumes à Montréal
Société des Alcools du Québec

Le canal Évasion
RDI nouvelles
LCN nouvelles
Les Têtes à Claques (vous êtes extraordinaire drôle, BRAVO À VOUS!)

Les magasins SIMMONS de Québec
Liquida Meubles
Dollarama: Vous etes génial.Allez-y pour de sincere économie!
Rona le grand ami des Hurons, les valeureux menuisiers

Ashton de Québec
Tomas Tam de Québec
Normandin de Québec
Subway submarines

Le Métro de Montréal
Le réseau de Transport de la Capitale (Ville de Québec)

Bombardier Aéoronautique
Bell Helicoptères
Bell Télécom
Ces trois entités s'uniront pour construire le premier vaisseau spatial Canadien qui s'appelera: LA GUÊPPE DES ÉTOILES

QUÉBECOR, le marchand de papier, de quotidiens et de la télévision au COEUR PURE

Axe anit-sudorifique (un peu dispendieux, baissez ca svp)
Fox TMZ tv show
La gomme Clorets
La gomme Dentyme Shine
COCA cola
LG dvd portable players
Xlerator hand blowers. http:www.www.stelpro.com
Advil pour le mal de tête
Contact-C pour vous faire retrouver le sommeil
Advil pour vos mal de têtes
Doritos chips
Ruffles chips
Les voitures Dodge: vous voitues ont de la guelle!
Red Bull Energy Drinks
Crème Tinactin (antifongique) pour vos brûleur aux pieds. C'est un excellent produit.
Maxwell House Coffee products - Drink coffee from South-America, Brazil - Argentina - Venuzuela - Chili and Paraguay to relax and get down to earth on saddy days.
Holiday Inn. Très comfortable, bon prix. Venez les visiter pour vos séjours à l'étranger!

Space Propulsion = Vacuum turbine turning really fast like the jets - Nuclear power turbine


Spacecraft Radiation Protection Shield

Couvrir le vaisseau spatial d'une Enveloppe Protectrice qui contient à l'intérieur de l'Eau Lourde très Salé. Ceci protégera contre les radiations du Soleil. Vous devez recouvrir cette enveloppe de plomb et de céramique peinturée en rouge émaille. Cette technique reflète la chaleur et gardera les astronautes au frais toute la journée.

Astmatique - manger plus de fruits - vos voies respiratoires se dégageront plus facilement

Les Astmatiques - guérison Aztek rapide et efficace - SOUPE FROIDE aux FRUITS!
Ceux souffrant de l'Eucémie: Prenez du Soleil  - Le Soleil vous délivrera de vos lits! Et faites de l'exercice, marcher et même courrez un peu est très bon pour vous. Votre corps qui retrouvera ses forces et votre terrible mal ne sera qu'un souvenir du passé.

Pour ceux souffrant de CALVITIE: utiliser sur votre tête les produits CONTRE L'ACNE!"

"Cela dégagera les pores de vos cheveux et vos valeureux cheveux repousseront avec une grace renouvellée

Ceux souffrant d'artrite et d'ostéroporause!

Remède de Mongolie - Buvez du lait onctueux non-pasteurisé!

Pour ceux ayant beaucoup d'ALLERGIES RESPIRATOIRES: CANNE à SUCRE - guérisson

Le mucus de votre nez n'est pas assez productif - manger les produits de la canne à sucre de Cuba et de la Jamaique -  SUCRE NATUREL - pour produire un mucus de qualité - vous respirerez mieux

SIDA - Buvez Lait de chèvre! - Guérissons!

Buvez en grande quantité si vous souffrez de cette terrible maladie. Dans quelques semaines vous serez remis sur pied!

L'Afganistan au secours de la sclérosauplaque!

L'héroïne est une plante exquise qui détend les contacts électro-chimique dans le cerveau. Elle doit servir uniquement à ceux souffrant de sclérosauplaque, cela les détendra et ils seront libérés de leur souffrance."
Ceux qui sont muets: remède Aztek: buver de l'huile d'olive pour réparer vos cordes vocales: vous retrouverez la parole en quelques jours!
Remède Maya: Sourd: Mettez du miel dans vos oreilles pour recréer votre taimpan graduellement
Remède Maya: Aveugles: mettez de la boue des montagnes des Andes sur vos yeux pendant plusieurs semaines pour réparer votre iris blessé - vous retrouver le vue dans quelques semaines!
Remède Aztek: Café est l'ultime anti-depresseur : buver du café lorsque vous avez de la déprime!
Anti-Breast-Cancer contraception solution - wooden coil - replace every 4 months (never steel coils) = No Breast Cancer

The magnificent "Go Daddy" is my King Internet provider Vault.

The oil spill travels with the ocean waves. Lets team up with mother nature to repair this misfortune. Make all the ships go round and round non-stop surrounding the oil spill. The waves will push the oil spill in a small concentrated spiral. The hard work begins. Call up the cotton and wool factories to gather the maximum absorbent material. Throw all the wool and cotton in the sea spiral so it can absorb the oil spill. Pick up the soaked oil material and game over.
Canadians would be in your debt if the Iran government would free those three unfortunate American hikers crossing your borders in July. The country borders are not delimited with a red line on the ground so sometimes we come in to your home but oups!, we sorry we did not know that Iran start exactly there. Our mistake, forgive us.

Canada will be the first to lift sanctions on your country for your good gesture. Your have the right to civil nuclear power. Use it well.

Many Americans did not forget the false information of the Pentagon saying that Iraq haves nuclear weapons and want to use it. Pentagon personnel are stuck with the idea that your country is evil but they haft to grow up and learn from their bad habits of accusing everyone that does not share their narrow thinking: "You don't like me and don't do as I say, I'll beat you". Grow up Pentagon! Canadians and Americans are tired of you mistreated other country that have the courage to say: "USA, mind your own business!".

Also, Canadians know that you have nothing to do with the daily massacres in Baghdad. There something else very fishy going on there. Interpol will start an investigation soon on this crisis.

The Future Empress of Canada Queen Assia
My Sparkling Daughter Assia the Princess

Belle fleur - Pitchou - Grande fille - Assia
La plus grande fille de la terre - La plus gracieuse de tous les cieux - La plus sublime de tous les temps
Mon amour pour toi est infini ma belle et tendre Assia!

My cool Art web site: www.steverodrigue.info


January 2010 stories

BREAKING NEWS - space - quasars - beacons - extra-terrestrial intelligent life forms! We must make a contact initiation - morse code - make blink an enormous beam of energy towards our new friends - the quasars - all intelligent beings know morse - moon - would do just fine for our own beacon - the Russians thought of constructing large mirrors in space to reflect sunshine on their major cities - lets team-up with them and use that idea to light up the dark side of the moon - we should make it change color - white - blue - red - green - that will send a clear message that intelligent life is in our solar system - lets not be afraid - lets do it!

Mirrors in space shinning to the dark side of moon: Here are the colors to communicate: "Love: Red" - "Spirit: Blue" - "Wisdom: Green" and the most important one: "Act: White"

Message from the devil - armament usa factories - pay - kamikaze - Irak - usa validates their presence there - all for $ - boomerang effect - Iranians - Ahmadinejad - join us - let's kick them back out of the land of the pure - Irak  - message to Satan - "Satan, get out of this body" - Air Wick refreshener - start investigations from the root - the war factories - Interpol - start investigation - fallow the dots - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - boom Irak - taste of death - Israel - in Canada's cross hair - Israel has the most to gain in this massacre - you are the death path - look yourselves in the mirror - you are hideous - don't you find it weird that only innocent Irakians are killed in the bombings and almost no American soldiers? gotcha! - Israel reverse gear - we must not hate each other in this fashion - no good for our karma - Israel, show us your bright side and end this turmoil

Children that have cancer - they are too emotional - daily treatment - give them unpleasant food to eat - an easy way is to add a lot of salt to those meals - that will straighten their body organism - cancer will fade away

All the children should have a simple device - a low cost cellular device with one button attached to the boys belt and for the girls, to a neat bracelet - as soon as bad men are there to kidnap them - they press the button and a signal is immediately sent to 911 - this device has a gps inside it and has all the child information when it calls 911 - the search is immediately initiated - all children thieves that notice a child with this device will not take a chance - go away awful men!

