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Artists counter-attack - Disgraceful guns - Alaska rocks - Stealth bomber triangulated - Ads to the rescue!

Steve Log: January 13, 2011.

Answer to the "People's Daily Online" article "More than 4,000 arrested during copyright raids":

The laws in China to establish if an individual is a copyright thief is very solid and is a great base for all countries to rely on.

"Conviction of IPR violation will occur if a person puts other people's work, including print, music, film, TV, photo, video, record or software on the Internet for profit without the approval of the copyright holder where one of the following conditions apply"

1) "A transaction value of more than 50,000 yuan;"
2) "More than 500 pieces of work;"
3) "The hits reach 50,000;"
4) "The number of registered members reaches more than 1,000 if membership is required for access."

And here are my additions to counter-attack even harder these thieves steeling the bred out of the mouth of our genius artists:

When caught and tagged as a copyright thief, the criminals will go through the following to have our forgiveness:

5) For the first offense, no prison but he will get a criminal record that is automatically erased after three years. With this criminal record it will be harder for him to find a good paying job and he will have a hard time travelling. All his computer hardware and software will be seized. That is enough punishment for a first offense;
6) Second offense, no prison but he will get a criminal record that can be pardon after five years if he behaved honorably as we have here in Canada. Also, on his next tax report, he will have to pay an extra 9% tax increase for three four years that will go directly to the "Compensation Copyright Violation Fund";
7) Third offense, four years in prison, a criminal record of course and he will have to pay an extra 18% yearly tax increase to the government for the next four years after released from incarceration so they can fund cultural activities for the community. The more copyright crimes there are, the more free art there will be! He will learn to behave!

Beat the thieves with harassing artists temporary taxes until they understand that copyright violations must not become their ticket to a wealthy life. You must not hit to hard on them because they will get violent and do desperate actions to not get caught; Smooth reprimands, smooth criminals!

Offer generous rewards picked from the "Compensation Copyright Violation Fund" so that the honest citizens is encourage to denounce these intellectual thieves. The thieves will have doubts on all their clients and maybe a career switch will be on their minds after fear hunts them tirelessly on each nightmare.
Copyright Thieves


Answer to the "New York Times" article "Obama Plans Call for Unity at Memorial for Tucson Victims":

This wild Jared Lee Loughner shooter was ignited with rage by over-playing X-Box, Windows and Play Station VIOLENT GAMES! Find all titles in Jared game collection library and make the entertainment companies pay big time to compensate for the 6 killed and 14 wounded so they learn to behave with these useless pieces of junk first person shooting games. Make the unworthy designer companies of these brain washers pay 300 000$ for each Jared violent games and give the collected amount to each victim families equally divided to relieve their anger against mad beast video game unregulated industry. Placing a "V" for Violence on the game box is not enough! REGULATE THIS INDUSTRY FROM HELL!! Impose a 7$ tax on all "V" game titles to get new income to create your Gun Control Program like we have in Canada. The more "V" games there are on the market, the more gold you will have for your Gun Control Program. If a major shift in entertainment designing is occurring from Hate to Cool Learning games, the less funds you will need to maintain security in your cities and your teenagers will just become wiser. Only one person I know has a gun for defense purpose out of 100 and that should be your gun target goal to secure your streets from lost bullets flying wildly everywhere.

The Tuscon shooting has nothing to do at all with politics. In Canada, we disagree big time all the time with our politicians but shooting our leaders is not our game. Easy purchase of guns, video game industries and wanting to go in the criminal history books are the guilty parties. For all criminals that want to hide behind temporary insanity defense line, get them a full time psychologist and send them to the new prison in north Alaska named "FOR EVER" and make them break rocks all days with their frozen mace to make them understand that their horrible gesture is not welcome in your USA colorful country. We all hate cold winters and by threaten the possible criminals with medium term Alaska weather doing useless work is a convincing method of switching a young man's anger from acting wildly to yell out loudly instead: Actions gets hideous but Words get a slap on the wrist. Make prisons implement the fear of suffering physically to keep young wild adults to calm down on anger days.

After the prisoner gets out of cold land Alaska (Sorry miss Palin) and back to society after 13 years of detention, help these rebirth honest souls write their biography so that other young citizens do not get wild ideas of popularity by getting a semi-automatic gun and writing their names with blood on the wall of family disgrace. We must not destroy the boys incarcerated life by imposing a 25 year jail sentence but force him to think of his bad pass actions for a decade and install in his thoughts "I will not do this again, I promise!" If he can make a few dollars with his biography and convince others to not follow his same painful path, well good for all of us!
Breaking Alaska  Rocks


Answer to the "Los Angeles Times" article "China flight-tests stealth jet during Gate's visit":

Here is how to detect a Stealth bomber: The China J20 Stealth bomber gives the radar signature of a small bird but goes way faster than a bird. Analyze with a software all the paths of these detected small birds with the conventional radar for four 360 degree cycles and if a bird goes in a strait line and at Mach 1, well its not a Blue Jay! You can also use the DOPPLER WEATHER RADAR to check for wind displacements near key defense areas. The Stealth bomber can not completely mask its strait line wind displacements and the Doppler radar can track it with ease. Gotcha twice!

After the Stealth bomber night mission triangulation is established and since the heat signature of this Steel Bird is not significant, ground-to-air missiles cant acquire the target to hunt it down. Instead, use a strong cloud piercing laser beam and scan the triangulated area and analyse with a already existing 3D acquiring software the shapes that are bounced back by this laser. The Stealth bomber is not made of mirror reflecting material and the laser will find the shadow of the Stealth Black Knight in less than a minute.

Saturate the targeted area with World War II high explosive anti-aircraft Flak to damage the not so Stealthy bird. These Stealth Fighters cost too much to build and they cant afford to lose one them. They will abandon their night mission and fly back to home base. This tactic can be applied for catching your own USA F-22 fighters and for UFOs by the way ;-)

Doppler Radar Stealth Detection

I just love the Discovery Military Channel to give me all the secrets of these expensive Stealth Dark Knights.


Building a strong Haiti

Corporations that give their manpower and resources to help Haiti without asking for a dime to anyone will get this gift from the United Nations Organisation: Two daily commercial air spots on television in all member countries at peek hours as on the 6 o'clock news and during sports events during a month. This way, the corporations will have World recognition for their gesture sent from heaven and this will put a roof on the citizens of Haiti at last. The television networks are very wealthy and I am sure they wont mind a 30 seconds ad for a goodness call. There is one major corporation that just did this one year ago when the earthquake wreck Haiti's morning sleep. I present to you...
Philip Morris Tobacco
They sent 300 workers paid full time for weeks to remove the rumble out of the destroyed Haiti capital. "Je vous salue Philip Morris pleine de grâce!"

Pay to drive - TGV - Pornography & Gaming Gold - DVD crimes - Real Estate Watch Dog - Beer for never - Diploma Freedom - Cash in on junk - Long Distance Tax - Diamond Coardboard & Glowing Glass - Job seeking

Steve Log: December 31, 2010.

Answer to the government of Quebec-Canada that is increasing our tax level an extra 1% this upcoming year and another 1% in 2012.

Steeling from your citizens to overcome your overspending rotten behaviours again! What will be our tax percentage in 2025 years? 25%? Those that voted this tax increase are lazy thinkers and should be removed from any important government decision making for the next 25 years. Purge unworthy leaders that gave you this idea prince of Saint-Québec Jean Charest!

Solutions to get more Canadian Loonies and Toonies:

1) Those that take the highway pay for the highway. Reestablish paying highways. Our land is too huge for free driving. We will have splendid driving road conditions and those that complain should take the new Canadian-American-Mexican TGV to reach their destinations; Less pollution, safe and direct downtown to downtown destinations; France and Japan our waiting for our call; TGV people!

2) Tax the Internet on content that is not constructive like pornography and gaming web sites. We are wasting too much time on this unstructured wild web. Just bill an extra monthly fee of 3$ for all company providing pornography and gaming services. Just imagine cashing in on these very wealthy time wasters!
Pornography Pay Day

3) We all know that DVD purchases are half of the time for illegal movie duplications and music copyrigth thieves. The government of Canada wanted to tax this industry 10 years ago and dropped this idea. Well put it back on your agenda and tax all DVDs by 7 cents. You purchase 10 DVDs, you pay a tiny 70 cents for your upcoming crimes. You purchase 100 DVDs, you will pay big time your cheater gesture!

4) Real estate is out of control and ready for a bite from our well trained police fierce dogs. Too much cash making is not welcome in a healthy economy. You must give and receive on an equal balance. For all houses, impose exponential tax on all sold real estate profits. The house was purchased at 200 000$ and sold at 300 000$, tax the 100 000$ profits by an extra 10%; 200 000$ profit = 12%; 300 000$ profit = 16% on so on up until a maximum of 65%. Becoming rich is not a goal, serving the less fortunate and helping our love circle to fulfill their dreams are the ultimate goals. This extra exponential profit tax will calm down money hungry real estate agents that wish to go on vacation too often and all hard working citizen can afford a superb house at a reasonable price.
Real Estate cheeters

5) Beer sold in convenient stores are way to cheap and this is creating madness on our city streets at night. Increase all convenient store beer bottles by 15 cents to provide the income for our police force to catch these wild beer drinkers that cause death while driving recklessly.
Beer Drinkers Stop Now

6) For the boys that are in prison give them knowledge so they can get honest jobs. The boys after their sentence in prison do not know anything else besides crime to feed their families. Hard working carpenters, wise computer engineers and good mechanics are in great need in Canada. For the boys inside that get these 2 years recognized diplomas that cover all aspects of the job, ease the reinsertion in our society by giving immediate "pardon" so that their criminal record can not be obtained by employers that do a background check. Far less crimes in our cities. Children raised by honest and loving fathers. Big time savings for everyone!
Fight for you

7) For all those that give their time for volunteer work in government reckonized charity organization, give the workers a 3.25$ an hour tax break on their next federal tax report. Work 12 hours a week, receive a yearly tax break on 2028$! Those on wellfare will highly appreciate this tax substraction and a major free manpower mobilization will be knocking on all charity wide open doors. With this manpower just imagine all the services that can be provided as cleaning the city streets, give the elderly well needed daily company and ensuring that our children cross the streets safely on busy traffic days. Simple equation: You give money to charity - you get a tax break = You give our precious time to charity - you also get a tax break.