Kidnapped children - as soon as disappearance is acknowledge - the kidnappers travel long distances to get the child - at the country's border and at important check points - make a complete search of minivans that don't have windows - the child will be hidden there - bring her home!

To the poor - Do not give a basket of goods full of articles that you don't need or want - give them a basket of goods that you would highly appreciate if the present was sent to you like maple syrup, chocolate and canned sardines.

Behind a great man there is always a great women by his side

"word" - in French

Bic cigarette lighters - always work for me

Two men and half comedy show - Charlie Sheen - threatens women - bad boy - remove his tv show from schedule temporarily - throw a stone at this adultery man - show Charlie a lesson to behave - we must not forgive him no time soon - behave Charlie!

Ruth Ann - iTunes - music - use iTunes Genius to find related magnificent artists music

Your hair are antennas - when you have a frisks in your hair - new information is coming your way!

Merchants must not exceed inflation global setting of prices - inflation is 0% - why the heck to we need to higher the price all the time - watch it - my blacklist haves room for crooks!

From my dear friend, Jean-Philippe - the clouds keeps the temperature warm - clear skies - colder or very hot - if you cut trees and vegetation you will get cooler or extremely hot temperatures - hard to control weather previsions - plant trees and a fleet of insects - diversify plants - warm up the temperature in a specific zone - control temperature thermostat

Wrestling - magnificent choreography - boys you can dance wildly!

Gran Torino movie - Clint Eastwood - The right spiritual choice

I - blue eagle - Quebec city - locomotive - NY - Times - soon - this time I'm serious about it

Muslin - fasting - eliminate impurity - cleans spirit - clean body impurity - Muslim - gold leaders

Guinness beer - Ireland - green beauty

Those with precarious heart conditions - always were a watch with hands that makes a tick when running - so that your heart can hear a regular tempo to rely on - Timex Indiglo watches would do job perfectly

Beakman's' World science for kid morning show - astounding science vulgarization - I'm still learning things - addictive!

Canada - Quebec - SAQ - alcohol - great selection of wine - but - really to expensive - pockets full of cash - robbers - green vampires! We also have our flaws

Canada - Quebec car driver - mad cow - aggressive on the road - calm down - Alberta is the example to fallow for a good behavior on the road

The mad cow disease - the cows are traumatized by the way we slaughter them - Israel is the spiritual leader in ensuring that the animal goes in peace - eat Kosher meat everyone! - no more mad cow disease - stop eating meat from mass slaughter industries - they are the root of many many many human diseases 

Colgate toothpaste - great taste - clear breath

On boots- small thermometer sowed on it - put boot outside doors for 10 seconds - retrieve it - always dress well for current weather!

Flies - to escape us - fly on a design pattern so our eyes get confused - you stealthy flies rock!

Child that are too hyperactive at school - not Ritalin pills please - yark! - try this instead - to many toys at home - to many posters on the wall - give away toys and posters to other neighbors - share your wealth - he has an overload of icons - less icons to think about - peace in his mind - your child will calm down - don't buy to many toys 

Cats speak to us with their ears - pay attention to their movements - they want to show you a symbol - analyze symbol - find out the cat want to say to you - missing link reestablished

Daily horoscope in newspaper and books - computer generated - mix predictions - you will notice after reading a few months of all the signs - the same predictions reappear - go see a reel person specialist in predictions - that you can trust - dot waste your money on horoscope hazard

Prepaid Master Card Vanilla credit cards - remain stealthy

Walmart - fair price - but - understaffed - rude employees underpayed - suppliers mistreated  - Walmart - my blacklist? - Show me some good faith! If you close a another store that employees want to syndicate - You will be officially on my blacklist - you have the power to change the future - happy days for everyone! 

Barbies girl toys - dress them up! Little girls imitate them - Avoid bad men around beauty angels

Parkinson - to mush acid rain - sour their blood - a lot of salt and sugar in the meals - .... relax

usa - Wally movie - Disney World - magical - pollution - let's clean up our mess

Fisher Price toys - the city of joy

Japan Wii game console - vavavoom!

You can judge someone - no problem - only one thing - find out the two sides of the coin - the World is unfortunately not all good - judge wisely - you will find out that there is always a reason for a bad behavior - we are born perfect but some unfortunate things happen and we go on the dark side

Men that beat women - don't have sexual satisfaction - they don't get gratitude for their work day - they find an escape goat - beat women - put them in prison - first attempt: 2 weeks inside - second attempt: 2 months inside - third attempt: 6 months inside etc - he will get the message that we do not touch our ladies - after getting out - to end this they must change jobs or return to study in the field that they desire the most - a solution on the horizon - global fund called "Career Switch" for those men that need a career change - hatred - leave these mens body in peace - women saved - sexual habits restored - happiness


The Holy Father's wise investment tip:

This is pure:




This is good: Women leading the New United World! (Dollar Américain)

US Gold


Ceci est la monnaie du Grand Changement Écologique et Artistique (Euro)

Euro Gold


Ceci est la monnaie des Plaisirs et du Commerce Équitable (Yen)

Gold Yen


Ceci est la monnaie de la Sécurité du Nouveau Monde Uni (Rouble)

Rouble Gold


Cette monnaie est les Commerçants Respectant la Nature dans toute sa Beauté! (Yuan)

China Gold


Et finalement et non le moindre, ces Monnaies sont une Assurance Vie à toutes Épreuves de Fructuation Excessive!

Goodness Gold

Hapiness Gold


The flies lay their eggs in cow excrements - they don't like the smell either - but that keeps their eggs safe from us because we don't want to touch the excrements - Excrements harbor

Love spiral down - Ardor - iTunes - music

Poker, blackjack, Russian wheel - fun with friends and family members - don't play with strangers

Nice Hyundai cars - United Koreans - erase the thin red line - North Korea - Canada will feed with his enormous quantities of Saskatchewan golden wheat - we will keep a low price and cheap shipping only for you - its time to reconcile - Koreans - the lost brothers and sisters - erase the border between ourselves

When studying for a important test - eat the same things - do the same things for the duration of your study period - you will remain highly focused - if you eat to much different things, do different things - you brain goes in creativity mode  - your thoughts will not be enough focused - be aware of that 

Commonwealth - yes - uk/canada monarchy - no thanks - Queen Elizabeth we love dearly but leave us - go home in peace -  Australia and South Africa- Join the anti-monacrap movement

United Kingdom PuzzQuiz WWII Leaders online now

Unites Budweiser Taste

Cadillac - niccce :-)

Dora - Boots and Diego - learning English and Latin with style

Rome - Pope - catholic - thrown on the floor - I'm raining - let him rest - he's tired - my dear and beloved friend

Sesame street - new-york multicultural beauty

Achillea - Amadas Estrella - iTunes - music

Serialization - California - Canada - Quebec city - Optel Vision company - serialization program in motion - stop the fraud for medical treatments from crooks trying to ship false pills

Leukemia - not enough natural electric power - need electricity provided by Duracell into their bodies - eat sugar in greater quantities to recharge the hearts battery

Israel - pays movie to show their past suffering - we got the message loud and clear - lets forgive ourselves - move on - set an example

Microwave oven - everything that includes meat - we always had a doubt - cancer spark

Kleenex - in each tissue - full of micro dust - so we always take more than one - gotcha! - try a smart brand named Puffs - no dirty tricks

Fly strategy to escape your grasp - ever notice that flies over a trash can are more than one - one is the watcher and the other one eats the foods in the trash - then they swap their position so that their friend can appreciate the feast - if you approach - the guard flies away alerting his companion to take off - agile flies

Sears stores - make 50% profit on sales - that's fair for a retail store with good customer service - when there are sales at Sears - you have real savings - their inventory yearly sales is a good place to shop for your expensive articles

Little girls with short and tight dresses - very dangerous - pedophile trap - dress them up for crying out loud!

Pearl Harbor movie - kate beckinsale - ben affleck - Heaven is here

PuzzQuiz on World presidents past and present so that we remember the good things and the less good things of our leaders - coming soon...