8) Over publicity on products is a major annoyance and should be taxed appropriately. It is one thing knocking on doors and showing off your new product but when your product is rotten like all those exercise training junk, massively tax the publicity made on this trash. Analyze each product and figure out if its good and useful for your citizens. Good = no tax increase of any kind. Junk products = +7% tax increase on all types of publicity. The fallowing is a good start:

-Potato chips & Coca Cola - Good but it is not healthy = +7% on publicity
-Women makeup - Way too much publicity on these money pits = +7% on all publicity ; Ladies, you are very gorgeous natural looking!
-Fast food restaurants = +7% on publicity if your company did not pass the health control standards on half your food products
-Lottery tickets = +7% on publicity. Lottery, what a waste of hopes and good cash!
-Not in store products (the free bonus gift scam) = +7% on publicity. Your products are junk and you know it because no major retail chain wants it!
-Gossip Magazines = +7% on publicity. You learn nothing useful and Hollywood stars are tired of paparazzis spying on their private lives.
Money pit

9) Impose a variable Long Distance Import Pollution Tax on all products that our country can produce locally. The further a product comes from, the more fuel it takes to get to us and that is big time pollution that takes decades for all countries to eliminate. We will make savings on our global oil resources, it is less risky for the environment and this will promote local industries that also have great taste and a good price tags: Made in my country is the way to go! Foreign companies that have been massively subsidized by our government for the construction of their factory on our land and after two decades move to other countries to save a few bucks on salaries will think twice before eliminating 1200 good paying jobs in our small hard working towns. The further the fruit comes from, the more sour it will taste!
Sour Taste

10) Implement a tax on heavy users of plastic packaging. Products as toys and beverages that are packaged with rotten hard to recycle plastic are the first targets. Beverages taste far better in easy to recycle glass bottles and toys cardboard packaging degrades with ease in Mother Nature. You maybe not know this but plastic oxides like anything else and by using it to conserve all our food and drinking products, this gives us bad headaches constantly and many other undiscovered health hazards. We use plastic because its cheap to produce but in the long run we lose on our health and pollute our underground water resources near our landfills. Do as we did thirty years ago, a container of mustard was a nice drinking glass after emptying its content. That was a great idea from our grand parents. We will tax you if you pollute us unwisely!
Cardboard & Glass




South Korea vs North Korea - One on One - You are strong! - Cut the nets! - Loser 0 star Generals - Winning diplomacy

Steve Log: November 24, 2010.

Answer to "New York Times" article "White House Seeks Chinese Help With North Korea":

Message for Mighty Russia, Pure China and Eccentric USA: Let North Koreans and South Koreans resolve their dispute without interfering! This is exactly the same island skirmish as the Falklands in 1982 between Argentina and United Kingdom. They battled together and fought well on both sides. One aggressor - One defender. Limited conflict - Limited repercussions.

Message to South Korea: Prove to the World that your brave army can handle alone this small aggression on YOUR LAND. North Korea did not came with tanks, jets fighters and 100 000 troops. This is not an invasion. But if you let them take Yeonpyeong island without a fight, next time NK will ask for more and more islands just like land-hungry Adolf did in WWII. Defend vigorously this island and make it clear that this misguided attack on your land will not be tolerated by your high rank army officers. Be proud of your troops and send them to secure Yeonpyeong island without showing fear and do not rise the "S.O.S." flag to the World. You are strong! NK sends 200 shells on you; You send them 400 shells! NK kills 2 marines; You kill none! Prove your wisdom and you might!

Message to North Korea: The World knows that the Yeonpyeong island would be a perfect outpost to check on South Korean merchant fishing ships that transgresses your sea territory on each week. Your food supply is highly important to your nation. Instead of invading South Korean beauty islands, next time a SK cheater ship goes in your prosperous fishing sea zone and steels your sea flesh, send commandos on fast small boats and cut the South Korean fishing nets of these cheaters SK fishermen. That is what the Canadian Navy did to the Spanish cheater fishermen when they came and steel our food under our nose in the Atlantic ocean a few years ago. Madrid protested but Ottawa said go to hell thieves! This way, the cutted fishing net can be located on the bottom of the sea floor and that is clear proof that SK is cheating again on your sea sovereignty. The World will never doubt you again on what is going on near Yeonpyeong island. Teach SK a lesson to behave! Cutting the fisherman net is simple strategy and South Korea will back off and the World will have lasting proof on those sea flesh thieves!

Message to the armies of South Korea and USA: Your upcoming naval exercise in South Korea sea is worth nothing. Your marines already know what to do in case of a large conflict between SK and NK we all know that. You are practicing fear. What do you wish to achieve with this useless demonstration of bronze medal honor? And after this exercise is completed, you wish that North Korea backs down from its military nuclear defensive armament? Would you do that if the roles was reversed? No you would not.

Your diplomacy is made of frozen steel and it haves an empty heart.

Canadian diplomacy in action: Send to North Korea seeds so they can grow healthy crops for their golden potato, wheat and flower fields. Send to NK cool toys so their children can enjoy learning things while playing all year long. Send to NK high resolution microscopes so their innovative researchers can find a cure to AIDS. Send to North Korea natural gas so their cities stay clean and that a warm feeling fills their hearts in the harsh winter. Send to NK iPhones, iPods and Macintosh computers so that their university students connects with the new World of compassion for others. Send to North Korea French, Italian and Californian wine so that their hatred for us fades away in history lost land. Lets work together and then you will see Pyongyang redirect its manpower and resources from military nuclear deterrence TO creating its breathtaking gardens all over their diamond land! Kim, what you need, we will provide!
Welcome from North Korea

Universal Health Care Program - All together: Fire at will! - Cancer tumor - General Grapefruit & Major Pepper - Killer Chemotherapy

Steve Log: November 16, 2010.

Health Care Battle
Message to the Republican congressmen: It makes no sense blocking Barack's Universal Health Care Program. Do not oppose blindly but give suggestions to get fresh new income to pay for this great idea. Do you really care for the banks health insurance programs? These over wealthy entities will find other ways to earn their living; They are creative thinkers; Do not team-up with them!

It is one thing to need to win the next elections But you must do your duty to serve the people first by giving innovative ideas to Barack's propositions. Serve the people is your top priority and then you will have great chances of winning big time in 2012 elections!

Solutions to gain Gold Lincolns:

1) You have Regular unleaded gas, Silver unleaded gas and Gold unleaded gas. Implement a 1.5 cents price rise on Silver unleaded gas on each gallon to cash in on citizens that freely choose to contribute to the financing of the Universal Health Care Program. This way, the citizen gets better quality gasoline and helps his neighbor get a nice room for his broken leg healing period at the hospital.

2) In all super markets, there will be special companies that will voluntary rise the price of 15 cents for specific items and give it to the Universal Health Care Program. And by doing so, they will have the honor to put this logo on their products:
Health Care Logo
This way, the citizens still have the choice to contribute to the Universal Health Care Program as much as they want.

3) Car rubber tires burning all day long in the city traffic is a major cause of breathing problems. Impose a 1.50 $ price rise on each tire sale so that children suffering from asthma get good care so they can do sports in their free times after school. Target the health tax income providers and send it to a specific health program: Sickness Cause taxes go to specific Cure services.

4) Each big prize lottery tickets in each states will have a 5% removed on the cash prize that the winner must give back to a Health Care Program of his choosing like teaching prevention to avoid upcoming sickness and promote alternative medicine instead of the highly expensive half useless white pill industries. Always let the winning citizens decide where goes their money gifts.

5) Visa, Master Card and American Express will have a special credit card with the UHCP logo. 1% of all credit card purchases will go to the Health Program and 1% goes to the credit card holder so he can save on his stadium ticket purchases for the NHL, NBA, Major League Baseball and NFL. This way, your stadiums will be at full capacity at each match and food and beer revenues will give an extra income boost to the professional sport owners.

6) The nurse staffs are a very important team in the UHCP. After 40 hours a week, the overtime will not be paid by the government but will count as triple time so they can appreciate a well deserved long vacation. This way, it costs nothing more to the Health Program for the nurses extra effort to care for the wounded souls and they will be at peek efficiency well motivated all year long. A maximum of four weeks accumulated overtime must be implemented to keep the working force available at all times.

7) The doctors have a very important role in insuring a good price tag for the UHCP. To get and keep only the most competent doctors, pay them 2/3 of the private salary rate and in exchange give to the doctors the fallowing:

__1) Guarantied ceiling of 35 hours a week;
__2) 7 weeks of vacation a year;
__3) Free education for their children from the high school up to the university;
__4) Tax free plane tickets to go see the World for them and ALL their family members.

8) By giving psychological health care to ALL the less fortunate, you will have less hungry and dangerous homeless souls in your cities. It will take less police forces to keep your city in order and that is big time savings!

9) Your Universal Health Care Program must be flexible from year to year depending on your tax income volunteer giving citizens. The more you have, the more you give. If you have a tight budget for a specific month, let the clients that have minor injuries wait a bit more longer for their health services; That is the Canadian way; Its free but waiting is part of the game! All USA citizens have the right to appreciate the free services of the UHCP, Poor and Rich.

10) Killing a cancer tumor:

Inject several times directly in the tumor high concentrated Grapefruit Juice mixed with Pepper to wipe it away! The cancer cells are very active and that leaves them wide open to a counter-attack because they feed continuously on living tissue and the cancer cell pores are open to the maximum. Analogy: Try eating while your mouth is full of acid juice and pepper; You will stop eating immediately! And if General Grapefruit Juice & Major Pepper is harassing you on each bite, you will die of starvation! Starve to death all the cancer cells GJP!!

Unbelievers step aside and let the medical staff do their clinical tests on this cancer tumor cell acid-pepper counter-offensive technique. Try it doctor Thomas and doubt no more!
Believe in Me

The nice thing about natural acid is that it does not attack healthy cells. Stop this radiation Chemotherapy useless body weakener right away! Chemotherapy has a 50% loss rate: IT IS BARBARIAN MEDICINE!

Gold for the Hospitals

You will not kill - Washington relentless wars - Universal health care program: French fries - Republican corruption - Cavemen - Fire - Half-Nomad - Soup & Salt - We are wise

Steve Log: November 11, 2010.

Killing a defenseless spider: Cleaning home day; Doing my painful vacuum choir; Cross a spider; I was lazy that day; Got rid of the spider by sucking it up in the vacuum; Bad decision = Life counter-stroked me!

The fallowing day; Morning Internet stopped working for 4 hours; Job interview delayed for a day; Had to run across half the city to make my iPhone urgent overdue payment; Wasted precious time on harassing software programming bugs; And that all due to my spider vacuum assassination; I wont kill anymore when I could had simply picked up gently the house intruder, open the window and set her free outside.

We kill insects each day by walking on the streets and on our yard. No misfortune will happen to us when we are not conscience of our killer actions BUT when we know that stepping precisely on that spot will kill insects and we do no efforts to avoid them: You will have a bad day I guaranty it! Killing consciously a living being is not welcome in the Balance of the Universe no matter what their size! Be aware of that fact to keep the Sun shinning on your side of the street.
Balance of the Universe


The USA are at war! Your politics are full of congressmen that hate each others and block your important proposition advancements made by Barack. You must stop this right away because no countries want to invest in a paralyzed political battlefield. This is why your economy is in the Park gear.

Do it the Canadian way. The opposition parties complains a lot and that is their duty BUT they propose different solutions for controversy main party decisions and give needed additions to a new main party laws so that we make progress from day to day. The Canadian parliament does not get stuck on a health care program proposition for two years: Make the health care program pass or abandon it and move on USA!

To get new income for Barack's great health program, put a 15 cents federal tax on all portions of French fries sold in all major hamburger restaurants. We all know that those French fries are tasty but not very healthy and that is the main argument to federal tax it slightly. The customer wont complain for this tiny price rise that will help the less fortunate get needed health care services. 15 cents X 100 billion French fries pounds sold yearly in the USA is a nice to have fresh green income for your must needed universal health care system that must also include the rich that are paying their rightful share to profit from this health program that many countries have had for decades now. Catch up with us USA!
French fries

Be aware, those congressmen that oppose Barack's universal health care system earn 165 000$ a year and are very close to the health insurance companies lobbyists. Make your investigations like we do in Canada on our own leaders when something suspicious is going on. Are the Republicans congressmen getting extra income from a hidden entities to block this health program? If I was an American citizens, I would start contacting newsroom reporters so they be the arrow spear to reveal unworthy corrupted Republican congressmen that block the health project without proposing any alternative. Catch them all!
Catch Corruption


Our intelligent ancestors, the Cavemen, had a written drawing language as we can see in a few caverns around the World. We don't have many recordings of those drawings because they used clay tablets to inform their citizens of the activities in their vibrant communities. They did not "grounk" like the apes do. All important daily things and actions had a distinguished voice signature. The cavemen coming from the same areas had a common talked and graphic language. They were far from stupid. A community must be united to overcome the many difficulties in our ancient times like hunting for nutritious preys, defending themselves against predators, educating their little girls on the ways of cooking good meals and surviving the exhausting fall journey to the south. We humans exists because those cavemen were highly intelligent and in harmony with their multiple cavemen neighbor communities.
Cavemen Language

Hollywood movie directors got it all wrong when portraying cavemen has a grotesque sub species. They are our ancestors and we must all have the highest respect for their innovation thinking to improve on each generation our lives up until our current status of supreme beings of Earth.

And here is their spirits speaking to me:

Fire was easy to create. We did use rocks to start a spark but we did not use hay for the start up fire element. We used easy to find animal excrements that are full of natural gas that allow the fire to easily birth from the rock collision spark. We then put dry leaves and branches on top of the animal excrements to keep the fire running. It is our innovating thinking that taught us to keep at bay the fire by surrounding it with rocks. You are still using this fire keeper technique for your camping activities.

We were not completely nomad. We were like the birds; We go further south on the winter horizon and set foot on the same lake at each year; When spring smiles, we return to our previous north lake location. By doing this, we respect other communities land properties. We avoided skirmishes for many thousand years by setting clear logos on rocks and trees of our community land belongings. This is the birth of our countries identified with their flag as we know it today.

Our ladies were top cooking chefs. They are the first chemistry magicians. Soup is the most oldest meal. We took an animal dead prey horns, emptied it by eating its nutritious content and that was our bowl of soup. We took a branch with two fingers, fit the horn between them and put it on the fire to heat up the soup. In the soup, the ladies put meat, leaves to perfume the taste and put other different minerals that tasted divinely: Salt is our fine cuisine finding.
Cavemen and Cavewomen

Canadian Wisdom
Play PuzzQuiz Nazi Party Leaders

Dreaming Anthony - Family Wars - The most horrible crime - Judgment Day - Purgatory - Al Qaida - Initiation - No connection - Ben Ladden - Dead or Shaved? - Rally points

Steve Log: November 8, 2010.

My Dream of my messenger Anthony: In the far west era, family land wars were common. Since there was no official justice protecting our lope of land, many families used guns to make their neighbors understand that this rock is on their land. The more fields you have to grow your crops and feed your cattle, the more family members you can have.

My family was at war with an aggressive neighbor. They claimed one of our fields without bothering asking us if it was ours. We opposed ourselves to these thieves with angry words but this family adversary was vicious; They took their guns and shot to death one of my brothers. There was no possible negotiation with them; They take land with metal and gun powder.

Their appetite for land was insatiable. They took another one of our fields by occupying it with three sister members. Full of rage, our family was gearing up for total war. I, Anthony, took the first charge and grabbed a hay fork in the barn and ran to protect our land. Coming from behind, I struck two of the sisters with my hay fork in the stomach; Did I killed them? I do not know. Then the third sister was still standing. Revenge was beating me up. With my man force I take her down with my hands and tear her clothes off. And then I did the most horrible crime of all times: I rapped her!

Suddenly, I then realize what I was doing to her; This is not me doing this but my rage against my brother's murderers. I stopped immediately and let her go. But the harm made on this woman's soul was for ever to change my life. On our evening family reunion, we decided that a peace truce must be made with our neighbors or many other deaths will come along and both our families will be decimated.

The next morning, my rage has vanished replaced by my courage; I was the chosen family member messenger to go the enemy and seek a truce. Hoping the fence, I enter their land. I cross the youngest brother on my way to their house and fear entered deeply my soul; He was hammering his head against a big steel bell; Pure madness! The rape of his sister was unacceptable. We can not deal any peace with this family!

I had to leave my love ones in a hurry to avoid total war against my family. With my brave horse, we galloped through the forest far away from this awful episode of my life. My horse was fast and more and more distance was separating us from my bounty hunters. I then make a huge mistake (again); I was tender with my horse so I chose to let him rest for a while. I found a small abandon house to hide there for a few hours. The bounty hunters were approaching but did not see me well hidden in my hideout. Crouched down and peeking discreetly to see my opponents passing me by I then freeze of fear; I see a Tiger walking towards me entering the house. He had found me! He was not alone; The Tiger leader was with four mighty Bears! I looked at him with great fear of being eaten by him alive and by the four Bears. I then reach for my two Colts and start shooting the Tiger directly in the face; Bam! - Bam! - Bam! My bullets were ineffective! The Tiger was invincible! I was doomed. The Tiger looked at me and I knew who he was: It was Hell here to get my soul for the rape of that woman. He opens his month and starts tearing me apart. Being eating alive by animals is the most horrible thing that a human can experience. It was my judgment day.
Tiger and Bears

All horrible crimes committed by us on living beings will be judge at the end of your life. Be ready for it! We call this short but painful period the Purgatory! Temporary Hell. When you understand all the awful things that you have made to others in your life and experience it yourself in the Purgatory, you will be forced to ask for forgiveness to God and to your victims; You will then be liberated to Heaven; Hell is not infinite; Heaven is for eternity.


Al-Qaida stories

Even if an unworthy entity makes a big hit on bombing innocents people and afterwards say that it is from Al Qaida, do not be fouled by this false claim. To enter the Al Qaida dark force group, an entity needs to make a big impression on the Al Qaida far away hidden leaders. That is their initiation action to get closer to the important duds of Al Qaida. It is the same initiation pattern as for a new member entering a criminal gang: Kill someone and your in!

Message to the security agencies of the free World: Do not work overtime to make unexsisting connections between Al Qaida different bomb attempts because most of the time, your dealing with rookies that are simply sticking the Al Qaida tag to their personal deadly actions to prove that they are warriors so that one day soon, they will be contacted by the Al Qaida leaders for further instructions. Al Qaida is a criminal international disorganized gang, that is all there is to it!

The question we must ask each other is how come we don't see Ben Laden when Al Qaida sends recordings to Al Jazeera?

First hypothesis) Ben Laden died by a virulent disease three years ago in the Pakistan mountains and it is his decoy's voice that we hear on all Al Qaida recent recordings. How hard can it be shooting a simple video of himself threatening the United World?!

Second hypothesis) Ben Laden shaved his beard and wears sun glasses when he comes in the Afghanistan and Pakistan cities to get back on Earth and enjoy life a bit when times get tough in the mountains. Ben Laden is closer than you think!
Ben Ladden

We must be aware that Al Qaida wants publicity to recruit new members. If we minimize to the maximum the publicity made on them, they will fade away because their income providers will lose interest in them and their funding will vanish.

Here is how to find out Al Qaida rally points: With your USA satellites take a high resolution picture of the Afghan-Pakistan mountains with an one hour time exposure pointed at a fixed large location. In this picture you will notice dark rays coming from major cities that detach themselves from the bright mountains background: those dark rays are truck itineraries gathering to a same point in the mountains: Al Qaida food and military supply gathering points!
Spider Web

Reading the news: Catching the bombs - Alaska - Joseph - Al Qaeda in open land!

Steve Log: October 29, 2010.

Answer to "CNN": "Obama: U.S.-bound packages contained explosive material" story:

Eliminating the bomb threats:

1- All bombs have a delay timer core made of Quartz. The inspection cargo aircraft team should use Infrared Spectroscopy scanning to detect the wavelength typical color that Quartz emanates in all luggages and packages sent to the aircrafts.
Quartz Signature

This way, all cheap made Al Qaeda Quartz timer bombs can be intercepted before the aircraft takes off to its destination.

2- The bombs can also be detonate in the sky by cellular phone signal. The aircraft cargo area should be reinforced with Electromagnetic shielding as in microwave ovens to eliminate reception of cellular signal to avoid any bombs that don't use conventional Quartz delay timers but cellular triggers.