Canadian Rothmans Craven A cigarettes - tasty - hep - tasty ;-)

Reduce - reuse - repair - recycle - thanks to Macdonald's restaurants to be the initiator - my contribution - repair

Drink and drive but... - in morning 0 tolerance - in afternoon 0.08 tolerance - in evening 0.10 tolerance - at midnight 0 tolerance! The problem is not alcohol - the problem is that alcohol makes the driver sleep - Be aware of that fact

Mix different types of plants in large pots so that they can chat together and have social life

Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra movie - France - Claude Zidi - christian clavier - gerard depardieu - French are the kings and queens of comedy

I wish for a major investment in housing our first American natives and giving them what they most desire: their own land: Oklahoma

Elsiane singer - iTunes - music

JVC electronics - products break down after 1 year of use - shame on you! Keep away from that brand!

All Japan Sharp electronic products - high quality - trust them

In your dreams - you have a double life in a different body somewhere on planet Earth - behave in your dreams! - from my dad Marcel and sister Nancy thoughts

The Mask movie - Chuck Rusell - Canadian Jim Carey, cameron diaz - In your double life - fight for the righteous

Lady gaga - express yourselves girls!

I love New York, California / San Francisco and Bill Seattle

Don't do laser operation if your eyes are myopic - it is a magical natural shield - remove glasses to avoid commercial trap saturation - and also you can see the teammates halo - put glasses to drive, watch tv, write and read. 

Canadian future shop stores - always looking forward to customer satisfaction - like 30 days return policy and much more

Elderly - alzymer - daily treatment - incredible plant healer - brain enhancer - Columbia - cocaine

Tali Ben - treat women as equals - looking for a home - Afghanistan - yours to keep - the newly united allies will help you uncover their beauty

Israel - animals - for good meat - show us the right way to sacrifice the lamb

Not available in stores products commercials - the two for one scam - don't make earnings on their items - the make a bundle of cash charging for shipping! - UPS is paying for those articles to make big profits on delivery - gotcha! - There is also the collection coins scam - pretend to be unique and rare - yay right - go look on internet and in libraries to search for those coins if they ever existed - you will be surprised - no record found period.

In cars - the passenger seat must be facing the rear - face to face chatting with the driver - the passenger can see the cars from behind with ease - safe driving everybody!

Aes Dana - Aftermath album - iTunes - music

Canadian daycare center - corrupted - daycare worker friends babies are placed on the top of the list - as soon a spot is available they take it for their friend and steel a honest couple trying to place their child - that stinks! - fair chance to everyone - no favoritism!

Hollywood - stop this anti-Russian corrupted standing  - Russians are great and proud people

Egyptian hieroglyphics is not a language - its a game - charade

Anti-prostitution global fund raising - help and education center to get the girls off the dirty city streets

Jean de Florette movie - gerard depardieu et yves montand - water tax - bevermoosegrilzypolarbear - Never! 

Robbers - jealousy of our wealth - to avoid them - dress casual - they wont hit on cool person - robbers - I have gift for you - I know you are hated by your family - avoid the drug trap - its eating you up - return home and ask shelter to your father - no prosecution - I will be there to defend you

usa - if you want less robbers on your cities streets - education must come free for everyone - those poor guys don't know a way out - there are trap in a vicious crime circle - EDUCATION - less robbers - less policemen - savings - even more for education - message from government of Canada

After a long jail sentence - probation - must return to school and have good grades - let him choose his education specialty - paid education by the government - he must get a part time job to pay for his living - believe in this - he will work hard this time to get out of his misfortune - if not, he will not get a second chance - he is on his own - its a one time offer! take it guys, and welcome back to honest society

Oh yay, by the way - keeping a criminal record is a must for the federal government - but - employers must not know that information when they check references for candidate they want to hire - that is discrimination! - as much as racial, religious, cultural or gender discrimination - the guys that went inside must have a fair chance for a fresh start otherwise crime is their only solution for a living - must avoid the crime path at all cost! I'm standing by you guys - I wont let you down

Little girls not receiving enough love from their parents - serious warning - she will try to get attention in another fashion - unveil her body -  prostitute path trap

Ghost Town movie - superb British lead actor: RICKY GERVAIS - Téa Leoni - Greg Kinnear - Life is beautiful when we all help each other

Japan Samsung computer monitors and laser printers - you have the right price for great quality - good job

Do not say mentally sick - thats cruel - insulting - say - temporary psychological realignment needed

Umbrella planted in the sand - produce shade - put in the deserts - insects haven - insects excrements - food - plants - moist - rain - more food - animals haven - nature resurrection

iPhone - great internet - week keyboard - BlackBerry Bold - greet keyboard - poor internet - team up - Blackberry & iPhone -  Canadian RIM keyboard elegance with Apples cool touch screen - that would be awesome! The new AppleBerry - would it be that complicated to share good wealth?


Ladies when you chat with your impatient husband - go directly to the main subject - no flafla - He will appreciate that

Pet shop boys new album - Yes

Boxing is exciting to watch - a soon as blood makes its appearance- stop the show - take a 30 minutes break - restart round - if the opponent tries to make a blow to his opponent injury - thats cheap - he is disqualify - keep boxing entertaining not ugly

Ford cars and Trucks - innovative, good price and sexy looking

Father Marcel and I - perpetual movement does not work on mother Earth - it works in space tho - have been working for billions of years - in space - electricity generator - two wheels turning in opposite direction - very rapidly - in the middle of them - create system to ignite a spark - free electricity!

Put a tower higher than the clouds in all major cities - make the space hot wheels electricity generator send thunder to the high towers - there will be no weather interference - free energy at last!

Canada and Russia - the world needs us to make the perpetual hotwheels come true - keep petroleum gold for durable products - first beneficiary - China - first prototype constructed by Russia paid by Canada - Quebec city and Saint-Petersbourg needs in exchange - Tibet - brake the chains - let them breathe  (-: China :-) Give to god what belongs to god

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar - inventor royalties - 3%  - what a bargain!

Space perpetual hotwheels engine- we could send a high micro-wave beam directly to the energy factory on the ground - humm?

Afghanistan - universal troops stay a bit longer - Al-Quaida out of funds - war end soon

Zhoukov, Timenchesko and camarade Joseph - saved the day in 1942 through 1945 - Proud Russia

PuzzQuiz on Russia leaders - will be made by my future team of multimedia specialists soon

Conjure One - sinéad o'connor - tears from the moon 

Das Boat movie - submarine warfare - no glory in being a killer

Japan Nissan Versa - make a bit more gas efficient to be an example of perfection 

Japan Honda Fit - must make a small improvement: lock automatically the doors when the car starting to move - Honda - green leaders

Italian Innocenzo Manzetti
Innocenzo Manzetti is the real telephone inventor - canadian graham bell came second


Inventors Royalties = 7%

For those that misplace their glasses - poke two holes in a piece of paper - look into them - clear vision - temporary glasses

Chris Zippel and Adel Tawil - iTunes - music

Water - Canada - just pay for the shipping

Far and Away movie - Ron Howard - nicole kindman - tom cruise - beautiful Ireland spirit

Online poker - watch out! - its a trap! - false humans - computer controlled players - notice that you will never win first price - robbers on the corner to get you! - play with real authentic players at www.coolhandpoker.com - I have check it out and everything is a go

Garmin gps - drive with ease 

"no country for old man" movie - javier bardem - Spain -  tommy lee jones - divine justice 

You will get sick if you always eat the same things for to long - eat once in a while exotic food to re-energy's your metabolism

Babine Canadian movie - luc picard - isabelle richer - beautiful mind

Penalty tax on ticket purchase for excessive violent movies - penalty tax on tv commercial series airing excessive violence - penalty tax on dvd purchase and dvd rental promoting excessive violence- income for detention center - pay the bill for rehabilitating our lost brothers and sisters souls

Canada put the first three feets on the moon - the 3 landing feets of the lunar module (the lem) where made in Quebec, Canada

Music I listen and purchased on iTunes
-Blue Stone
-Assemblage 23

George father and Jimmy - Bill and Hilary,John and Barack - Sarah and Al - all together - stop war industrial factories control of the World - clean up the mess in Irak and Afghanistan - Canada will do the first steps; Quebec will keep the low bills for New England electricity - If we learn that our electricity is used for these military house of horrors, the bargain is off! George father, its time to save your son - Redemption - George son - join us!

New inventors guild - ease creation - speed up in store availability - good earning for inventors if sales take off - stop thieves - be aware patent corporation crooks!

Israel - colony expansion out of control - bad idea - read Torah again and again  - you have enough land at it is - Adolf played the same foolish game and look where it took us in 1939-1945 - don't repeat history madness

Abba - particularly dancing queen

There is a department in the us government called something like "statistics control agency" - bizarre I know  - when they notice that a web site is highly visited - red alert - they check its content and if it does not please them - they jam the statistic counter in a clever way - gotcha! - moderator monkey - your cute!

Asthma - Merck Frosst - stabilizer daily treatment - upgrade Air academy game made by Canadian company named IC Axon - Merck Frosst - breath leader

Fuji and Kodak - photo negative entirely full of medium bubbles made with color liquid emulsion - no camera needed to take the shot - just reveal the negative for a timed duration - develop negative - 3d shot with no glasses! - Figure this one out

Karaoke - lyrics - on screen - Japan mp3 portable players

A wise Algerian young lady told me this - usa - bring the soldiers home - big savings - pay the bills of your new health care system - go see Cuba for efficient health system not Canada

Dracula movie - Romania - francis ford copela - Winona Ryder  - gary oldman - keenu rives - the beauty inside of us

Trees and plants - roots - vibrating - under-ground communication with neighbors 

Roots intertwined together - touch - caress - lovers

Mexicans - astonishing hard labor workers - Canadian doors are open wide for you - Canadians will pay the air flight tickets in and out so you can come here with all your family members - and while at home - we will house you no charge - good income for the summer - 9.50$ an hour - strong Canadian dollar - "Bienvenue à tous"

Copenhagen - global warming conference - did not concert all countries on the important details - why were they invited in that case? Hypocrites! Big Waste of time! 

All new factories - nature friendly -  old and wise nature wont let us down - she is grown and mature lady - she been around millions of years you know - she has seen worst - much worst

Existing polluting factories - don't upgrade build a new one instead - cost more but what the heck!

Do not put a tax on carbon emission - lost of jobs for companies that want to stay profitable - instead for those that construct new nature friendly factories - no tax on construction for materials purchased and no tax on construction worker salaries

Products - those that have excessive packaging - cruel nature killer - keep away from those rotten items! Sweden citizens, shows us the way! Victoria, we need your guidance.

Separation is allowed by our holy father when things get boring in the couple - don't be afraid - the choice is all yours


Hunting for military toys (Ladies, it is highly suggested that you jump this part)

Tank neutralizer - a carpet full of barbwire with small explosives attached to it - throw it at the front of the tank tracks - the barbwire gets entangle in the tracks and the mini explosive breaks the tracks and halts the tank - immobilizer the killing beast - arrest the crew getting out to try to remove the barbwire - get the hell out of our land tanky-toy!

How to disarm an aircraft carrier? - hit it with one single projectile on its jet catapult situated in front of the ship - No f-18 nor F-22 aircraft-scums can takeoff - aim, shot and go back home Death Star!

Submerged nuclear submarines - natural gps system detection - aircrafts - looking for a group of birds seeming to fishing - look below - pinpoint submarine sower rats - dolphins signaling their exact location below - submarine killers - stealthless - worthless! - At sea - there are whale territories also - the dolphins are indicating illegal aliens subcrap radiation polluters!

Also, if you suspect a submarine to be near a location, spray in the air the region with a multitude of metal marbles. When they go down the sea, listen to the underwater sounds, if the marbles hit steel they do a small "Konk"! You have something underwater that is nor supposed to be there. Hunt it down with a simple fisherman net that will get untangle in the submarine propeller. You have immobilized the sower rat. Arrest the enemy crew struck underwaters.

Here is how to detect a Stealth bomber - it can not take off an aircraft carrier - so use radar checking for abnormal wind displacements - THE DOPPLER WEATHER RADAR - its much bigger than a bird and it goes fast - large wind displacement - clear the skies of any of your own aircrafts - you will see him coming from five miles away! After triangulation established, use WWII high explosive Flak shots to damage it - it cost to much to build - they cant afford to lose one them - go away bad birdy!

How to find an usa spy air drone - they have a propeller to fly - listen for the vroomvroom typical sound - send balloons high in the sky with microphones searching for that vroomvroom - triangle it - find it - throw a rock at it - that piece of flying trash that not have the right to be in your air space - usa, you can use that drone to spy on your criminals instead - don't spend to much money on development these things - It is not worth it! Feed your homeless instead - that is much more god worthy - It is written on your coins: In god we trust? - and He says feed the nation first and stop playing with half-useless tinky-trunk toys!

usa - if you do not want an counter-invention to paralyze your killing weapons - don't show them on Military Channel! - I know your pretty excited to show your new toys of death on tv - but - keep them top secret! - don't show them - because if we know how they work, we will always find a flaw to jam ithem!


My Christmas blitz is now finished. No more updates for this year. I haft to take care of my family now and get back to Earth. It has been an incredible 10 days. Keep on reading! The section below was my 8 days 2008 blitz.


Ma famille Royale Paternels Rodrigue

Mes Grands Parents Paternelles

Gérard Rodrigue: le Roi de Saint-Romain
Germaine DesBleuets Rodrigue: la Reine Des Cantons de l'Est

Marcel Rodrigue: Mon génial père à l'affût de toute injustice
Jolyne Couture Rodrigue: Ma mère, la maître des arts de la Beauce
Nancy Rachel Rodrigue: Ma soeur, la beauté céleste de la ville de Gatineau
Steve Lucien Rodrigue, Je

Gilles Rodrigue: Le rire ravageur de notre amour familial
Marthe Rodrigue: La splendide étincelle de ses fils
Leurs trois fils:
Serge le futé
Joël le brave
et Charles le magnifique

Mario Rodrigue: le communicateur aux talents hors paires
Solange Rodrigue: la douceur du chant des oiseaux
Leur deux fils:
Louis-Philippe: l'inventeur au grand esprit
Jean-François: le noble photographe de notre patrimoine québécois

Gérald Rodrigue: La justice dans toute son honnêteté
Louise Rodrigue: L'enseignante à l'esprit vive
Leur deux filles:
Mylène: La voyageuse planétaire
Mariève: Le sourire d'une incroyable beauté

Marie Rodrigue: la mamant au grand coeur
Jean Apollon: le dieu d'Haïti
Leur trois enfants:
Marie-Rose et ses deux soeurs: Les images exquises de leur père et de leur mère

Louise Rodrigue Labonté: Le saint-esprit dans toute sa splendeur
Jean-Marie Labonté: Le mécanicien aux doigts de pureté
Leur trois enfants:
Maxime: le portrait céleste de son père
Karine l'attachante
Véronique: la maître des arts

Gracia Rodrigue Blanchette: la directrice de nos pieuses écoles 
Benoît Blanchette: le chasseur des plus inventifs
Leur deux enfants:
Sonia: la sagesse de sa mère
Sylvain: le camionneur devenu le grand homme d'affaires de Saint-Romain

Jacqueline Rodrigue: la force de caractère de notre famille
Charlie Coutel: le conducteur d'autobus des plus efficaces
Leur deux enfants:
Caroline: la rousseur à jamais dans nos mémoires
Charles-René: l'espiègle joueur de tour

Reynald Rodrigue: le cowboy galant et l'ultime fierté de son père Sir Gérard
Luce Rodrigue: la grande gagnante du prix de beauté de l'Estrie
Leur deux enfants:
Amélie la grande mannequin
Élodie la combattante joyeuse

George Rodrigue: L'homme d'affaires aux milles idées
Ginette Rodrigue: L'infirmière des plus dévouée
Annie Rodrigue; la chanteuse aussi grande que notre belle Céline Dion
Carl Rodrigue la fin stratège militaire

Murielle Rodrigue Gagné: la chef cuisinière du grand château de Montréal
Marcel Gagné: le chauffeur noble de nos limousines
Et leurs trois enfants:
Renée-Claude: l'artiste aux yeux d'or
Éric le grand penseur
Marjolaine:  la psychoéducatrice des plus attentionnée

Gisèle Rodrigue Martel: la anti-avortement des plus éclairées
Jacques Martel: le maître brasseur de bières

Claudette Rodrigue Bernier: la cantatrice au coeur des plus immenses
Jules Bernier le menuiser sans égal
Leurs trois enfants:
Marise la sainte sauveuse
Frédéric: l'être le plus cool de notre humble famille
Lucille: la joie plein le coeur 

Claude Rodrigue: l'entrepreneur agile
Sylvie Jobin: la santé est sa priorité
Ses deux enfants:
Pascal: le digne soldat fin penseur
Julie: l'ultime beauté de notre grande famille


Estonishing stories from 2008

Global warming issues

=Streets & highways - black - that heats a lot in the day – global warming.