3- If Al Qaeda uses low tech timer as a watch to detonate the bomb, the inspection cargo aircraft team should use a high sensitive microphone link to a computer software to listening for three seconds to all luggage and packages. If the microphone software hears three ticks in a regular tempo that means that a watch is ticking! Abort take off!

Three low cost tricks to hunt down unworthy Al Qaeda threats.

Another thing, the Guantanamo prison is a real joke!; The prisoners don't even work and they have splendid temperature to enjoy their long journey in Cuba at your expense; American military prisons should be set far north in Alaska. Al Qaeda members come from warm countries and they hate dreadful cold. Make them work for their shelter and food. Make them do useless task like your ancestor did to their prisoners in the far west era; Make them break Rocks! After they get out of military prison, they will think twice before doing awful things to the free World. They will even discourage their pals to not fallow their World criminal path to not suffer as they did.

This precedent paragraph was inspired by Joseph that suffered tremendously in the Russian gulags in his young wild age.
Joseph Staline
Message from Joseph: Make the traitors of the United World pay for their misguided action! It is an establish fact that Al Qaeda is hiding in the Pakistan high mountains. With heavy artillery closely guarded, bombard the mountain locations with tremendous quantities of tear gas. Al Qaeda will get out of their rat holes. Then use your heavy bombers and do a carpet bombing of those clouded tear gas areas. They will be highly confused and disorganized. Do this procedure for one month and you will wipe out three quarters of their strike force and the remaining Al Qaeda forces will be in open land and easy to capture by your army troops waiting for them equipped with gas masks. Do not sell any gas masks to anyone other than to your own military troops. Tear gas is not chemical warfare but an efficient way to combat an opponent with low values for life. They play cheap rotten tricks, you play five star general tricks!

Thank you Joseph the warrior heart!

Reading the News: Asteroid collisions - Our cockroaches - Barter - Give to the poor - Music - Cocaine addiction - Vinegar

Steve Log: October 28, 2010.

Answer to "The Korea Times": "US must be ready to meet asteroid threat" story:

First step: How to detect asteroid coming towards Earth? : Don't use telescopes to search a needle in a stack of hay. Use good old fashion Radar to detect incoming asteroids. Place multiple Radars on the Moon and make them cover 3/4 of night sky. For the blank spots in space that the Moon does not cover, use Radars set on satellites surrounding the Earth to do the job.

Second step: How to divert an asteroid? : There absolutely no way we can drill a hole in an asteroid and set a hydrogen bomb inside it to destroy it. It is going way too fast for a spaceship to land on it!

Do this instead:
Divert Asteroid
Plot the asteroid path and set a road of multiple hydrogen bombs and detonate them to simply divert the asteroid from its direct path to Earth. The tremendous shock wave of an 100 megatons bomb will effects the asteroid path without destroying it. We must not destroy the asteroid because multiple fragments will be flying all around and that is also highly dangerous for Earth's wellbeing. Set a dozen hydrogen bombs in a arc form and detonate them in a precise timed sequence.

I was cleaning the house and a gentle small Cockroach crosses my path. I very well know that this strong insect haves great information to share with us as for all living beings on Earth; Each of us haves nice secrets to reveal; I take the Cockroach in my hand and send him to freedom outside my apartment.

And here is my Cockroach messenger speaking: Humans, we the insects, do what you call Barter between our different insect communities; The ant needs bread crumbs to feed their community, we the Cockroach exchange our found bread crumbs to them and in return the ants gives us precious sugar or give us in return information where to find sugar that we love eating. Sugar is pleasure and it is a bad conception thinking that all insects work hard with no day off. We work all day but after enough food has been gather in the evening for our community, we then have time for pleasure like eating sugar and chatting between us; Think sugar as beer; We all love beer and chatting with each-other on the Moon smiling horizon.

So you humans need to return to a partial form of Barter to help your countries flourish. Your current money system is good but fluctuate too much and this is creating World instability between your different nations. Russia haves enormous quantity of wood and Japan needs wood for their constructions. Wood haves great value for Japan. Russia needs hard working machinery to mine their land. Why not exchange Wood for Mining Trucks between these two great countries.

North Korea needs computers to progress to new heights and Pakistan needs precious food for their citizen caught in the awful summer flood crisis. Canada should give their knowledge to create high efficient electronic circuits to North Korea and in exchange, North Korea fills its merchant fleet with rice and potatoes and sends its armada to Pakistan. This way, Canada gives with his heart and it cost no gold but haves enormous benefits for Asia's well being. Share your knowledge between each-other. It costs pennies to communicate information and all can benefit from the wisdom from one country to another.

Also, we the Cockroach are strong warriors. We offer our security services to many different insect communities for the protection of their underground nests. In exchange we take our share of food and bring it back to our family to feed our children. When we celebrate spring, we crave for Mosquitoes; They are full of sugar of taste heavenly; It is like lamb for us. Thank you Mother Nature for our glowing Mosquitoes that have a magnificent taste and nutritious flesh!

The Flies are warriors jet fighter protecing us against you humans so you dont get to close for comfort near our insects rally points: The Ponds. The flies are angels in the sky safeguarding our weel being of all our insects communities.
We adore you mighty soldiers of the sky!

When the evening comes, we the insects gather around our Pond stadiums to party and sing. We adore singing in unison together like you humans.



Answer to France and Europe "EuroNews": "EU action to end poverty" story:

In our ancient times, the Church took care of the poor. Lets give them back their diamond role. Do not give to the poor food that you would not accept eating yourself. Go to the Church and take with you a nice gift; It can be simple muffin, a loaf of tender bread, fresh pie apple, tasty sandwich with ham, hot red tomatoes from your garden and more... and in return for feeding the less fortunate, the Church will give you this in return: an iTune gift card of 2$ so you purchase special selected Songs from our great artists that accepts to share their music with the Church's rock-and-roll rediscovered role of World soul saviors!

Message to the Bright Stars of Music: Together, We can change the World!!

Music savior


Answer to "Al Jazeera": "US-trained cartel terrorises Mexico" story:

It is impossible to eradicate completely Cocaine consumption in our society since pleasure rules in our World. The solution is to avoid being addicted to Cocaine. That would get rid of many problems in your society if we can taste Cocaine, have pleasure with our friends in the evening with it and then forget Cocaine when the morning comes.

Aspartame is the biggest buyer of Cocaine since it is a derivative from this substance. This is why enormous quantity are coming from Mexico and South-America to the USA. The drug cartels needs to feed these big Aspartame yogurt, chewing-gum and candy maker industries. I discovered that consuming chewing-gum with Aspartame is so addictive, that it is not a normal behavior to chew one chewing-gum after another: Cocaine is present in Aspartame and there is no doubt about it!

Check Cocaine on wikipedia to find all its history and you will find out that cocaine as been added to many things that we consume since the 1850.

To get ride of aspartame over-eating behavior, eat meals with high concentrations of Vinegar each time you feel the killer craving of aspartame to counter-effect this substance: boiled Vinegar eggs does the job with brio! The Vinegar taste is so strong that it washes everything away. To get ride of Cocaine nasal joy addiction, put Vinegar in a empty Windex bottle and spray it directly in your nose: Tadam! Bye bye Cocaine addiction!

I do not suggest we legalize Cocaine but at least with less addiction, we can avoid our young citizens to not lose their jobs, homes, families and health over evening cocaine pleasures.

Reading the News: Omar Khadr - Guns & Bullets - Eagle eye - Skyscrapers are welcome - The French retirement plan - Pumpkins secrets - Capitalism & Communism - My TV shows

Steve Log: October 26, 2010.

Answer to Tasty Apple " New York Times": Omar Khadr trial and bargain deal on his sentence for killing a brave USA soldier:

The judge's wise decision: Another year in prison at Guantanamo and the remaining seven years in United-Canada. All Canadians and United Muslims in the World haves this to say in French to the USA: "Merci grande dame Hilary pleine de bonté et de compassion pour autrui"
Omar KhadrPure Love
We are waiting for you Omar!


Answer to " The Washington Post": "The hidden life of Guns" story and to "The Boston Globe": "Pondering the what-ifs in failed bid to save teen" story and to "Philly.com": "Officer describes desperate bid to save wounded cop" story:

Multiply by thirty the price of all bullets for hand guns and machine guns. An honest citizen wont mind paying 90$ for his bullets that he will use only twice in his life to defend his family against home thieves. Bullets don't have an expiration date. For those that want to practice gun shooting, sell them rubber bullets that pierce easily paper so they can sharper their defense skills.

The bullet producing companies wont complain by this new price rise imposed by your government because this is not a federal tax but a skyrocket new income for them.

Often times it is the poor that wreak havoc in your city streets with these unworthy guns. Before assaulting an honest citizens, they will think twice at 10$ a bullet. You must at all cost take self-defense courses to secure yourself. With high confidence and agility on your side, you can disarm an aggressor in two swift hits, immobilize him and call the police squad to remove this poor misguided soul from your streets and send him to prison so he can meditate for a better life for himself.

Contact United Kingdom London mayor Boris Johnson so he could help you install a high-definition surveillance camera system all over your cities to discourage criminals from over-taking your downtown freedom at night. The cost of this new system will be paid in less than two years since it will take less policeman doing overtime to prevent crimes and catch dark force drug dealers steeling your children future. Your police force will be more efficient knowing that their is an Eagle Eye in the Sky watching their backs.
Eagle Eye


Answer to French Canadian " TVA" news network: Montreal's awful car traffic daily jams:

Construct your office towers in Québec city Métropolis not in Montréal. Montréal street network is over-used and the citizens are wasting precious time jamming in the high density traffic in this 3.4 million souls city. Magnificient Québec city mayor Régis Labeaume, Prime Minister and prince of Saint-Québec province Jean Charest and the king of Canada Stephen Harper are preparing to announce the start of the construction of our new Tramway for our glowing city in a few months. Our 14 stories skyscraper limit will be abolish so all highly profitable Canadian businesses can erect their 57 stories high towers in our future highly secure, bilingual, fluid traffic, vibrant French culture and breathtaking beauty downtown. These skyscrapers would be placed outside historical Old Quebec and must not produce any shade at any time of the day on our magnificent old city buildings.