Solution: Why don't we paint the streets and highways with a color more close to nature: green.

=The cars engine also produce a lot of heat - Imagine millions and millions of cars running day and night: global warming.

Solution: There is some recent research done on creating an engine made of ceramic instead of regular steel. This engine does not heat at all!

Canada/Quebec solution: we invented a four engine car propulsion system that is located in each wheel to move. Produces no heat at all! Contact Canada's Hydro-Quebec electricity company for that.

Everything that's black, heats up the atmosphere in the day and by consequence is a warming factor.


Lies-lies-lies-lies-lies-lies, 0-0-0-0-0-0, Loss of memory, Undesirable, Push, Expansion, Space, Satan, Death.

Truth-lies-truth-lies-truth-lies, 1-0-1-0-1-0, Binary, Heartbeat, Electricity, Time, Terrestrial, Man, Life.

Truth-truth-truth-truth-truth-truth, 1-1-1-1-1-1, Memory, Love, Light, Sun, God, Eternal.


Man over 21 of age with frozen emotions - Marijuana in reasonable quantity for a while - get in touch with nature - feelings - love - memory - keep track of the past - remembering the love ones - Eternal life.

Canada has already legalized this herb for medical relaxation under a doctor supervision. Also in my country, Canada, as in Holland, it will be legal soon to have small quantities for pleasure at home!


Eat same things, do same things - same thoughts over and over - boring - working for others all life long - dream cemetery = Death of the soul.

Eat different things, do wild things - different thoughts - creativity - artist - FREEDOM OF SPEECH = Dreams fulfilled.


As a child - too many toys - too many icons - too much to think about - no pattern - letter Pi - accomplishing nothing - no recognition after your death - nobody remembers you - lost in time = Ghosts.


New Earth - take Mercury make it spin around Venus to make it rotate faster = cooling system.

Then place Venus on the same orbit as the Earth on the opposite side of the Sun.

Moving Venus = high intensity sound - loud bass momentum - boom!boom!boom!- waves through space - vibrations =  planet push.

You will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move.


Venus on the same orbit as Earth on the opposite side of the Sun - it's like spinning engine - proof of intelligent form of life in our solar system - gets cosmic attention - contact with an extra-terrestrial species - soon.


Sun - trees - photosynthesis - energy - branches moving - leaves in motion doing flop, flop, flop = Wind.

There is almost no wind at night. The trees are sleeping.


Woman - man, Venus/Earth, Mars/Marsillia, Jupiter/Saturn, Uranus/Neptune, Sun/Alpha of the Centauri, Milky Way/Andomeda.

Mars lost his spouse; Marsillia = the asteroid belt was previously a planet but it was destroyed by a collision with enormous cosmic object millions of years ago.

For Mercury, his spouse is not born yet.


Dogs speaks Morse code.

Bark, Bark = lets hunt.

Bark, Bark, Bark = lets play, etc...

The birds also whistle in a more complex Morse. Our Animals can count you know!


Your death - you are forgotten - years go by - celebrating your memory again = Resurrection.


Adolph Hitler - artist - married - love for his wife - Eva Braun - care for his dog - he was great orator = Rising the dead.

This guy has suffered enough for the past 63 years in deep freezing hell. It's time he sees the loving light of God = Forgiveness.


Hell is cold: black space. Heaven is warm: brilliant Sun.


Hell is like prison, once you purged your sentence and understand the sorrow you have caused to others and repent on it, you are freed to a brighter place; Heaven. Hell is not infinite, Heaven is.


Canada - loves - same sex weddings - Welcome.


Speed of light

We are already travelling the speed of light; with our eyes.


Possible cure for Aids and other lethal viruses


In NOAH's arch laboratory, infect a lethal dose of Aids (for men) in a series of a dozen different female animals. That can be a horse, sheep, elephant, giraffe and more. You may think tests done on these animals in NOAH's arch laboratory is illegal, but why should the unfortunate mice take all the hits? Make it legal! Dare! There are millions of human lives at stake!

There is one thing that I'm sure of; there is an animal out there that can kick out this Aids virus in his system in a matter of a few weeks.

Check the results and act upon them:

After a while, check the animals blood stream for the Aids virus. If the virus is not found anymore, try the following for people infected with Aids: drink the winning animals milk in great quantities for a couple of weeks to get rid of the virus.

The right anti-virus against Aids will be present in the animal's milk.


Make save money to customers - Treat your employees and suppliers the right way - Get dividends - Prosper together = The Costco warehouses.

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar...

Give your unconditional help to others - Receive good fortune dividends - Make things happen in a positive way - Have a good and long life = Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

... and give to God what belongs to God.


And here is the reverse for what belongs to Caesar:

Exploit customers - Steel money - Piece of trash - Dagger in their hearts = Cellular phone companies and jet ink printer companies.

  • The jet ink cartridges are really too expensive. After all, it's only cheap ink in there! And the ink dries and jams your printer if you don't use it often enough. Really bad investment.
  • The cellular phone companies should contact you when you go over your monthly plan budget. But they don't. They don't care! Damn vultures!

Laser printers - don't dry - fast printing - top black and white quality - the cartridges are still expensive but prices may go down hopefully.

For your photos, go to local stores: grocery stores and photo specialists. Less expensive and top quality.


Here is the reverse for what belongs to God:

Kill - Illegal - Bastards - Freeze in hell = U.S.A. occupation of Irak and Israel for the awful treatments done to their Palestinian neighbours.

USA, it's still time to back down and pay for the destruction of your troops that have ruined Baghdad.

Kill or not to be killed.


Potatoes - Grows easily in every type of soil - Very energetic - Saved millions of lives during the two Great Wars - Extract it's juice and make Tea with it - Drink it - Stop hunger in Africa = The sparkling golden vegetable.

Multiplication of the golden vegetable.


Read a book - Check it's references - Read those books - Check those references - And so on = Going back through time.

Yourself - Speak to your father - Chat with your grandfather - Look at pictures of your grandfathers parents; Listen to your stories = Going back through love = Holy Spirit.


Star War defence system - Defends against enemy nukes - Your nukes will destroy your enemies cities - Radiation dust flying in the atmosphere - Radiation travels with the changing weather - This radiation will back stab your cities from behind - Earth will become a big wasteland = Stop wasting your time on this ridiculous piece of trash defence system.

Don't worry USA, Canada will protect you with it's Holy Shield: ...Dialogue.

For Canadian eyes only

The dislocation of Canada by the consequence of Quebec’s independence is not the right path to fallow in my opinion. What will become of our charming and admirable English-speaking provinces and our Inuit territories if they lose their brilliant blue flame; us, the Quebec citizens?

Quebec's independence frightens each and every one of us in Canada. Let's take the European Union for instance, their tight bounds make them stronger. We must reconsider our commitment on this separation issue so that we avoid a dull, rainy and cold future.

I am Canadian!

Beings that feel emotions are : Humans, friendly dogs, sensual cats, majestic elephants, nice rabbits, magnificent birds, wise turtles, funny monkeys, tender koalas, smart porks and much more. There is enough room in Heaven for everyone. Treat animals with care and respect. This does not mean going totally vegetarian! For those animals who sacrifice their beings to feed us; give them a life of freedom and pleasure.


Magnificent Arab Women

  • You serve your man well;
  • You receive your guests in your home with royalty;
  • Your family is your top priority;
  • You are virgins until love comes your way;
  • You are pure;
  • God bless you.

O.J. Simpson is guilty of the most horrible crime; double murder. Shame on your soul!


To much alcohol - drunk - devil in a bottle - fight for women - worthless = Try tenderness. Shazam! Speed of light!


Derricks pumping water near the coastlines - connected to factories removing sea salt from the water - multiple pipelines passing through Africa's desert cities - There is a unique country that knows how do this - Go Libya Go!


Cut - branches - hurts - cry - don't.


Bats - radar = see.

Blind - radar device with an ear speaker - analyze image in front of the user - send different sound frequencies depending on what is on the view sight = See.

Make the blind see again.


Car propulsion - Electricity - Canada's Hydro-Quebec company haves a battery that produces five time more energy than a normal battery of the same size = Let's drive baby!


Too many bugs around the house - The bats love bugs - Hire bats to clean up your yard. They don't ask for much just a nice dark house near your home.


Ladies, speed-up a notch ---> Harmony <--- Men, be a bit more patient.


A special thanks to:

  • Bjork
  • Enigma
  • Madonna: Ray of Light album
  • Apple's nice IPod Nano
  • Canadian music group Delerium. Their Great Albums: Karma, Poem, Nuages du Monde, Chimera
  • Bananarama
  • Laura Branigan - Self Control album
  • David Bowie
  • Elsiane - Hybrid album
  • Imogen Heap - "Speak for Yourself" album
  • Charles Aznavour
  • Demis Roussos - "The Golden Years" album
  • Conjure One - "Conjure One" album
  • French Canadian Daniel Belanger - "Quatre Saisons en Desordre" album
  • Canadian Alanis Morissette
  • Pink Floyd
  • Supertramp
  • Tears for Fears
  • Depeche Mode
  • Infusion - "South beach sounds" album
  • Michael Jackson - "Thriller" album - Michael is not what you think he is, he just appreciate the children's company and he does not understand women very much. But yey, the ladies were a pure Rubik Cube to decode for me until my yearly thirties. Man sometime need's time to resolve the Women Enigma. Work hard on us girls! And we will figure it out.
  • Eurythmics
  • Ulrich Schnauss - "Goodbye" album
  • Barry White - What a tremendous vibrant voice
  • The Beattles - A special thanks to Paul for the magnificent show you offered us this summer in Quebec city Canada
  • Metallica - "And Justice For All" album
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Francis Cabrel

Listen to music to discover the beautiful light of God; the lyrics hold the keys.

A large majority of these artists can be found on Apple's iTunes store. Apple can give up to 70 cents on each song priced at 99 cents. That's a sweet deal for our musical industry well being.


Wood cutting companies - For each tree cut - Plant three different kinds of young trees in the same spot = Play fair with nature. See Europe Scandinavians countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland) for the right way to do this.


We must not forget Earth's dark problems that are still pending:

  • Acid rain;
  • Ozone holes;
  • Excessive vegetation cutting in Brazil's Amazon forest.

They are still crawling around.


Trees - Sap - Blood - Warm - Study this = Weather forecast more accurate.

Cut - Trees - Disrupts the cooling cycle of the Earth = Global Warming factor.


Cancer is corrupted emotions disturbing your health. Dry-out fig-tree.

Your mind and body is crying for a more exciting life. Stop doing always the same things over and over. Make your life breath.

Travel, and go see other cultures. This is one of the ways to prevent cancer.


Deaf person - in his hand - a microphone - it sends different vibrations to the hand depending on the sounds receiving = Hear.

Stick back the cut off ear.


Squirrels chat with their tales: wiggle, wiggle = Howdy Human friend!


Cure against depression, loneliness and many other psychological illness:

= Children


Our subconscious is speaking to us while we are awake.

Scratch your ear: pay attention to what is to be said.

Scratch your eyelid: look around, the subconscious wants to show you something. It even tells you the direction: scratch the left eyelid: look left, scratch the right eyelid: look to your right.

Analyze these two tricks and go forward in your comprehension of a situation your facing.


New theory on planetary creation

Planet birth:

All of our solar system planets are created by the Sun. The planets are miniature stars at the beginning of their life.


Planet birth sequence:

Each planet birth pushes further out all the other planet orbits positions.


Planet spiral push procedure:

To escape the Sun's heavy gravity, the planet birth procedure consist on going in a spiral like revolution until all the planets find a adequate position. After the spiral birth push, the planets reestablish a regular ellipse revolution around the Sun.


This would explain the much warmer climate on Earth in its earlier life. The planetary cycle is never finished. In a few millions years, they will be more planets to come.

Pluto is a planet visiting us from an another solar system (perhaps from Alpha of the Centauri).


We have already made visual contact with exoplanets in the Pleiades star cluster. We are lucky, we have a top view of a planetary system as you can see below.

The circled elements are exoplanets in their first period of evolution as a miniature star.


All Life comes from the Sun and it's on every planet sleeping in its soil until the good weather makes its appearance. For now, it's on Earth. In the future when our planet will be further to the Sun and colder, it's Venus that will take Earth's orbit position and it will be this planet that will take over the seeds of life.


Here is a cute invention for our pets at home: The Bowl-Dome.

The Pet Dome

When your pet stands near the bowl-dome, it open when it receives the unique coded signal placed in your pets collar. Your pet eats the food inside the bowl and when your it leave the vicinity of the limited range receiver in the bowl-dome, it closes.

This way, the food in the bowl-dome can be outdoors and is protected from rain and other unwanted animals feeding on your pet's food. If you have two dogs and three cats living in your home, all of them have a unique code emitter on their collar to open their own bowl-dome. They eat their food ration and everyone haves their belly filled without a fight.

A company has taken this idea without my conscent - Periscope up - Torpedoes in launching tube - As soon as I get your company name, you will be on my blacklist - You don't stand a chance - Contact me to avoid this.


Here is the Electric Generator Pole:

Make the gravity do the job of generating electricity! Crank up the heavy block to the top of the pole with the pull up handle and then simply let the block go down slowly to make the generator pulley rotate and produce the electric power. The generator and electric extension cables would be installed outside so they must be waterproof . The ideal duration of one <pull up/go down> cycle would be one hour of electricity.

If you want more power, set-up two generators and hook-up two heavy blocks. If you want the power to last twice as long, double the pole height. You can play we these two factors to satisfy your particular needs. Also, while cranking the heavy block up, the generator will produce energy in reserve.

The electric generator pole would be very useful in small tows in Africa and in shantytowns that don't have electricity. Those inhabitants have a unique chance of a very economical way to have a decent living by having the essential electric appliances like a stove, TV, radio and a light source.


Background sound extractor software

The purpose of this software is to remove an actors voice from a sound track so that it leaves only the background sound. The only thing remaining to do is to install the new voices in the respective language. This is very useful for a low cost language translation of movies, soaps and sitcoms.

How does it work? For each scene, make the original actor or an actor with approximately the same voice, repeat all his sentences in the exact same pitch as the sound recorded in the movie.

The software than takes that voice track and extracts it from the original sound track leaving only the background sounds.

This procedure is fast and gives to a translated movie a background sound quality of top clarity that millions of viewers will appreciate.


Crowd counter software

We often estimate a crowd with a wild guess like this example: "There was between 50 000 and 100 000 people at the Carnival today" and so on. But now this era could be part of the past!

By using an infrared camera and taking a high resolution picture of the crowd, we can determinate the heat signature of all human heads in that crowd. Just feed the taken picture to the "crowd counter software" so that this program does the job of counting the number of oval heads in a crowd and gives the result of the total of people present.

This is very useful and fast way to count large crowds that have hundreds to thousands of people in it.


We often time say the lion is the king of the jungle, the bear is the king of the forest, the eagle is the king of the skies and the shark is the king of the sea but I give you this; the ultimate Queen of the World: the Chicken. She feeds nearly two billion people each day in nations all around the World with her tasty eggs and her nutritious flesh.

The brown and white glowing diamond majesty.

The last will be the first.


The Spinning Sliced Mirror Telescope

This telescope has only 1/12 of a mirror slice that spins in a circle to form a complete image after a complete cycle.

The light captor sends the picture information to a computer that recomposes the entire image by making a long time exposure. The most expensive part of a telescope is the mirror so by having only a small slice of a it, you can produce an enormous telescope at a fraction of the price.


If you find one or more of my ideas very attractive, contact me so we can patent it together and create it so we can all benefit from it.


For those on a diet, each two weeks listen carefully to your lady; your heart. Give her what she most craves for like a nice chocolate dessert, fried chicken, beacon and sausages, a milk-shake, champagne and even caviar? Give to her with no hesitation and don't worry about the nutrition value nor the price it will cost you. Your heart will thank you by unveiling a panoply of relaxing emotions that will vibrate through your body for hours. This is what I call the Heart Pleasure Scale. It is like the Richter magnitude scale but with the reverse effect: the higher the score, the better it is!