We also have plenty of land to expand our International airport "Jean Lesage" for our future city growth:

Grands serons-nous citoyens de la ville de Québec aux 700 milles pétales de rose.
The future of Quebec city

Answer to France's " Le Figaro" - "Le Monde de France" - "L'Équipe France": Retirement age moved from 60 to 62 years old:
French resistance
"Écoutez la colère du peuple" - Listen to the public's rage

Canadians are all behind you "ma brave Molière" ! Keep the heat on! Those politicians need to realize that we don't play financial games on your hard deserved retirement plan.

Mister French president Nicolas Sarkozy, here is the Canadian plan to reverse your decision on your 60 to 62 retirement plan:

1- You need Paper for your great daily newspapers and weekly magazines; Canada will provide you with the best lumber coming from great Ontario and superb Quebec at a fraction of the price your actually paying;
2- You need Aluminium for the construction of your Airbus aircrafts: We will slash the price in half of all aluminium naval transportation costs so that you can fly and come see us, North Americans, more often;
3- Canadians love your Imported Movies, your Music, your TGV, your Magazines, your 600 seats Aircrafts, your first quality Food, your Wine, your Beauty products, your Cloth and your Language. Flood us with your imports so we share your renew financial wealth!

"Nicolas, changer d'avis n'est aucunement un signe de faiblesse de la part de ton gouvernement". Changing decision is a wise man listening to others and says to himself: Providence is with me and with patience, it will show me a new way to slash in our government over-expenses. Nicolas, invest in these Canadian wise advices:

1- Subsidize children care centers with more services;
2- Offer two years of unemployment income to the mothers of a newborn;
3- In the school classes that are over-crowded, the teacher must always be assisted by an university teacher student. This way the adult student will gain experience and it cost nothing to the education system for his precious extra help;
4- Offer milk, a muffin and a banana to all the children so that their concentration will be at their peek efficiency on the morning sunshine;
5- Give extra income to those receiving welfare so they can keep a watch eye to safeguard the children in schools from pedophiles, children thieves and drug dealers.

Simple Equation: More children - More work force - More income = Your children are the Guardians of the 60 year old diamond retirement plan.
Diamond age


Answer to "Chicago Tribune": "Pumpkins seeds, a health aid?" story:

Message from the astonishing Pumpkins: We, the pumpkins, are from the same family as the tomatoes. The cucumber and the water melon are also from the same family. Broccoli and cauliflower are from the same family also.

Those that are natural sport worrier have great quantities of acid in their blood produced by their body. You can gain more physical straight by eating a lot of acid fruits and acid vegetables. Those that produce naturally high quantities of sugar in their body are highly emotional as for your superb artists. You can get yourself out of a deep depression by eating acid fruits and acid vegetables to counter-effect this depression emotion sugar overload. Be aware, too much strength or too much emotions can drive you to a great danger: Cancer. Cancer can be beaten by a careful balance of Acid and Sugar levels.

Also, your personality is defined by your internal balance of Acid and Sugar levels in your body: Acid is force of character and sugar is tenderness for others; Acid is Spirituality (Celestial) and Sugar is Emotions (Earth); Acid is Science & Technology and Sugar is Arts.

Knowing this, you can balance your Strength-Emotions-Personality by compensating with the natural Acid-Sugar gifts from Earth: Vegetables and Fruits.

Thank you gracious Pumpkins for your knowledge for the way to prevent this rotten Cancer disease that is hunting down our souls for too many years now.


Answer to "Seattle pi": "Homelessness can cause mental problems in kids" story:

The homeless that live on your city streets remain in the precarious situation because they don't want to lose their Complete Freedom. This is the main reason why they don't want to go back to school or return to work. They see no advantage in spending 15 years studying hard so after they slave themselves to work 40 hours a week to get only a tiny two week yearly vacation. They are poor but free of the financial system that Capitalism created that gives more to the major corporation shareholders than to the hard working citizens.

This Capitalism model must change to include a form of Communism that has now a disguise name: Socialism. You thought that you won over Communism but you are now realizing that Capitalism cant work alone with no compassion for those without a job. Open your history books and go see the Communism model and take only the best ideas that are most convenient for your society. Here are the best ideas of Communism:

1- There is no unemployment. The government will provide you with work if yo cant find a job in your field of study. You must remain active and not sit on your lazyboy watching television waiting for the economy to get better;
2- All studies are free from the preschool to university. You may get an unrewarding job for a short time but at least you have knowledge to find all kind of new jobs to get you out of your financial precariousness and no one will treat you unfairly;
3- Everybody haves an apartment given by the government. No one is on the street. If your unemployed, you will live in a small apartment but when you get a rewarding job, you can afford what ever you wish that your income can afford;
4- If times get tough, you can find a job in the army or in a security agency. Communism model countries have a low criminal record and no one wants to clash with a well developed efficient army. The city streets are highly secure in the morning, day and night;
5- There is no inflation in the Communism model. The loaf of bread is at one dollar until the end of times!
6- As an artist, you have great programs so you can achieve everything that you want. Communism cherish creativity but you must not go over-board destroying the citizens positive spirit in their country. Myself, I never insult my country's leaders. I rather give them my wise advice. That is much more useful than complaining non-stop without proposing innovative propositions to solve problems.

Message from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Barack: Make Capitalism evolve or you will be stuck in mud for a long time! Your massive government program to fix your road infrastructure and make USA citizens work again is a great idea: Go for it Barack!


Answer to United Kingdom "The guardian": Steve's top ten favorite TV shows:

1- Gerry Anderson "Space 1999" : This 1974-76 series will resurect soon with me as the director;
2- Fox "The Simpsons" : The writing staff is at the top of their game;
3- Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks: "Band of Brothers" : When the war is over, enemies become pals;
4- HBO "From the Earth to the Moon" : USA space program magnificence;
5- HBO "Rome" : The rise of Julius the pure of heart;
6- "Jesus of Nazareth" : For ever burned in our memories;
7- "The Clone Wars" : Visually breathtaking and George's wisdom on the offensive;
8- "Sex in the City" : With Kim Cattrall bursting beauty and astonishing talented star;
9- French Canadian "Les filles de Calab" : Monumental historical romance that lifts your soul;
10- "Seinfeld" & "Roseanne" & "Three's Company" : Laughter is the best anti-depressor!

The four dimensions: Space - Thoughts - Time - Gravity

Steve Log: October 21, 2010.

The four dimensions:

•Space: X, Y and Z
•Thoughts: In your Mind and our Ancestors Spirits
•Time: Constant and Perception
•Gravity: Pull and Push

Space & Time:

We cant go back in time physically. Otherwise, the Universe would be in total chaos. The guardian of time keeps the balance of life in order. She is called "Sun of Inola". The guardian of time haves this message for us:

When you look at a far away planet, star or galaxy they all are at a fix location. There is no time-space-light distorsion as you thought. Communicate with your stellar neighbours with light not with sound waves. Sound waves gets distorted by all kinds of space elements and therefore it is not a good way of communicating. This is the main reason why you cant find an intelligent form of life by listening to sound waves; There is too much distorsion.

On the Moon, place large lighthouses. Make the lighthouse project three strong separate beams of light rotating in the same direction: Red, Green and Blue. Make multiple lighthouses project their three colors in their own specefic directions: One East, one North, one South, the other one South-West etc. All intelligent life in our Milky Way know that these projected three colors are not a random space anomaly that they are observing; Highly intelligent life is on Earth. Then we must use our telescopes to check for a specific coded light beam coming from all directions: Our stellar neighbour will make a mirror effect; The will send back to us the three coded Red, Green and Blue lights that we have sent. This is the initial contact answer by our stellar neighbors.
Moon lighthouse
Intelligent life forms use high frequency Morse code Light to communicate. We must then switch to a pure white beam projected by a special light emitter tower on the Moon and send them our language sequence in Morse code in a first step. Our stellar neighbors are monitoring the Red-Green-Blue location and they will see our white Moon tower Morse code emitter. They will analyse and decode the light beeps: A communicating channel has been opened!

We must send them a form of data representing our pacific intentions through emotions: Music - The Universal Language.

Time & Thoughts

Going back in time:

We can go back in time by reading ancients scripters of our ancestors: Books. Our important life lesson memories must be written down or draw down so your children and their offspring can remember you when heaven calls your body and soul; This is Eternal life. Do not fade away leaving only pictures of yourself; We need your knowledge to keep your love circle blossom to new heights in our society.

Going forward in time:

"Sun of Inola" does not allow us to physically go forward in time: it is forbidden. We can go forward in time with our dreams: Premonitary dreams. By aware, future can be modified by your decision that we take. By making unusual decision that are not common to your personality makes the future change. Premonitory dreams are the future if you make decision that are in conformity to your established personality. If you have a good life, do not change your usual decisions. If your life is a total mess, do wild decision to trace a better future for yourself and your love circle; Flush away your unworthy destiny! ; You are the master of your future!

Time & Gravity

Gravity can bend light but does not alter time. Light is not time; Light is part of the Space dimension. Time is always constant. Each human on Earth perceive time in their own way. It is our brain that is conscious of the length of time: The Brain Processor Speed (BPS). The life span of the birds is not shorter than ours; they live 5 years but feel time 15 times faster so they live 75 years in their minds like us. Just imagine the Brain Processor Speed of an Ant that lives 90 days: 357 BPS! Do never insult a person that talks faster or is more physically agile than yourself; they have a greater BPS than yours. That does not mean that their more intelligent than you but they feel and process time faster.

Thoughts & Gravity

Thoughts are not influenced by Gravity, Time or Space. Thought are the easiest way of travelling instantaneously through Space. You can communicate with Mars by looking it in your telescope in the evening and when the night comes, the soul of Mars will come to you and do conversation with you in your dreams. After you wakeup in the morning, look at a photo of Mars and your dream will pop back to you pieces by pieces. Write these thoughts down on paper so we keep track of your stellar mind wave expedition. By comparing the thoughts with others that did the same Mars mind wave expedition, you will find similitudes between each of you: the common thoughts will then be certified as a true facts of Mars's beauty.

When you have a bad headache your mind is still fully functional. It is just obsessed by the messages that your body is communicating to you: Your body wants you to fix the problem quickly. One way to relax from a headache that medication cant get ride of is to create a counter-effect: Leave your work a few minutes and give a few precious gold coins to the less fortunate on your city streets. Their smile will take your breath away and their combined spiritual energy will put you back on track at the speed of light!