If you were a soldier, would you be on duty each day for four months with no day off? It would be unbearable! Your body also needs a day off and feel pleasure once in a while. Give her a break. She certainly earn it if you are fallowing a strict diet.


Wish List

New National Hockey League (LNH) concessions at a fair price for the following Canadian provinces and cities:

=Winnipeg: West Gateners

=Hamilton: Steel Warriors

=Maritimes provinces in Halifax and Fredericton: Valiants Hearts

=Quebec city: Nordica

=Saskatchewan province in Regina and Saskatoon: Golden Weat


Let's send a major fleet of compact fuel efficient tractors for hard working African farmers


Invest in Canadian Banks; Scotia Bank, RBC, Caisse Populaire Desjardins, National Bank: We play fair we your customers


Hyrdogen electric cars are not the solution to the fuel crisis: There will be a lot of steam flotting in the air producing heavy rain all day.


If the USA ends these wars in Irak and in Afghanistan - The Holy Allah made this promise to our Holy Father - no more terrorist attacks on the USA never again if they behave adequately in the Middle East - but USA citizens must do the following to heal the innocent people of Irak and Afghanistan that are caught in this mess:

George W. Bush - Warmonger - Genocide - Hatred - Justice - Put on trial - Judge him at the La Haye tribunal - in Holland = The first will be the last.

Canada learned that George W. Bush wanted to bomb the arab news center "Al Jazeera" to avoid them showing "Al Qaida" videoclips on the air? George Bush father saved the World in 1990 in the Gulf War but you, George Bush son, had brought the World to a near abyss of destuction. Did you produce good and lasting fruits of goodness in your height years in power? Name one of them. You can't! The World will not forget your bad influence even after your not president anymore. We will keep the pressure on you up until you understand the awful things your era has produced. Justice is for all of us. There is no escape to that universal fact.


Berlin want's - Adolph's Hitler skull back - Russia: return to owner - Germany - So they can bury their lost King - In exchange, the German car industry will offer huge savings on their cars especially for you. Also they will share their knowledge to build hybrid cars so you can build them yourself and make prosper your Lada car company.


Don't violate ancient tombs - Ghost maker - Put them back in Mother Earth - Kick Lucifer's disciples out of the promise land


Gun & bullet factories - close down - small business - lose at most 666 jobs - do you really care for devil jobs?


Singular - is a great Asthma treatment product for those with breathing problems - Singular must be bundle with "Air Academy" Asthma learning CD game produced in 2000 by me and my coworker Richard Couture - Update this game to work on Vista & Macintosh = FULL TROTTLE Merk Frost!


Breast cancer - monthly birth control pill - big physical damage - body does not understand - use Tampax ladies or see China for six month injection control birth treatment - Also with the condom, these birth control methods are allowed by our Holy Father


Banks are teaming up against goverments - steel hard working people's money - be aware - it's a trap! - Refuse all help - Let them dry!

One year ago, they were making billions of dollars in profit. They still have that money in hidden accounts. Give them nothing! Banks, get yourself out of your own mess big crying thieves!


Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper - I gave you the winning combinasion to win a major victory for Canada's elections - You did not figure it out: removing the fund cut on arts was the winning Ace - Do never under-estimate the power of Arts ever again


Remembering USA World War 2 brillant soldiers. Here is my creation to thank you: PuzzQuiz WWII American Leaders. Thank you USA for preserving Peace and for a World of freedom: Next step - Stop the war in Irak and in Afghanistan.

My next PuzzQuiz will be on the strong and brave Russian soldiers that also saved the World from tyranny in World War 2. Russia: the mighty unbreakable arrow.


Direct contact with the Holy Father - "pas de RACONTAGE" - France - translate - find solution to this enigma all together = We got it! Stop Gossiping on others!

Canadian company "Optel Vision Technologies" already have this policy for their workers and it works marvelously well. ;-)


Sheep gave us Aids - Sheep can remove Aids - Drink the female's milk to avoid Aids symptoms

Scotland citizens know very well this joke: _h_g the sheep!

Changing milk into wine


"Vive le Tibet libre!" - France - Charles de Gaulle - China, are you listening? - In exchange for the liberation of Tibet, Canada will provide you with all the raw material you need at a unbeatable price so that your industries can bloom at their full potential.


In prisons - For the first time offenders - twice a month - on Fridays for dinner - French cuisine - 2 glasses of nice French wine - 1 pack of cigarettes: The boys inside are already suffering - don't make them suffer more - Let them taste the beauties that the World has to offer.

To Canadian decision makers - reestablish smoking for the guys inside - ease the pain - their situation is tough enough already


Ladies - do not play the game of love if your not ready to make a full commitment! - Do not become the adultery women! - Half of the men in prison are there because of this game played unfairly - Men will forgive you but it takes an awful of lot of time to heal.


Products that I appreciate:

  • Olympus digital cameras
  • Hyundai cars - Good price - Fair quality - Your transmissions is your weakeness - Fix that
  • Timex Indiglo watches
  • Steve Madden sneakers
  • New Castle British beer
  • Sennheiser headphones
  • Nintendo Wii game console - your control device is awesome!
  • Acer computers - Your inputs/outputs for plugging the speakers and microphone is your weak point - Fix that
  • Canada's Videotron cable service - your customer service is top quality
  • Chevrolet cars - Good soundproof and good road confort
  • LEGO contruction blocks - a bit expensive on purchase but it's worth it
  • Canada's "du Maurier" cigarettes - Yep, you heard that right: don't forget freedom of speech
  • Sony compact digital recorders
  • Lysol disinfecting wipes
  • Microsoft Vista
  • Adobe Photoshop and Flash
  • Google
  • Pioneer DVD players
  • McDonald's Egg McMuffin breakfests
  • Canada's Tim Hortons hazelnut and vanilla coffee
  • Etiope coffee - Instead of milk and sugar, try chocolate milk in your coffee. Tasty!
  • Quebec city Canada Pizza Royale
  • Febreze refreshener
  • Canada's ViaRail trains
  • Premium Plus crackers
  • Radio Shack "The Source" - Dedicated client service
  • Gillette men's products
  • Wendy's restaurants - Tasty hamburgers, salads and chili
  • Tylenol
  • Wikipedia
  • M&M chocolate candies

My Blacklist: Products that are not worth buying

  • RCA digital recorder - complicated to operate - weak assembly

Cigarettes Smokers - Fight for your rights! - Preserve and reestablish smoking in pubs - For those against this idea - Find your own non-smoking bars and leave us alone!


Movies that I enjoy

  • Canadian James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen - "Aliens" movie - Women power!
  • George Lucas, Harrison, Carrie, Mark, David, Ewan, Liam, Nathalie, Hayden and Samuel - Humm... - Of course: The "Star Wars" serie rocks!
  • Robert Zemeckis and Jodie Foster - "Contact" movie - Spritual awakening
  • Luc Besson, Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis - "Fifth Element" movie - French producers at their best
  • Steven Speilberg, John Goodman, Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter - "Always" movie - A original spritual romantic story
  • Spike Lee and Danny Aiello - "Do the right think" movie - Colorful
  • Claude LeLouch, Beatrice Dalle and Gerard Lanvin - "La Belle Histoire" - A second chance for love
  • David Fincher, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt - "Fight Club" movie - Alter ago madness
  • Stanley Kubrick - "2001" and "2010" movies - Evolution in motion
  • Adrian Lyne, Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri - "Flashdance" movie - Dance revolution
  • Ridley Scott, Russel Crow and Joaquin Phoenix - "The Gladiator" movie - The good and rotten hearts duel
  • Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi and Giorgio Cantarin - "La Vita e bella" - Yes, life is wonderful!
  • Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett - "Babel" - Emotionally intense
  • Norman Jewison - "Jesus Christ Superstar" movie - The new testament rewritten
  • Victor Fleming and Judy Garland - "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" movie - The triumph of our hearts
  • Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford and Sean Young - "Blade Runner" movie - Love has no borders
  • Steven Speilberg, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes - "Schindler's List" movie - Israel, you suffered tremendously: don't make the other's suffer the same
  • Vincent Ward, Robin William, Annabella Sciorra and Cuba Gooding Jr.- "What Dreams May Come" movie - Heaven is on Earth also you know
  • Larry Wachowski & Andy Wachowski, Keenu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving - "Matrix" movie trilogy - Machine does not stand a chance against Our Love
  • Jean-Paul Rappeneau and Gerard Depardieu - "Cyrano de Bergerac" movie - France words of romance
  • French Canadian Yves Theriault and Lou Diamond Phillips - "Agaguk" movie - The Holy Spirit in action
  • Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor - "Moulin Rouge" movie - 70's and 80's love songs resurrection
  • Michael Bay, Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson - "The Island" movie - We are all equals
  • David Fincher, Michael Douglas and Sean Penn - "The Game" movie - You will find the ultimate love when your at peace with yourself
  • "James Bond" movie series - United Kingdom to the rescue!
  • Disney's animated "Ratatouille" movie - The marvelous taste of France
  • John Badhman and John Travolta - "Saturday Night Fever" movie - You sure know how to dance Brooklyn!
  • Mel Gibson - "Braveheart" movie - Even outnumbered, we can still win battles
  • Adrian Lyne and Tim Robbins - "Jacobs Ladder" - Our will to live is so strong
  • Lars von Trier, Bjork, Catherine Deneuve and Peter Stormare - "Dancer in the Dark" movie - The ultimate sacrifice
  • Gabriel Axel and Stephane Audran - "Babette's Feast" movie - A good dinner can bring lost friendships back on track
  • Woody Allen - "Hannah and Her Sisters" movie - Pure love is waiting just next door
  • Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman - "Million Dollar Baby" movie - Strong well hidden feelings
  • Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks - "Cast Away" movie - Time will consume your heart if you go to fast

In Winter and Spring - I will live in California - USA - I hate the Canadian winters - Too cold and too long

I lived in the USA from 1970 to 1977 in Milford Connecticut and it was so great!

In Summer and Fall - I will stay in Quebec city and in Montreal near my daughter - Canada - I love the Canadian summer/fall weather

And of course, I will travel the World and come and see those who accept my ideas.


Canadian hospital dilemma disaster

Strong worker unions - cicadas chatting all days - health workers - your costing Canadian citizens a fortune for it's health program - eternel coffee break over - go back to work! - serve the sick souls = If not, the Canadian Parlement will reboot you and will have to restart from scratches.

See Cuba Health System for good advice. They got it right at a fraction of the price.


Rabbit - chew electric cables - electricity going throu cables - microcopic sound going "romromromrom" - It hurt's them earing that all day

Did you ever notice that they don't cut the cables twice, the rabbits are wiser than you think.

Purchase shielded cables so your rabbit friend can ear the comfort of silence.


Artists - Let's team up - To create the anti-paparazzi-harrassment act - In court - Take-on the photographs, cameramans and their editors that get too close for comfort = Respect artists privacy and there will be no discomfort.

Let's do this in memory of our beloved princess Diana.



For those that have looped "My He'Art" web link on the top left: Click here


Television shows worth seeing

  • Space 1999 with Michael Landon - Space is a cold place to be alone
  • The Simpsons - Dumb Homer with a golden heart
  • Seinfeld - Thanks to Jerry, Jason, Julia and Michael for happy times
  • Three's Company - John, you make us laugh
  • Sesame Street - Jim Henson puppets are so cute
  • Sex and the City - Women concerns for everyone to share
  • Star Trek series - Wildly imaginative
  • Medium Lisa Williams - Spiritual contact with the lost love one's
  • CSI Miami and CSI Vegas - We will catch you for doing awful things to others
  • Desparate Housewives - Women with loving strong personalities
  • The Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin and Terri Raines loving view of the animal kingdom
  • Law and Order - New York city's crime fighters united

Sunday becomes Family Day - Close the doors of the stores


Reduce - Reuse - Repair - Recycle


To forget someone that has hurted you, remove all icons that makes you remember his bad presence: chairs, pictures, plants, jewerly and even move from your house if needed. Purge him from your existence for ever.

The Holy Father allowes abortion for women that have been raped.


When smoking cigarettes - spit often to avoid the harmful elements to be swallowed or drink a liquid at the same time so that these bad elements are washed down direclty with minimal damage.

The smokers know very well that cigarettes his not the most healthy behaviour but it's their lives and we must respect that.

Ladies, don't smoke to much; your beauty will fade away.


To much stress at work - Indian cure - smoke one cigarette at coffee breaks outside - chat with your coworkers - Relaxxxxx

Cigarette companies - play fair - split in half the huge profits with the inventors of your product - the First Native citizens - Or at least make a real commitment and invest in their communities for their well being - For the tabacco companies that will do that, you will be on my appreciated list in bold characters.


In court - make the lawers sware on the bible - no foolish games


Make pillows with cattails wool not with animal feathers - highly comfortable - and no messing around with animal lives.


For those with the pedophile tag - Mistreated by your mother and father when young - revenge on children when older - DO NOT TOUCH OUR LITTLE ANGELS!

Reverse the tide - take my hand - daily injections of testosterone - realign your sexuality habits - feel the beauty of mature women - your sexuality will be balance - Suffer no more

Don't feel weak - Myself, I need a daily emotional realignment - I am bipolar - Thanks to Zeprexa and Novo Divalproex - I am well balanced now


Purchase anti-mosquito nets for the countries in need to help them avoid getting mosquito bytes that give them malaria and other deadly diseases. See Oxfam web site for more details: Oxfam Australia


Barack Obama - Congratulations for your convincing presidential victory - You were not my first choice - But you said something in your victory speech that caught my attention - "To accomplish my promises, it could take more than a year or even a mandate" - by saying that, you earn my honest respect - Have a good and productive mandate - The entire World is with you! - Barack Obama - A giant leap for all nations

John McCain - You fought well - In your defeat, you remained humble by confessing that Barack was the way to a new bright future - You will always have a special place in my heart - Providence will show you a path to make your good intentions become a reality - John McCain - The soldier with a heart of gold


Do not pick up leaves in your yard at fall - The trees make their leaves fall on the ground so it creates a warm blanket to protect their roots for the upcoming winter. Notice how leaves are scatter equally on the ground - The trees have a very efficient drop-leaves aim system - Leaves must be pick up only in spring


Instead of using water to extinguish forest fires, use dirt instead.

Here is my Dirt RotoExtinguisher

This special piece of equipment combines a Tiller and a Snow Blower functionalities. It pick-up the dirt and spits it out directly on the fire.



I heard that Queen Elizabeth 2 liner is retiring. Dubai bought it and wants to make a hotel out of it. But wait... is that a submarine?... no, is that an aircraft-carrier?... no

It's "Saint Mother Teresa" back into action and in better shape than ever!

Sailing relentlessly all around the World, this special converted liner would be piloted by the top Dubai captain. It would be packed with medical equipment with their specialized staff of doctors, nurses, firefighters, rescuer teams and peace keepers that are on the stand-by for any country calling for help. Also in the belly of this top-speed special rescue ship are temporary shelters, mobile sanitary installations, enormous quantities of fresh water and food for the people hit by a disaster. The decks would be converted into helicopter pads so that the heavy-load helicopters can be loaded quickly and take off on short notice. This project would be funded by India, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, European Union, China and Dubai.


Ma Sainte Famille Maternelle Couture

Mes grands parents maternelles Couture:

Dalvas Couture: Le roi de Courcelle
Adéla Arsenault Couture: La reine des Arts

Jolyne Couture Rodrigue, ma mère, la plus puissante artiste de notre peuple
Marcel Rodrigue, mon père, l'inventeur de l'aire spatiale Canadien
Nancy Rachel Rodrigue, ma soeur, la géniale professeure d'anglais de notre belle ville d'Ottawa
Steve Lucien Rodrigue, Je

Rachère Couture Chénard: notre coeur battant à un trilliard de battement à la seconde
Claude Chénard: le sublime sportif d'une grande beauté

Mireille Couture Turcotte: la grande mairesse de la ville de Glens Fall USA
Antonin Turcotte: le grand des USA qui nous a quitté trop tôt
Leur deux enfants:
Renelle, la plus belle femme des USA
Nolin, la charmeur de ces dames des USA

Yvon Couture le grand leader des USA
Pauline Couture la toute puissante des USA
Leur quatre enfants:
Darline l'incroyable douceur des USA
Debbie la divine princesse des USA
Danna la merveilleuse déesse des USA
Richard le lion spirituel des USA


The End