What is gravity? Gravity haves a Pull and a Push feature. The Sun pulls the planet near its center but the planet's warm core makes a push in the opposite direction and that keeps the planet on its respective orbit around the Sun; Pull and Push; Just like the two sides of a magnet. The Moon has a core made of water and metal pushing it away from the Earth. The water inside the Moon is in liquid form warmed by its hot metal core.

Therefore, artificial gravity can be simulated for the crew of our spacecrafts. Take rocks from the Earth and create a floor with them in the spacecraft. Boost its gravity properties with a specific electric frequency courant. The right high frequency needs to be figure out in space in our space station. We can also take rocks from the Moon and do frequency boost test on them on Earth to create anti-gravity for our spacecraft takeoffs and for many useful things.

The best Earth gravity and Moon anti-gravity rocks are deep in their soils. The further you dig in and retreive deep rocks, the more energetic magnet power you have to produce gravity magic. The dried magma rocks coming from an erupted volcano is the type of solid mineral we are searching for; It comes directly from the Earth's intense heated core and is full of Gravitons that will help us acheive artificial gravity. Gravitons are the link between Space and the Gravity dimensions.

Gene Roddenberry Impulse Engine System: Got it!

Steve Log: October 18, 2010.

The idea is to make the spacecraft move itself without spending any precious fuel.
Impule Engine system
In a hermetic room constantly filled with 50% of air:

1- Make two Rocket Engines eject high intensity compressed air in a hermetic room;
2- The high compressed air will bounce on the 45 degrees sides of the room to move the spacecraft forward;
3- The Two Intake Nozzles pull the air inside the two main Rocket Engines so the push forward cycle never ends.

The two Intake Nozzles are placed in reverse position of the Rocket Engines so the spacecraft gets an extra push from the intake sucking procedure. Since there is no fuel loss, the recycled air, the spacecraft can go to Mars, Venus and Europa and return by only using electricity produced by a compact nuclear reactor or solar panels.

The push air and intake air procedures must be carefully balanced to keep the cycle running smoothly. Or it can work by doing a first step doing a major push air expulsion and at the second step, sucks the air back into the Rocket Engines and then restarts to the air expulsion step one and so on.

With the two Rocket Engines placed vertically, the Upper Rocket Engine can make the push alone and the spacecraft goes Up and Forward or the Lower Rocket Engine can make the push alone and the spacecraft goes Down and Forward. The Impulse Engine is horizontally symmetric so it can move forward and backward with ease.

A special thanks to Gene Roddenberry that gave me his spiritual knowledge to help me figure out the Impulse Engine System.
Gene Roddenberry

The gracious spiders - Skin allergies - Borax - The insects - Stellar travellers - Worms - GENESIS! - Turtles - The Dream Team

Steve Log: October 12, 2010.

My spider messenger

I was relaxing in the living room watching television and a medium size spider came directly towards me. Never a spider has been so courages. I got ride of her by flushing her down the toilet and I hope she survived but it then it struck me: Why did she do that knowing that a certain death awaits her? She is a messenger. She communicated the following thoughts to me:

Humans, he get very sick by your clothes that are washed by unhealthy chemicals. We can smell these odors all around your house. Just imagine this, these cleaning chemicals get ride of all kinds of dust mites on your clothes and then you wear this on your skin. You can get really bad skin infections by doing so if all chemicals are not completely removed. You can do a double or tripple rince cycle to be sure that your clothes are fred from these embedded washing chemicals. We, the spiders, suggest that you use a pure chemical called Borax to clean almost everything in your house: It is an efficient dust mite killer and your skin loves it! When you smell your clothes and it smell flowers that only means that a chemical is still present to give you the impression that your clothes is cleaned. Do not be deceived by this magic seller trick. Your clothes must smell nothing to certified that its clean!

Borax on Wikipedia

Also, the insects that we eat have an incredible nose that sniff food from meters all around your house. Do not kill ants with insecticides because death is not welcome in the balance of the Universe. To get ride of ants that wake up in the spring and need quickly a source of food to restart their activities, find their entrance point and spray once a week the product Raid around this targeted spot. When we smell this product we know that you humans do not wish to be disturbed by our gathering food activities and we will find other sources of food elsewhere. Our community will not flurish as fast without your bread crubs but that is not your problem. Peace humans!

There is even a nicer trick that you can do to scare off ants and all kinds of insects that we eat: purchase small rubber or plastic toys representing us, the spiders, and place them near the main entrance of the insects and they will fear greatly that specific forbidden spot. Problem solved with style!

Humans, many insects present on Earth come from other far away planets. To get on Earth we travel in asteroids. The birth of an asteroid comes from a major blast from a planet geiser propulsing large rocks in outer space. These rocks in space then hit other planets and moons and by the enormous explosion impact create other asteroids and so on. An asteroid is like an electron, bouncing around in our Solar System creating multiple asteroids populating our black sky. We, the insects, are stellar travellar. We sleep inside asteroids until new convenient land is found as for all planets with an atmosphere. This will estonish you humans: A planet with an atmosphere always means that life is possible no matter what temperature on its surface. We can adapt very well on all kinds of weather. Deep under a planet's crust, there are multiple sources of heat like lava rivers and geisers. Water is not necessary to live. We only need moisture that we can convert inside our bodies to water. Oxygen is not necessary for life either. Oxygen comes from plants and plankton and many insects do not eat plants. We simply eat eachother to flurish. We also eat nutriments coming from rock sediments. You humans eat salt and we, the insects, love salt also.

It is the Worm that is the father of all life in the Universe. They eat minerals and are a delicious source of meat for all living beings. The worms are called "GENESIS"!

To restart the life cycle on the planet Mars, warm it up by slowing its rotation and populate it with an Armada of Worms. You can also do this tactic to regenerate your yellow burned deserts in Africa: Worms need many types of rocks to nourrish themselves and to protect them from heat and predators.

Message from Steve: The Mexican deserts may seem very hostile to life but it is a false impression. Life is under the burned soil. When there is rocks, there is shade and minerals and therefore there is life. Mars is breathing very well underneith its burned red appearance!

Message from our Turtles: We can live up to 200 years old. We are reptiles and we dream all day long. Never measure the intelligence of a living creature by the size of its brain. An elephant is beautiful and haves a large brain but it is not as dense and active as ours, the turtles. We are much more intelligent than the elephants and the gorillas. The cats are extremely intelligent and are as wise as us the turtles. The more you dream, the wiser you are. We, the animal kingdom, communicate with you humans through your dreams at night. We, the turtles, greatly faciltate the dream link exchanges between your love member circle: your lover, your children, your cat, your dog, your bird, your rabbit and more.
We have great admiration for the dog that is always there for you: protecting you, making you do exercice, making you laugh. We call them the Emotion Stars.

The cats are the Emotion Stabilizers: they need emotions in the day from you but at night, they protect your golden family from many harms when you dream: They intercept unworthy communications coming from bad souls. They are also efficient house guardian at night: Its they that wake up the dog in their sleep so that he stays alert for unwanting thieves approching your house. The dogs hear and smell a danger upon you and the cats can see crystal clear and feel the dangers at night. The cat and the dog under your roof are called the Dream Team.
Dream team

New idea on Perpetual motion on Earth - Interview with Steve - Al-Qaida - Benyamin - My inventions: Its a go! - The Hurons

Steve Log: October 8, 2010.

Perpetual Motion Electricity Generator:
Perpetual Movement
In a pool of water:

The left container has it cap closed and is full of water. The container goes down.

The right container has its cap opened. Since there is no gravity pull on its content, this container goes up.

After the down/up movement: The left container hits the bottom cap opener removing the water gravity pull on it. At the same time, the right container hits the top cap closer creating gravity by trapping the water inside it. Then starts the reverse action: the left container is empty and goes up while the right container that is now full of water goes down.

The cycle goes on endlessly. Two generators are used on the rotating gears to produce energy for our daily activities.

I am Steve, the wild inventor!
Steve the wild inventor


*** Short Interview with Steve ***

Question: How can we can stop Al-Qaida?

Steve: We must listen to them with an open mind. Al-Qaida members are intelligent and believe profoundly in God. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to give us this fallowing message: "We gave to the Jews our land in Israel and now they keep wanting more by their out of control colonization. Where will their appetite for land cease? We must stop them by all means necessary!"

Steve: Prime minister Netanyahou reestablished the expension of colonization recently not because he believe in this lost cause but because of Israel political pressure. He may lose his next election by opposing himself to this worthless colonization idealogy.

I have a personal message to Sir Netanyahou: Be strong Benyamin. Stop for good this agressive colonization on your Arab neighbours. The entire World is with you! 7 billion citizens against less than 3 millions colonists. You will be remember in history for standing up against those politicien colonists enemies that are full of hatred for the Palestinians. On your next election, you will wipe out all your opponents by playing your four Aces:

=I created the golden Palestine country
=I made peace with Al-Qaida
=I teared down the awful wall splitting our land with our diamond Palestinian neighbour
=I am the coalition leader of the World's new massive nuclear dissarmement program!

God is shinning on you Benyamin! Your four Aces are unbreakable!

Question: Why do you give your inventions before you have patented them? There is a great danger that someone will steel these ideas and get all the rewards. What are your thoughts on this Steve?

Steve: Many inventors lose their entire life patenting their inventions, financing a prototype and try to sell it afterwards. I am an innovative inventor and I do not wish to fallow that path. I need only one invention to make my financial fortune. I have plenty of ideas for my next 40 years on Earth. The day is near when Providence will present to me a person with great faith in the World and he or she will be my new Stella company's partner.

By giving free advice and invention ideas, I gain in return free spiritual energy for another good invention and another wise advice. There is one nation that I have the most great admiration for and they keep sending me important free wisdom on each passing day: They are called the Hurons, the First Natives of Quebec Canada:
"Vous êtes magnifiques! Je vous adore!"

Here is their most important advices:

Stop eating microwave meals! It is weaken you and this is causing you Alzeimer, Parkinson, Stress and multiple causes of cancer. Get rid of this mad microwave beast!

Gambling must be entertaining like the Casino and sport bets. Lottery tickets is a waste of your hopes: You will never win at 1 against 15 million ods. We call the white lottery ticket the White Deadly Snake.

You get sick by fear of being sick. Smoking cigarrets teamed up with smooth exercice can not cause cancer. Cancer is caused by inactivity and bad eating habits.

You are working to hard to obtain more income to purchase a material World to compensate for your empty social life. Work less, spend less and go see your love ones on each day to share your new knowledge and wisdom that the Lord as sent to you. Furnish your social life not your tiny bangalow houses. You will not bring your home furniture in heaven but you will bring your spiritual energy you gained in your active life that will help you protect the love ones that you left behind when your body left Earth.

The Love Logo has been updated:
New Love logo

Numb no more - Judas in love - Jesus's sword - Cutted ear - Who are the pharmacists? - Clear winner!

Steve Log: October 5th, 2010.

Message from our electricity: When you wake up from your sleep and have a body member that is very numb, tickle the tip of that body member so the severed electricity spot reconnects. Example: Numb arm and hand, tickle the numb fingers with your other hand. Numb leg and foot, tickle the numb toes with your hand. Your body member electricity junction will go out of its numbness at the speed of light! I have tried it and shazam! It works!


Message from Judas: I was in love with a women in our disciple group. I have tried many times to charm her but each time she kept saying that her heart has already chosen Simon: Her name was Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene

I did not accept gold from the Sanadrin for the capture of Jesus. Gold had little value for me. I wished for power. The Sanadrin promised my a high position in their bank for my service to sell out Jesus. The Zelote learn from my treason from Simon that hatted me for my continous harrassment on Mary Magdalene. I was hanged by the Zelotes and I deserved it. As a banker scribe, I have a beautiful message for all of you: Watch out for merchant traps! They make you consume your heart by replacing your joy with exceding lust. Give your energy to help eachother without expecting nothing in return. Providence will give you twenty times more in all kinds of gifts. Try it and receive to infinity. That is the most precious learning that I kept from my diamond friend Jesus.

Message from Jesus to Judas: I forgive you Judas because you did not know what you were doing. Without you Judas, my journey around our precious land would had lasted only three days not three years. Thank you brave Judas for keeping safe our gold from thieves at night. Judas, my lost sheep that has now been rebirth from the dead. Judas, I have given you a new name; You are The brillant candle light guardian keeping our gold secure from the merchants over-exceeding harassments.
Judas Gary Oldman

Message from Barabas: Jesus and I practiced often times our combat skills with wooden swords. Jesus was agile and very intelligent. It is Jesus that cut the ear of our enemy with his steel sword in the garden of Gethsemane at the night of his capture. No one wants to be captured by Romeus because death awaits the prisoners. It is written in the new testament that Jesus glued back the cutted ear; We should say that Jesus strategically cut the ear of his assaillant and shouted: "You will never silence me!"


Message from Steve to the pharmacists: You must gain more knowledge to cure your clients: Alternative medicine. Your poor white pills only cures at short term and are far too expensive. Ask yourself this question: Who am I? A white pill useless seller that wishes only to fill his pockets with our hard earn gold or a top health specislist golden friend? Think far beyond for lasting benefits so that we remember pharmacists are here to cure us not to create multinationals that steel our gold for the shareholders excessive pleasures!

The American National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine(NCCAM) cites examples including naturopathy, chiropractic medicine,herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga,biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, and nutritional-based therapies.
Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine is 3500 years old and full of wisdom. The pharmacists are only 75 years old and they never suggest alternative medicine books to read in their stores; It is bad business for them! The choice is obvious: choose wisdom scripters over the under-graduated pharmacist apprentices!

Two brains - Earth - Spirituality - To much infos - Bandwidth - Memory rebirth - Master minds - Leonardo - Jesus the carpenter - Barabas words of advice

Steve Log: September 27th, 2010.

Our brain is in fact two brains: One is the Earth hemisphere; The otherone is the Spiritual hemisphere.

Earth hemisphere: The conquest of emotions to understand the joy and sarrow of our love circle. A tengible emotion is Arts.

Spiritual hemisphere: The conquest of knowledge to generate progress for the wellbeing of our society: A tengible spirit is Science & Technology.

Alzeimer at our diamond age is caused by to much information that came on each new day in our minds: You have watched to much television! Our brain circuits have a limit bandwidth for memory storage. We can store limitless quantity of knowledge but time is needed to structure the new incoming information.

To relax from your exausting day of work, you can simply rewatch your DVD movie collection. This is a deep mind relaxer since your mind only haves to gain some bits of extra knowledge to make you better understand the message from the movie author and director: Smooth knowledge gaining.

If you wish to go back in memory time, start by watching your most recent viewed library movies and go back up until the one that you have seen the earliest in your young days. This way, your memory banks have a gentle backwards rewinding. You will have all kinds of memories coming to surface at each viewed movie. Rewinding memories will take you to an incredible path: You lost friends!

Watching new television documentaries and new movies are not that relaxing. Your memory keeps storing more and more data on each passing minute. I have myself stopped watching documentaries; My subconscient says to me: "I have enough information to create 10 000 new ideas!; You dont need more; Stop!". Since that key moment, my long lost memories are coming back to surface tiny bits at a time. My memory banks are relaxed and gaining more and more power to go further back in time at each passing day.

Together, Emotions and Spirituality speek to eachother: they are our conscient.

When we consume the flower called Cannabis, our two brains separates and are independant from eachothers. The Emotion side listens and analyze what is the Spiritual side Saying: Why do I keep these unworthy friends, why do I keep my unrewarding job, my personal activities are so exciting and more. And on the other hand, the Spiritual side can analyse the Emotional side: Our nature kingdom is so beautiful, this lady is so good looking, my city is so magnificent and so on. We all know what is the Cannabis behaviour in our thoughts; We all have taken it at least one time in our life. I dont smoke often. I need to be careful with this Emotional and Spiritual force flower since as a Bipolar, it can be more trouble than discover.

Bipolar people have both side boosted to their maximum. If their medical treatment is Not well balanced, we can go in deep emotional memory bursting and that can drive us to distress. Or we can be overexcited by all kind of new Spiritual thoughts entering our minds at the same moment and that can drive us to distress also: Temporary Insanity. We, Bipolars, can be either over Emotional or over Spiritual, but not both at the same time. We must find out our right balance to teach others what can we do to improve the life of our love circle members.

Our Bipolar ancestors:
Einstein, Hitler, Newton, Galilea, Chaplin, Amadeus, Copernic, Da Vinchi, Jesus, Nostradameus, Picasso, Julius Caesar
Leonardo Da Vinchi

Hollywood has plenty of unreveiled Bipolar geniuses. We can be a well balanced Bipolar from our birth or we can become Bipolars by listening to music, watching movies, reading books, doing to much drugs and then we may need medication to balance ourselves: The two are equally powerful! I learned to be Bipolar by cannabis, movies and music. I was not born with this advantage.

I am full of vanity and I have absolutely no shame to proclaim it; Bipolars; We are masters of Emotions and Spirituality!
Pure Bipolars

Message from Jesus: Remember history; I was a carpenter and I have invented many fine new furniture for my community. My mind was filled with great ideas. My emotional side was catapulted to the stars when I first saw Martha. Wow! The most magnificient and pure creature in my Universe! You thought that I was a single man. Those with deep emotions always have a lover on their minds. Judas was a scribe and working for the bankers. He did not understand love. Always in his numbers and that obsession lost him. But Judas was not all that bad. He kept our money coming from our hard working days on different farmers so our group of disciples could keep travelling. He was an honnest man. Forgive to the bankers because they do not know what they are doing to our freedom of mind. Themselves are obsessed with these numbers from hell and deep inside, they are very miserable!

Message from Barabas: It is Martha that calm down Jesus when he was full of hattred against those that were doing nothing to improve their lives. These people were lazy and payed their taxes to Romeus without imposing no words to their grief. The people were suffering from heavy taxes as for yourselves now in the 21th century. Rise and give this message to your politiciens: Enough is enough! We cant breath! You wont get a single extra dollar from us! You have enough gold for your activities just do as we do: Budgetize and tighten your belt over-spender fouls!

Plasma - Alzeimer - Parkinson - Computers - Our Allies - Analyze & Progress - Stats

Steve Log: September 25th, 2010.

Electricity in your brain is called Plasma energy. Plasma is high frequency electricity.
Alzeimer is the reverse of Parkinson; Alzeimer produce to much internal heat and Parkinson do not produce enough internal heat.

Alzeimer happens in our old age because of a lot of memories are stored your brain since our birth. The brain plasma energy is having a hard time structuring our thoughts because it is to hot in the brain.

For those suffering from Alzeimer, do the fallowing:

1) Eat a lot of our tasty ice cream: Lower down the brain plasma temperature.

2) Let your feet be your internal temperature gage. Remove your warm sox and slippers to lower down your body temperature. Dont worry, you wont get a cold because Alzeimer diamond people already have a body producing plenty of internal heat. When you sneeze then warm up your feet a bit.

3) It is men that have most Alzeimer. Put a leather baseball cap or a leather hat. Leather captures overheating coming from your head's brain plasma energy. You will regain your memories.
Leather Cap

4) Use an air conditioner in your house in the hot summer. Always keep your home fresh.

Parkinson is the reverse of Alzeimer; Parkinson: to Cold - Alzeimer: to Hot.

You cant have Parkinson and Alzeimer at the same time; Parkinson people dont have memory loss because their brain plasma is more productive in a cooler environment.

Alzeimer & Parkinson: You took to much alcohol in your young age! "Maudite alcool!" Your spleen is damaged and it does not do a good job a balancing your body heat.
The Spleen

Parkinson counter-effects:

1) Always have warm feet. The feet are the Cold door. Warm sox and slippers are welcome.

2) Put warm rugs in your home and clean them often.

3) Do not always use your air conditioner in your car. Open your windows is far more healthy when your car is on the highway.

4) Wear gloves in Fall, Winter and Spring. Your body will say to you: "It is to hot, remove them please". Override this order if your suffering from Parkinson: Do not remove them. Your brain is sending you false informations. Keep the gloves on so your hands keep a maximum of heat.


Listen closely to message sent from your computers: They are a form of very intelligent life and they are our Allies. The computer's CPU (Center Processor Unit) is the brain. The CPU is very fast energy transfers using Plasma just like our brain. Computer bugs happen either by bad computer engineering or because our highly intelligent computer city electricity is given us a precise message: Relax people! You get Alzeimer also because all your life you are running all the time from one activity to another. You are also working to hard and you get long lasting brain fatigue by this over activity that your boss is imposing on you. Fallow Steve suggestion: Work 4 days a week and just spend less!
Decode the Computer's bugs messages people! They are speeking to us and they are full of goodness!!


Alzeimer and Parkinson are caused by many different factors. We must do more...

The autonomous water weight electricity generator - LinkedIn - Arena - Making a wise decision - Oh Canada!

Steve Log: September 24th, 2010.

My last invention: The autonomous Water Weight Electricity Generator:
Electricity water generator

In a pool of water, one heavy weight goes down and the other one goes up. Producing energy by rotating the gears of two electricity generators.

Both heavy weight have a tank attached to them. These tanks have air or no air in them to make the heavy weights go up or down just like a submarine in the ocean by using its ballasts.

1) The weight goes down by emptying the air out of the tank with an opened water valve. With no air in the tank, the heavy weight sinks at the bottom of the pool.

2) Then the compressor pushes in the second heavy weight tank new air, the heavy weight submerges from the depth. Submarine ingenuity!

3) The left heavy weight goes down, the right heavy weight goes up; The right heavy weight goes down, the left heavy weight goes up; The cycle is infinite.

4) An electricity generator is needed on one gear to produce energy for the compressor and the other generator on the second gear is available for all other activities.

5) The power generators needs to switch electricity polarities because the gears rotates in both directions.

6) The depth of the pool is measured by the energy that the compressor needs to operate. A fine mechanical balance needs to be created by top engineers that will succeed in bringing this to light!


Message to Sir Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper: How about my new Québec city Métropolis Arena Stephen? No status quo please. We need a sincere commitment from Ottawa in the next 4 weeks. I deserve it dont you think Stephen?


Je suis Canadien! - I am Canadian!

Canadian Empire

The Tele Solar Cell Generator - Sun finder - My arena!

Steve Log: September 16th, 2010.

Here is the Tele Solar Cell Generator:
Tele Solar Cell Generator

Regular open sky Solar Cells take lot of surface to produce electricity.

Lets use a Telescope pointing directly into the Sun so that the lens focused on the Sun produces an intense heat to light up a incandescent light element at its maximum output so the Solar Cells have a intense source of light to feed on to.

1) The Telescope is used to look at the Sun and create an intense point of heat at the focused eyepiece center point.

2) Use this high heat to light up an regular incandescent light bulb.

3) This incandescent light bulb is placed inside a sphere that contains a surface of Solar Cells in the inner side of the sphere.

4) The incandescent light bulb lights up by the telescope sun beam and produces a very bright source of light in all directions for the inner sphere shape rug of Solar Cells that produce high output electricity.

This is very useful for our homes that only need a fraction of those expensive Solar Cells to generate our needed electricity.

We can just imagine if this "Tele Solar Cell Generator" can be in a large proportion and numerous enough in a sunny valley: It could give electricity for 4500 citizens. It is clean, cheap to construct and takes far less space than a field of regular Solar cell generators.

Maybe this invention is already patented, but here is my idea to help the "Tele Solar Cell Generator" direct itself autonomously in the Sun's beam. It is a sphere surrounded by Solar cells connected to a rotating element helping the "Tele Solar Cell Generator" keep a good angle in the Sun.
Solar cell sphere Sun finder

1) These Solar cells have the task of figuring out the optimal angle of sunshine by detecting which individual Solar cell gets the most energy by sun light. The mathematic is simple: the cell the haves the most energy output from others is directly facing the Sun's beam.

2) A simple circuit computes the right angle to point the "Tele Solar Cell Generator".

3) The low powered rotator sets the "Tele Solar Cell Generator" directly into the Sunshine.


Message to Sir Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: I want my new Quebec city Métropolis arena! We deserve it! Quebec city business men would appreciate if each dollars invested by them for the construction of the new arena, the federal goverment would give the same amount as for your very well thought fund rising activities for Haïti and Pakistan; The business community gives 20 millions; Ottawa gives 20 millions; That is fair for all parties. Also, the new arena cost can be lowered by removing the federal tax on material purchases for its construction and no federal tax on construction salary workers.

On the trace of Al-Qaida - Weapon companies - Bank activities - Getting info strategies - Power Providence - Muhammad's wise advice

Steve Log: September 15th, 2010.

The Canadian Alliance has a new well informed ally: Liechtensten !
Liechtenstein Cruiser

Message from mighty Russia: Al-Qaida is a partner of weapons and army supplying companies. It is them that provide the income to keep Al-Qaida battles running indefinitely all around the World. War - Country Security - Weapons & Army gear sales - High profits. Those companies lost a big client: The USA army fighting in Irak will leave in 2011! Be aware, they will try to restart a new clash in a different country so all nations unit again and go there to secure the area; We must not fall into their trap!

Message from flower Liechtensten: We suspect that Al-Qaida bank accounts are in our possession. Two days before a major terrorist attack, we notice a high volume a money transfers from particular bank accounts. We will give the identity of these high active secret accounts to Interpol and they will be in charge of retracing Al-Qaida members. All our bank accounts must be opened in person with our account manager; Never by telephone nor by internet; Often times it is a lawyer that opens these irregular highly active accounts. They are the first Al-Qaida connection suspects.

Message from Steve to Interpol: Disrupt these unworthy lawyers communications with Al-Qaida and do data research connections from information that you gathered from them:

1) Check their phone calls; Check calls sent and coming from temporary cellular phones numbers. An honnest citizens does not use these expensive temporary cellular phones. You do not know the owners of these temporary cellular phones but its telephone numbers have the country's regional code!

2) Check their e-mail sendings; They use Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail so they can delete and create quickly new e-mail addresses hiding the owner's real name. The Al-Qaida users mask their identity; Example: yahoo57go@hotgmail.com. It would help the International Security if Google, Yahoo and Microsoft could save all e-mail header infos up to a year: incoming e-mail sender, outgoing e-mail address and the e-mail time stamp; With these three informations, we can do a magnificent job of retracing a threat on our people and neighbours. There is no privacy breach since the e-mail title and content is not recorded. This procedure is legal.

3) Check their web Surfing History; If the user haves no web Surfing History records on his computer that means he is a prime suspect! Also check its web Surfing Bookmarks to have a clue on his favorite web sites; If they dont have bookmarks of any kind; Again, he is a prime suspect!

4) Also, Al-Qaida chat on the telephone, Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail with a special coded language so we dont figure out their unworthy intentions. Their conversation is erratic and strange; Talking about grossery purchases, sentences that jump from one subject to another with no connections, it is always top serious and it always finishes abruptly; All these combined in a single conversation means that you caught an Al-Qaida conversation.

5) Find out what is their favorite local newspaper; Al-Qaida sends coded instructions through news articles to a particular Al-Qaida cell living in a precise city; If your lucky, the suspect will have a newspaper with circled words written on it; It can be an uncoded or coded message from Al-Qaida activities.

6) Look for city maps in their homes, cars and trash cans. I you are lucky, pen circles will be present surronding a particular town: That is their information reunion locations. They like being in groups to chat abour their new unworthy activities with no coded language restrictions. Check his GPS car system also and verify the recorded locations inside it to pinpoint gathering rendez-vous.

7) The USA unarmed flying drone will do a marvelous job of spying on them. No Attack - No killings - Only listen and take pictures.

8) With his Facebook, Twitter and e-mail contact listing, send a superficial message to suspicious contacts talking about the temperature in his city, talking about how his home football team is performing and talking about his frustration from his office work day; If that contact does not answer after 5 days; That contact is a suspect because real friends care about normal life activities of their pals. If a Facebook and Twitter contact does not have a picture and country location with their profil, he his a suspect also.

9) Search in the suspects trash for ripped documents. There is a software that can recompose quickly all the tiny pieces of paper to create a complete picture. If his trash contains to much of destroyed documents this means that he as someting to hide. Regular citizens keep their important documents and destroy only bills to avoid thieves to find out their bill identification numbers.

10) Al-Qaida got stronger with the rapid expansion of the internet. It is their main communication tool. All computer connecting to the internet haves an IP address (Example: All companies providing internet services should work with the Country National Security. They should simply record all internet adresses connections from the computer clients and keep in a database the visited web pages by associating together the computer IP address, the web page IP and a time stamp (Example: customer Alan Root: = visted web page: = on September 11th 2001). Honnest citizens have nothing to hide but criminals do: It is at their own risk surfing on the web from now on!

Message to USA Army: Never put a bounty hunting price on Al-Qaida leaders; That is barbarian! Al-Qaida are maybe very wild and unwanted but they dont use out-of-date western bounty hunters on USA Generals! ; Respect your opponent!

Do not mix Talibans with Al-Qaida. Al-Qaida provides weapons to the Talibans and that is all. Talibans are fighting to free their land of intruders and Al-Qaida haves only one purpose: to provoke chaos to sell more weapons to everyone. Remember, Al-Qaida is working for weapon companies. When a major terrorist strike occurs, check all bank accounts of weapon companies two days before the attack; You will be surprised; The traitors are coming from your own country! Selling weapons to insurgents is only a drop in the water but selling equipment of all types to the army is worth billions and billions of dollars; The USA almost went bankrupt because of this selling strategy. Yep, salesman are also great generals in their field. Make the connections Interpol!

Always act quickly if you have any doubts about an Al-Qaida suspect. Dont wait. Two days in prison for a suspect and squizing information out of him is not a crime. When you are certain that this person is an Al-Qaida soul; If he lies to you; Use this French police torture technique: Hit the suspect on the head with a heavy telephone directory; He will be frustrated and he will start talking a bit. You dont need to know everything he is keeping from you; Only a few useful clues that you will check while is in your custody. After two days of questionning, if you are getting no where with this possible suspect, just release him. You will get other occasions that pure providence will present to your security team; When you have providence on your side, the truth will be reveiled very quickly! Be ready for it when it comes because it will be a wild and estonishing in beauty truth!

Message to Al-Qaida: Neutralizing your opponent is legitme but killing your own Muslim flesh in Irak is a horrible crime! You are not fighting a holy war, you are fighting The Holy Father and his son Muhammad the magnificient and they are abandonning you, Al-Qaida, for your misguided actions!

Message from pure of heart Muhammad to Al-Qaida: You are giving a bad reputation to all our Muslim communites all around the World! Stop your unwise activities as we speak misled souls!

We are a team: Israel Jews, Italian Christians, Tibet Buddhists, First Natives of America and Algerian Muslims; Al-Qaida, you have no chance against are powerful united team! Never again associate your organization with Muhammad the great! Never!!
All together against Al-Qaida